Level 1 Guy Chapter 59 – The guy who approaches the sisters

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Teruru Dungeon, sixth floor.


Celeste used her fire magic and burned the two Slimes.

The two Slimes were in the shape of a balance ball, with their bodies dyed in pink.

One of the Slimes that was burning jumped out of the range of the flame, while the other one melted and vanished just like that.

[Ku.] Celeste groaned.

The reason was because the Slime that escaped split into two.

The Slimes had the same exact size and colour, similar to the ones before.

What’s more, the Slime that was damaged by the magic—the moment it split itself into two, the both of them were healed up into full health, as if they’ve been untouched.

It was Teruru dungeon’s sixth floor’s rare monster, a <Sister Slime>.

[I see, so that’s what happens.]

[If you can’t defeat the two of them together, and left one of them alive it will just keep reviving itself, and when it revived itself the damage that they took will be reset.]

Even though Celeste was not able to defeat them, she still explained the information she’d gotten in advance.

That information was for me, Emily and the newly joined Eve to listen.

[So no matter how many times you defeat it is a no no?]

[I think the world record of repeatedly defeating it was 666 times. Then they gave up.]

[Even though the drop of the monster is it’s life, I can’t believe they could get to that amount.]

More like I sort of admire them.

[So we just need to defeat them together?]

[Though that’s the case, but everytime it revives the HP will differ.]

[Wait just a moment.]

I took out both my guns and fired at the two of the Slimes.

The bullet that I fired was a normal bullet, and both the bullets landed at almost the same exact time.

One of the shots went through the Slimes and it was blown to pieces, but one of them looked like it was grazed.

Afterwards, as if nothing happened, it revived and was healed completely.

[Quite the problem.]

[What should we do Ryouta-san.]


Emily, Celeste, Eve.

With this line up in our team, I grasped hold of their fighting power, and thought of a plan.



I went towards the pink coloured Sister Slime.

At the same time the Slime jumped and landed on me.

When it hit me, it jumped back towards the location it was just now.

Inside this outdoor cave, one of the woods was knocked down, and the woods that had fallen landed on some rocks and crushed the rocks into pieces.

From what I’ve experience, the feeling of the pain reminded me of being whacked by a plastic bat.

Again the Slime jumped and hit my body.

Though I continued moving forward. Putting strength into my abdominal muscles, I ran straight ahead.

With my HP and Endurance being S, I ignored the 1 damage from the Slime and moved onwards like a tank.

The Slimes continued jumping and hitting me.

At last, I cornered the Slimes at the corner of a wall.

[Celeste and Emily you move to the left! Eve to the right!]

While shouting, Celeste would use her fire bullets (Bicorn horn) and continuously shot at the left Slime.

And immediately right behind me, Emily and Eve both jumped from my left and right side.

Emily spun her hammer around above her head and slammed it down, whereas Eve with her bunny ear and tail lift her hand up and chopped the slime.

While judging the conditions of the two Slimes, I allocated my team’s attack.

At the same time the pink coloured Sister Slime fled.

Without splitting or resetting it’s damage, we finally managed to defeat the troublesome rare monster.

[We did it Yoda-san!]

[We did it together, unfortunately it did not drop any carrots.]

[Well the drop of Sister Slime isn’t carrots to begin with.]

When we defeated the rare monster nothing dropped because the one who last hit it was either Emily or Eve, so either way we won’t get any drops.

[But Yoda-san was cool just now desu. The figure of Yoda-san cornering the Slime into the wall was cool desu.]

[I, I also thought so too. The appearance of you doing that was really coo—]

[It was like assaulting a woman.]


Without letting Celeste finish of her sentence, Eve cut her off and answered.

[Wh, what do you mean by assaulting a woman?]

[It’s like cornering the sisters into a wall and not letting them escape.]

[When you picture it that way it does remind me of that nodesu.]

[It doesn’t okay! It’s not the same as assaulting woman!]

Without thinking I shouted. Eve’s way of thinking is too inappropriate.

I need to somehow change the topic.

[That’s right. Isn’t Eve’s timing a little off just now?]

[It’s like you’re slowly attacking it desu.]

[It wasn’t slow.]


[This is when I’m not attacking.]

Eve shook her right hand demonstrating a motion of moving up and down, it was like a traffic control doll they put at a construction site.

[That is the normal one.]

[It’s sort of slower. Ah, it’s similar when you chop my head.]

[A 100 out of 100% is like this.]

[It became really slow.]

[If it hits, it’s about 200 chops per second.]

[It is seriously too fast that the eyes could not catch the movement.]

[Don’t worry, I won’t use it on low level.]

[Though I would like you to stop calling me that….but thank you.]

I don’t have an interest in finding out how powerful a 200 chops per second was going to feel.

Suddenly, I saw Celeste staring at Eve.

She was somewhat fidgeting as if she had something to say to her.

[Oh yeah, I forgotten to introduce her to y’all. Her name’s Eve, and she will be part of our team from now on.]

[You’ve mentioned that before we dive into the dungeon though. That’s fine and all but…..]

But, what?

Celeste must be curious of something.

[Was it because you don’t like it when I abruptly decide on things?]

[That’s not it! The one who has the final decision should be Ryouta-san. So that’s not it…..]

Again Celeste was fidgeting around. Really, what is she worried about.

Finally, as if she brought out her courage, she asked Eve.

[Uh, uhmm….what…what do you think of Ryouta-san?]

[I love low level.]

[l, lov—–]

For some reason Celeste seemed like she took a huge damage and was shocked.

While in terror, it looks as though a huge lightning had struck behind her back as she fell to the ground, on all fours.

[Because he’s the God of Carrots.]


[I won’t hand over the carrot from low level, even if you were to give me the entire world’s gold. I won’t give so much as a root of his carrots.]

[As I said I do not need such huge determination.]

As usual, it’s Eve.

While bitterly smiling, I looked at the direction where Celeste was standing.

[Well just as you heard, this girl really loves carrots—-]

[I lost….]

[On what!?]

My voice was loud enough as I tsukkomi her.

Even though I don’t know what she lost, but Celeste was doing a ORZ pose inside the dungeon.

Eve, who was enthusiastically rubbing her nose, defeated Celeste.

Beside them, Emily told them as per usual.

[Though it’s sort of a waste desu, if Yoda-san were to hit it last then we would’ve gotten a drop from the rare monster.]

[No, it’s okay in the sixth floor.]

[Why is that so desu?]

Emily who was shocked, I took out a piece of memo from my breast pocket.

It had a sort of flowery smell attached to it, and a cute handwriting was displayed inside the memo.

I got it from Elza, it was the list of rare monster drops that they haven’t gotten for the Harvest Festival.

[The one selling the highest is the one on the seventh floor.]

[I see nanodesu…Shall we go then desu?.]

As Emily said, she looked at the three of us.

With the first experience of the four of us fighting as Eve just joined, our fighting power has once again increased.

Frankly, we have become strong because we formed a party.

If that’s the case.

I looked at the three of them. And together with Celeste who recovered from her ORZ pose while sighing, the three of them looked back at me.

[Let’s go, to the seventh floor we dive.]

The three of them nodded as they followed.

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