FF Chapter 3 : First Battle

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In the midst of danger, Lin Xii did not panic, because the him now is vastly different from the him before. He is now the perfect fusion of the Progenitor Virus! If he was in the Resident Evil universe, he could be counted as a last boss.

Clenching his jaw, he raised his arms and face forward……

In the small shop, witnessing Lin Xii gotten swallowed by the titan, Xu Miao’ whole body went limp, tears streaming down her face.

“Don’t, don’t come over here, no……”

Seeing the titans hand reaching from over the window again towards her as if she was a bird in a cage, Xu Miao’s lips trembled, a puddled of something wet started expanding from under her skirt.


Letting out a heart wrenching scream, Xu Miao closed her eyes shut and hugged her head under her arms, but there wasn’t anything that she was expecting. She open her eyes slightly, and noticed that the titan’s hand retracted, and a confused, dull on its hideous face.


Xu Miao’s eyes widened open as she saw the titan’s mouth open unwillingly, and there was a shape of a person, one of his hand was perched on the top of the titan’s jaw, and another at the the bottom, and from the mouth a head was stretched out.

“Lin Xii?”

The person jumped from about nine meters in the air, and landed on the ground. The landing force that was normally able to shake a normal person’s organs to internal bleeding, was shrugged off nonchalantly. The virus that was in him, not only allowed him to have the strength to open the titan’s mouth, but also increased the resilience of his body.

“You are still alive?”

She witness with her own eyes that Lin Xii was eaten alive by the titan, and now witnessing him climbing out of that said titan, Xu Miao was now confused.

Ignoring the girl that was curled up in the corner, afraid and terrified, Lin Xii concentrated on the situation before him.

The titan before him is 10 meters tall.

Huge, the huge size of the titan means it also possesses inhumane strength, after all having a huge body size means every movement that the titan makes will bring devastating destruction to its surrounding.

The titan that originated from the anime “Shingeki no Kyojin” was not weak, it has a very strong vitality, any part of its body including its head can be regenerated. The only weakness that it has is the top of its spine on the back of its neck.

The characters in the anime depended on a special gadget call <Vertical maneuvering equipment> to snag the top of a building to bring them upwards, and using high movement speed to reach the back of the titan’s neck, cutting it and killing it.

“I need a weapon”

Looking around his surrounding, Lin Xii found an old black umbrella, he then immediately took it in his hand.

Having its food escaping from its mouth, the titan did not give up. As its body could not enter the small shop, the titan then proceed to directly attack the building, smashing the roof with its enormous hands. Under the titan’s huge strength, the whole building shook vigorously, dust bellowing about.

Xu Miao screamed with a ear piercing scream again, her whole body shivering with fear.

Lin Xii ran outside, and threw the umbrella into the air and landing it on the rooftop. He then climbed the wall with his bare hands and feet, and reached the rooftop within 3 seconds!

The enormous palm slammed down, and with a roll he dodged the hit and picked up the umbrella. Rolling up, he kicked the ground with gusto, and jumped 10 meters into the air like a bullet!

“Right here, and DIE!”

With a angry roar, he landed on the back of the head of the titan, while controlling his center of gravity, he thrust the umbrella like a spear underneath his target dead center.

Blood splattered!

First the tip of the umbrella deeply pierced into the flesh of the meat, and following the momentum as he drop from the back of the titan’s neck, the tip of the umbrella slashed out a chunk of meat.

From within the wounds showed a large amount of red flesh slashed into half, there were some bits of bones that originated from the spine came out together with the gushing blood.


Due to the extra strength that Lin Xii put into, he falled onto the ground harshly as he could not control his fall. He then roll around a few times, finally stopping as his waist hit a electric pole, and spitting out a mouth of blood.

Following up was the sound of a larger drop, Lin Xii looked up wearily with a mouthful of blood, and saw the fall of a 10 meter tall titan corpse. It felled like a mini avalanche, and after spasming for a bit, it stay still.

“How is it possible? You, you killed a titan?” Xu Miao exclaimed as she ran out of the shop with her mouth wide open, enough to stuff an egg in it.

“Sorry, but could you help me up?”

Due to him hitting the electric pole as he rolled earlier, Lin Xii’s back was hurting him alot, there was definitely a few cracks to his bones somewhere.

Restraining her shock and curiosity, Xu Miao ran over to her and helped him up.

At this moment, Lin Xii was slightly surprised, as the dead titan’s body was surrounded by smoke and turned into light particle and scattered, as if there was nothing there in the first place!

As Xu Miao was a girl, when she saw the scene of the titan’s disappearance, she unconsciously develop a sense of dependency on Lin Xii. She asked “What do we do now?”

Lin Xii was thinking about the disappearance of the titan’s body, and how did it disappear in light particle. He heard her, and replied “Let’s go into the shop first, and stay hidden at least. You said your father was going to pick you up right? If you wandered around, you might missed each other.”


As he possessed the Progenitor Viruses high regenerative ability, within this short period of time his pain almost disappear. With Xu Miao assistance, Lin Xii walked into the dust-filled shop, and suddenly he smelled something weird.

“What’s that smell?”

Lin Xii couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows, he noticed the source of the smell came from his side. Looking beside him, he saw Xu Miao’s skirt has a patch of something wet on it.

Noticing his stare, Xu Miao felt the blood rushing to her face, she flustered and replied “No-nothing! Right, it must be the smell you got when you came out of the titan’s mouth, definitely that! Ahahahaha……”

Seeing the face of someone who is about to cry, Lin Xii did not make any further inquiry.


His heart felt heavy as he thought of the battle that occurred just now.

[According to the anime, titan can be categorized into many different types. The one that appeared in the school was a colossus titan, a special type, and the one I killed was a normal type.]

[A pure titan, a normal type, and lacking any intelligence, body size ranging from 3 to 15 meters. These, are the weakest out of all the titans.]

[It died with a hit due to me jumping in the air using the roof as a jumping platform. Otherwise, I could not reach the back of its neck. Also I managed to find something that acts as a weapon, there was definitely luck.]

[If it repeated again, I may not succeed.]

[Anyways, at the very least I obtained some strength! With the techniques that I may develop in the future, who is to say that I cannot kill stronger titans. The seed that I got as an Evolutionary definitely has a huge growing space.]

[Compared to those who died, or those who got a low star rating ability, I am definitely more lucky.]

Lin Xii was thinking to himself, and Xu Miao was sizing up him secretly beside him.

This was someone who was low key, introverted, and not attracting any attention in the school, and he killed a titan! With just a umbrella, he managed to slay that scary monster! Right, cutting the back of the neck, anyone who watched the anime knew that.

But the back of a titan’s neck, was it really that easy to cut?

Xu Miao was filled with curiosity towards Lin XIi, she wanted to ask but couldn’t manage to open her mouth. Because, she wasn’t familiar with the boy, she doesn’t even know his name just now.

And this was her classmate.

“He’s definitely angry, deep down.”

Xu Miao was feeling low-spirited, she felt regret, that why didn’t she notice this silent classmate of her’s earlier……it seems she was too prideful and stuck up before……

“Miao Miao!”

A middle aged man rushed into the store, the man was largely build, roughly 1.85 meters tall, with a broad shoulders and a stern looking face. His face was dripped with sweat, and he gave a look of relieved and sighed when he finally saw Xu Miao.


Xu Miao stood up with excitement “You came this fast!”

“I was driving here and the car got slammed by a titan in the middle of the road, thank god your dad was an instructor before this, I jumped and wasn’t injured.” The man then noticed Lin Xii who was leaning on the wall nearby, he frowned, “This person here is……”

The wound that Lin Xii got from the incident with the electric pole was healed, and the energy that he used from killing the titan was recovered by abit.

With his current stat, even if he encounter a normal titan there wouldn’t be any danger, at the very least he can run away–The Progenitor Virus gave him agility and speed that is many times the normal human.

That’s why, he’s preparing to go home.

Even though his house is small, cold, and devoid of any other human beings, its still his home.

“It’s nice to meet you sir, my name is Lin Xii, Xu Miao’s classmate. We both dodge in this small shop when we were escaping.” Lin Xii took the umbrella in his name and said “I am going to go now, see you.”

“Ah, wait!” Seeing Lin Xii was about to leave, Xu Miao was suddenly feeling anxious, she hesitated for a moment, and asked “Uh…….didn’t you said you did not have any family member? Why not come over to my house…….I……”

The middle aged man was surprised, he knows his daughter was as prideful as a swan, and here she was inviting a boy willingly to her house and stay?

Could it be her boyfriend?

The man suddenly appraisingly look at the teenage boy.

Looking at Xu Miao’s hopeful eyes, and thinking back to earlier that she couldn’t even speak out his name, Lin Xii was feeling irritated for some reason.

“Its alright, we are not even familiar and its would be rude to bother, anyways I am used to being alone.”

Lin Xii smiled slightly, and left taking the umbrella.

Seeing his daughter dejected face, the middle aged man called out “Miao Miao, Miao Miao?”


“This expression does not look like the daughter I know.”

Gathering her thoughts, Xu Miao reluctantly explained “Dad, what were you thinking……We were hiding in the shop earlier and a titan found us, I was about to get eaten……and it was him who killed the titan.”

“Killed the titan?”

The man was stunned, and he couldn’t believe it “How is that possible! Does he have a gun? No, a normal bullet cannot kill this kind of huge monster, stop playing jokes with me……unless he has a RPG.”

“It’s true, he killed the titan, with an umbrella.”

Listening to Xu Miao explaining, the middle-aged man sighed “It looks like, with the monster suddenly coming and the apocalypse, there are also some people who will stand out of the rest, like a shining star in the sky……it’s a pity that the boy could not stay……”

“I wonder if we would meet again.”

“Even if we did, perhaps during that time, our status would be vastly different……Hai, Miao Miao, it looks like your relationship with him in the past wasn’t really good huh.”

Xu Miao felt wronged and said “He was originally silent and introverted, I was so outstanding and there was always a group of boys surrounding me constantly, and that was infuriating. Where would I have the time to know him? I couldn’t even call out his name just earlier, he’s definitely angry.”

The middle aged man shook his head “There are some chance that once slipped away, it would be hard to catch hold of it again, anyways, let’s not talk about this……Miao Miao, you still have your mum and dad, no matter what the world becomes, we will protect you.”

Rubbing his daughter head, a smile of a doting parent appeared on the middle aged man’s face.

It’s just that……facing this kind of world, how much confidence would there be?

It’s really a pity……

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    So far this novel is quite good imo. i’ll keep reading so plz keep up the good work! 😀

  2. Time to splurge on the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment! xD

    But wow….that’s one toughly built umbrella….did The Penguin drop that off by chance….? ^_^; But yeah….he’s OP as heck, jumping up in 3sec…

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  3. Just found this. Pretty interesting and I’m glad he didn’t just suddenly accept her because she’s a beauty. School system is different in the UK, and while after so many years since high school, many I could bump into and not even know it today. At least back during those years, if they were in my class I did at least know all their names, though not all the surnames (family name) as in the UK you don’t need to know it and won’t always use it when introducing yourselves.

    Point being you should at least know the names off anyone you share a class with. Exceptions being new school year and class changes, or the initial move to high school. Both may need time to become familiar with everyone. Given the situation you could get away with mistaking the name, due to panic and shock. In the end though his existence was ignored by her, until she thinks he becomes useful.

    Besides typically in a lot survival films women often panic or act stupidly based on emotions. Unless they are the MC it often leads to their deaths, and the deaths of the other survivors. So unless they manage to survive for quite a while, and get rid of bad habits, usually not a good idea to be overly interested in the opposite sex.

    Though most of that also applies to guys as well. So early days being solo has better benefits unless your companions are truly reliable and trustworthy.

    This girl though proved herself to be neither reliable nor trustworthy, so not worth the risk.

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