FF Chapter 2 – Gacha an ability

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A teenage girl rushed into the store, while she was sitting down on the floor drooping down. She clutched her chest, breathing heavily.

Her fringe was slick with sweat, sticking to her forehead. She’s wearing a white lab coat and it was drenched in sweat, making it slightly transparent, the lab coat was also coated with dirt and grime.

“Xu Miao?”

Lin Xii recognize the girl, she was a classmate of his. Xu Miao’s family was well off and it helped that she’s beautiful too, there was plenty guys chasing after her.

Her white porcelain face was filled with terror and her eyes filled with panic. After hearing the exclamation from Lin Xii, Xu Miao jumped in fright. She grabbed a broomstick next to her, and when she realized who was it, she sighed in relief.

“Oh it’s you, you scared me……I’m sorry, I was nervous.”

Xu Miao let go of the broomstick, and slumped down on the side of the counter. “I recognize you, you are my classmate aren’t you? So there are people who escaped other than me……that monster……right, your name…… your name is……:”

Lin Xii sighed internally after noticing the awkward look on the girl’s face.

It seems that his presence was almost non existent to other people.

With his parents dead and having his relative cutting him off, so he’s friendless too. Now that the apocalypse was here, even if he were to die, perhaps nobody would care, no one would shed a tear for him.

“Lin Xii.”

After saying his name aloud, he fell into silence once more.

Xu Miao smiled awkwardly, and took out a pink phone and called someone.


“Enn……I’m alright, I am hiding in a shop nearby the school, why? You are coming to pick me up? The outside is really dangerous thought…….alright……I understand. Please be careful, dad? There are a lot of monster outside.”

After hanging up the phone call, Xu Miao was feeling a lot more relieved, seeing Lin Xii being quiet, she talked to him “I just called my dad, he’s a ex-army instructor, he should be here soon……oh right, did you called your family?”

“I don’t have any family.” Lin Xii stated bluntly.


Xu Miao forehead was sweating profusely, as she was about to say something, her eyes suddenly bulged and was filled with intense horror, she then screamed “AHHH!”

Lin Xii’s tensed up immediately, and turned his head around, looking behind him.

What he saw in the small window behind him, was a hideous looking face, lacking any eyebrows and equipped with a huge ugly mouth gaping wide open, and its eyes protruding outwards like a dead fish–It was this exact eye that was as big as a basin, looking him with a glint in its eye.

It was the look of a predator looking at its prey, filled with craving and greed.


Lin Xii was trying his best to escape from this situation, but his body just wouldn’t budge, he could only widen his eyes and looked as a huge hand broke through the window and grabbed his body, bringing it towards that foul smell and salivating mouth……

[Am I gonna die here?]

He had no idea why, but at this exact moment, Lin Xii’s mind was calm……it was as if death was nothing to him. It just that……being eaten by such a hideous creature, in front of a girl too, was such a shit way to die.

The light around him dimmed, Lin Xii realized this was the titan closing its mouth around him. The very instant later, he would be crushed and chewed in that mouth, becoming a pile of shredded meat and being swallowed down.

At the moment when death was just about to come for him, in the darkness a light shone. A bright, luminous light was coming from his pocket, his phone.

A passage of words appeared on the screen.

He had no idea how, but even though his eyes were shut, he still could see words appearing in front of him.

<Human Evolution Program is activated. You are about to die right now, would you like to continue living? This program will give you a chance, a chance to change your destiny, a chance to defeat death, a chance to exceed, a chance to evolve beyond. Now, do you wish to live?>

<Please choose: “Live” or “Die”>

Obviously any sane person would not like to die, especially dying in a vile creature jaw.

The instant between life and death, Lin Xii’s body burst forward a surge of energy. Raising his stiffened hand, Lin Xii pressed the green coloured word, “Live” on his phone screen.


The screen burst out a ray of white light, blinding its surroundings and turning everything around it into a greyish white, monotone void.

This……seems like the void from the dream?

Countless greyish dots gathered around, and finally forming a face. A face that was devoid of any emotion, and was changing every second, between a man’s face, a woman’s face, an elderly’s face, a children’s face, even, a monster’s face.

The huge face opened its eyes, lights seems to shoot out of its eyes, and shone upon Lin Xii.


This is the boundary between dreams and reality, substance and spirit. This is the gap where time and space intertwine, you could call it the Room of Fate.

Only where one form a sort of connection, a contract or sort, will reach here.

I am the spirit of all beings

It spoke with a deep, rich voice, filled with a certain magnetic presence, as if it penetrated my soul.

To the ones who formed a contract, you will have a different destiny. You will have a chance, a chance to obtain one of any ability. The choices include bloodline, talent, skill, martial arts, magic, psychic ability. They can come from anywhere including anime, games, movies and books.

Shocked by the large face in front of him, Lin Xii listened to it quietly. “Does that mean that when I get that ability I get to keep it? And when you say any ability, does that mean I could get anything? Superman bloodline, forbidden-class magic spell, sword techniques from wuxia?” He proclaimed.

You are correct. There is a rarity for every item that can be obtained. The higher the rarity, the lower the chance to get it. The range is 1-9 stars, and to obtain a ability or item above 7 star is less than a thousand of a chance.

Lin Xii collected his thoughts, and ask “How many are there to get this chance? To get the chance for a contract?”

Forming a contract through the <Human Evolution Program> and coming to this Room, only totals to 100,000 people on Earth.

“100,000? That means even if it’s a miniscule chance, there would be someone who will get a high rarity item, isn’t that really unfair?”

There is no such thing as absolute fairness in this world.

The face speaks with an uncaring and solemn voice, “But, according to the results, there will be a reimburse of a certain amount of <Biological Energy Points>. Getting a 1 star ability or item will reimburse you 9000 points, 8000 points for a 2 star and so on.

“What is a <Biological Energy Points>?”

A sort of currency that can be used in the <Human Evolution Program>.

Lin Xii breathed in deeply after thinking for a couple of seconds, and made a decision. “I choose Bloodline.”

The option Bloodline is different for the other choices, if one would be so unlucky and get a trashy bloodline like zombie or wraith, it would be almost impossible to make a difference, it could be said that his future would be ruined. Having said all that, he still chose this option.

This is because Bloodline will have a bigger potential in the same rarity when compared to the other choices.

There are always some people who loves to take risks.

Initializing randomize choices……choosing complete. You obtained the Progenitor Virus Bloodline. Rarity : 5 stars.

[Progenitor Virus?] Lin Xii heart jolted, isn’t this the originator virus from Resident Evil?

There are many different virus that appeared in the series. T-virus, G-virus, C-virus, Abyss virus, T-Veronica virus, but they all stem from one virus:

The Progenitor Virus.

In the background story of the game, the Progenitor Virus originated from an ancient West African tribe, Ndipaya. It was extracted from a sacred flower “Stairway of the Sun”. This virus encourages the human DNA to evolve, allowing the infectee to develop extraordinary strength, speed, stamina, and regenerative ability.

However, the virus contained a superantigen toxin, and it will overly excite the human immune system, causing the human skin to rot and lost of bodily fluid.

When the skin is all rotten away, bacterial infection will occur and this will end with the whole body to fester and rot, dying a horrible death. Even if there are a small number of survivors, their bodies would also rot from the infection due to the virus, turning into zombie-like creatures.

Only one, one person who survived the implantation of the Progenitor Virus and did not mutate out of his humanoid shape, and that person is the last boss in the Resident Evil series : Wesker.

[Wouldn’t I turn into a monster?] Lin Xii thought furiously, scared.

Initializing fusion of bloodline.

From its eyes, came shooting out a ray of light and it turned read as it illuminates Lin Xii’s body. He immediately felt pain, a pain that burrow to his bone marrow, penetrating his whole body and felt on every inch of his body.

Luckily, the pain disappeared quickly. The light dissipated, and Lin Xii observed his body carefully, noticing some changes.

His body still remained the small statue that he had, due to his age.

But, he could feel clearly, underneath his skin that is filled with smooth, flexible muscle. Lowering his head, his saw his hand looking as if they were coated with a layer of jade, and his nails were resembling crystals.

Progenitor Virus, fusion complete.

A holographic screen appeared in front of Lin Xii, and it showed his status.

Name : Lin Xii

Race : Meta-Human (Mutated)

Bloodline : Progenitor Virus (Fusion perfectly, obtained extraordinary strength, speed, flexibility, constitution, resistance, senses, lifespan, regenerative etc……due to the perfect fusion of the virus, it will not infect and leak outwards)

Talent : Evolve (Possess a high evolution ability, under duress stress, human DNA gene may mutate. There is also a possibility to absorb certain abilities through blood and mutate the DNA genes, though risk of gene breakdown may happen)

(When DNA successfully mutates, a certain amount of time is needed to stabilize it)

(Hint : Choose wisely everytime whose blood to absorb, refrain from absorbing blood of inferior species due to lowering your DNA evolving potential)

Martial arts : None

Magic : None

Abilities : None

Energy : Biological energy (Due to mutation, the energy within cells can be converted into heat, kinetic and other biological energy)

[Thank god I didn’t turned into a monster, and my capabilities increased, perfect fusion no less! Even Wesker did not achieved perfect fusion in Resident Evil, and looking at the Evolve talent, my potential is definitely not low, I choose correct!] he thought as he clenched his fist.

Choosing complete, to the one who is about to leave this Room, if you managed to survive, maybe one day, maybe, you will have the chance to come to this place again……I look forward to meet you again……

Also, the name for your kind is The Evolutionary, not Contractee, because coming to this Room of Fate and what you obtained is just a seed. A seed that will grow as you survive.

No matter what you got, if you become prideful, self-satisfied and stagnate, you will be eliminated in the road of evolution.

The face disappeared in a scattering of light, and suddenly, his surroundings changed—back to him inside the titan’s mouth.

The two rows of teeth was about to close, and turned Lin Xii into meat paste.

The crisis was still not averted!

Translator Kkinji Note: Well, enjoy~

Progenitor: It means being the 1st generation of something. Eg: Progenitor Vampire is the father to all vampire.

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  1. Yo, I would of picked bloodline too but to think he got a virus…. He’s very lucky not to be a zombie.

    • No, this follows the GAME lore so you don’t need to have watched those awful Jovovich movies to understand this 🙂

  2. Okay, time to go play ‘EVO: Search for Eden’ on the SNES. xD

    But are you for real author-sama….Progenitor Virus? xD Let’s just hope the author doesn’t eventually axe this series by deciding the fusion goes haywire and infects humanity….^_^;;;

    Thanks for the hard work Shiro-sama~

    • In Japanese term, gacha is actually the machine they have where you put in a coin and twist a crank and an egg shaped ball comes out, and depending on your luck, you can get the item that you were aiming for that particular machine.
      So in this case, since it takes “luck” to get the item you want, which in the MC case it was a , that means he was very lucky with his draws. As the mentioned there are 1 star to 9 stars.
      An easier way of putting it is to just download a random Japanese game (e.g: fate) and try to get a good picture of the meaning gacha. P.S: you’ll cry rerolling it.

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