FF Chapter 1 – Titan

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Translation Notes: Hi, this is my first time translating, it’s a Chinese web novel. Please enjoy and give your feedback. Thank you.

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A grey, gloomy void, no existence of a sky, earth and life. Throughout the void, a thin grey mist permeated its surrounding, as if it originated from the horizon, a slow, melancholy and sad melody echoed the surroundings.




As if a sheet of glass broke, countless fissures filled the entirety of the void. In an instant, a bright, and luscious red flowed out from the fissure.

The liquid looked impressively similar to….




Lin Xii’s body startled, and he sat up on his bed abruptly.

After shaking his head, he still felt the sense of dizziness. Thus after a considerable amount of time passed, he came to his senses. He felt his chest and realized his heart was beating furiously.


“A nightmare huh……” he slightly sighed.


Lin Xii sat on his bed, drifting off to his thoughts, and at this moment his phone vibrated.

Picking his phone up, he realized it was a message.


“To everyone who received this message, humanity at this point of time will face a deep crisis, a disaster will be coming soon, monstrosity from fantasies will befall upon reality and present as a threat to humankind, and therefore, to confront the horrors that will come, humankind must evolve.”

Supposedly, the sender’s name should’ve been there , but instead it was blank. As Lin Xii was feeling unsure what was happening, the interface of his phone automatically switch to the download section.


Program downloading……

Download completed, program installing……

Human Evolution Program has been successfully installed in your device.


“What’s going on?”


Lin Xii noticed that on his home screen, there was an extra icon that shaped like a black pyramid, and underneath the icon was its name: <Human Evolution Program>.

Curiously, he touched the icon and entered the program. Suddenly, a passage popped out.


“Ever since technology brought us countless convenience, the evolution of humankind has gradually stopped. Despair, Crisis, Conflict……the desire and struggle for one’s survival is the source of evolution.”


The passage disappeared, and the program automatically connected to the internet and jumped into a website.

The icon on the website is in the shape of a double helix spiral, awfully similar to the shape of a human DNA, the name of the site is <Base of evolution>.

The site’s main body was in the color of black and red, presenting an ominous and strange feeling, there was a line of word in English, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, and many other languages:


“Survive, or Perish……Evolve, or be Eliminated……”


Lin Xii was stunned for a moment, and proceeded to furrow his eyebrows, “This message definitely contained viruses, and automatically downloaded some weird app and then brought me to some weird website. Well I better exit it as soon as possible, and uninstall that app.”


Lin Xii exited the website, and proceeded to uninstall the app.



“I definitely contracted some sort of virus!”

“Well, since tomorrow is a weekend, I better bring it to the maintenance shop to format it.”




After going through a nightmare and contracted a virus on his phone, any trace of sleepiness in Lin Xii was gone and he remained wide awake till dawn.

At 6 am sharp, Lin Xii climbed out of his bed and went into the toilet to clean himself up. Looking at the mirror, it showed a reflection of a teenager, with soft and messy but short hair, a face pale white with bloodshot eyes.

Splashing his face with cold water, he felt much more energetic. He then walked into the kitchen and started preparing breakfast.

Ever since his parents passed away in an accident 4 years ago, he was used to living alone. Living alone at 16 years of age wasn’t really hard, though the fact that he was always alone in an empty house, thus giving him a sense of hollow solidarity.

After a plate of fried eggs and a bowl of white porridge, he started his journey to school. Due to his parents death, his personality turned slightly introverted, and during highschool he deliberately downplayed his performance, this led him to be inconspicuous and also a loner.


Frankly, he doesn’t have a friend.




During a boring class that could hypnotise students to sleep, Lin Xii was lying down on his table and secretly rested. It was at this moment, his heart convulse for an instant, as if he felt something, he looked out of the window.


Above the courtyard beside the school building, he saw a dark swirl growing bigger and bigger.




A huge roar sounded and the entire school building shook for a bit. There was something that came out from the swirl, and it was a……human?


That’s right, a human!


Its surface devoid of any skin, protruding strands and strands of red tendons with white films embellished on the edge of the tendons, there were bones embedded inside the tendons, hideous looking teeth showing out of its cheek, and its skull exposed. A titan that surpasses human imagination.


The titan dropped onto the ground, kneeling on one knee and began to rise.


As the titan rise to its’ full height, its’ body height exceeded 12 floors of a 50 meter tall school building.


The huge movement caused by the titan disturbed the students, and they finally noticed the titan that appeared on the courtyard.


“Oh my god!”


“What is that?”


“Shingeki no Kyojin! Its that colossal titan that’s 60 meters tall that appears in the show! I must be dreaming, how could that kind of abomination appear in reality!”




The colossal titan took a huge breath, and at the gap of its’ muscle, it began to shoot out jets of hot white steam. It then crouched its’ body, and with the motion similar to rugby players rushing forward with the ball, it smashed fiercely into the school building shoulder first!


Lin Xii’s pupil suddenly shrank, and reflexively dodged under his table.




With the combined screams of terror, the whole school building shook as if an 8 magnitude earthquake happened, during the violent shake, the whole building collapsed into a pile of ruins as if it was made out of wood.


When the cloud of dust settled, Lin Xii was unharmed due to the table blocking the falling concrete with a bit of luck. As he coughed and pulled away the rubble surrounding his table, he got up from under his table and what he saw, was an absolute disaster!


The teacher that was giving a lecture in front just before, had his head burst opened by a rock, showing a mixture of blood and brain scattering his surroundings.


At the side of Lin Xii, was his classmate who didn’t make it in time to ducked under his table got squashed by a large rock approximately a meter in diameter, half of his body was buried underneath the rock, leaving entrails and organs squished out everywhere. He died with his eyes wide open, lingering with a hint of horror.


Blood, corpses, along with students who was crushed under the rubble but still alive, screaming aloud in pain.


A huge palm descended, grabbing a crying girl who was crawling amongst the rubble leaving a trail of red behind, and proceeds to bring it infront of its huge gaping mouth.


“He-help me……Wu-u-u……It hurts, daddy……where are you……”


The girl’s crying stopped abruptly, silenced as the colossal titan opened its blood red muscle mouth and swallowed her in a gulp.


Lin Xii’s heart was gripped with fear with a sense of oppression, almost stealing his ability to breath.


“Run, I must escape!”


In a feeling of great fear, Lin Xii turned around and ran. He then fell due to the rubble, injuring his kneecaps, but he picked himself up immediately, and ran as fast as he could without bothering to turn his head around.




Lin Xii was breathing hard after running intensely and consuming a large amount of energy, his mouth filled with the smell and taste of blood. He managed to escape from the school by running, and the colossal titan was still at the ruins, looking for a meal and not bothering to chase after him.


But, does it means that it was safe outside of the school?


Just within his field of vision, Lin Xii already saw 2 titans, one 3 meters tall, and another 5 meters tall.


Looking at these naked, hideous, twisted body with a bloated stomach or a twisted head, chasing after people who were running furiously and grabbing them to eat as if they are food, Lin Xii was trembling uncontrollably.


What was the most primal fear that exists? Hunger? The cold? Or maybe, death?




To intelligent beings, the greatest and most primordial fear, the fear that was erased a long time ago in civilization, was being treated as food, eaten alive as it is!


A titan.


Lin Xii knows that in the anime “Shingeki no Kyojin”, the monster that appeared in the series other than the occasional abnormal titans, the majority of the titans were fueled by their innate sense of hunger, wanting to only slaughter and eat humans.


Beings that belong in an anime, has come alive in reality!


On the streets, titans can be spotted running around. Lin Xii had to go about carefully, hiding and walking silently as it was extremely dangerous. The run he did before exhausted all of his energy, he was also mentally exhausted now. After a while more, he saw an empty shop, its door open, and he went inside.


Sitting down on his butt, panting, he slowly regained his energy.


“Right, let’s look at the net.”


Lin Xii took out his phone, and clicked on the browser. He was about to post his whereabouts to the net, and with that a large amount of man-eating giants was in it. But he realised that the internet was now a mess.


“Monsters, wait a minute, it’s not just over here, but they are monster other than the titans?”


With his mouth gaping wide open, looking at the <Apocalypse> thread, posts were popping up faster than ever.


“I am from Yuhang, there’s monster appearing over here, from the game DNF, I was almost eaten by a bloody goblin!”


“It just a goblin dude, outside of Jingling city, Wraith from the game <Through the line of fire> (TLN: similar to blackshot) is all around, I was using a binoculars, and I saw a fucking dragon flying on the sky! It looks like its a bloody Magic Dragon! (TLN: from the same game as above)”


“I am a fisherman, I am riding my small boat escaping on sea right now. My family’s big fishing boat was bombed by a deep sea fleet, Grandpa and Dad is dead……I think I saw the Northern Princess(Hoppou-chan), But I am not too sure, my brain is addled right now, I fear that I can’t escape back……Ah, there is alot of puff shaped balls chasing after me……goodbye……”


“ God bless the guys above, and bless me too. I am at Texas, America. It’s supposed to be nighttime now, but it’s bright outside. Texas is burning, there’s a dragon flying outside and breathing fucking fire! No idea if its Smaug, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Bahamut, or maybe Deathwing.”


“I am at Japan, Kyubi’s outside, shooting a Tailed Beast bomb, what I want to know is……WHERE’S NARUTO? WHERE’S ULTRAMAN?!”




Exiting from the thread, Lin Xii’s face was scared white. Looks like not only the monsters appeared here, but the whole world. Everywhere is plague by monstrosity that appeared in anime, games and movies. All sorts of terrorizing monster intruded into reality.


“What…..in the world, happened?”


The feeling of great absurdity and terror intertwined in his heart……

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  1. “I am at Japan, Kyubi’s outside, shooting a Tailed Beast bomb, what I want to know is……WHERE’S NARUTO? WHERE’S ULTRAMAN?!”

    I laught so hard from that line that this can only be a Yay for me! 🙂

    From the lenght of the chapter to the fact that this novel has 751 Chapters (Ongoing) make me think that it is worth a shot. So far it is interesting and i will read it for sure.

    Thanks for the TL and keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Cor blimey! This is bloody hell, mate!
    …okay, enough with the fake accent. xD But really….Fantasy Fall is a fitting name for this. I’m thinking this novel might get pulled for copyright infringements any time soon. xD But it’s good, so I think you should continue it, Shiro-sama. ^_^

    If you ever need help though, sorry….I spent all my skill points on 3 languages already. ;__; Chinese is too hard. >////<

  3. Thank you for the chapter! So this is sort of similar to Terror Infinity, just with games and fantasy, and the monsters are sent to the human world. Well, they are screwed. I mean, there are tons of stuff out there, and most can’t be taken down by normal weapons. I mean, sure, they can nuke dragons and stuff. But wraiths and ghosts? Thye can’t be touched. Also, SnK was in the future. It’s been proven that nukes and the like weren’t enough to take them down. I enjoyed the references, but I’m not sure I’ll enjoy this as much, but I’ll still read it for a bit.

  4. Hey, could you rename the novel if possible to ‘Fantasy Descends’ or something like that…’Fantasy Fall’ feels awkward to me…And thank you for the chapter

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