Chapter 56 – Ability Boost

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Since I have lots of experiments I wanted to test out, I took out another 10k Piro note and left it on the ground, then walked away from it.

Speaking of which, I remembered this would turn into a bird. It’s speed was tremendously fast so it would be a bother if I were to miss it.

So in order to guarantee a defeat for that 1 note of 10k Piro…..Hmm, what should I do?

After thinking for awhile, something came to mind.

[Yosh, let’s try that then.]

Thus after finally confirming it, I walked away from the note to a far enough distance.

With the distance just barely away where I can use my gun to fire, I waited there.

[5,    4,    3,    2,    1——-] as I whispered the countdown.

The moment I counted down to 0, I immediately shot a normal bullet to the 10K Piro note that hatched into a rogue monster.


I fist bumped into the air as I managed to catch my target.

I sort of have a timer in my body, which allowed me to get the timing right on leaving the item there and wait for the rogue monster to spawn.

And that’s how I line it up just right and fired my bullet just when the rogue monster spawned.

If we’re talking about pursuing efficiency, it’s like accumulating all the monsters at a certain place and defeating them all at once.

It’s the same as that.

As the rogue monster dropped another key, I picked it up and raised it to arm’s length. Placing the key into nothing, I twisted it.

I was then flown into what seems to be the remains of a cave, and there the same type of Wraith from before was there.

I fired a Restraint bullet at the Wraith who was leisurely floating towards me, and while it was being restrained with it’s body, making it less transparent, I took that opportunity and jumped towards it and punch it.

Though I won’t say it’s completely safe even when it was being restrained, but I wanted to know how tough the enemy was.

[It’s tougher than a zombie but weaker than a Mummy.]

After getting to know roughly how tough it was, I was satisfied with my little experiment.

As the Wraith vanished into thinned air, a glass bottle with red liquid dropped, and picking that up I was returned back into the outskirts of Shikuro.

And immediately I drank the red liquid.

—-The drop of Mineral will increase by 3 ranks for 10 minutes.

This time the mineral drop will be increased by 3 ranks.

Though just now was Vegetation, now it was Mineral.

I may need to investigate this further.






After defeating the Wraith, a glass bottle with blue liquid was dropped.

And I immediately drank the whole bottle.


——-The drop of Vegetation will be increased by 1 rank for 10 minutes.


Was what I heard.

After retrying it for a couple of times, I sort of understand the effects.

First off, the big difference was there’s two types of drop.

The key that I get from the note, I would get an effect of randomly increasing one of the drops by +3 ranks.

As for the key that I get from the coin, it will have the same random effect but this time increasing the drop by +1.

Regardless of the value, the notes would be +3, and the coin would be +1.

Even with the same colour, for example if I drank the increase up for Vegetation once and if there was another Vegetation up bottle, I could distinguish the two of them.

After understanding the effects of the drop, it was time to actually test the effects themselves.

For that…..we need the strength of those girls.






The next morning, Teruru Dungeon’s front entrance.

Emily, Celeste and I were in front of the entrance.

Emily, who was immediately offered a new hammer, was holding onto it. Whereas for Celeste, the Magic Storm had just been subsided, thus her weak complexion was finally gone.

[What are we here for today nano?]

[Emily, you still wearing that ring I gave you?]

[Yes desu.]

[How about the stats?]

Emily then went close to the Know-It-All board, and skillfully operated it, then turned to the page where the drop stats were shown.

Vegetation D (+1)
Animal E (+1)
Mineral E (+1)
Magic E (+1)
Special Item E (+1)



[Yeap, it’s indeed increased.]

[Yes desu.]

[Though I’ve only heard of it….but there really is such effects.]

[Okay, next up can you please try on the Pink Sapphire bracelet together with that ring, I wanna see what happens.]

[Yes desu.]

Emily who equipped both the ring and the bracelet once again operated the Know-It-All Board.


Vegetation D (+1)
Animal E (+1)
Mineral E (+1)
Magic E (+1)
Special Item E (+1)



[It’s the same desu…..]

[I guess the equipment’s effect doesn’t overlap with one another.]

[Sadly, I guess we can’t just equip a bunch of those rings and increase our Drop to A.]

[That would be perfect if that were the case. Well onto the next one, can you please drink this?] (TLN: Please don’t say that to any girl.)

I took out the Red Potion and handed it to her.

Since I have drank it once before, I knew exactly what sort of effects it would increase if someone were to drink it.

[And then check the stats again desu?]


Without a hint of hesitation, Emily drank the red liquid in small gulps, and immediately afterwards a shocked expression was shown on her face.

[You heard it too?]

[Yes, I heard something desu. But this….it’s real?]

[That’s what we’re here for today,  to test it out.]

[Oh, I see desu!]

Emily grasped the understanding of why we’re here today. On the other hand, Celeste was clueless as she did not drink the red potion.

On the outside, Emily looked like she was fearfully—though she was actually anticipating while operating the Know-It-All Board.


Vegetation A (+4)
Animal E (+1)
Mineral E (+1)
Magic E (+1)
Special Item E (+1)



[A, amazing….]

[My… drop has reached to A desu…..]

Knowing that the effects of the equipment and the potion could stack, Emily and Celeste were left speechless, and looked at me with eyes of admiration and respect.






Teruru Dungeon, first floor.

While holding onto her new hammer, Emily flew towards the direction of the Slime.

Emily was waiting for the encounter, previously her tactic would be to attack at the gap after receiving an attack from the Slime, but now that her level had gotten better, she could surpassed the Slime’s speed and attack first.

She then immediately rushed and swept her hammer from the side of the Slime, knocking it’s body.

The Slime was KO-ed after one hit, and died.

Pon, and from the Slime, many bean sprouts dropped.

[It appeared desu!]

[Let’s try the next one.]

[Yes desu!]

Then, whenever Emily would see a Slime she would defeat it while moving along.

As for Celeste and I, we were pushing the Magic Cart while picking up the bean sprouts.

[That’s amazing, it’s dropping 90% of the time.]

[If it is this sort of percentage….then I wonder if it was really an A drop.]

[I know that the potion(medicine) is a consumable item, but how much was it nano?]

[One bottle is just 10k Piro—Ah, but in order to defeat it I have to use a specific bullet so it’s different. Well the cost is 10k Piro. Yeap, that’s right.]

[Is that so nano!?]

[Just by using 10k Piro you could get a 10 minute drop rate up, that itself is awesome but hunting would be awkward.]

I thought so when watching Emily hunt.

[What’s more.]


Celeste watched Emily with a serious expression.

[If you want to demonstrate it’s real effect, then wouldn’t it be better if you were to use it when a rare monster were to appear?]

[I see! It’s a common play to use a drop rate up before a rare or boss fight.]

[If you could just increase it to A, and the enemy is a rare—-]

[What’s more 10k Piro is considered cheap.]

Celeste and I nodded in agreement.

Unexpectedly, we found a way to use the effect.

[Anyway, Ryouta-san is truly amazing huh, that you can do something like this.]

Since there were other adventurers around us, Celeste said it without revealing anything.

I have explained about my drop rate of S when she joined the Ryouta Family.

She was way too surprised when she heard about it, but afterwards she hurriedly asked.

[Was it alright to say it to someone like me?].

Thus I replied with [Keep it a secret, okay?], but I’m pretty sure Celeste wouldn’t leak out my secret so it’s alright.

[The moment I met Ryouta-san, it’s been nothing but surprises from you.]

[I was also shocked of myself everyday.]

[But it’s fun too.]

[That’s the same for me too.]

Celeste and I both smiled.

[You also want to try it too, Celeste?]

[Me too?]

As I nodded, I took out the red potion and handed it over to Celeste, and we went nearby the Know-It-All board.

Celeste tilted her little head whilst drinking the potion, and then checked on the Know-It-All board.


Vegetation C (+3)
Animal F
Mineral F
Magic F
Special Item F



[Th, this is me….?] Celeste said as she turned speechless.

As she was always called [Final F] for having all her drop being F.

Thus she would occasionally leak out the fact that her own drop rate was inferior to others.

But when she saw that her drop had increased to C, she was utterly speechless.

For example if Emily were to be like that and saw it, even though she would understand it in her head, but she can’t stop from surprising herself.

[Let’s try defeating some Slimes, though the drop would be normal.]

[Drop….? I…I can get drop from monsters?] Celeste was overwhelmed.

It was as if these sorts of things never occurred to her before.


[E, eeh….let’s try.]

[Then use this nodesu.]


Emily who out of nowhere came back, and pull out the ring and handed it to Celeste.

[Th, this ring is given to Emily from Ryouta-san, right?]

[This ring that I received from Yoda-san(Ryouta-san?) was our entire family’s income nanodesu. What’s more it feels extremely good wearing it. Celeste-san should try it out too nodesu.]

Emily then further pushed the ring towards her.

Celeste, with a troubled face looked at me.

I guess I was also perplexed by Emily’s offer sometimes—-

[As expected of Emily.]

[Eh? What does that mean?]

[That’s how it is. So Celeste, just listen to Emily and try it on.]

[Well, well then….]

After wearing the ring, Celeste went and touch the Know-It-All board.


Vegetation B (+4)
Animal E (+1)
Mineral E (+1)
Magic E (+1)
Special Item E (+1)



While being puzzled for a moment by her drop rate that went up to B, she swallowed her saliva, and made an eye of determination.

At the same time a Slime got up.

From the ground, from the walls, and from the ceiling.

It’s as if the cave itself is giving birth to it, and 5 Slimes appeared at the same time.


As soon as they spawned, Celeste used her Level 3 big magic and burned the Slimes.

The range magic swallowed the Slimes whole, and burned them to smithereens.

Right afterwards, Po-po-po-po-pon!

For having a drop B her level was considered lucky, because all 5 of the slimes dropped bean sprouts.


[It dropped desu.]

[As expected, though it cannot be compared to Emily with her drop being A.]

[Yes desu. But I’m glad nodesu.]

[Aah, good for you right Celeste……Celeste?]


Celeste had a blank stare on her face, and was looking straight at the dropped bean sprouts.

Eventually she gradually looked up at us, and with a grinding sound she immediately ran after us.

[Ryouta-san ! Emily !]

All of a sudden she jumped straight to us.

[Thank you Ryouta-san! Thank you too Emily!]

[Congratulations nanodesu~]

[Thank you….Sniff…. Really, thank you…..]

Celeste went crying and hugging us as repeatedly thanked us over and over again.

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