Chapter 54 – The Melancholy of a Magician

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I felt refreshed as I opened my eyes to the morning bright light.

Waking up to a fragrant scent, I fixed myself and walked to the living room. There, Emily was in the process of preparing our breakfast.


[Good morning Yoda-san.]

[Morning…..Eh what happened to Celeste-san?]



On the dining table, I could see Celeste sitting there like a wilted flower.

She doesn’t seem energetic, and would faint at any moment.


[Seems that her head is in pain desu.]

[A headache? Did you fall sick?]

[It’s not like that, it’s because of the Magic Storm.]

[By Magic Storm, you mean that phenomenon that restricts users from using magic completely?]


Without much energy, Celeste nodded to my answer.


[When a Magic Storm arrives, my head would become heavy and a stinging pain would come every so often.]

[Ah-……I know how you feel as when during a low pressure(rainy) days I would get extreme headaches. Is there any way to help you, like maybe getting a medicine or something?]

[It’s alright….Once the Magic Storm subsides this headache will automatically recover by itself.]

[I see.]


Celeste answered as if it was obvious.

If she herself said it then I guess it must be so.

I guess for someone like Celeste who is a Magician, when a Magical Storm hits the town, it’s not just her not being able to use magic, but it would also worsen her physical health.


[Well then, I guess we should call off from venturing into the dungeon today.]

[No, please don’t because of me, you can’t do your usual routine. Don’t worry about me, Ryouta-san and Emily can go on ahead as usual.]

[Nah, since it’s come to this.]


I said as I smiled at Celeste.


[Let’s go find a real estate agent today.]


We have been delaying the search for a new home.

If it’s not for diving the dungeon everyday, I would’ve went and inquired about a new home by now.




In the morning I went to Nihonium’s fourth floor to increase my Endurance from D to C.

We wanted to head straight to a real estate agent after breakfast, but because Celeste still needed time to move around, I took the opportunity and went ahead to increase my ability first while waiting for her to be slightly better.


Besides that, it was time I made use of my newly acquired pouch.

Instead of defeating the Mummies and using the seeds one by one, I would defeat the Mummies one after the another, and only use them all up at the end.


Calling upon the increased ability to the brain cell, even at level 1 I could continuously up my ability like the time I was defeating the Hagu? Metal Slime.(DQ reference)

Thus for the morning’s earnings, in a completely different meaning, it felt good that the brain juice came out.



When noon came, together with Emily and Celeste, we walked in the city.

Because of the influence of the Magical Storm, a large amount of Magicians are currently in the city.


In the restaurants you could see things like [The Magician’s Day], [Magician’s visiting the restaurant would get 10 times the point], or even [If you come as a group, the Magician gets to eat completely free of charge.] etc.

I guess they are also trying to get a profit from the magicians.


To the only Magic user, Celeste seemed to still be a little worn out.


[Are you sure you’re okay?]

[For the most part, I’m fine. Though I shouldn’t push myself, I can still manage if it’s just normal walking.]

[If you say so.]

[What’s more, this time around we are able to use magic inside the city, so it isn’t that painful.]

[You’re saying this is not as painful as before……]


Judging by the scale of the Magic Storm, there are two types, one is when you cannot use magic in the dungeon, and the other is when you cannot use magic both inside the city and in the dungeon.

And judging by what Celeste had said, it seems that the scale this time was small as she can still use a little of her magic inside the city.

Though she still looked pale to me.


After chatting with one another while walking, we finally arrived at an estate agent.

When we went in, a familiar face arises.

A young guy with a soft hip—Antonio stood up, and greeted us.


[Well if it isn’t Satou-san, it has been a long time since we’ve last met. So what brings you here today?]

[I thought of renting a new home.]

[Oh, I see.]


Antonio smiled grimly while nodding, then he looked at Celeste.


[She’s our new companion, thus we want a house that can fit three person inside.]

[Yes of course! Please come right here.]

Being led by Antonio with his business smile, we sat on a sofa for guests.

After relaxing on the sofa, Antonio started speaking.


[Well then, what sort of requirements are you looking for for this new house?]

[The must have requirement would be a 3LDK, or more.  Like, I want a house which has three bedrooms.]

[Then I would also suggest having a house that has a guest room too.]

[A guest room huh.]



Celeste nodded in agreement, so I turned and looked at Emily instead.

Emily looked at me while tilting her head with a question mark(?) on top of her head.


[Of course we will be living together, but if someone were to come and stay overnight, we would want to brag about it too that we have a guest room for them to sleep.]

[I totally get what you’re trying to say!]


I fully agree with Celeste’s opinion.


[There are times when you just want to brag about Emily House right. Or sometime in the future, if we were to invite a hooligan to our house, he/she will be “reformed” in no time.]

[I wonder what would happen too if I were to bring an undead monster over. I’m sure it will be purified by a wave of purity immediately in that shrine like house.]

[That might be possible too.]


Celeste and I were nodding back and forth to each other.


[It wouldn’t desu, can the two of you please stop talking about weird stuff desu.]

[Non non, these aren’t weird stuff. Right, Celeste.]

[Yes, Emily’s Recovery is, without a doubt, the best in the world.]

[You two! You’re always making fun of me nanodesu…..]


Emily, who thought she was being teased by us was pouting slightly, though we were serious about it.


[By the way, how much is the cost.]

[300k Piro a month.]


I was immediately answered.

As a basis, our current home is 150k Piro, so in order to move out, we need twice the amount huh.


[300k !]

[Isn’t that a huge sum, Yoda-san.]

[I don’t think so? If the three of us were to hunt the Parent-Child Slime with the highest efficiency. In one cycle, we could probably get around 120K Piro. If you think about it, we can get 300K Piro if we work hard for a day. What’s more!]


I looked at Celeste and Emily.


[I want the both of you to stay in a nice home.] I earnestly answered.


After hearing that, Celeste and Emily looked at me with surprised.

Right now, the income of Ryouta Family is being managed by me.

The money that is being collected from selling the drop items, all of it is being sent to me.

So when I mentioned about [my earning], it’s obviously the earnings of us three together.

It is wrong that I don’t return the earning that we have gained through our sweat and pain, what’s more this sum of money is earned together.


We are using this money that we earned together for the sake of ourselves.

That is all there is to it.


[Thank you, Ryouta-san.]

[Thank you desu.]

[I don’t think I’m entitled for this gratefulness. Since this sum of money is from the hardwork of us three together.]


[Well then, how about a property like this—–]



While I was trying to pay for the property to Antonio, suddenly, Celeste was pressing onto her forehead.


[What’s wrong Celeste?]

[My…head…is a little…]

[Your head? Is it due to the Magic Storm?]

[From what I’ve heard the Magic Storm would be much stronger starting from this afternoon, the scale is large enough that magic cannot be used in the city too.]


Antonio said as he frowned, knitting his eyebrows.

Something like this can happen too huh.

[Is that Miss over there a magic user?]

[Yeah…..wait, I wanna know is there a house that when a Magic Storm hits, would not make your body worse?]


During our walk in the city, I saw a service for [The Magician day], and almost like a natural phenomenon—–it changes the weather of a Magic Storm.

So I was wondering is that possible? As I asked.


[Because it’s such a day, what’s more it comes irregularly,  and moreover it protrudes from your budget—–]

[Please let me see the property.]




Being lead by Antonio, we are currently at the west side of Shikuro where a three story isolated house is present.

The first floor is like a garage where we can store a number of Magic Cart, the second floor is where the bathroom, kitchen and living room is, and the third floor is the bedroom where there’s three of it.

Twas was the floor plan.


The floor plan was what we wanted, and what’s more—-


[My headache….has subsided.]

[Is that true!]


When we entered the house, the moment the door was closed, as if nothing had happened at all, Celeste became better.


[Wow, I can’t believe there’s a house with these effects.]

[Are you sure you’re alright desu?]

[It’s to the point where I was surprise myself.]


The person herself said so to the point where her condition was scarily better.


[How is it, is it to your liking?] Antonio asked.


[It’s perfect.]

[How much is the rent per month desu?]

[It’s 400K Piro, since it’s using the latest technology of completely blocking off the effects of the Magic Storm, plus it is the same floor plan as required so the price goes up by 30%.]


[Th, that is even for us, it’s a bit—–]

[Then we’ll choose here.]


Emily immediately frowned her eyebrows, and Celeste was also trying to quickly decline.

Without being affected by their opinion, I made my decision.


The two of them were shocked beyond belief. And the both of them looked at me with wide eyes.


[If this really cured your headache then it’s a cheap price to pay.]


As I said so, Celeste became teary as she looked at me.]




With that, we have finally moved into a new house.

And thus our house has been ranked up once more.

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