Chapter 53 – A genius, sometimes a God, and now a Prince

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The next day, I walked my way towards Nihonium which I usually went in the morning.

When I stepped foot into the first floor, I saw Princess Margaret and her gang in the dungeon.

Seeing the somewhat beautiful Princess Margaret where she delivers the final blow to a monster and the dropped air would be sucked up into the box and later on sell it to her customers.

There, the guy who was appointed as the leader saw me, and greeted me with a smile.

[Yo Satou-san.]


[If there’s some time, I would like to reward you with something. During the time you advertise for our <Pandora Box>, the popularity of the box has skyrocketed.]

[Oh so that’s what happened.]

[Seriously, can’t thank you enough for it.]

[Anyhow, you’re doing the usual air business?]

After asking about it, I looked around the dungeon.

Further away from us was the nonchalant Princess Margaret with her 4 assistants.

They’re currently fighting a monster right now. The 4 guys would first weakened the monster, then let Princess Margaret deal the final blow.

[Yeap. Though recently our business is going on sluggishly, so I had a lot in my mind to worry about.]

[That’s because……]

Probably cause you’re selling air?

Though the item that you’ve been selling itself is rather questionable too.

[It’s not like Princess Margaret’s popularity has plummeted, so I wonder why.]

[Can’t you just sell something else?]

[Something else?]

[Yeah, for example you could use that Pandora Box and using her as an appeal to attract other producers? I’m sure it’ll sell well. For example you can use panties.]


The guy widened his eyes in surprised.

[Are you some kind of genius!]

[……I think I’m more of an old man right now.]

The moment I let that slipped out of my tongue, I sort of regretted it. Is this still a time where bloomers and sailor uniform still exist?

[That will sell! It’ll sell but….the image of Princess Margaret would….]

[It’ll be ruined, in a way you can put it as slicing a chicken’s stomach to get the eggs.]


He tilted his head in confusion.

Oh right, since the drop in this world is different, they would not get that idiom.

Well since it’s troublesome to explain about it, I naturally diverted the conversation.

[Some other items….Hmm, this is difficult.]

While looking at the guy who was groaning, I thought of contributing with some ideas too.

Something that would display the name of that Princess.

That reminded me of what happened yesterday.

It was about the time when Smith came to visit us and offered Emily a weapon for free in exchange of advertising her as the owner of the weapon.

The word “brand” is floating around my head right now.

[How about, something like a ring?]

[A ring?]

[Yeap a ring. A ring that is produced by Princess Margaret. I mean, it’s not a bad thing. What’s more in reality, it’s practically the same thing as say selling your airbox and the panties? Let’s see……how about having a catchphrase like [A ring that Princess Margaret gave you as a present], or something along the lines.]

[Are you God!!!!] (TLN: I smell god!)

The guy praised me and valued me even higher than before.

[Yes, rings are great! It’s wonderful! If it’s rings then I would have to hunt in Macrolide instead of Shikuro then. If that’s the case I would also need to employ new adventurers….]

The guy then mumbled to himself while rubbing his chin.

The moment he found a business opportunity he was already exploring the possibilities to achieve that goal—truly the mind of a merchant.

Since it’ll be bad if I bother him any further, it’s time to—.


Suddenly someone shouted.

I wonder what happened, but it was Princess Margaret that was shouting.

Apparently the four assistants were defeated by Skeletons that came from the walls for a surprise attack, and was knocked unconscious.

The Skeleton that had removed the men then head towards Princess Margaret’s direction.

I immediately took out my gun and fired a Restraint Bullet.

The bony fingers that were about to reach for Princess Margaret were suddenly wrapped in a light rope.

I immediately dashed forward to where Princess Margaret was. When she was about to faint I hugged her, and jumped backwards.

In midair, I used the other gun, which is loaded with normal bullet, and fired a few shots at the Skeleton.

The Skeleton took in a few of my bullets and its bones shattered.

Right as we landed on the ground, the Skeleton also fell to the ground and without anything left behind it disappeared.

[Are you alright?]


Princess Margaret immediately used her small hands to push my chest away from her.

While she was frantically trying to look away from me, I stole a glance at her face. Her face was being stained with the colour of vermilion.

[Are you alright Princess!]

[Un, I’m okay…..]

The guy who ran to us immediately ask, and the princess replied in a soft and timid voice.

When he heard that the princess was alright, he let out a sigh, and turned towards me and bowed.

[Thank you for saving her! Really thank you!]

[It’s okay, all that matters is that she’s safe.]

[Please let me reward you with something in return.]

[You don’t have to go to that extent to reward me though.]

[No no, since from the fight displayed earlier, it seems that the item you used to defeat the Skeleton is a consumable goods, or something along that category. I’m really sorry that you had to use such expensive item on a dungeon that drops nothing. Oh right! I can just return you with a ring then.]


[Since we’ve discussed about finalizing the idea of selling the Princess’s ring. Then let us have the honour of giving you the very first product completely free of charge!]

[I think that would be bad in many ways.]

[The princess is weak, and seeing that you saved her without a hint of hesitation, you are her savior. So please!]

The guy further bowed down.

Well, I guess this is what I get from getting involved.






After separating with the guys, I went to Nihonium’s fourth floor.

I immediately encountered a mummy. Since it surprised me at such a close range, I had to knock it down with taijutsu. When it turned into a pile of bandages, I used my Recovery bullet to decimate it.

Though the sight of a drop wasn’t present at all.


Confirming the situation, I further wandered around the dungeon.

This time a pair of mummies appeared.

The mummies slowly crept closer, though I noticed that the two mummies had a different walking pace, so I turned around and ran away.

After one of the mummy chased up to me, I took out both of my guns and fired a Penetrating bullet at it. I aimed at the perfect timing so as the Penetrating bullet would passed through the head of the first Mummy and afterwards blew off the second mummy’s head.

When the flesh of the mummies melted away, the bandages swirled down on the ground and entwined with each other.

Around that area, I fired the Recovery Bullet and it extinguished.

As expected, nothing dropped.

After confirming the situation, I reached for the pouch from the left side of my lower waist and grabbed hold of it.

Opening the pouch and looking through it, I saw that there are 5 things inside the pouch.

—Max HP upped by 1.
–Max HP upped by 1.
–Endurance upped by 1
–Endurance upped by 1.
–Endurance upped by 1.

Apparently the grains of ability up was called—-I mean the seeds was called into the pouch.

During the time when I helped Princess Margaret on defeating the Skeletons, and now the Mummies that I defeated on the fourth floor.

The total of 5 seeds was called into this pouch.

This pouch item was dropped by the Rogue Slime Sultan when I defeated it.

And apparently the effects of this pouch is when I defeat an enemy and they drop something, the drop would immediately be sent into this pouch.

Though it is similar to the effects of the Collection Box and the Pandora Box, but there’s one thing that is definitively different from the boxes, that is when an item is dropped, the drop would immediately be sucked inside the pouch.

Thus we saw a scene of me that [did not get a drop].

This is an equipment that I’m grateful of.

Up until now, whenever I tried to defeat rogue monsters inside the city, I had to find an extremely secluded area where not a single soul is present to defeat them in order to avoid suspicion, but now with this pouch I don’t have to ever worry about that anymore.

While I was thinking of various things, a mummy appeared. I instantly killed it and cleansed the bandages.

Right after that the dropped item went inside the pouch that was upside down.

And the seed landed on the ground.

—Endurance upped by 1.

After picking it up my ability increased.

It appears that if the item is transferred into the pouch without me touching it, it won’t disappear.

So if I were to use this pouch to carry all those seeds outside the city and turned them back into rogue monsters, I would save time in collecting more special bullets without relying on the Collection box.

[I wonder if there’s other way of using it.]

I was wondering whether if there are any other usage for this pouch.

While pondering about it, I subconsciously defeated more mummies one after the other.

And thus my Endurance has finally increased from E to D.

Translator Note:

NSFW Read at your own risk.


there are three meanings when I searched for it, one was brucellosis where it is a highly contagious zoonosis caused by ingestion of unpasteurized milk or undercooked meat from infected animals, or even close contact with their secretions(literally copy paste from wiki). As for the second meaning…for some reason Google-sensei said something otherwise……And lastly, the one that I think should be the correct term for this, which is just a combination of Bloomers and Sailor Uniform, which is popular in Japan. Thanks to Wozzaa in Discord for clarifying it for me, you can check it out in Wiki here.

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