Chapter 50 – Nihonium’s Fourth Floor

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The following morning, I made my way to Nihonium in continuation of venturing into the fourth floor.


Before that I went to the side of the entrance to confirm my status at the Know-It-All Board.


Level 1/1
Strength S
Endurance F
Intelligence F
Mentality F
Speed S
Dexterity F
Luck F


Since yesterday, I had already increased my Speed to S at the third floor, so this time it’s obvious that I’m going to continue diving into the next floor.


This Nihonium Dungeon is the so called ‘limestone cave’, so it’s suitable to call it a [cave].


The reason why I mentioned about that was cause the fourth floor was similar to the rest of the floors, so I wonder.

Will it change after I reached the sixth floor which requires a license?

As I was thinking about it I continued moving forward.


[Oh, there it is….Is it another mummy?]


I was puzzled for a moment.

Because the monster that I encountered is a human-shaped demon with muscular features and bandages wrapped round and round around it’s body.

The appearance was almost similar to the mummies from the third floor, thus I was wondering whether I was on the right floor or not.


[I’m not sure whether it’s different—-but let’s just defeat it to find out!]


For the caves in this world, all monsters residing in the cave drops basically everything.

More or less I had already made this a norm ingrained in me, so the natural thing is to defeat the monster right in front of me.


I first step forward and, using my calf I pushed myself forward and dashed right at the back of the monster and immediately struck my fist into the Mummies side.

Its body bent into a “<” shape and flew backwards immediately after I aimed at its head with a Penetrating Bullet.


The bullet blew up the Mummy’s head and the bandages slowly twirled down on the ground, as if its contents had melted.






I waited for awhile, but no drop was present.

Even though the monster had been defeated, the bandages were still there on the ground, the seed that was suppose to drop isn’t there.


[…..It’s clearly different from the third floor.] I mumbled to myself.


This has never happened before as back when I defeated a mummy on the third floor, not a single bandage would remained and everything will disappear.


For reassurance I left the bandages there and went to search for another Mummy at a different location.

This time around I will defeat the Mummy using the fused Flame bullets as they are weak against fire.


When I did so, as I suspected—only the bandages remained.


[U–n, what’s going on here.]


Having no drop from them is troubling indeed.

My drop ability is all S. It is an S that exceeds this world’s best A rank.

With my drop being S, everything up until now where monsters that [will never drop anything] will be dropped when I defeated it. What’s more the item is not from this world.


If I defeat it I will get a drop, because I thought my drop is S.

That’s why I was troubled by not getting the drop right in front of my eyes.


[Is there an exception even if I have a S drop? U-n.] While I was groaning, an incident occurred.

The monster that had it’s contents melted left just the bandages behind, but like a videotape the scene in front of me played back in reverse, this time the bandage was filling in the content and it reshaped back into a human body.

The bandages returned back into a Mummy and started to attack me again.


[Otto! So that’s how it is!]


I was convinced and relieved at the same time.

It’s not that I didn’t get any drop from the monster, but the fact that I had not dealt the final blow at it.

If that’s the case then I will just have to defeat it properly, so let’s have a rematch with the monster again!


I remembered what happened at Selen and loaded the Homing Bullets into my guns.

This Homing Bullet, as the name implies, has a 100% rate of always hitting it’s target. Moreover this excellent bullet doesn’t just end there, but aims at the weakness of the enemies without acknowledgment.


While rapidly firing–the bullet’s, instead of circling around the Mummy and head straight on it’s weakness, it instead drove straight into the Mummy.


And at that moment, the Mummy ran towards me and hugged me.

It was like a bear hug, or like a Saba being folded.

The mummy broke my momentum while hugging me tightly to break my spine.




I grinded the back of my teeth and immediately swayed the Mummy’s bear hug back and forth.

I kicked it off using a front kick and with that momentum I somersaulted behind and immediately drove a Flame Fusion bullet at it.

The flame burnt quite nicely, and the insides melted to the ground, leaving the bandages again.


Well then, this is where it starts.

Since this bugger could revive, I must completely defeat it.

Thus I turned around where my back was facing the bandages and fired my Homing Bullet where the bullet instantly turned a 180 degree sharp turn towards the bandage and pierce through it.


I need to further attack.

So I walked towards the bandage and stepped on it, swiveling it around.

Since it wasn’t fighting back I picked it up and stretched it.


At first glance it looks like a normal bandage, but it was so robust that it doesn’t seem to wanna rip apart.




Even though I have a Strength of S, I can’t rip it apart.

If that’s the case, it means I just have to use a special method in order to tear it.


…..I feel like something similar happened before.

I unloaded the Homing bullets and loaded another special bullet into the gun once again. I threw the bandages onto the ground and shot it.

First up is firing my favorite Flame bullets, but it didn’t burn up.

Next up I fired my Freezing bullets, but it just froze up and nothing else happened.


[It can’t be.]


Finally I used my Healing bullets and fired at it.

The light effect of the Healing bullet enveloped the bandages, and melted it.


Even though I was stretching the bandages with all my might using my S strength, when I shot the Healing bullets, not even 5 seconds went by and already the bandages melted away.

And over there a seed dropped.


—-Endurance up by 1.


[Yoshya!] without thinking I did a fist pump.


In order to elucidate this matter, I immediately went to search for another Mummy.

I went back the way I came from, and saw that the Mummy that I defeated a moment ago revived back and was approaching me.


I fired my Healing bullets—but nothing happened.

This time I used the fused Healing bullets, the Sleeping bullets and fired at it—-but again nothing happened.


So this time I decided on a hand to hand combat, and did a rushing punch on the Mummy’s guts. It melted in front of me. Afterwards I took my gun and fired the Healing bullet at it and the bandages melted, dropping the seed.


I sort of got it.

After defeating the Mummy’s first phase, leaving the bandages there, I’ll have to use the Healing power to deal the final blow at it.

Now that I understood it, I’ll prepare an abundant of Healing bullets and enter a full-fledged Mummy killing spree.


Once you understand the method of defeating it, it’s practically the same as the Mummies on the third floor.

Having the same pattern as finding a job, I searched for the Mummies, and ended up with my Endurance increasing to E.




Nihonium first floor.

Since the time is almost towards afternoon, it’s time for the group hunt with Emily and Celeste.

Though before that I wanted to confirm something.


While holding onto my gun, I searched for a Skeleton.

The bullet that I’m using right now is the bullet that I got from the Mummy from the fourth floor, the special bullet that I’ve gotten after defeating the fourth floor’s rogue monster.


Nihonium Dungeon is literally a dungeon made [just for me].

If I normally defeat the monsters, I will get a seed to increase my ability, but if I use the Collection Box and suck up the seeds and then bring it outside of the dungeon to turn it into a rogue monster, I will get a special bullet after defeating that rogue monster.


I’m currently testing out the effect of the new bullet that I’d gotten from the fourth floor in order to use it together with Emily and co.


Without waiting a Skeleton appeared.

My body instinctively moved because of the countless times I’ve been on this floor. Even if anything were to happen, as long as I take my distance and just fire the special bullet it’ll be fine.


The bullet that was fired off exploded in the middle of the trajectory, and a bright light shone.


The light went on for about 0.1 seconds, and just like a firework the light extended and burst away.


During when the light was shining, the Skeleton couldn’t move.

It’s as if it was chained by a light rope, disabling it’s ability to move.


…..I see.

And with my ability to name stuff I hence named this bullet the [Restraint Bullet].


How do I use the effect, I won’t know until I check the effect and the area of restraint first.

Thus, I was really excited as I have a new tool to play around it, with that feeling I left the dungeon.


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Mikan · 6th July 2017 at 12:17 AM

jum jum, from how I see it, is not that the dungeon was made for him, he is just exploiting a bug in the system.

    ptolemaios00 · 6th July 2017 at 4:19 AM

    This dungeon is literally part of his MC cheat. If he couldn’t upgrade his stats (to S rank which is already beyond everyone else’s limit of A rank), he would need to actually more skill in hunting. Only because of this cheat, he can punch away enemies that get close, run away easily, now tank the damage.

      Mikan · 6th July 2017 at 9:49 AM

      what he get inside the dungeon is no problem, but he wasn’t supposed to get the seeds out of the dungeon because they get absorbed automatically when he touch then, other people couldn’t touch them, he got a weapon, and is getting bullets exploiting a bug in the system, because he wasn’t supposed to take the seeds out, and no one before has gotten drops from the mobs that spawn out of the dungeon.

      no matter how you try to argue it, the author is making him exploit a bug. also not enough ppl has gotten inside the dungeon to say that just him can get drops from it. (ofc plot armor but whatever)

    Shiro · 6th July 2017 at 9:37 AM

    Yes, I’m sure he is~ He just doesn’t realize it XD

    FuriousGeorge · 26th July 2017 at 2:29 PM

    There is no bug in the system. Nihonium is a dungeon designed specifically for people with S drop rates, which he coincidentally is the only one of. Nihonium was not made specifically for him, but rather, for people like him.

      Chris · 2nd April 2022 at 11:08 PM

      In short, Nihonium is a dungeon specifically for people from Nihon

Aurelious · 6th July 2017 at 12:20 AM

Ty for the chapter

natsukage · 6th July 2017 at 12:23 AM

Oh, restraint bullets. Makes a little sense I guess. The original monster had bandages that were unbreakable. So I guess the restraint bullet sort of shoots an invisible version of those bandages which wrap around you, like a mummy…? Just my idea…xD

Thanks for the chapter, Shiro-sama~

    Shiro · 6th July 2017 at 9:45 AM

    Yeap most probably your logic is correct, the Author usually likes to make some resemblance on the monster and the bullet.

    Anyways thanks for reading~ natsukage-sama :3

Rasta · 6th July 2017 at 12:28 AM

Thank you for the chapter! man, I had to burn through all those chapters since I couldn’t read them. Anyways, mobs for Ryota are more like trick bosses. I mean, the ones where you had to do specific things to beat them. Nothing can really touch him, but they can sure annoy him. And he gets yet another bullet that simply subdues. I have a feeling he’s going to get some sort of Taming Bullet. Not that he really needs to, seeing as the harem is increasing. Emily’s the only one I want though :(. The new girl is nice, but I don’t want her to get with Ryota.

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ptolemaios00 · 6th July 2017 at 4:29 AM

I think the author made a huge mistake in the setting that each rogue monster only drops 1 special bullet. There would be so much less complaints about him wasting his ammo away “experimenting”, if he got boxes of ammo each drop. He’s already a broken OP character with infinite ammo as long as the plot needs it, so why need this plot hole limitation?

Easy bs fix? He should get a duplication bullet/method that can just replenish his stock in one go.

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