Chapter 49 – Planning and Improvising

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The next day after we came back to Shikuro, I went to Nihonium after a long time.


During my stay in Selen, the number one bullet that was used the most was the Flame Bullets, so the reason why I came here is to replenish them.

The second floor, the monsters here are zombies.


Since it has been a long time, I was kinda rusty and for a moment my body was stiff when fighting the first zombie that I encountered.

Smiling bitterly, I took out my gun and head shot it.

The zombie fell to the ground, and a Strength seed dropped. I used the Collection Box to suck it up.


That’s right, if I just head shot them it should work just as well.

Calming myself down, I once again took down the zombies one after the another with head shots.


While I was walking around looking for a prey, an idea pop up from my head.

Before I could finish thinking my body automatically started moving on it’s own.




The wall cracked the moment I threw a punched right at it.

Putting all my strength to my fist, I punched through the wall, resulting in my hand getting stuck. In that hard cemented wall, there’s a feeling of a living body there.


It’s the Nihonium’s specialty—the undead that does surprise attacks.

Maybe because I’ve been diving into this dungeon for quite a number of times, I can somehow predict when a surprise attack is coming.

The moment I felt a presence I immediately did a preemptive attack, and tossed a fist at the zombie who was still coming out from the wall.


Wait. This is bad, if I defeat the zombie inside the wall, wouldn’t the seed drop inside the wall too?

And if I were to so much as touch the seed it will immediately disappear. What’s more, my Strength is already at S and it’s unnecessary to pick up Strength Up seeds anymore.

Though it was a needless worry, since the Collection Box totally does it’s job, I can just place the Collection Box inside the hole of the wall and suck up the Strength up seed.


After continuing this process of defeating zombies, I managed to get a total worth of 200 Flame bullets to convert.




Nihonium’s third floor, the monsters are mummies.

They’re undead monsters that have their bodies wrapped with bandages.

Though they don’t look like it, they’re tough. I can’t just defeat it with one bullet in the head like before.


It often takes some time to defeat them.


What’s more, I made a promise with Celeste and Emily that I will dive together with them into Teruru’s sixth floor during the afternoon.

Looking at the time, I don’t think I have even more than an hour left.


I was at a lost while standing at the entrance of the third floor.

I don’t have much time. Should I just call it a day, or should I continue?


[…..Let’s do it.]


I remember the things about Celeste, and decided to continue on.


First up I closed my eyes, imagining the structure of the third floor in my head.

Then I think of the places where the mummies usually spawn, where they normally spawn, and places where they love to do surprise attacks.

Then I added extra time when they would appear again, and finally constructed a route inside my head.

In my mind I have formed a route that can [have the highest efficiency of repetitively defeating the mummies.]




After deciding on it, I went ahead to proceed the plan.

Immediately I encountered a mummy, I raised both of my guns with the normal bullets loaded in them and fired both of them to make the fusion bullet strike it right on the head.


Without waiting for it to fall, I grabbed it and proceeded.

Along the way the mummy vanished, and I quickly grabbed the Speed up seed.


—-Speed +1


My speed that had stopped on A is added by 1.

To learn from my mistakes when encountering the Bicorn, I decided to quickly up my Speed to S.

Maybe it’s because of my characteristics, or maybe that’s how the world works.


Having a S status in a way is treated as something special.

That’s the main reason why I’m trying to up it to S.

Though my appointment with them will be extremely rushed, I thought that I should at least up it right now.


Again another mummy appeared.

This time I grasped it’s neck and lift it up, and proceeded onto the next point while punching it’s head.

Again I took the Speed up seed, and my ability increased again.


I have arrived at a sort of hall.

This time there were two mummies. For one of it I used the fused flame bullets to burn it up, and as for the other one I ran towards it.

Instead of using my gun, I fought him hand-to-hand.

As you can see the mummy is clearly strong, but I still have the advantage as I have my S strength.

I jumped up and landed a hammer punch on it, knocking it on it’s head. The mummy crashed to the ground.


After picking up the dropped Speed up seeds, I return to the other side.

The other mummy that was defeated dropped a Speed up seed, and nearby it, the wall broke. A mummy came out for a surprise attack.


[Don Pisya!]


The surprise • once again played back in my head when I was refining the route.

For that monster I used the Penetrating bullet to defeat it. I picked up a total of two Speed up seeds, and headed to the next point.


And thus I used various techniques to defeat the mummies.

After finally increasing my Speed to S, I quickly ran to meet up with them and made it just in the nick of time.




Teruru sixth floor.


The place is just like the outskirts, and over there we are currently searching for Slimes.

And slightly away from us we seemed to have found one.


The area where there is grass and trees are scattered around, we came to a place similar to the wilderness where only rocks and soil could be seen.

And one spot on the ground there are holes, and in the holes were filled with water, making the ground muddy.

Over there we saw several child slimes—-they looked like they were having fun playing in the mud.


[It’s just the children. If you look at it from afar, they look kinda cute desu.]

[They look like little piglets. Though where is the parent slime?]

[The Parent-Child slime are always one body, so it must be here somewhere.]

[I see. I guess I should be on vanguard—-]


When I was talking, the rock in front of us suddenly moved.

Wait, it’s not a rock, it’s the Parent-Child Slime that was covered in mud!


It’s camouflage—I received a surprise attack because I inadvertently approached a crazy parent and child slime on the mud!

The children all came to me at once. I reflexively guard with my arms, and jumped backwards to avoid the damage.





When I stepped back, Emily in return jumped in front and attacked them.

She slammed the hammer down with all her might, and the mud splashed, making a wet sound. Mud was scattered around.




She didn’t stop with just that. Once again she swung her hammer down.

Accompanied with the wind pressure, the mud and rocks and the Parent-Child slime all sunk into the mud.


After seeing that, I immediately jumped midair and hold onto my gun.

I shot the Freeze bullet, making the mud freeze along with the rocks.

It has now become a wall of mud made of ice.


The wall pushed back the slimes, and each of them tried to attack the wall.

Since it looked like it was cracking a little, I fired another Freeze bullet to strengthen the density.


At the same time they were rushing against the wall to push it out.

Using the 10cm ice wall, I pushed the Parent-Child Slime like a bulldozer. I pushed it to where the child slimes were playing in the mud just now.


Like this I finally pushed them together—was what I thought when one child slime slipped pass and jumped at me.

While using my whole strength to push them, I couldn’t dodge it in time—


Was what I thought but I could normally evade it.

I grabbed the upper body of the slime and tossed it back into the wall of ice.

It was quite easy.


Though I was lost for words, but I quickly understood why.

Since my Speed has recently been increased to S, I thought that my body was still at the speed of when I had A for speed.

Thus I thought I could not evade it on time, but surprisingly I could evade it.





I kicked the wall of ice and somersault backwards.




The moment I withdrew from that place, the Parent-Child Slime was enveloped by a whirlpool of flame.

The flame melted the wall of ice instantly, and burned the children.

And inside the flame, the strengthened parent slime looked like a phoenix while it was slowly heading towards us.


I honestly thought it was kinda cool, though I stopped thinking about it and took out both my guns, and immediately fired 4 of the Annihilation Bullets.


The bullets went head on towards the parent slime, and boom, an instantaneous death.

Similar to what happened yesterday, the Parent-Child Slime dropped a huge amount of potatoes.


Oh, just so you know, when you defeat all the children and then defeat the parent slime, the total amount you get after selling all those potatoes are worth around 125k Piro.

It’s the amount that we worked hard on.


Emily and Celeste walk towards me.

The three of us looked at each other.


Yesterday’s victory was due to us working together.

For today, we all improvised and managed to exert all our powers to gain this victory.

Without saying a word we smiled together.

And all of us high-fived each other.

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