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Inside Shikuro’s Association tent.

The reason why I’m here right now is to report the success in subjugating the Dungeon Master • Bicorn.

At first, the person who is in charge, Duke, did not believe me at all, so he sent someone to confirm whether I had defeated it, but before he could do that, some adventurers were already moving around inside the dungeon, so he had to accept the fact that we have already subjugated the Dungeon Master.

[I’m surprised, that you’re able to defeat even the Dungeon Master.]

[Since the Hetero side wanted to waste time by not doing anything, so why not lend a helping hand. Was it a bother?]

[Absolutely not! I know about the Bicorn and it’s annoying ability that it had. Though we have requested to send one of Neptune’s family’s team to help us out, but Hetero also knew about that and added more rules to restrict the Neptune family from venturing. I’m actually grateful and thankful you willingly went to defeat the Dungeon Master without my consent.]

[I wonder if Neptune can handle it.]

[I don’t know about the minor details—since they tend to conceal their abilities so much so that not many adventurers know about it.]

I sort of understand why they want to conceal it.

Even for me, I do not want people to know that I have a [S Drop].

The person that knows about this is only Emily.

[Although I would not know whether the Neptune Family are actually good or just self-declared that they are good, but judging from the achievements they are indeed perfect.

[I see.]

[Anyways….thank you so much for defeating it. Since it was such a sudden news, I could not prepare any reward at the moment, the reward would probably be given after Satou-san returns to Shikuro—I would not let you work for free, that’s a promise.]

[I don’t mind, I did it because I wanted to.]

[Then, at least let me voice out my gratitude. I’m really thankful for what you’ve done.]

With the words of Duke’s gratification and the voices of adventurers who are flourishing outside the thin layered tent.

I thought that I should not leave right now.






After leaving the tent, I walked back to Emily’s tent.

Selen’s atmosphere has also returned to normal.

Many adventurers are going into the dungeon, and very quickly other adventurers came out of the dungeon while pushing their Magic Cart, heading to sell their loots.

The dropped items are brought to the city, and they sell them to the shops, and one by one they carry the money earned from the loots.

Watching it was interesting.

It’s as if this is the world’s microcosm.

In a world where everything is obtained by drops, the people’s lives are centered around dungeons.

For production, manufacturing, and even service, and everything else.

Every activity is built around the dungeons.

I wonder if this world has any inflation or deflation, do they also have bubble economy or recession too?

If they have what would it be like, how would the dungeon be affected by these.

I was sort of interested by all these. I will look into it once I head back to Shikuro, all these were in my mind while I was walking back to the tent.






After returning to Emily’s tent, I could see the appearance of Emily and Celeste.

Emily is in front of the tent starting up the fireplace, I wonder what she’s up to.

When I waved at her, she smiled and waved back at me.

Whereas for Celeste, she is slightly away from the tent, she had her back turned towards me, and as usual she is currently at the place where the garbage is located.

Below her feet, a magic circle was expanded, it is the Level 3 Flame magic, Inferno, where she casted it onto the garbage and burned it up.

While the extensive magic had burned up the majority of the garbage, some still remained.

This time she took out something from her hand, and raised the two horns.

It’s the Dungeon Master’s drop, the Bicorn Horn.

While raising that up, she cast a magic and this time the flame was smaller compared to just a moment ago.

Even though the flame was small, but with that amount of garbage left, this kind of flame is good enough to burn them.

With the mountain of garbage she uses her own large scale magic, but with the leftover garbage she can just use the Bicorn Horn and cast some small scale magic to burn the garbage.

After cleaning up all the garbage that was there, a few more garbage was being brought again to the place.

Again she used the Bicorn Horn to burn them, and completely dispose of it.

After confirming that she had finally dispose of every garbage, I called out her name.



The girl waved at me while having a smile floating on her face, then she gently walked towards me.


I think this is a first for me.

The first time we met, after she finish disposing the garbage, she wasn’t as cheerful as the person she is right now.

Previously the only thing that I could see from her was that she was always weak and extremely tired to the point of fainting.

They are many times where she exhausted herself till she collapsed.

[I see that you’ve just finish disposing the garbage.]

[It’s thanks to Ryouta-san for giving me these pair of Bicorn horns.]

[I’m happy that you can make use of it.]

[This Bicorn horn is amazing. This is the first time that I can use a Level 1 magic for an unlimited amount of time. I only know of items that can only be use for a limited number of times, and after completely using it all up, it cannot be used again.]

[Usable items?]

[There are only three places on this world, it is produced from those dungeons that drops special things. Do you perhaps know about it?]

[Special….Is it the Special items?]

Celeste nodded.

Now that she mentioned it, in the drop status, there is a status that is named [Special Item].

Previously I would not know what this meant, but now I sort of got it.

Since there’s only three dungeons in this world, I really wanted to go there someday.

Somehow I turned around and looked at Selen dungeon which was crowded with adventurers and people from the outside.

The investigation of the drop is done, and various things happened too but we’ve also managed to defeat the Dungeon Master.

I guess I’ve finished up my work over here.

[I guess it’s about time to say goodbye to Selen.]

[Are you…gonna leave?]

[Aah, originally it was Shikuro’s association that asked me to come here for a short period of time, it’s about time I missed my home. Though we have the self-made tent that Emily made which has a similar feeling to our home, but it cannot compare to the home back in Shikuro that Emily has put her sweat and hardwork into.]

[I see…..when, are you returning?]

[Tonight….probably first thing in the morning tomorrow. Since I have nothing else to do here, what’s more there are lots of adventurers here right now and I can’t really earn any income.]


Celeste who was looking down, while biting her lower lip, her expression shows l that she wanted to say something.

While holding her hands near her chest, she was tightly clenching the Bicorn Horn.

While looking at her, I said.

[Do you want to follow us?]

[After I’m done with this place I will immediately head off to Shikuro.]

After I asked her, she immediately responded.

It’s almost the same timing. With the words being spoken together, we were both amazed.

[When you said you’re going to Shikuro, wh, why are you going there?]

[Even in Shikuro, disposing garbage is also important. If I quit my current job, I can just apply it at Shikuro….You don’t want me to follow along?]

[Shouldn’t we at least form a party—]

All of a sudden, inside my head the annoying face of Neptune appeared, and I remembered the words he spoke to me.

[—–the Ryouta Family? I can created something like that for you to join.]

[I’ll join!]

Celeste immediately answered, while closing in on me.

It’s as if, if I don’t say it now there won’t be another chance.

[I’ll join! Please create one! I want to dive into a dungeon with Ryouta-san again!]

She held onto the Bicorn Horn even tighter than before, and came even closer to me.

She’s being serious…..as I thought. I should answer her.

[Un, let’s dive together. Ah, before I forget I should ask Emily–]

[Definitely nanodesu!]


All of a sudden she appeared behind me and answered.

I turned around and saw Emily there, and in her hand was a something she’d just baked.

On top of the plate, is a whole cake.

[How did you prepare that cake?]

[I baked it.]

[….but I only see a fireplace there.]

[Yes desu.]

Emily smiled gently while holding onto the cake.

Once again I faced towards Celeste, while putting her on hold, she was watching me with those puppy eyes.

Even though she is a tall beauty that is fit to be a model, she seems like a child who was about to be thrown away.

[I’ll look forward to our future.]

[Me too desu.]


Celeste tightly clenched on the bicorn even harder than ever, and nodded with her face brimming with a smile.

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