Level 1 Guy: Chapter 45 – Forming a party

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Inside Shikuro’s dungeon association tent, Duke made a huge sound.

He is desperately trying to give instructions to his fellow secretaries.

I thought that I wanted to come here to hear about the situation concerning the adventurers that came here to defeat the Dungeon Master, but they were defeated instead, so I guess that can’t be done at the moment.

There’s no helping it, shall I come here at another time—-


Duke, who was giving orders to everyone saw me at the corner of his eyes. He immediately stood up from his seat, and came rushing towards my direction.

[I’m glad that you came, I was about to call you over.]

[Seems like you’re having a tough time.]

[That’s right, I didn’t expect that the Conrad • Familia will be easily defeated by the Dungeon Master, and now it’s chaos around here.]

[Is Conrad, the 4 man team?]

[You know them?]

[I saw them yesterday arriving.]

[I see.]

Duke nodded, and I followed suite his gesture and nodded. He led me to the sofa.

I sat opposite of him, and once again I listen to what he has to say.

[What is the situation today?]

[I’ve already contacted with the headquarters and they were going to send a new batch of rescuers over here, but, Hetero went ahead and butt in into our situation using cha cha.]

[Cha cha?]

[We have to carefully deal with this. A new Dungeon Master just spawned in a new dungeon. In order to not get any sacrifices we must do this carefully.]

[…….If you’re saying chacha, then I’m sure it’s a bad idea?]

[…….The Dungeon Master can change their ecology.]

Duke had a difficult expression on his face.

[It’s not just a strong Demon, but if it were to stay at the dungeon for a long period of time, the ecosystem of the monsters in the dungeon might start to change…even the type of monster might change. Hence why we nicknamed it as a Master.]

[Change the type of monster?]

[It might change the monsters on each floor, and they might even turn into something completely different. Of course, the drops might change too.]

After hearing thus far, I finally understood.

[Even for the rare monster?]

[Yeah, even for the rare monsters.]

[Now I understand. So, the Hetero bunch would benefit from this if they were to drag this out in the long run. If all goes well, they could change the entire cycling. Even if it goes wrong, they can just leave it as is.]

Duke heavily nodded at each words.

[Well then, what is this “cha cha” all about?]

[The next subjugation will be co-organized by Shikuro and Hetero side.]

[They are clearly just trying to meddle with our plans.]

[It’s not as if they are just there to drag us down, but they were also trying to have a say with the personal selection for this subjugation.]

…..That’s the worse.

[Well, besides the subjugation teams, can’t an adventurer volunteer to go too?]

[The other team had some conditions.]


[For adventurers, only three and above, and their status must at least be A and higher, other than that everyone can volunteer to go. Thinking that they have demands on the number of people and the abilities, it is reasonable as to what had happened from the previous subjugation team. But, you can’t expect these adventurers who are here to only make a living by defeating normal monsters and selling their drops, to volunteer for themselves to defeat the Dungeon Master.]

[I understand that having more people is better, but on what basis must we at least have three person in the subjugation team?]

[……It’s a countermeasure against Satou-san.]


[They have already expected that you would go for the subjugation. Hence why they made a rule stating that you need at least three or more people to participate.]

[A countermeasure on me…..Emily…..]

[Yeah, they also know that you have another person with you that can fight alongside you. Plus, they also predicted that no other adventurers would dare to venture into Selen at the moment. Furthermore, those adventurers that only follow a routine become more cautious as their abilities increases. At first they would fight against a monster at the top floor, but after they improve they would go 2 ranks down and continue to stabilize there for a really long time.]


[Over here in Selen, to find adventurers that have A in their ability is….]

As Duke said that, he let out a deep sigh.




Exiting the tent, I tried calling out to some adventurers.

After a few days, more or less am I able to recognize some faces.

Especially those who came and sell their drops—-and especially those skilled adventurers.

The reason why I’m calling those adventurers, is because I want to bring them along to subjugate the Dungeon Master.

But all of them, they refused.

From what they said, they just want to quietly stay put and not do anything. Either way the Shikuro or Hetero would hire someone to defeat the Dungeon Master, well, most of the time.

Though judging by their words, I felt some malicious intent.

If they just need three person to enter, there’s me and Emily, and we just need one more person and we’re done.

I thought that if we just need one more person, it shouldn’t be a problem—-but after going around asking for other adventurers, they flat out decline.

The habits of these adventurers are really good.

For dungeons that drops anything in this world, these adventurers that have a routine would also be classified as [a producer].

And all these adventurers are just having this as a nickname. None of them want to take risks, they just want to stay in their comfort zone.

Even though there’s a hundred plus adventurers around, none of them want to partake in the subjugation.

Though I felt that they are purposely refusing me instead of being in their safe zone.

And this harassment is directed only to me.

I remembered about Duke’s difficult expression, and I’m sure he’s already predicted that this might happen.


[What are you sighing about?]


All of a sudden a warm breath was blown into my ear, and I jolted.

I stood straight up with all my hairs standing up in shock, and took a few steps away.

There, an unexpected guy showed up.


[Yo, long time no see. Seems like you’re energetic.]

A suspiciously gentle, homo looking guy, why is Neptune doing in a place like this.

And behind his back two familiar figure are seen, it was the two girls Siriru and Ran.

[Nice that I could meet you, hey, are you free this evening?]

[I don’t have time for you, and what’s more I will never have time for your [night time]!]

[Ahaha, still can’t seem to get through you. You’re so mean towards your future companion.]

[I will never be a companion with this homo bast—-wait companion?]

In front of me, a savior had arrived.

[Hey, I’ve had it for today, so please just form a party with me.]

I pleaded towards Neptune.

If it’s him then I can trust him as he clearly has the strength, and he has fought with my S Strength before, as an A Strength guy.

What’s more when Nihonium was first born, they were the first ones to venture into the entire floor of the dungeon, so no way is he someone who would stay at their comfort zone.

If it’s him, he clearly fits the description I’m looking for—–

[Well, about that.]

Neptune had a sorry expression.

[I have actually received a formal request from Shikuro Dungeon’s association, currently I’m waiting for my companion over here.]


[It’s really really unfortunate. If only you were slightly faster, actually. Before the news came to me, I wanted to come and meet up with you.]

Neptune had a really unfortunate and sorry expression, and stared at me.

Uuuuggggh, his stare really sends shiver down my spines. Unconsciously my body shivered and I took a few steps back.

My hair was standing up, that’s how scared I was, at the same time, I understand that he couldn’t help out.

For a moment he had my hopes high, but was immediately pulled it down.




I went back to the tent that Emily made, even from the outside I could tell, but I wonder why there’s a clattering noise inside.

I wonder what had happened, it was then Emily came out of the tent.

[Ah, welcome back Yoda-san.]

[I’m back. What were you doing?]

[It’s preparations for going into the dungeon nanodesu. It’s to subjugate the Dungeon Master nanodesu!]

[You’re truly amazing Emily. Even when I did not mention anything, you already knew about it.]

As usual she naturally knew about it, though I bitterly smiled.

[But I’m terribly sorry. This time I’ll probably just let the rest work things out. Honestly, we are required to have a minimum of 3 members to go into the dungeon.]

[Yes desu, I’ve also heard about that.]

[? If you’ve already heard about it—-]

Emily’s smile had a weird feeling behind it, and inside the tent someone else came out.

A tall girl with beautiful hair, it’s Celeste.

[I will also be going.]

[Celeste? Eh, but how about the garbage—-]

I turned around and looked at the usual mountain of garbage, though a number of adventurers are present.

The adventurers were having fun while talking amongst themselves—they were burning the mountain of garbage.

[The moment I said that I will be paying for this job, everyone happily came and help.]

[…..Such a carefree bunch.]

While I was having a hard time trying to find some teammates, she has easily found several people to help her out.

For disposing garbage, since it’s fairly safe and stable to do, it was easy to find a substitute to help you out.

That’s fine and all, but, I glanced towards Celeste.

[But is it alright, going into the dungeon and all.]

I have no idea why her face suddenly turned bright red, but nearby us—and during this time of the day, lots of people will be around the Know-It-All board.


Level 21/54
Strength E
Endurance F
Intelligence A
Mentality A
Speed E
Dexterity F
Luck C


Vegetation F
Animal F
Mineral F
Magic F
Special Item F


Staring at Celeste’s ability, the first page tells us exactly who she is, and the second page tells us the reason why she is just a casual garbage disposer instead of an adventurer.

[I want to go with you.]

As Celeste said that, her cheeks dyed red, and she stared straight at me.

[I want to become Ryouta-san’s strength.]

Unexpectedly, my heart skipped a beat.

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