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The two cities’ adventurers that are crowding in Selen, were currently occupying the free to use Know-It-All board.

Thus, Emily and I walked around the entrance, and found a Know-It-All board that is slightly further away from the dungeon where not many are present. And so we went and approach it.

While operating the board as usual, I checked on the status.


Level 1/1
Strength S
Endurance F
Intelligence F
Mentality F
Speed A
Dexterity F
Luck F



[Yoda-san became really strong, plus your Speed is almost approaching to S.]

[Ah, remembering back when I first met Emily and my entire status was F, that was nostalgic.]

[And you’re gonna eventually turn all these to S right?]

[That’s what I’m planning to do.]

I immediately replied Emily.

I’ve heard that Nihonium in it’s entirety, has 9 floors in total, and the first page of the status seem to have 9 stats in total.

What’s more, I’m the only one who can make the status up seeds drop and use them.

I’ve got a feeling that it wasn’t a coincidence that the dungeon has 9 floors in total—that was what I genuinely felt.

[Well then, this is all well and good. The problem comes right after.

[Yes desu.]

Operating the Know-It-All board, I turned to the next page.


Vegetation S
Animal S
Mineral S (+1)
Magic S
Special Item S

[Eh? It’s still at S nanodesu.]

[I was sure that it would change into SS.]

Looking at my equipment, the Pink Sapphire that I recently obtained, I grabbed hold of it and turned it around my wrist.

An effect that gives a +1 to Mineral, that was exactly what the Know-It-All board was showing.

Though, my status is still at S.

[Yoda-san, is it because S is the highest possible rank that it can’t go any higher?]

[I guess so. Just in case, let’s have Emily try it on.]

[Okay desu.]

I took off the bracelet and handed it over to Emily to wear it, and let her operate the board.

After checking the second page, her Mineral drop really did increase from F to E.


Vegetation S
Animal S
Mineral S (-1)
Magic S
Special Item S

[Huh? It didn’t decrease at all.]

[It’s not dropping desu~]

I was honestly surprised.

While equipping the bracelet which gives a -1 in Mineral drops, I honestly thought that my drop would decrease to A.

[I wonder why.]

[I’m sure.]

The corner of Emily’s eyes crinkled as she smiled.

[That’s because it’s Yoda-san desu.]

Was what she replied.

For some reason, I could take that answer.

Drop S, though some people in this world heard of this terminology, but it is still a mysterious status to a lot of them.

A status that only I have.

Somehow or rather, the equipment doesn’t affect my status.






Since Emily had some grocery shopping to do, we went our separate ways, and I headed back to the tent.

Getting closer to the tent that is near the mountain of garbage, I saw Celeste with a difficult expression on her face.

[What’s wrong?]


[Seems like you’re making a painful expression. What happened?]

[Well, I’ve heard from rumours that double the adventurers are flooding into Selen dungeon starting from tomorrow.]

[Double the adventurers?]

[Even though it’s just baseless rumours, but if that is true then the garbage will double up too, and I will have more workload to carry…..I countlessly issued for a request….but because this are still rumours, I wonder if anyone would come and help out at all…..]

Celeste had a worrying expression from start to end.

If we were to compare the amount of garbage equalling the amount of people, then if double the people were to come into Selen, Celeste would be troubled.

[I’ll help out.]


[For the disposition of trash, I can help you.]

[Bu, but. Satou-san has the dungeon to worry about….]

[I can’t leave you be.]


Seeing Celeste, who was shocked, immediately had her face turn bright red.

The first time I met her, she overworked herself till she fainted.

The garbage that endlessly increases, although it exceeded her own processing capacity, she kept on working hard to dispose of the garbage all by herself.

And she reminded me of my past self.

Previously working for Black company, they never hired any new workers which resulted in me overworking myself, maybe that’s why she sort of resembled me.

So I thought that I’m strong enough to help her out.

With that feelings rising, I looked straight into her eyes.

[Thank you….very much.]

Celeste face was bright red, and with a look of embarrassment on her face she thanked me.






[The rumours were true after all.]

Inside the tent, the one in charge of Shikuro association, Duke replied.

In order to confirm whether this rumour was true, I went to him to seek for an answer.

[Is that right. It’s expected after all?]

[No, It’s actually Hetero’s side that’s coming. It’s all because of them.]

[……I guess they are using a tactic where they are willing to over flood the dungeon with their people?]

[It’s the opposite.]


Duke then made a difficult expression.

[The odd numbers, basically the floors that drop vegetation. They intend to flood those floors.]

[——So that’s how it is! They want to send a bunch of Drop rate F to those floors!]

Duke firmly nodded.

[It seems like the opposite party aren’t afraid of going beyond to interfere with us. They will arrive here sometime tomorrow. The number….I heard that they brought along so many that they might just over flood the floors.]

[Are they trying to occupy the floors for themselves.]

[What’s more this action is lawfully legal. They can just write off on the surface saying [Due to the monsters increasing, more adventurers came to defeat them.]. As easy as that.]

I can understand the grave situation till I too, made a bitter face.

Back then, there was a strike going on in the fifth dungeon of Silicon because of some people wanting to occupy that floor all by themselves, but this time it’s different.

With the larger scale of adventurers they sent, they won’t have a problem of completely clearing out the monsters on those floors.

Phew, I have an idea.

[……Let’s settle it by today. Third, fifth, seventh, and the ninth floor. If all these floors were to have a rare drop, then at the bare minimum at least we would have a chance?]

[If that can be done we would’ve already won. Rare drops are hard to come by, plus during this period all drop probabilities are cut by 1%.]

[If I were to do it then wouldn’t it increase to 100%?]

[That’s impossible.]

[Let’s make the information fee of informing about the rare monsters around——no let’s just go all out. Whoever can report first will get 10 million Piros.]

[That’s too much! If we were to do that——]

[After I defeat the rare monster and get the drop, the reward will be used to pay them.]


Duke was startled.

I stared straight back at him.

My drop will still be S after confirming with the two bracelets.

Ever unchanging status that is bestowed upon me.

Even if it’s rare the drop will be 100%, that is if I encounter one.

I was convinced about it.






Selen Dungeon, the ninth floor.

The face of Duke had an expression of half-trust, half-untrust, until then.

Now everyday a rare monster will definitely be encountered.

Because of the changes of whoever can give the info of a rare monster will be rewarded with 10 Million Piro, information is being flooded to us one after the other.

Thus Duke and I went to the dungeon, and defeated the rare monsters that were being restrained.

The third floor, fifth floor, and the seventh floor.

Defeating one rare monster on each of the corresponding floors, Duke’s expression gradually turned into a startled one, and then to an expression with respect.

Afterwards, we arrived at the ninth floor.

With the reward of 10 Million for giving information, plus the rumours of getting drop from the 3 former floors, people were overflowing in the dungeon.

I was being watched from a gallery full of expectation, and thus I was being confronted with a huge snake with eight heads.

[It’s as if it’s Yamata No Orochi.]1

[Either of the neck is it’s weak point, and the neck of the weak point changes each time it’s being regenerated.]

Duke explained.

Since I’ve been fighting these monsters everyday, I already know how to defeat it.

First is a trial run—I countered one of the necks that was trying to bite me and I hit it with my Penetration bullets.

The huge head was flown off, but it immediately regenerated.

This time the necks gathered together and bit.

Barely avoiding it, the snake that tried to bite me made a huge crater on the ground that I was just on.

While it was widening it’s mouth to try to attack me again, I fused the Flame and Freeze bullet together to form an Annihilation bullet towards it.

The moment the attack landed, three necks immediately disappeared after swallowing the bullet.

But, those immediately regenerated again.

[It sure is annoying to deal.]

[Only the neck that has a weak point can get drunk when drinking sake.]

[And have we found the weakness yet.]

I gradually grasped the Yamato No Orochi-like monster’s weakness.

[Shall I go prepare the sake?]

[It’s alright, it’s time to carry out the plan.]

I beat the attacking Yamata No Orochi into the direction where the gallery wasn’t there.

While it’s rolling back up, I immediately loaded my two guns with all my Homing Bullets, aimed at it and randomly fired.

Because I immediately shot that much Homing bullets at once, it looks like homing missiles, spreading in all direction and then concentrating on one of the eight heads and flew there.

The huge head of Yamata No Orochi1 that was thicker than the human body—the neck became a beehive.

The huge body made a screeching sound and died standing. It disappeared, and a Enokitake2 dropped.

Even though all of Selen’s rare monsters are a pain in the ass to deal with, their drops are so mediocre with no special characteristics whatsoever.

I won’t even want to go through this in the future, this horrible dungeon.

Aside from that.

[Thank you! Thank you so much!]

Duke came running towards me, and grasped my hands tightly.

He then proceeded to shake my hands up and down with a booming sound, a grateful expression on his face as he was thanking me.

[With this our Shikuro will definitely win, seriously thank you so much! It’s because of you!]

[No, it’s all thanks to Duke.]

[No need to be modest, it’s not wrong that it’s thanks to you. Oh right, if I do not report this to the head office!]

After Duke finished saying this he ran off.

The figure of him running out of the dungeon, I muttered that [I really wasn’t being modest].

When I was in that company, whatever I said was dismissed immediately.

If we put it this way, it was Duke’s decision to accept a proposal from a single adventurer and put together a budget of 40 million Piros that brought this victory.

I too thanked him for listening to my proposal.

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TN Note:

  1. Yamata No Orochi is a Japanese mythological creature that is a  legendary 8-headed and 8-tailed Japanese dragon 
  2. Enokitake is a mushroom that is produced in Japan. It’s delicious! 

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