Level 1 Guy: Chapter 40 – Equipment that only I can use

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The next day, I ventured into the inner depths of Selen’s dungeon where I ended up on the first floor. The action that I’m performing on that very floor is encountering slimes from one end and penetrating their liquefied figure with the Homing Bullets.

With me having my drop rates reaching all S, I will 100% be guaranteed of a drop, plus with the Homing Bullet I can get double the drop.

Using the strongest pattern I thought of on Selen’s first floor, whilst being inexorable, my mind is but an empty state, where the only thing capable of processing was my working mode of attaining more earnings.

Why am I only at the first floor, one might ask? To put it in a better perspective, if I were to be on the second floor, where my tasks is to defeat those Treant monsters, then I would not be able to switch into inexorable mode where I can mindlessly murder the monsters the moment they appear at the corner of my eyes. What’s more, we had a recent incident occurring on the second floor where we defeated a Rare Treant.

At this moment, incident will result in failure. Thus, without having to worry about the bothersome issues, I decided to earn my income on the first floor.

I looked at my Magic Cart filled with soybeans, signalling the end of my hunting session. I decided to head out from the dungeon, and sold the soybeans off, earning me a total of around 80k Piros.

Then, doing this repetitive task three times. And on the third round, I unfortunately ran out of Homing Bullets, so the efficiency of getting drops had indeed fallen, thus ending my session early. I decided to retreat back to the surface.

The grand total of my income was 200k Piro.

At last, this will be the amount I need to test out some theories I’d thought up.






Gathering a large distance away from the dungeon, I reached at a secluded area, where not even a soul was here.

The dungeon, the tents, the crowd of people, even mountain of garbage that Celeste has to deal with seemed really small from my vision. With that, I took out a bag.

Splurging today’s income of 200k Piro, I bought myself 4 types of bracelets.

And these bracelets each have their own different gem attached to it.

A pink colour Sapphire.

An orange colour Sapphire.

A white Pearl.

And a red Ruby.

With all these in the bag, it was a total sum of 200k Piro.

If I divide it, one of each bracelet would be exactly 50k, which is a twentieth of Emily’s ring that I gotten for her as a present.


It’s not about the price, yes.

Gathering back my senses, I first grab hold of the pink Sapphire and placed in on the ground, then walk a fair amount of distance away from it.

With both my beloved guns loaded with the Flame and Freeze bullet, I patiently waited in alert.

The Flame and Freezing bullets, when fighting an unknown monster, is the combination I use as that can deal with most situations.

But of course without endangering myself, I came prepared to immediately reload the normal bullets or Healing Bullets for when the time comes.

Whilst waiting for some time, the rogue monster finally hatched from the bracelet.

Burning in flames, it looks like a monster in a shape of a human soul.

In my mind I could guess what it was, what popped out in my mind was the word “Lower Grade Fire Spirit”.

Maybe due to the fact that I’m at such a huge gap of distance away from it, the spirit did not immediately attack me but was leisurely drifting around.

Grasping this opportunity, I positioned my gun, aimed carefully at the ball of flame, and fired the Freeze Bullet.

The bullet hit the center of the monster, and cold air was blown off.

The fire spirit noticed my presence, and drifted towards me.

The momentum of the fire spirit is much more weaker compared to before.

I continued, firing the Freeze bullets.

Whenever I hit it, the momentum of the fire—the soul, would gradually grow smaller and smaller.

With my current distance, I continuously fired a total of 5 Freezing bullets at it, and soon no sign or traces of it is left. Similar to before it hatched, a bracelet embedded with a pink Sapphire dropped to the ground.

I approached closer to the ground, and picked it up.

——Mineral Drop +1

The usual voice resounded in my head.

Now I understand, this only affects one type of drop rate.

If a million Piro worth ring gives all drop rate status of +1, then this will give one specific drop rate a +1.

Well, you pay for what you get.

After that, the next in line is to hatch the orange colour Sapphire embedded on the bracelet.

This time, a water type soul appeared, and I settled it with the Flame bullets.

The same bracelet dropped to the ground, and I picked it up.

——Mineral Drop -1

A drop rate can be lowered?!

Then again, these kinds of equipments do exist in games, since having a drop rate of F has it’s own uses.

Wait, can it be.

If the effects of -1 is put into a person with F drop rate, then technically, wouldn’t it became completely 0 chance of dropping anything.

At least even for F sometimes you get a drop, but not 100% nothing.

From this two equipment, I thought of two types of probabilities to categories it.

100% and 0%, and the two other types.

The vectors of 100% and 0% are both complete opposite and are [absolute].

-1…..I would need Emily’s cooperation again for this.

Next, is the Pearl bracelet.

This time a dog appeared.

It was a medium-sized dog, and with a ferocious face, and its body was covered in flames.

Thus, I fired it with the Freezing bullet.

Even if I shot at it the flames around it’s body were not put out, thus I used the fusion Freezing bullets to attack it.

After that finally managed to defeat the Fire Dog, the same Pearl bracelet dropped.

——Damage to plant dropped item is increased by 10%.


An interesting status has finally appeared.

Apparently, it’s an equipment where your damage increases when you fight a specific type of race.

This should be useful.

With that in mind, I let out a laugh.

It’s not a Slime type or an Undead type, but rather it’s a monster that drops vegetation. As I thought, it’s so fitting of this world to give this.

Anyway, let’s get another one or two of this Pearl bracelet.

After awhile we would need to head back to Shikuro, an Agricultural city where almost all items drop vegetation.

Which makes me want to have this damage up bracelet more.

Finally we came to the last bracelet, the red Ruby bracelet was then hatched into a rogue monster.

This time a black ball is floating around, and electricity is crackling around it’s body.

Compared to the other two, I do not want to get close to this thing.

While taking safety measures, I sharpened my senses, and fired the Freeze and Flame bullets together.

The thunder spirit swallowed the Annihilation bullet, and died in one hit.

Then a red ruby bracelet dropped on the ground, and I proceed to pick it up.

——The drop rate of rogue monsters will occasionally increase.


Without realizing I let out my voice.

It resembles the time I once heard from when defeating the Slime Bros, but the effect is totally different compare to that.

At the first floor of Teruru, a monster called Slime Bros dropped a ring.

That ring’s effect is to double the effects of drop rate, which only works inside the dungeon.

Because it had no effect on rogue monster, it remains as is at Emily’s possession.

But this time the effect is different.

The target is clearly limited to rogue monsters.

Similar to increased damage when fighting vegetable type monsters, the effect is limited only to rogue monsters.

There’s probably another equipment that increases the damage being dealt to rogue monster, but that’s for another day.

For now, I want to know the effect of this bracelet in detail.

Then, I take out my Collection box.

Things that I brought from Nihonium, it’s the collection box that refills my special bullets.

Leaving it on the ground, and taking a distance,  50 Skeletons hatched afterwards.

[….Guess I should use the Freeze bullet.]

Though it’s easy to defeat the Skeletons with normal bullets, I decided to use the Freezing Bullets instead.

Put it in, shoot it, put it in, and shoot it.

Killing them one after the another, I’m taking down the Skeletons with Freezing bullets.

After demolishing 50 Skeletons easily, I picked up the dropped Freeze Bullets and counted, counting them one by one.

In total, 55.

Though I defeated 50, I got 55 bullets.

The drop rate increased by 10% compare to not wearing the bracelet.

For other people defeating rogue monsters is 0%—it is [absolute].

Thus, this bracelet is an equipment dedicated to only be used by me.

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Ang · 9th June 2017 at 1:38 AM

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      ichibaka1 · 9th June 2017 at 3:01 AM

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        crywolf641 · 12th June 2017 at 1:47 AM

        But isnt that to long for an attribute name? Anyway to shorten it?

      Shiro · 9th June 2017 at 8:56 AM

      No it is damage …I was also confused a little but it just means increase damage to monster who drop plant?

        crywolf641 · 12th June 2017 at 1:48 AM

        LoL so confusing! ? ldts just say to vegies

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Rasta · 9th June 2017 at 2:34 AM

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    Shiro · 9th June 2017 at 8:58 AM

    Well…. Yes he is~ which I feel really happy about…. And I was being really philosophical after my psychology exam and decided to add lots of… Fancy words … XD thanks for reading btw Rasta-sama~~

Shiba Tatsuya · 9th June 2017 at 3:10 AM

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The thunder spirit swallowed the Annihilation bullet, and died in one hit.}

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    natsukage · 9th June 2017 at 3:40 AM

    No, the Annihilation bullet was always the Flame and Freeze together. iirc, two normal bullets make a penetrating bullet of sorts. It doesn’t destroy everything like the Flame + Freeze.

    Kureyn · 9th June 2017 at 3:44 AM

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    Shiro · 9th June 2017 at 8:59 AM

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natsukage · 9th June 2017 at 3:43 AM

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    EvilLoynis · 13th February 2023 at 3:37 PM

    I hate the fact that he’s not using the double drop ring while farming stat monsters in the Undead dungeon.

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