Level 1 Guy: Chapter 38 – The Gratitude of a million Piro

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On the next day, I went out to Selen’s first floor early in the morning.

Using the Homing Bullets, I’m earning double the income.

By guiding the Slimes who were flying towards me on top of the Magic Cart, I then shoot them using the Homing Bullet, and let the double drop smoothly fall into the cart.

Even though I have a Homing Bullet, it’s funny that I still have to guide them before shooting them.

Before you know it, I’ve already collected a full load of soybeans, and thus head out of the dungeon and sell them off.

A full load of soybeans in the magic cart is around one thousand pounds——since I weigh around 70 pounds, I’m guessing it’s roughly around 1 ton.

After selling it I earned a total of 80k Piro—quite a sum if I do say so myself.

Using the Magic cart’s calculation function, I earned a total of 200k Piro before noon.







After going through my third round of selling off the drops, somehow I bumped into Celeste while I was hanging around at the dungeon.

Even with the crazy amount of people crowded in the middle of it, she still stood out. A girl with a long and luscious hair and a height capable of being a model, while putting her hands up high and stretching her spine… Truly is——in a good way, a remarkable sight to see, which attracted people’s attention.

[What are you doing?]

[Shopping for some daily necessities.]

[I see.]

Nodding, I looked around.

[There’s quite a number of shops around. They range from liveware to luxury goods, and they’re also selling jewelry-wait, why jewelry?]

[Jewelry does sell well in these kinds of places.]

[How so?]

[The adventurers that came to earn some cash, their pockets should be warm.]

[Aah, it’s warm alright.]

Cause I’m also one of them.

With yesterday’s 500k Piro and today’s 200k Piro, I’ve already earned a total of 700k Piro quickly.

[What’s more they would wanna get some souvenirs before going back. In that case, things like accessory or jewelry will sell well as the ladies would wanna get them.]

[It also appeals to the guys.]

I, who understood this became sort of sad.

Even though we have earn a sum of money, but we spend to appeal to the girls using gifts.

I looked at the stores that are displaying a variety of accessories.

My beloved gun, I felt like it’s presence instilled something on me.

Now that I think about it, during the time when I got hold of my second gun, I promised Emily that I would give something to her as thanks, and was procrastinating for a really long time.






It’s not about the appearance, but because of gratitude.

And because of that gratitude, I wasted all my wealth.

[No, think of it as a cheap way of getting out of it.]

While convincing myself, I came to believe that it was indeed normal.

Together with the income I’ve earned in two days, plus the savings that I have from Shikuro.

A ring that is worth a million Piro, is currently wrap in a box and is inside my pocket. (TLN: I thought he gave her a ring already, that X2 ring)

Just by glancing at it, I thought to myself that this ring would definitely suit Emily.

Even though I just spent a million for it, because I want her to feel appreciated, I promptly decided to purchase it.

Right now, I’m holding onto it and head back to the tent where Emily is.

Naturally my footsteps quicken, and I was getting extremely nervous that my heart was pounding.

Without paying attention to my surroundings, I unintentionally stumbled, and was about to drop the ring in the box.

While in midair I hurriedly caught hold of it, and breathe a sigh of relief.


As I was about to drop the box, smack, an idea struck on me.

The sensation is as if a white thunder fell onto me, and that sensation inspired me.

What was that? What was I thinking just now?

While contemplating, I can’t remember.

Although I had an idea but it immediately slipped past me and I’ve forgotten about it, but the feeling is still stuck to my head.

But I really want to remember it.

In such case, I will repeat back my actions.

Since repeating my actions, might make me remember back.

I went back to my previous spot, and again remembering how I walked, and then accidentally stumbled and lose the grip of the box.

Then hurriedly catch it—-oh I remembered.

Just went I caught hold of the ring——it slipped out of my hands.

This ring, is also a dungeon drop.

According to the laws of this world, what that means is that If I were to lose it, it will turn into a rogue monster.

Plus this is outside the dungeon, and rogue monsters don’t usually drop any items.

But, if I were to defeat it I will definitely get a drop, what’s more it’s not an ordinary drop at that.

[……1 Million Piro.]

I really wanna know what the rogue monster of this ring drops.

Being curious, but also wanna return the gratitude towards Emily.

I’m troubled.





Not far from Selen dungeon, a secluded area.

I left the box with the ring in it on the ground, and took a distance.

[I’m sorry Emily.]

In the end, curiosity got the best outta me, and I’m now turning the ring into a rogue monster.

For Emily tomorrow—no the day after tomorrow.

I’ll do my best in earning, and convince myself that I will go and get the same ring again after earning the money.

Afterwards, I waited.

While having the gun in both hands, I stared at the box.

After what feels like an eternity, the box cracked, and a monster appeared from within.

The shape of the monster resembles that of a human, but it’s clearly not a human.

It’s several times more macho than an average human, and the hair and skin are burning in a bright red colour.

Ifrit, that name naturally came out of my mind.

While holding onto my dual guns, I loaded the Freezing Bullets, and fired.

The bullets then froze the flames, causing a cold steam to be released into the air.

Though, that was only for a moment.

The fire spirit ate my bullets and was frozen for just a moment, and the ice immediately melted off.

It then shot a burst of flame towards me, so I dodged and fired another round.

Although I was about to fire and fuse both the bullets while aiming at it, I had to dodge it’s attack while firing and the fusion failed and normally shot it.

Both the Freezing Bullet hit the target, and this time the range of the ice has gotten larger.

Then it was being melted, and melted, though this time it took longer than usual.

Though it’s probably just my imagination, but the spot that I fired, the colour of the flame has seemingly turned darker.

[Looks like it’s working.]

With that in mind, I immediately fired all the rounds of the Freezing Bullet.

Then, the fire spirit, was hit by the Freeze Bullet one after the another.





The spirit was defeated, and an item has dropped.

[Isn’t this the same ring just now…..?]

The ring that was on the ground, when I appraised it, it’s exactly the same ring that I bought just now.

Even though it’s outside the dungeon, something like this can happen too.

To be honest, I was expecting that if I were to defeat a 1 million piro worth ring, I would get a weapon stronger than my guns right now.

Of course I executed it, but this was the result.

Guess it can’t be helped, let’s just put it off as I can get back the ring without buying it again.

Since it’s originally a present for Emily, I then pick it up.

The moment I pick it up with my hands——

——All drop rate is now +1

A voice was heard.

It’s the same voice as when I pick up the seeds.

Is this the same as that? Wait, this is strangely different.

When I pick up the seeds, it will immediately disappear from the palm of my hands, but the ring did not do so.


I purposely drop the ring, and once again pick it up.

——All drop rate is now +1

Again, the voice was heard.

I feel like I understand what’s going on.

If it doesn’t disappear, then this must be an equipment.

And if you equip this onto yourself, the effect would be something like a status up effect.





I brought Emily near the entrance of the dungeon where the Know-It-All board is displayed.

[Is there a reason why we are here desu?]

[Please wear this.]

[This is——Fueeeeee!?]

Emily toppled when she looked at the ring.

[Th, th-th-th-this is!?]

[This is my gratitude for you, please accept it.]

[Bu, but…..]

I looked at Emily who was lost in words.

Emily who was staring straight at me looks like she had a hundred expression on her face.

She was surprised, and then was worried, then right after her face was bright red.

In the end she nodded and timidly come closer, and received the ring.


As soon as she received it, she looked at the Know-It-All board.

[You heard it too?]

[Yes desu.]

[Let’s test it out.]

Emily who nodded again, then skillfully operated the Know-It-All board as if she’s used too it.

Skipping the first page, she went to the second page.


Vegetation D (+1)
Animal E (+1)
Mineral E (+1)
Magic E (+1)
Special Item E (+1)



Displayed in front of us, was a status that we have not come across before.

As I suspected, it’s one of those equipment.

[I’m glad.]

[Yes desu, though this is the first time seeing such display, but that comes to show that it’s Yoda-san’s strength desu.]

Emily, who has been with me for really long time has gotten the answer right away, but that doesn’t matter right now.

I repositioned myself, and looked at her, and said.

[Thank you for everything once again, can you please receive this?]


After a short period of silence, Emily looked extremely happy, and shyly nods.

[Thank you very much.]

And, she grasped the ring with both hands and embraced it ever so gently.

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Highest Patreon Supporter: RegisRagnarok!!!


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