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I’ve gotten a [Money in an envelope] from Duke.

It’s a reward for having defeated a rare monster on the first floor of Selen. While handing them the drop, it adds another “point” to Shikuro’s side.

The company that I worked for, I have received a [Money in an envelope] only once. At that time the contents were 5k yen. Strangely, I remembered having a subtle feeling of saying [It’s not Yukichi!].

After separating from Duke, I opened the envelope and peaked inside.

It was 100k Piro.

As mentioned, the money in this world is known as Piro, and it has about the same value as yen.

I was pleasantly surprised to see 100k Piro inside the seal.


Since I finished earlier than expected, I decided to stay at Selen’s first floor for awhile.

I then walked around the dungeon.

There are quite a few adventurers walking around which, compare to Teruru in Shikuro is way more.

Almost everyone’s eyes are glittering.

As soon as a monster appears, they jumped on it and knock it down.

Everyone is high spirited because of the fact that they could earn a lot of money without having to pay for tax.

The monster here are slime, though they are different from Teruru’s slime.

The body looks mottled, and turns into a rainbow color, making it vibrant and colourful.

As one approaches me, I pulled out my gun with the usual bullet inside.

The bullet was shot at the rainbow-coloured slime, and something was dropped.

It was a soybean that is roughly the size of a palm.

The rare monster’s drop soybean, even the ordinary monsters drop soybeans too.

Since I’m here anyways, I decided to earn some income, thus I went further into the dungeon.

I was also implicitly glancing over at other adventurer’s earnings.

As I walked for 10 minutes, I sort of figured out.

It seems that there are no difference in the drops regardless of whether me or the other adventurers defeat the monsters.

Even if I defeated it, or even if some other adventurer defeats it, it will always be a drop of soybean.

The only difference is that I will always get a drop when defeating the monster, but the rest of the adventurers won’t always get a drop from the monster.

Selen’s first floor, seems like the advantage I have for having a Drop rate of S is that I will always get a drop.

After sort of figuring things out—something caught my attention.

A Furaibo looking swordsman. Like the wind he cut a slime, and from that slime two soybeans dropped.

[Oh, now that is lucky.]

[Lucky? What’s happening?]

I unexpectedly asked the Furaibo man.

[Is this your first time here?]

[Yeah, I just arrived today.]

[I see. Well you see, the monster’s here in Selen has their own characteristics. They have drop points that are different for each monster. If you attack that specific point and defeat it, your drop will doubled.]

[So that’s how it is.]

[It’s a special feature only in Selen, but that’s the reason why everyone is crazy over coming here to earn some money.]

I see, so that’s the reason why all those adventurers are in such high tension.

Since you aren’t charged with tax, and in some cases you get a double drop.

Yeap, obviously that’s going to raise some tension.

[You should also do your best.]

[Yeah, same to you.]

The Furaibo man smiled broadly, and went back to defeat more monsters.

I processed the information I’d gotten from the conversation earlier.

Thus I remembered the rare monster that I defeated just a moment ago.

It has a similar appearance, and similar properties.

Although for the rare monster, you cannot defeat it unless you find it’s weakness, but for the ordinary monsters you can easily defeat them, but if you defeat them at specific places, you can double your drop.

These are the traits of this dungeon.

If that’s the case, then that means.

While walking around, I spotted a rainbow coloured slime.

I took out my gun and loaded the Homing Bullets, staggered on purpose and fired.

The bullet bent, and penetrated at the edge of the slime’s body.

It pierced through a blue part of the slime—and the drop doubled..

I tried searching for more. This time I also used the Homing bullet and shot at the slime, and it penetrated a red part which is at the center of the body.

The dropped soybean again doubled.

Searching for the monster, and finding them, then firing the Homing bullets.

The drop point really differs from individual to individual. The location of the body is different, and even the colour is different.

I tried shooting them using normal bullets, and also using the Flaming bullets which burned them whole, but with that it was still one drop.

Unless you shoot them at a specific point, then the drop doubles.

It was because of the newly acquired Homing Bullet that I can do this 100% of the time.

While feeling that this will be the main force in Selen, defeating the monster, and having drop rate S which drops 100% of the time, plus using the Homing bullet to get double the drop.

In addition, it is tax free which means getting extra income out of it.

On this day, the earnings I’d gotten at this dungeon exceeded over 500k Piros.

TLN Notes:

Money In Envelope: In Japanese it’s ???, which if I wanna put it in simple terms, it’s actually just quote on quote ‘angpau’.

Yukichi: It’s basically the face of a person shown in a 10k Yen note.

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    natsukage · 31st May 2017 at 12:36 AM

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    There was also no mention of how many Frankensteins he killed or how many bullets he wasted on them.

    In general, his ammo will last as long as the plot needs and may only run low to generate some tension to be solved by some other plot convenience.

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