Level 1 Guy: Chapter 35 – The Homing Bullet’s Power

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TLN: For some reason I had a hard time translating this chapter…but in the end, I did it! Also, few things changed, I changed <Selenium> to <Selen> as it’s easier~ and sounds way more cuter.

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After leaving the girl who has fallen exhausted to Emily, I decided to head straight to the dungeon.

First thing to report is of my arrival, and then gain some info of what I’m suppose to do next.

Gathering at the centre of Selen’s entrance, is a bunch of tents being built, making it look like a battlefield going for war.

And in the centre of that, many adventurers are wandering around here and there, while pushing their magic carts with drop items inside.

Those adventurers who are pushing the magic carts then gathers at a place where few tents are built right each other, and they are then displaying their items for purchase.

Just by gazing at them for a short period of time, you already know that the buildings are just replaced with tents, though the atmosphere is similar to the life inside a city.

At that moment, I caught hold of a passing young adventurer, and ask about the location of the person in charge of Shikuro’s Dungeon Association, and after confirming the location, I went straight there.

The tent that they built is certainly huge, and the design is similar to how the nomads build their tent.

They decorated their interior like an office, where several secretaries are busy running around, and there is a man in his thirties behind sitting down, seemingly the person in charge of this tent.

[Excuse me, I’m Satou Ryouta from Shikuro.]

[Oh, I was waiting for ya.]

After introducing myself, the man stood up with both his hands spreading wide, and came forward to my direction.

Because I show a gesture of asking for a handshake, the opposite smiled and grasped my hand.

[I have already received a message about you. Seriously, I can’t thank you enough for coming all this way. I’m the person in charge—my name’s Duke.]

[As previously mentioned, my name is Satou Ryouta.]

I introduced myself again, and immediately head straight to the point.

[Since I’ve only roughly heard what’s going on, but on what I’m actually here for, I do not know. Would you care to explain exactly what I’m suppose to do?]

[Obviously I will.]

Since the interior of the tent is built modelling after an office, there obviously is a sofa put inside the tent. Thus, Duke directed me there to have a talk.

[I’m sure you’ve heard about the information of investigating the rare monster’s drop, am I right?]


[Well about that, there’s some stuff that’s changed recently. That’s because Selen only has up till the tenth floor, and based on our recent survey, the drops of regular monsters are alternated accordingly as vegetables, meat, vegetable, meat and so on.]

[I see.]

[We have faced before this situation during the fight for other dungeons, but this time the drop of the rare monster are the same with vegetable, meat and vegetable accordingly.]

[Then isn’t there no point in investigating this any further?]

[But still, we have to decide whether the dungeon goes to either Shikuro or Hetero.]

Duke did not answer the question directly, and furthered the story.

And I nodded.

The conversation this time is a conflict between Shikuro and Hetero, the cities income, and because it’s taxes we are talking about, it has to be made clear through black and white.

[Hence we made a deal, we agree upon whoever can find the most amount of rare monsters drop during the designated deadline, gets the rights for the dungeon. Since rare monsters are, in fact, rare, they are times where even if you defeat it an item would not necessarily drop, so during this period of time, we also agreed that whatever isn’t drop from a rare monster is considered as [nothing] because it’s difficult to prove. Of course there are times when the rare monsters really don’t drop anything.]

Well that is true, that there are monsters which doesn’t drop anything.

[I understand, so basically I will just have to focus on defeating the rare monsters up until the fifth floor out of the ten floors, am I correct?]

Duke firmly nodded.

The conversation became simple.

If it’s like that then it’s easy to understand, since knowing what your objective and goal is makes it easier to act upon it.

[I got it, I’ll immediately dive into the dungeon starting from tomorrow—]

[Don’t worry about that, I made a reward for the adventurers.]

[A reward?]

[If a rare monster appears—if they appear on the floor where vegetables are dropped, I would ask them to contact me, and over here—to cut it short basically all you have to do is go there and defeat it.]

[Oh, I see.]

Since the efficiency of me searching a rare monster alone is horrible, Shikuro’s association then make adventurers give information about the rare monsters for a price, and I just have to go to that exact location and defeat it.

I thought that this is becoming more and more easy, and also easy to execute.






At that very same day we immediately got info of a rare monster.

Selen’s first floor, that was the information given about a rare monster sighting over there.

Duke and I both went there, and few people are over there.

There’s a young adventurer, whom he caught a slime-like monster.

The monster has a mollusk body where it is frantically trying to escape by wiggling it’s way out, but the adventurer is gripping it tightly, not letting it escape.

On one hand, not far away from the young adventurers lies a slightly elderly man, and an adventurer with a fearless face standing firm.

The elderly man took a glance at me and grinned.

How should I put it, I felt like I was being despised and felt strangely uncomfortable.

Being curious, I asked Duke.

[Who’s that?]

[It’s Harvard. Hetero dungeon’s association’s—he’s the same as me, the person in charge.]

[So he’s our rival huh.]

Now that he mentioned, he certainly does give off a person who is doing middle management job, in more ways than one.

[There’s an adventurer behind him right? His name’s Eugene. Although he is a skilled adventurer. Just so you know, his Vegetation drop is F.]

Drop rate of F on vegetation?

Why did Duke specifically mention about that?

There must be some explanation behind this, thus I tried thinking.

After giving it some thoughts, I suddenly got it.

[If you let an adventurer with the lowest vegetation drop to kill a rare monster that drops vegetables…]

[Then the chances of getting a drop from the rare monster significantly drops. And if this continues before the deadline——]

[In other words, he is a hindrance to our job.]

I get it now, that’s the reason why the opposite party is grinning so menacingly at us.

[What a sneaky bugger. However, it is a fact that he is a capable adventurer, nobody can stop him when he knocks down a rare monster, even I can’t stop him.]

[That’s a given.]

Because of his Drop being F, if he were to defeat it, then nothing will be dropped. If Emily were to know about this, something bad might happen.

Is it because the Drop rate is F, if one were to aim for a reversal then it is permissible to defeat a rare monster.

This is a difficult job for us as it substantially interferes with us—as Duke said it’s a troubling matter at hand.

[Anyways, we will win this time. That adventurer has a deal with us, besides capturing the monster Eugene cannot kill steal it, that’s cause the adventurer who secured the monster cannot defeat it without authorization.]

[I’ll defeat it right now.]

[I’m counting on you.]

I took out my gun, and loaded the normal bullet.

Since it’s an ally adventurer who caught hold of it, I thought that it was okay with just using a normal bullet.

[Please hold on to it as it is.]

[Leave it to me.]

The young adventurer firmly nodded.

I positioned my gun, and just in case I had both my guns out, and fired at the monster with the fusion high-powered penetrating bullets. (TLN: Are you freaking trying to kill that poor adventurer!!!)

The bullet went through the monster and it cracked like a crescent moon.

I looked up——and thought.

At the same time when the Harvard guy was grinning, the monster regenerated back.

As it was regenerating the volume increased, and it fell down to the ground from the young adventurer’s hand.

[That is.]

Hetero side’s adventurer, the person who introduced himself as Eugene said in a shy voice.

[There is a nucleus somewhere in the body. If you can’t destroy the nucleus it will regenerate again, and when it regenerates it will become stronger, it’s that kind of monster.]

[The placement of the nuclear vary from individual to individual, and the person who could find it and destroy it is none other than Eugene.]

Harvard then added.

[Plus if you blindly defeat it, it will turn even stronger, and it would endanger others. So you should let us handle it.]

After Harvard finish saying, he gave an even more delightful expression, showing as if he is undoubtedly the winner.

Duke who heard it had a displeased expression.

[Gu gu gu……Seeing that you’re awfully calm and composed, I see that’s what you’re trying to pull.]

Regretting, he showed me an apologetic face.

[I’m sorry, we are lacking in information. We will immediately find the weakness of this monster, let’s—]

Duke is facing defeat—-wanting to declare a withdrawal right now, I then switch to a different bullet and loaded it into my gun, then pulled the trigger towards the day after tomorrow(blindly shoot) without uttering a word.

This should work—while having such half-hearted thought I fired, the bullet then drew a trajectory like a boomerang and flew towards the monster that is bouncing around and went through it.

The monster that was shot, like before was cracked into a crescent moon—and without regenerating it crumbled.


[Did you just hit the core?]

Both person from Hetero side immediately changed their expression.

Harvard was dumbfounded, and Eugene had a really displeased expression on his face.

While ignoring them, I stared at the monster that was crushed.

Immediately after the monster disappeared——a bean sprout dropped.

Looking at it closely, the sprout is gold in colour and it’s huge—it’s a soya bean.

A bean sprout….for a rare monster it does drop some shabby item.

[As you can see it’s a vegetable.]

Duke stared back at them, and made a speech as if he declared victory.

The two Hetero members had a mortified expression, and stormed out of the dungeon.

I guess it’s our victory for now.

After they disappeared for good, Duke caught hold of my hands and grasped them.

[Thank you! Seriously thank you for coming here!]

He thanked me many times.

To be able to fulfill the request immediately, I was relieved and felt a sense of satisfaction.

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