Level 1 Guy: Chapter 32 – Dungeon Chief’s Request

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I’m currently fighting the mummies on Nihonium’s third floor to collect more Speed Up seeds. Reason why, is because I want to gather more information about the different effects of fused bullets.

For example, if you fused together two normal bullets, it will become a <Penetrating Bullet>, if you fuse Flame and Freeze bullets together, it will become an <Annihilation Bullet>, and if you fuse together two Healing Bullets, it will become a <Sleeping Bullet>.

Moreover, if you take a Flame bullet and fuse it with the Healing Bullet, a divine flame is born. Take these mummies for example, their undead body, when being shot by this bullet, melt easily like butter.

Judging by the phenomenon and the nature of the monster, it is like a flame of purification, thus I decided to name this bullet <Sacred Flame Bullet>.

A fusion bullet produced by combining two bullets together.

Is it because of the two guns that I have? Or is it because of the constitution of my body?

Even though I do not know for sure, but what I do know is that if you bump two bullets together when shooting, a fusion bullet will indeed occur.

Though there’s one problem, in order to fuse a bullet together, I need to hit both the bullets in midair in order to trigger the fuse bullet.

As of right now, the probability of me bumping two bullets in midair is around 90%, but because there are times when I really need to activate it during an emergency, I need to train myself to be able to fuse it 100% all the time.

Having these thoughts, I’m now using the normal bullets and fuse them into <Penetrating Bullets> to defeat the mummies.

As mentioned previously, since the body of the mummies are tough, using normal bullets on them literally has no effect on them, but with this <Penetrating bullet>, when I aim at their forehead, it immediately pierces through their skull.

Since Nihonium has a peculiar trait where monsters LOVE to ambush adventurers, when compared with the speed-type zombies and Skeletons, the mummies are slower. Thus I can leisurely train fusing bullets with them till I’m satisfied, though the feeling of my success rate is only slowly raising.

Incidentally, while hunting for mummies, I was also busy picking up Speed Up seeds and finally increased my speed from B to A.





Noon. Today, I’m not going to the usual Teruru Dungeon, but am instead heading over to the fascinating building in the middle of town.

Shikuro Dungeon’s Association, I’m currently inside the reception room because the bearded skinhead dungeon chief that I met yesterday called and wanted to meet with me here.

Previously when I met him, I didn’t have any feelings because everyone was there when I was fighting, but now that everything’s calm down and there’s only two of us, I’m somewhat nervous.

He has such a strict looking face—suited for a leader.

[I’m sorry for calling you out like that suddenly. Well, have a cup of tea to calm yourself for now.]

After the dungeon chief said that, a secretary came forward and poured me a cup of tea.

There are two tea cups, and judging by the fragrance from within the cup, it must be a high quality black tea.

The dungeon chief then puts an abundance of sugar cubes into his black tea.

Plop, plop, plop, plop plop plop plop plop—.

[Stop putting so much sugar into it!]

I flipped and accidentally let out my voice and did a tsukkomi on him.

The tea-cup is filled with a mountain of sugar cubes, and the black tea which is filled with sugar cubes looks like icebergs floating on the sea.

Then, the dungeon chief drank the black tea(?), and let out a severe smile from his strict face.

[There’s nothing to hide now, but I’m actually a sweet tooth.]

[There’s a limit to everything though!]

[Please don’t hesitate, drink up before it gets cold.]

[Thanks for the drink——wait since when the hell did you put sugar into my black tea!]

Similar to the dungeon chief, my tea-cup is filled with a mountain of sugar cubes.

The sugar then melts delicately, and the top layer of the tea is now filled with a mesmerizing layer of amber.

If I were to drink this, I will definitely get diabetes.

I can’t bring myself to drink this, so I push it aside and started talking.

[Etto, why did you call me over here today?]

[Umu. Do you know of a town named Hetero?]


Without thinking I tilted my head.

Oh no, is it bad that I do not know of this place?

The dungeon chief who was looking at me with my head tilted, started explaining.

[It’s a town east from Shikuro, and though it has only 3 dungeons in it. But because all the dungeon drops fine meat, hence it’s called a livestock industrial city.]

[I see.]

Hetero, a nearby city, and all three of it’s dungeon drops meat.

Ryouta, has now remembered it.

[And what is up with this Hetero city?]

[Quite some time ago, in between Shikuro and Hetero, a new dungeon was born. Plus, the location of the dungeon is exactly right in the middle of the two town.]


[It’s not just that it’s in the middle, but unlike the dungeon we have here which drops nothing, this new dungeon has many different things. As you also know, when buying a dungeon drop, certain taxes are deducted in advance. So whoever gets this dungeon, will greatly affect the finance of a city.]

Heh, there’s taxes being deducted during purchase.

[What’s more Nihonium is really suffering right now.]

Aah,……since the dungeon doesn’t drop anything, they can’t tax it.

[So recently, we have come to an agreement, which is deciding who will get the dungeon based on the content of the drops. If the hierarchy of vegetables is more, then it’s Shikuro, and if the meat is more than it’s Hetero. That was what we settled during the meeting.]

[Right, I understand.]

[So we want you to investigate on this matter. The one with a high drop rate.]

[How do you know about my drop rate?]

Besides Emily, I did not disclose this matter to anyone else.

[I’ve heard rumours of the bamboo shoots and watermelon. Though I’m not sure about the numerical value, but as someone who brings such drop should have a considerably high drop rate.] (TLN: You dumb dumb Ryouta, more like no shit sherlock)

[Oh okay, I get it.]

Since he has circumstantial evidence, I can’t do anything about it being leak out.

[Well to be honest, a certain degree of investigating has already been done.]


[As it is between two cities, the hierarchy drops of vegetables and meat for these two cities are nearly equal.]

[Then why?]

[Because there’s still the drop of a Rare Monster.]

The dungeon chief then stared straight at me.

With a seriously scary face.

[The rare monster’s rare drop, the result will be decided depending on this. What’s more, not everyone can get a rare drop from a rare monster, thus we need someone who has an extremely high drop rate to dispatch.]

[I see.]

[Please. Of course you won’t be working for free, both parties will prepare a price, and once the dungeon is under the jurisdiction of Shikuro, we will completely exempt the drop tax just for you.]

To exempt the tax fees huh.

Now that is some delicious offer.

What’s more….hmm, it’s a reasonable reward.

If the dungeon is to become Shikuro’s, Shikuro can get taxes from hundreds and thousands of people, and for a leader to give a tax exemption to one person is relatively easy.

Since I sort of understand the gist of it, well then.

[I got it, I’ll do my best.]

[Thank you! Really thank you so much!]

The dungeon chief stood up, went over the table and grasped my hand firmly.

[Though it’s just a modesty——I will be paying the reward in advance.]

Click, the door opened, and the secretary from before is holding a plate full of sugar cubes.

[I won’t be putting those inside okay!]

[No, no, no, no. Do you know that sugar gives plenty of energy?]

Afterwards, the dungeon chief took one piece of the sugar cube and put it inside his mouth, and his severe face is lit with a smile.

I politely refused his advanced payment because I could become glycosuria without a joke.

Thus, an unexpected request of dungeon investigation came in.

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