Featured Image Credit

Featured Image Credit: Waving girl

Hello to all my readers~

Glad that y’all are enjoying Level 1 Guy series so far~ and as you all may know, I would usually put a featured image to show what that current chapter might be like, or just my personal opinion on what I think that chapter is about, sometimes though, I wouldn’t put an image because I don’t think it’s necessary. So, why am I even saying all these then? One might ask. Well, to sum it up, some readers wanna know where the “sauce” is from these images/.gif. So obviously I want to give credit where credit shall be given, basically to those whom I used their images/gif from, I will now be putting a (Featured Image Credit:) to where I got the image from, and y’all can check them out~

TL;DR: Translator-san wants to give credit to featured images and will be putting it on the start of each chapter~

Thank you again for the sweet and lovely suggestions to each and everyone who dropped a comment to thank my translation~ I will do my best as usual and hope that it wouldn’t be confusing to read :3

And also thank you to my supporters in Patreon~

Credit to: Morisa, Kiet, and Kyle for donating~~~ Love y’all ❤


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