Level 1 Guy: Chapter 29 – The Strongest Manager and A New Weapon

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Oh the pun for this chapter. Got me! =.= Well, as promised, I translated 2 chapters for today :3 Enjoy~

I formed a plan.

In the morning, while having my breakfast in my sweet and warm home, I spoke to Emily.

[I’ll be leaving home for 2, no, maybe for around 3 days.]

[Where are you going?]

Emily tilted her head.

My eyes were feasting on the appearance of a 130cm girl wearing an apron, while giving me a sense of security similar to my previous family.

It really makes me want to push her luscious hair that is covering half her face while combing it gently behind, yes, it’s because I want to do it so I can’t help it. (TLN: A certain translator-san may or may not’ve drastically edited it.)

Oh right, I have something important in hand.

[I am in need of some money, probably around 1.5Million Piro.]

[That much!?]

[Yeap. But, if I were to put in the effort of going through the dungeons that I know of, secure the products and trade it off respectively, this is how much I can earn in just three days.]

Though in that three days of earning that amount of money, I will not get a wink of sleep. Of course I omit from telling that to her.

Even though I did mention that I want to explore this world in a “my pace” way, I really need this money for my goal right now.

[So that’s the reason why you need to leave for 3 days.]

[That’s right. Although I will not be at home, but I will be strictly inside Teruru’s dungeon.]

[I understand desu.]

Emily easily agreed.

Though I feel somewhat troubled saying all these to her, I’m grateful—- that was what I thought.

[I will go with you too desu~]


[For 3 days, I will be helping Yoda-san out desu~]

Emily smiled sweetly, as if it’s already been decided.






Teruru Dungeon, First floor.

A Slime appeared.

Leading it on top of the Magic Cart, I used the normal bullet to shoot at it and defeat it, then the dropped bean sprouts went inside the cart smoothly.

Repeating this process, I gathered around 40k Piro worth of bean sprouts.

[Then I’ll carry it nodesu.]

[Are you really sure?]

[Yes desu. I want to help Yoda-san nodesu.]

After saying that, she lifted up all the bean sprouts from within the Magic Cart, and shoved it inside her rucksack.

[What are you doing?]

[There we go. Then I’ll bring this to exchange for money, Yoda-san can continue using the Magic Cart nodesu.]

[Wait, isn’t it heavy——]

[It’s okay nanodesu~]

While smiling brightly, she lifted the rucksack and carried it away.

The rucksack, that is stuffed with an abundance of bean sprouts, is being lifted up by the loli body of Emily, where you can hardly see her body anymore.

If you look at it from a different angle, it looks as though the rucksack is floating, while moving on it’s own.

Even so, Emily’s footsteps were vigilant.

The 130cm girl with a Strength of A that could lift up a 100 plus kilo hammer and spin it around like it’s a toy, as expected of her.

…..She came all the way here just to help me, I too, have to work hard.

I, who was left alone in the first floor, continued to push the Magic Cart around the vicinity.

Shooting the Slimes and defeating it, bean sprouts dropped.

Again defeating the Slimes by shooting at it, bean sprouts are dropped.

When it looks like I’ve collected enough of the bean sprouts, Emily returned.

[Thank you for waiting desu.]

[I’ve filled it up again.]

[I’ll carry it again for you nodesu.]

[I’m sorry. Oh, and I’m gonna hunt for carrots next.]

[Okay desu. I’ll head to the second floor after carrying these right desu?]

[I’m counting on you.]

After taking all the bean sprouts, I now went down to the second floor, and thus begin the harvesting of carrots from the Drowsy Slimes.

After some time of firing my gun relentlessly, I collected exactly 40k Piro worth of carrots.

Though I collected them, but.

[This is bad, looks like I’m running out of bullets.]

Another three more rounds and my normal bullets will be used up.

It’s true that even though I’m gonna run out of normal bullets, but I still have a ton left which are my Freeze Bullet, Flame Bullet, and my Healing Bullet. Oh, and also that special bullet.

But using them would be a waste of precious bullets.

It left me with no choice, although this is somewhat inefficient, but if it does the job then let’s just do it.

[Thanks for waiting nanodesu~]


[Wow, you’ve gathered a lot of carrots, lemme carry it then desu.]

[Thank you, to rely on you. Oh by the way, for the next batch you can take it easy, as the efficiency will slightly drop.]

[Ah, if it’s that then it’s no problem nanodesu.]


[Follow me together nodesu.]

Emily held my hand, and dragged me out of the dungeon.

Along the way I asked what’s wrong, but Emily refused to answer.

She brought me to a secluded place——-though Eve was there. 🙁

It’s a weird girl who has a proud bunny ears and is wearing a bunny suit that has a high level of exposure.

[Thanks for waiting nanodesu.]


[Yes desu.]

Emily then took out one carrot from her rucksack, and handed it over to Eve.

[It is…..in fact Satou’s carrot.]

Eve, who received her beloved carrot, smiled.


Afterwards she ran towards me out of nowhere.

Though looking at the corner, there are ten plus Slimes gathering over there.

It’s as if Eve was a shepherd, leading her flock of Slimes over here.

[Rogue monsters?]

[I asked a favour from Eve-chan, I told her to guard the bean sprouts that turned into slimes.]

[And the reward is the carrots, huh.]

[Alright Yoda-san, it’s time to collect some bullets nodesu~]


I was surprised, but deeply moved.

For Emily, to grasp an understanding of how many bullets I have left, took a portion of the bean sprouts and turned them into rogue monsters, plus asking a favour from Eve to help safeguard it.

[I’ve said before that I’ll help Yoda-san with everything I can nodesu.]

[This is not the level of just helping anymore….But really, thank you!]

[You’re welcome nanodesu~]

Emily had an extremely embarrassed expression while her cheeks are dyed red. Carrying the 40k Piro worth of carrots, she went off like the wind.

If I succeeded in achieving my goal, I definitely have to give my gratitude towards her.

After getting the bullets that are dropped from the rogue monsters (thanks to Emily), I dive back into the dungeon again.






Defeating the monsters, collecting the drops, then letting Emily exchange them for money afterwards.

While defeating them, if my ammo were to run out then all I have to do is take one carrot to the top, pass it to Eve and replenish my ammos.

Thus, I wholeheartedly devoted myself in defeating the monsters.

Morning passed, and soon afternoon passed, then night came.

Continuing even at midnight, and the next morning, and then afternoon, and then night.

The night of the second day, Emily answered.

[We have reached our goal of gaining 1.5Million Piro nodesu.]

I can’t believe we have reached our goal a day early.

I then proceeded to praise Emily even more.






Using the 1.5Million Piro, I bought one whole piece of Tuna.

As expected of a Tuna, you need such huge amount of money to buy one.


Midnight, outskirts of Shikuro.


I placed the Tuna on the floor where nobody can see and stare at it, soon my heartbeat began to increase.

It might be due to the fact that I stayed up all night, plus the moment I’ve been waiting for is in front of me, it caused my tension to rise.

Having all these, made my heart rate increased drastically.

Finally the Tuna is transforming into a rogue monster——and it became a Gorilla.

It was the Gorilla who once rampaged in town, with a size similar to a house.


[For this, I have to defeat it by myself.]

[Yes desu.]

Emily returned my answer with a bright smile.

While slowly approaching the Gorilla, I prepared my gun and bullets.

Previously, it was a tough battle, but now it’s different.

The Gorilla seemed to have realised my presence. It swung it’s arms up, while opening it’s mouth, showing off it’s sharp teeth. It ran towards me with intimidating eyes.

I fired the bullets, first were the Freeze Bullet.

I aimed at all of it’s surrounding sides, and the Gorilla was frozen up, leaving only the head.


It roared extremely loudly. The roar had feelings of rage mixed in it, making one’s spine grew cold. The roar was so loud that we can be practically tone-deaf.

Afterwards, I swapped the bullets, and climbed on it’s frozen body.

[This is it.]

Reaching to it’s head, and aim my gun on it’s head at a point-blank range

I then proceeded to fire at it’s head relentlessly. After emptying the bullets, I reloaded and fired again.

Finally, the Gorilla’s head was blown away.

At the exact same time, the bottom half of the body disappeared.

Same as before, a gun and bullets——that would be my second gun, is dropped because of my Rank S Drop.

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