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Announcements: Seems like I misunderstood and he did indeed waste the Pandora boxes, other than that, please welcome Udin-san as our new editor-san~~~ :3

After seeing Raze and Roza off from outside Silicon dungeon, I looked at Emily who was beside me and gave my gratitude.

[Thank you, you seem to know where I was huh.]

[I heard it from Elza-san when she passed the box to me desu. She said that Yoda-san will definitely come here and rescue them nodesu~]

[Oh, I see.]

I unintentionally let out a bitter smile.

Since I did not want any rogue monsters escaping from the Pandora Box if I left it around, I thought of letting Elza hold on to it but I guess she passed it to Emily.

I was thinking of slowly converting them to Flame Bullets afterwards.

But she came here and used it to help me.

After looking at her perceptiveness, I gave her lots of praise.

[Thank you Emily~]

[The pleasure is mine nanodesu~]

[Shall we find a place to grab a meal then. Since Emily had helped me lots, I want to treat you a to feast.]

[If it’s like that then let’s head back home. I’ve actually heard of a new recipe recently, and I want Yoda-san to be the first one to try it~]

[No but, it’s as thanks you know. If it’s thanks, shouldn’t we bring Emily to a place to eat instead of cooking by yourself?]

[That’s precisely why nanodesu~?]

The end of her word sounded like a heart shape was placed there, while Emily portrayed joy with those beautiful smile.

She really is…..so adorable!

My chest felt warm after looking at her, thus I gave in and let her do whatever she wants.

[At least let me get a good sake before heading back home. I want one that let’s me enjoy the taste of the food while sipping on it, any recommendations?]

[I heard that distilled liquor is a good match for it desu~]

[Yoshi, let’s buy a bottle for two then!]

[Yes desu!]

Following the flow, after a day’s work and some other stuff that happened, I can finally be with Emily and walked home together.


The next day, I want to head to Nihonium early in the morning, but it’s not to strengthen my abilities.

First off, I went to town to buy some common Collection Boxes.

Since the box is only ever used by people with special hobbies, 1 box cost 10k Piro which is weirdly expensive.

Though it’s not like I can’t buy it, and I even bought 6 boxes.

I first used the first 4 boxes, and used them to replenish my Freeze and Flame bullets for a total of 100 for both of them.

Since I’ve used up almost all of it yesterday, it is in need of replenishment.

As for the last 2 boxes, I went ahead to the third floor of Nihonium and hunted mummies to stored the Speed up seeds in the boxes, and thus I’d gotten hold of a hundred new special bullets.

The special bullets that I’d gotten from the mummy have a special effect, I ran some tests with it, and after finally understanding the effects of it noon came, thus I went back to Shikuro to meet up with Emily.


We went to the usual store called <The Swallows Repayment> , and together with Emily pushed the Magic Cart full of Dandelion. (TLN: Name is ????)

Since Elza’s counter is sort of empty, we went to her direction.


[Aah, Ryouta-san….and also Emily-san.]

[Today as usual, I want you to help us with the dropped items.]

[Okay, please wait for a moment.]

Elza went towards the Magic Cart and took out the Dandelions, and started weighing them.

[By the way, I’ve heard of rumours regarding you, seems like during the Magical Storm, Ryouta-san went inside Silicon dungeon and rescued someone.]

[It’s already become a rumour?]

[That is something praiseworthy.]

[Uh, really.]

I guess so.

Now that I think about it, yesterday’s situation really put me on edge.

Inside a dungeon where magic cannot be used, I’d gotten myself surrounded by monsters with 100% (maybe) physical resistance. Thinking back at it really gives me the chill.

Afterwards I saved her, I guess it would become rumours.

[Her name was, Roza right. Is she alright?]

[To be honest….I heard that she isn’t in great condition.]

[What do you mean by that?]

[The Magical Storm this time around, seems to be strong enough that everyone in town could not use magic. Since Roza-san’s injuries are quite severe, it’s bad because no one can use recovery magic right now.]

[If that’s the case, why don’t they just bring her to another town?]

[That is…..her injuries are bad to the point where it’s best not to move her around….]

[I see…..]

[That’s why…. even though this is something harsh, they said she can only bear with it until the Magical Storm subsides.]


[Ah, I’m sorry for suddenly talking about such heavy subject. Etto, the calculations are done, in total it’s——]

[Where is Roza staying right now?]

[Eh? Wh, why?]

[Please tell me, where is she right now?]

I looked at Elza straight in the eyes.

Her face suddenly went bright red, and told me about it while being flustered.


I arrive at Shikuro’s biggest hospital.

According to Elza, Roza is currently staying in one of the rooms in this hospital.

I went inside the room, and there laid Roza on the bed with a painful expression, and laying beside her is Raze who is staring at her with dark circles beneath his eyes.

[Aah…….You are yesterday’s….]

[It’s Satou Ryouta…..How’s her condition?]

[….As you can see it’s not great. The doctor said that if tonight passes, and the Magical Storm has not subsided…..]

[I understand.]

[Though we are waiting for a healer, but even though they arrive if the Magical Storm doesn’t subside…..Kuh! Why did this happen.]

Raze hit the wall. His fist then leak out blood.

Not just his fist but his lips are also bleeding. He’s sad to the point that he bit his lips.

I looked at Roza.

Her face full of pain is showing a lack of blood, and it’s as white as a paper.

Though tonight might not be the last, but is there anything we can do right now.

I then took out my gun, and positioned it.

[Wa, wait, what the hell are you doing!]

[I’ll end it quick.]

[Ending it quick——]

Since saying anything now is a waste of time, I shot at Roza.

The bullet went straight into the middle of her torso.

Immediately after, a bright white light is covering her body.

That was my last shot, out of all the hundreds I’d gotten, I wasted 99 of them to test the effects of the special bullets from the rogue mummies.

The white light, it’s a healing light.

Healing Bullets, was what I decided to name it after testing out the effects.

The painful expression of Roza, is slowly becoming calm, and her complexion seems to have recovered.

[Th, this is?]

[I guess with this it’s fine. Though it’s better to ask a doctor to check up on her.]

[Yo, you saved her…..]

Raze became relieved.

With this it’s finally complete, seems that it’s the same as when I saved her from Silicon.

[Thank you so much! Really really, thank you so much!]

Raze continuously thanked me before I left the hospital.

TLN Note: I really love to troll y’all :3 sorry~ >W<

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FinzRaizer · 8th May 2017 at 12:14 AM

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FinzRaizer · 8th May 2017 at 12:21 AM

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Clesesia · 8th May 2017 at 1:09 AM

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It still not explained how Emily safely going to MC place. And now he have healing bullet…. When he obtained that bullet and from which monster.

    FinzRaizer · 8th May 2017 at 1:52 AM

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    Euas · 8th May 2017 at 3:04 AM

    It says on the chapter that he Gets then from the mummies

    Shiro · 8th May 2017 at 6:59 AM

    The bullet is from the third floor mummies and the comment does have a theory that she can safely reach because ryouta freezed all the items and the dungeon has some kind of spawn limit

    Lime · 23rd July 2017 at 7:22 PM

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minedoge · 8th May 2017 at 1:11 AM

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    Shiro · 8th May 2017 at 7:22 AM

    You read really fast ? as I mentioned in a few comments but yeah how can he waste that much bullets just to test out the effect but whatever he can replenish it so that’s fine and all God Ryouta. As for the part where he wanna save Rosa…I have absolutely no idea why he wanted to save some random stranger whatsoever…maybe because he is confident that the healing bullets would magically help her (mind that none of his bullets have side effects from the magic storm) and decided on that. Though I don’t mind MC wanting for more girls but they don’t even get together and hunt together (well besides maybe Emily and bunny girl)… What’s worse is that I’ve never seen bunny girl anymore…what happened to her??? ???

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    Half expecting him to be threatened to reveal his magic secrets and mystery background.

      Rasta · 9th May 2017 at 10:15 PM

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    Shiro · 8th May 2017 at 8:54 AM

    Yeap yeap exactly natsukage~ well his personality in my opinion is just plain stubborn and ignorant so the sadistic side of it might be influenced by me ?

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mitzuki24 · 8th May 2017 at 8:52 AM

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