Level 1 Guy: Chapter 23 – Efficiency Up

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Why do I feel like even though I’m back but I have less time in translating… Well anyway, sorry for the delay, here comes a new challenger…I mean chapter~

The inside of the shop is getting rowdy.

[Oi, are you kidding me?]

[Isn’t it 3 years ago where the Neptune family last solicit someone?]

[What’s more it’s the leader who personally came to ask.]

They were all being noisy everywhere, while being extremely shocked.

Some of them are even watching over here while breathing restlessly.

Was it really that big of a deal?

[Ne, so how about it?]

[I’m sorry but I won’t take you up on your offer.]

[I see. That’s a pity. Oh, just to be sure, you did not reject me just because you think I’m homo right. If that’s what you’re worried than don’t worry about it as you will be safe when you join us.]

[It’s not it, that’s not the reason why.]

I firmly shook my head.

It’s not because you’re homo—Nope, that’s not the reason.

That’s not the point, it’s just that I don’t feel like being in an organization for the time being.

When I arrived at this world, I felt really relaxed.

Compare to my previous hellish work life, I can live freely—more like literally enjoying this freelance work.

I do not know how the Neptune family operates, but I don’t plan on joining any organization for now.

[Un, I understand.]

Neptune looked at me for a moment, and he nodded but I feel that it’s a little bit off.

[If at any moment you changed your mind, please do come find me okay. At this point, I’ve already treated you as one of my dear friends.]

In the end he dare not force me but left with words saying he wouldn’t give up. Thus, he brought the two beauties and left the shop.

The words that Neptune left behind, made the surrounding people even more chattering.

After that, I finally remembered where I heard their names from, though it’s rather late. From what I heard of the Neptune family, it seems that all 5 of their team has Drop rate of A, and they were the so-called Elite who went into Nihonium to do some investigation on the drops.

Though it was mentioned before, I’d completely forgotten all about it.





Teruru’s first floor.

Afterwards I met up with Emily to received my Magic Cart, and we went out of the slightly uncomfortable store, and went ahead to the dungeon.

Un, let’s calm down.

Since something like that had happened, I decided to dive into the dungeon and calm myself.

I took a deep breath, and take in the air of the dungeon that I’m familiar with.

Okay, it is time to hunt!

I quickly met with a Slime.

I took out my gun and pulled the trigger—and then I looked at the Magic Cart that I was pushing, I then stop moving.

Something crossed my mind.

[……Un, if this happens then my hunting efficiency will definitely increase.]

I nodded while mumbling.

I decided to try out something that’s been in my mind.

I hold on to my gun, and flew towards the Slime.

I then used my palm and lifted the Slime up and threw it behind.

When the Slime was right on top of the Magic Cart—I pulled the trigger.

The slime was shot by the bullet.

The Slime popped in midair! And it dropped bean sprout.

The bean sprouts fell down just like that, right into the Magic Cart.

It’s a success.

I then immediately search for another Slime, and lift it, then fling it behind me, and shoot it when it’s right above the Magic Cart.

The bean sprouts then fell down right into the Magic Cart.

Again I find another Slime.

This time I wasn’t able to accurately shoot it and only grazed the Slime.

Thus I stretch my hand and grab hold of it, and attack it while grabbing it.

Then the bean sprout was put into the Magic Cart.

It’s working out.

First defeat the monsters on top of the Magic Cart, then the drop will fall right into the Magic Cart.

Killing it when I instantly meet a monster! Though it does require more work to be done, but it really saves a lot of time instead of picking up the dropped item each time.





After exchanging the bean sprouts for cash, I immediately head back and dive into the second floor.

This time I’m thinking of improving the efficiency a tad bit.

First off, I will push the Magic Cart in front of me.

After reaching the second floor, I’m met with a Drowsy Slime, and it flew towards me

I “lock on” the target, and concentrated.

The moment the Drowsy Slime flies on top of the Magic Cart—I shoot!

The Drowsy Slime that was being shot by me, dropped a Carrot and it fell inside the Magic Cart.

Yoshi, it went well!

While pushing the cart forward, when it’s the right moment, I shoot it and it goes in smoothly.

If it’s like this I would have fewer steps, and it would be faster as I would not have to go in front and lift it up and throw it behind me.

I started to get the hang of this method.

Push the cart, when the monster jumps shoot it and the drops goes in.

Pushing the cart, and when the monster fly towards me shoot it at the right moment and the drop goes in. (TLN: Author saying it twice but I impromptu the second part)

While performing such action, it feels as though I’m pushing a trolley in a shopping complex and rapidly buying stuff, but instead of buying stuff I’m shooting at the monsters while their drops naturally falls in place.

By doing this method, I’ve shorten about half an hour from previously to fill up the cart to it’s brim.

Un, the efficiency did increase, if I continue doing this, earning money would be a piece of cake.

On that day, I continued pursuing the efficiency of Slime hunting at Teruru.

I can’t believe it, I was able to make a total of 5 trips back and forth from Shikuro to the Dungeon with a full cart.

[This is the first time I’ve seen someone bringing such absurd amount a number of times in only half a day…..] Elza said while becoming speechless.

It’s a rather short chapter ain’t it…I’m sorry in advance again that I might be busy for next week, not this week tho, but new D.Va skin iss out tho… tehe

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    • He was an idiot who only knew how to work harder, not smarter… and it killed him. It will probably take a long time for him to improve himself, plus the author doesn’t want him to become too strong too quickly or he’ll run out of stuff to write about.

    • no no no~ it’s just a metaphor for when he is shopping in a grocery store and picking out items as quickly as possible, it reminded him of that when he was hunting the slimes~ and thanks for reading~

  1. Did you know? The word “Sunday” is derived from old English. It translates to “sun’s day”.

    Nothing happen this ch. so I don’t know what else to say~

  2. I really don’t know if he’s stupid or just really likes using his gun. Where as it’s good for ranged attacks, he has his S in strength so he can just squish, hit, or otherwise kill week monsters with his hands or pinky flick even. So when he grabs them and brings them to his cart next step is squish not shoot, and when they jump at him then line it up and pop them with his hands. Although I also don’t see how his aim is so good when his relevant stat is F but that doesn’t really matter.

    • If you look at his stats you will find that his intelligence is F. This may be the reason he looks for the most round about way to beat enemies. And he likes things that go boom. maybe when the author wants him to stop acting like a character from a Chinese novel. We might get something.

      • i didn’t know chinese novels are like that too~ but yeah maybe because he’s intelligence is a solid F, that explains why he’s so…let’s just put it…nincompoop…

  3. Thank you so much *-* I really should stop buying skins in games and start to support guys like you instead. Guess i’ll just do that :p

    • OMG thank you so much for supporting 😍😍 don’t worry morisa~ you can still get your skin because that’s also the fun in it 🤣

  4. Thank you for the chapter! Um… I get why it’s more efficient, but you have to catch every slime, then toss it accurately onto the cart. No thanks, too much effort. Also, nothing after the kiss? I’m happy, but then there was no point in shattering my dreams with that chapter.

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