Level 1 Guy: Chapter 22 – The battle between S and A

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Riajuu can explode.

For my morning daily routine, I’m leisurely jogging my way to Nihonium’s Dungeon.

Since there is a Know-It-All Board at the entrance of the dungeon, I decided to check my status.


Level 1/1
Strength S
Endurance F
Intelligence F
Mentality F
Speed F
Dexterity F
Luck F



Same as ever, my level is stuck at 1.

Though my HP was raised up to S due to hunting at the first floor, and my Strength was also raised up to S when hunting at the second floor.

Thus, I will be heading to the third floor today.

As for the Skeleton and the Zombies spawning at the first and second floor, I’ll deal with it for now.

Although they randomly appear from within the wall, surprising me sometimes, but it’s rather useless as I can deal with them, and thus, I arrived at the third floor.

The atmosphere on this floor is similar to the ones above.

All of them looked like natural dimly lit caves.

Suddenly, I’ve encountered with a monster!

The ground suddenly broke apart and there crawled up a monster with it’s whole body being bandaged.

The size isn’t that far off from a human, if I were to compare it with a human–It might be the same size as a Pro Wrestler.

It’s a Mira man, or more like calling it a Mummy monster is more appropriate.

I was sort of relieved.

Since this dungeon’s first floor is a Skeleton, and the second floor is a Zombie.

Each and every dungeon in this world tend to follow a specific feature.

It’s the same even in this dungeon, where all the monsters are undead just like this mummy.

I’m truly relieved that it follows a system.

After feeling relieved, I quickly make my decision.

I took out my gun and shoot at the mummy who is closing in on me.

Since it’s an easy target, I was able to accurately shoot it but—I was only able to stagger it and it continue to move closer towards me.

I panicked a little and rapidly fired at it, after firing all my magazine on it’s head, it fell down and I was able to defeat it.

Looks like I used up around 10 bullets to defeat it.

While having a bit of a cold sweat dripping down above my forehead, the monster vanished and dropped the familiar item.

Since it’s been proven that Nihonium Dungeon does not drop anything at all, but that’s because nobody has a [S Drop] like me, thus I was able to get a drop from these monsters.

The drop is of course a seed.

I immediately pick it up, and it disappears from the palm of my hand.

—–Speed is up by 1.

Just like before, I sigh in relief.

It seems like the third floor of Nihonium drops a speed up seed.

After realizing this, my tension increased.

Thus, I was searching around for mummies.



A mummy surprised attack me.

The wall suddenly collapsed beside me! And it’s chasing after me.

Time to oppose it.

I placed the muzzle of my gun right on the center of it’s body and relentlessly shot at it.

Pan, pan, pan, pan, pan!

Even though I’ve bombarded it with bullets, it doesn’t seem to work.

I put down my gun and took a step back, and knock it with a roundhouse kick.

The body of the mummy turned into a “<” shape…. And the body was torn from the waist splitting it into two pieces.

The mummy finally fall to the ground, and a seed dropped.

After picking it up, I was currently thinking of something.

Compare to the floors above, the usage of guns here is ineffective.

I feel that hands on combat with my S strength is way more effective.

I also think that using the gun to feint these monsters is even better.

In comparison with the first floor, the third floor is the complete opposite from the first floor as whacking the monsters in the third floor is way more efficient.

After confirming, I lightly clenched my fist and continued looking around for mummies to whack.

Hunting here is more tiring compare to the floors above, but I still managed to defeat some till afternoon come, thus I was only able to increase my Speed from F to E.


Afterwards, I returned to the city of Shikuro, where I arrived at a store named <Hollow Hollow>.

The store seems to be a Public Dining Area, and the customers are mostly adventurers.

The store is packed with various kinds of adventurers.

After finding a place to sit, I ordered some snacks.

Today, I’m meeting Emily at this place.

During my daily morning routine, I didn’t bring along my Magic Cart into Nihonium when hunting, instead, I entrust it to Emily who is splitting rocks in Arsenic while collecting a ton of flowers.

Since the flowers come in large quantities, it can be cramped closely together, earning Emily some big bucks.

How much Emily is going to earn, I’m thrilled to find out.

After a while, a shadow was blocking my view.


I move my head up, thinking she came, but.

[Yo, you’re Satou Ryouta right?]

It wasn’t Emily.

Instead, it was a man in his twenties with a delicate feature. He looks like an idol with an [ikemen] face while having a sweet smile on his face. That was my impression of this guy.

The guy then went ahead and sit beside me.

[Is this seat fine.]

[It’s troubling that you’re implying that after only sitting down. What’s more, there’s so many other seats, why there?]

[I have some business with you. Haven’t I called your name just a moment ago?]

[Now that you mention…]

It’s true that he indeed called my name.

I then looked at him again.

[What’s your name?]

[A friendly person name Ne-kun, that’s my name~ I don’t mind you calling me that.]

Eh…….. (TL: Disgusting)

Somehow I have no idea what he’s saying.

[Then I won’t refrain. Moreover what things do you want to discuss about?]

[Yeap. By the way, you have a nice body.]

[Are you those type of people?!]

I fell down from my seat and immediately stood back up.

I want to run away from this place with all my might.

[Ahaha. You’re wrong. I’m not homo okay. A lot of people misunderstood about me but I’m straight okay.]

[Wh, what proof do you have?]

I realized that I’ve asked a strange question, but I asked it because my danger perception is kicking in.

[Riru, Ran.]

The delicate guy called out two names from behind, and two girls approach him.

One of the two girls is a fascinating beauty that looks slightly older than the delicate guy, on the other hand, the other one looks like a beautiful girl who is around 10 years old.

The former looks like an elder sister character, whereas the latter looks like a little sister character.

[What is it. Is it over already?]

[Can we go back?]

[Ahaha. That’s not it. This guy thinks that I’m interested on the same sex.]

[Aah, so that’s it—-]


[Even though that’s not the case.]


Both Riru and Ran, went ahead and kiss the guy.

Though it’s just a light kiss, it’s just like how couples kiss.

That is—-after confirming the misunderstanding, the two of them left, and went back to their former seats.

[Those two are my partners, both publicly and privately.]

[Oh, oh….]

[Hence why I’m not homo. Is that a sufficient proof for you?]

[Ah, aah….I guess so.]

More like people who makes harem around can explode, was what I thought but I was sort of relief that he isn’t what I thought he is.

[Well, what business do you have with me?]

[Un, I wish to touch both of your arms.]

[I knew you’re one of those!!!]

My chair fell down, and I immediately stood up wanting to run away again.

[Like I said, you’re mistaken. Hmm, okay. Then let’s have an arm wrestling~]

[Arm wrestling? Why?]

[I’ve heard from yesterday’s rumours. It seems that you’ve punch that big guy once till he flew.]


Once again, I was relieved. I have misunderstood him again.

I’ve turned back to normal. And became serious, I hope.

[I’m interested in your Strength—–I mean power. I want to confirm whether the rumors are real or not.]

[….Right, I see.]

[Well, you up?]

[Okay, I understand.]

[Thank you.]

The guy then lift his right arm up the table, and rest his elbow there.

I did the same, and rest my elbow there, and caught hold of his hand.

[Well then.]



We both released our strength in order.

Wow, such strength. With this strength, I guess he really isn’t homo, but I really don’t want to link my hands with him so I really want to end it fast, but it won’t end.

Both our elbows are shaking violently, our strength is evenly matched.

I guess I should get more serious.

I hold onto the side of the table with my left hand, and released my full strength.

The balance broke, and his arm is slowly being pushed down by me, and finally his entire hand was bend down to the table.

I guess it’s my win.

[Eeeeeeeeeh!? Ne-kun lost.]

[So weak, this is what happens if you neglect leveling up. I hope that this will give you a good lesson.]

[But but, this is the first time that I’ve seen someone beating Ne-kun’s strength.]

[The higher level beats the lower level. That just means that his level is higher than him.]

Both the girls are currently gossiping behind his back.

Both of them—-I understood their reaction especially the mature girl.

The current me, has his strength upped to S.

Though I have to use my full strength in order to win in this arm wrestling.

If I’m not wrong, his strength must be A.

[Ahaha, I’ve lost. You’re strong eh.]

[You too.]

The guy with A in Strength, I was secretly vigilant of him.

I wasn’t being vigilant of him because his homo, but normally wary of him.

Afterwards, I looked at him.

As I was staring at him—-it seems he realized and gaze back at me while smiling.

[What gives, it seems you boys have finished. Well then, do you want me to teach you the real method in arm wrestling?]

From the side came a middle-aged man.

He looks like a rugged Pro Wrestler from overseas.

Then, he took a chair and sit next to us, and bring his arm on top of the table as if wanting to arm wrestle.

Another guy suddenly appeared.

He seems to be a normal young man with no special features.

He is currently stopping the middle-aged man.

[O, oi, stop it.]

[What, I’m just teaching this guy a lesson about the severity of this world, like the bean sprouts.]

[That’s not it, don’t you know that this guy is Nep—-]

[I got it.]

While smiling, the delicate guy fixed his seat and hold onto the guys hand.

The thickness of his arm, is roughly three times the size of the delicate guy.

Compare to the delicate guy, his arm is refined and outstanding.

[Then, please give the signal.]

[No wait—]


The delicate guy said it twice, and the young man sigh.

[Then, on your mark, go!]

[Gahahahha, Oh, please be gentle with—-]


A terrible sound was heard, it’s like something was slammed on the table.

It’s the big guy’s arm.

The big guy’s arm was instantly bent into a direction which shouldn’t be possible to bend.


The big guy screamed while the young man was rubbing his temple.

[I’ve already warned him. I’m sorry, you’re Neptune-san right. I apologize for this stupid guy’s mistake, please forgive him with just his arms.]

The young man then bowed down in a 90 degree angle.

The delicate man—–called Neptune is still casually smiling.

[What are you saying? I was just forced to play arm wrestling. Other than that, nothing else has happened?]

[Thank you very much.]

The young man bowed down again, and dragged the big guy outside of the store.

I guess he’s heading out to treat that guy’s wound.

[Did he just say Neptune?]

[Are you stupid or something, to only realise right now. DIdn’t you see Princess Riru and Princess Ran, no matter how you look at it, they are from the Neptune family.]

[This is the first time I’ve seen them in real life.]

[Wait a minute, then who’s that person who just won Neptune in an arm wrestle?]

[One things for sure….they are both monsters.]

Even in the afternoon, the store is being rowdy.

Neptune….It feels like I’ve heard of this name somewhere before.

Of course it’s not the Ocean God or something along the lines.

Since I’m still new to this world, I’ve not known any famous people where others would say [Wow, isn’t he/she awesome].

Though thinking about it, I guess he is in that category.

[Hey, care to go for another round of arm wrestling?]

[….Let’s stop for now, I don’t want to gather more attention than that.]

[Ehh~, it can’t be help then. I understand, Riru, Ran.]

Neptune then called the two girls out.

I thought— that they were trying to leave.

The air around us suddenly changed, and at that moment, the world suddenly became slow motion.

Bad, this is bad, though I cannot recognize what is wrong but I know it’s real bad.

I reflexively pull out a punch.

With my S Strength, I punch with all my might.


An explosion sound was head, and shockwave are spreading around.

The table between us was caught up with the shockwave and was broken into small fragments.

I was staggering, but I managed somehow.

[What are you doing.]

[You’re good.]

Neptune’s arm was there, and he put it down.

It became tattered and bloody.

I finally understand what was going on, it seems that I had a one on one punch with Neptune.

I was shocked while looking at my own hands. My fist is bright red while trembling, even the roots hurts.

The feeling is similar to when I used my whole strength to punch a Punching Machine.

Though, it feels like nothing severe happened.

The surrounding became even noisier,

[Neptune-san was…..]

[Oi, Does this mean he seriously lost?]

[Who in the world is that guy…..]

In a far distance, the surrounding people with frightened face are looking at us—-more like specifically staring at me.

On the other hand, Neptune is seriously hurt.

The elder sister—called Riru is currently healing his tattered arm with magic.

[You’re good, eh.]


[You, would you like to be my thing?]

[I knew it, you’re indeed homo!]

I seem to be dragged into his none hostile words involuntarily.

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