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Update: I changed the name Bad Slime and the name of the pub. It’s written below when reading it.

Nihonium Dungeon.

Teruru’s fourth floor, in order to prepare venturing on that floor, I came here to collect some Freeze Bullets.

I do not know what lies beyond that floor but it’s better to be prepared than diving in mindlessly.

[Huh?] I unconsciously let out my voice.

Since it’s widely known that Nihonium drops nothing, and cuckoo sounds could be heard when entering but, there are quite a number of people in here today.

It quickly became noisy the moment I step foot into the dungeon. I realised what caused this rowdiness.

It’s a strange group.

There are 5 guys and 1 girl in the group.

One middle-aged man was ordering around like a supervisor, whereas the rest of the 4 person are being treated like minions running errands for him.

The girl seems young—wait, judging from her appearance she indeed looks like a young child.

She gives off a rather soft and gentle feeling like a princess, with a full white body armor wrapped around her body. (TLN: Is that you Aiz?)

Though a long sword is hanging on a strap beside her waist, I wonder if she can swing it around with those slender arms.

[Un? Who the heck are you.]

The supervisor looking man looked at me, and questioned me.

[Ah, I’m a regular that comes here everyday to hunt for monsters.]

[At a place like this? I’m curious.]

[And what about you? Why’d you come here for? If you’re curious then, I’m also curious as to why you come to a dungeon where nothing ever drops at all?]

[That’s the reason why I came here.]

At the edge of his mouth, the man grinned.

That’s the reason? What is he saying.

It was strange at first, but I understood immediately.

A Skeleton suddenly appeared.

First, the 4 minions went towards the Skeleton and attack.

Is it even necessary to have 4 of them? As I was thinking so, the 4 of them did not defeat the Skeleton, but instead, carefully attack it till it’s weak.

The skeleton quickly got beaten to a pulp, and it seems that it can’t move anymore.

The young lady finally made her move.

While in a carefree way, she weakly pulled out her long sword, and swing it on the skeleton powerlessly.

The Skeleton was then defeated, and stopped moving..

I now understand that the guys are there just to weaken the monster and finally let that young lady to deal the finishing blow.

It’s somewhat similar to a game strategy. A strong person would first weaken the monster, and let the weaker person deal the final blow to earn experience.

In a way, it’s similar to what me and Emily had done before.

Was what I thought but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Once the Skeleton was defeated, the guys frantically moved.

They then stuff the Skeleton in a box.

The box looks to be firm and solid, and it seems to keep things hermetically sealed.

In it they stuff the Skeleton, and sealed it tightly.

Afterwards, a ‘Pon’ sound was heard.

It’s a sound when monsters vanished and drops an item—Though Nihonium shouldn’t have any monster dropping anything, it seems to be that similar sound.

Inside the box, the Skeleton vanished.

[Yoshi, it seems like we succeeded.]

[Uhmm, what was that just now?]

[It’s an <Air Box>.]

[<Air Box>?]

[You know that the monsters over here only drops air right?]

[Eh? Ah, you’re talking about that.]

I always thought that nothing drops when killing monsters here, but I remember Emily saying that although monster’s that don’t drop something, they would at least drop water or air.

It seems that I’ve slightly misunderstood some stuff.

[In Nihonium, even water wouldn’t drop from monsters, only air is drop.]

[I see.]

[And so, this is an <Air Box> that is humbly made by Princess Margaret. Air that is subjugated by the Princess.This is our main product.]

[Air?! Can you even sell those!?]

[They do sell, air that is made by the Princess. That is also the only thing we sell.]

[…….] (TLN: Bunches of perverts)

I was dumbfounded.

How should I say, this is a rather deep world I’m living.






After collecting one Freeze Bullet from Nihonium’s first floor, I went to Teruru’s fourth floor.

Since the third floor is a nest for Cockroach Slimes, I left Emily behind, and venture on my own.

Well then, what exactly is a <Bat Slime>. (TLN: Apparently it’s bat instead of bad, sorry.)

I immediately found out why.

A flapping sound was headed to my direction, it has a darkish blue body with bat like wing, and a pair of rather dangerous sharp fangs.

Following the name of the Bat Slime, it is exactly a slime that is shaped as a bat.

All of a sudden it flew towards me, I thought it was trying to tackle me, but it opened it’s mouth wide exposing its fangs..

Is it gonna bite me, or is it gonna suck my blood?

I’m not sure which it’s gonna do, but it’s going to hurt if I let it do so, thus I avoided it’s attack.

I dodged, and during the moment when the Bat Slime stopped moving, i fired my gun.

Since I don’t know whether it’s gonna be a headshot or a body shot, I concentrated and shoot the center of it.

The slime fell to the ground and, “Pon”, it vanished.

What came out was a Bamboo Shoot, it has a heavy feeling to it, and it seems to be a fresh bamboo shoot.

It’s the dropped item on the fourth floor that Eric has requested.

I picked it up, and continued roaming around the dungeon.

Once I was satisfied with the number of monsters I hunted, I head back outside of the dungeon.






[Fumu, this is certainly your bamboo shoots.]

I brought it to the pub we went to yesterday.

Seeing that it’s still daytime, there aren’t many customers around, the workers are currently changing up the menu before opening up their store.

Since the day has change, out of the 10 beers, I’m sort of interested in the 2 that is being changed. Maybe I should visit here again tonight, as I secretly think to myself.

Inside the store, Eric saw me holding onto the bamboo shoots.

While staring at it, he took a whiff at it.

[This, this is….]

[What seems to be the problem?]

[My apologies.]

While pardoning himself, he took out a knife from his pocket.

Though it’s small but it’s well maintained, truly a sharp knife.

What’s amazing isn’t only about his knife, but his cutting skills are also impressive.

He used the knife skillfully to peel of the bamboo shoot, and slice them accordingly.

It’s as if I’m looking at a First Rate Chef, his skills are overflowing.

He truly is a gentleman, I picture that Gourmet would just eat food that is being prepared by other chefs, but this is unexpected.

I can’t believe it, he ate the sliced bamboo shoots.

What’s more eating it raw!

I was surprised for a moment, when Eric suddenly became entranced.

[Ooh….This freshness, what’s more this sweetness. Though it’s raw, but there aren’t any gutters. This is the first time eating such magnificent bamboo shoots.]

Now he acts like a Gourmet, exaggerating on the comments and praising the deliciousness of the food.

It seems that, he came to like it.






The pub that has just opened – Vila De H. (TLN: I’m sorry but a commenter was right that the last one being H. I will be using H from now.)

Together with Emily, we are currently enjoying ourselves after working for two consecutive days.

[You must be really satisfied~]

[Yeap. Though the rewards was 20k Piro, I kind of expected more.]

[How many bamboo shoots were there?]

[10. Total it’s 20k though, well whatever, it’s fine.]

1 Bamboo shoot is equal to 2k Piro. Though it’s not much as those high-class ingredients sold in a department, honestly speaking, I was expecting a little bit more from Eric because of his appearance.

Well, it’s not like I work for free, let’s leave it at that.

[Oh by the way, I saw an <Air Box> today.]

[What is a <Air Box> ?]

[A box with air, wait maybe it’s a brand name?]

While chatting with Emily about the things happening in Nihonium, we enjoyed our beer.

Today’s daily beer that is under the contract of the shop is a drop within 30 floors below in a dungeon called Beryllium, the taste has a sort of bitter taste resembling a chocolate.

It’s quite delicious, so I raised my hand to call a waiter to order another mug, when suddenly Elza came barging in from the entrance.

She is currently looking around the store restlessly trying to find someone.

[Ah, Ryouta-san!]

It seems that I’m the one she’s searching for.

She then came trotting straight towards our table.

[What’s wrong.]

[I’ve just heard about it. I’d love to make a contract with you, please!]

[Wait just a minute, what is going on right now, what do you mean by forming a contract?]

[I’m saying please put <Ryouta’s Bamboo Shoot> under us!]

[‘Ryouta’s Bamboo Shoot’?]

What in the world.

If it’s about bamboo shoots then it must be that overly obsessed Eric….

[I’ve heard rumors in Shikuro that Eric • Macy-san has just approved of your bamboo shoots.]

[It became a rumor!?]

[By all means please put your bamboo shoots under us. We will also agree to put the name under Ryouta-san. Of course we will have some conditions placed. So please!]

Seeing the breathtaking Elza with her utmost effort in pleading me, I did not understand anything of what she said and just nodded, taking in the conversation.

Afterwards, I was certified by Eric.

A brand named Ryouta • Bamboo Shoots has been made, while getting a stable high income out of it.

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P.S: The keyword is might.

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Princess’ air huh? Who is the buyer I wonder? *insert sound of police siren from afar here*

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