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The results are in, it seems that won and nanodesu Emily is back!

This chapter has some difficult conversation, so bear with my horrible translation. OTL

At night, we came back from Arsenic, and Emily and I went to a bar.

The shop’s name is called Vila De Edge, their specialty is beer, and they feature their beers by arranging 10 types of it by gathering from different dungeons everyday.

(TLN: The name of the shop in katakana is ???????)

Since every item in this world depends on getting from dungeons, both products and quality, are dependant on the ability of the adventurers who are diving in the dungeons.

Since this shop specialized in beers, they collect beers from the top ten dungeons that produces beer everyday.

That’s where me and Emily are at currently.

Oida. (TLN: Huh?????)

[Well then, let’s celebrate on Emily’s breakthrough of getting more than 10k Piro in a single day! Cheers!]

[Ch, cheers, desu~]

Emily toasted while being embarrassed.

I got a feeling she isn’t used to these sorts of things.

[This is….sort of strange.]


[This atmosphere, I’ve never thought that there would be a day where I would get to drink beer in a pub.]

[Since your daily salary exceeded 10k Piro, we can at least afford this much~]

This world follows a currency called Piro, and it has almost the same value as Japanese Yen.

1 pack of bean sprouts sold in stores is worth around 30 Piro, and 3 carrots are worth around 100 Piro.

Though what we’re drinking right now is worth 500 Piro which is a little bit pricy, but since it’s a store that specializes in beer so it’s fine to splurge once in a while.

Though logically speaking, if someone were to have a 10K salary per day, they could’ve earn enough to live a normal life.

[Previously, I could not imagine myself doing such things.]

[If I’m not mistaken, you said something about wanting to live in a proper house.]

[I, I did not say such words….]

While trying to protest, she placed the beer in her mouth, and tried to hide her face behind the mug.

Is it due to the beer, or because of the embarrassment.

Emily’s face is bright red right now.

While teasing her, we drank the beer together.

After a hard days work, ending the day with a bright sake.

This moment, it felt nostalgic.

[Excuse me, but aren’t you Eliot-san?]

[Haah? Das true, but who the heck are you?]

[I’m a big fan of you, Eliot-san! I look up to you, Eliot the Baulin! I aim to be like you!] (TLN: More like Ballin!! ??????????)

[Ou, good luck with that.]

(TLN: Eliot speaks with a sort of rude male slang)

Suddenly, I heard a conversation from 2 rows in front of us.

While he was drinking with his buddies, a young man came over to greet him, and lowered his head while introducing himself, and lastly he shook hands with him.

[Is that a celebrity?]

[It’s a celebrity nanodesu~]

Emily promptly replied. I looked at her, and urged her to continue.

[Baulin….is the name of a dungeon nanodesu. Eliot the Baulin, a level 49 celebrity with an A Drop in Vegetable nanodesu~.]


A Drop huh, what’s more, his level is quite high.

If your level is high, you get to explore further into the dungeon, and if your drop rate is high, you can get more quality drops.

Since Emily’s level cap is at 40, if we think about it, even if this guy’s lowest level is at 49, he is quite amazing.

[Since Eliot-san is the only one who could accurately obtain the matsutake mushrooms at Baulin’s 37 floor, I heard that people would even request him to obtain them.]

[Well that’s amazing, people even come for him for request? He won’t sell it but instead give it to them?](TLN: I don’t like that the author uses Pinpoint request so I slightly changed it. ????????????)

I honestly thought that it was amazing.

Towards Eliot, the young man who greeted him had a satisfied expression and went back to his former seat.

He then showed his hands to his friends, as if showing off.

[Oi Acro, bring that seat’s tab to me.]


Though they are Eliot’s friends, he treated them as if they were his younger brothers.

The man who was called Acro left his seat, and went to the counter and had a chat with the worker, then went back to his seat.

[I’ve talked to them.]


I honestly thought that he was cool.

A powerful person, and popular to boot, plus a chivalrous spirit.

Yeap, he certainly is cool.

In a way I want to be like him.

While thinking of such thoughts, Eliot slowly got out from his seat.

His comrades were confused by it, but Eliot didn’t bother and went straight towards the entrance of the store.

He stood there, and talked to a guy with good physique and elegance.

[Well isn’t it Eric-san. Whatcha doing at a place like this?]

[Oh, Eliot-kun. I’ve heard from rumours that It seems you’ve become more active recently.]

[Yeah, yeah, by the way, I’ve gotten bored with Baulin recently, so I’ve been thinking, it’s bout time we find a new place to exploit.]

[Who’s that?]

[I’m sorry, I do not know.]

While listening to Emily, apparently she does not know about the guy named Eric.

Though somehow looking at the situation, I can sort of guess it.

[It might be a former employer.]

[You can tell?]

[It’s more like a difference in position. Remember, even when they’re normally talking, that Eliot would actually walk towards Eric to talk to him. To the fan who greeted him just a moment go, he didn’t even move away from his seat.]

[Ah, I see~]

[Besides, although his tone of voice is normal, but strangely he is conscious of his tone. As an employee, you should not raise your tone when business partners are together.]

[Just by looking at it, you can already tell so much~]

[It’s just a hunch, since I’ve seen these kind of speech numerous times, it can lead to some fatal consequences if you cannot read the difference in the hierarchy position when business partners are together.]

(TLN: I’m soooo sorry I could not really translate the meaning behind this, I tried my best. OTL)

It sort of reminded me of my past.

While talking with Emily, Eliot went back to his seat, and Eric walked towards the counter and talked to the store owner.

Since it seems that their conversation has ended, I stopped looking at them, and look at Emily instead.

[It’s Arsenic again right, for tomorrow~]

[That’s what I planned to do too~]

[Since my strength has been upped significantly and you have the ring, I guess there’s no need to head to Teruru anymore. If we keep this going, at this rate, I might just call you Emily the Arsenic.]

[There’s no such thing~]

[But wouldn’t it be cool though~]

I was half teasing her, and half being serious.

I hold up the mug in front, and toast with Emily who hold her mug up.

Right after we toasted.

[Excuse me but, perhaps…..are you Satou-sama?]


I heard a voice from behind me.

Emily was surprised. When I turned around, what greeted me was the guy from before who had a good physique, Eric.

Eric stared and walked straight towards me, what’s more he called out my name.

I was embarrassed at everyone’s gazes in the pub——especially Eliot who was staring at me intently, thus I quickly led Eric to sit down.


Let’s listen to his story for now.

Eric introduced himself as ‘Just a gourmet’.

I’ve never heard of someone naming themselves “Just a Gourmet’ before.

Such well-mannered atmosphere, it’s as if he was raised up like so.

He hides his emotions well, and doesn’t seem to look high and mighty.

He speaks naturally with a well raised manner.

Eric, who from the exchange store——heard about me from Elza and was looking for me.

[Have you been to Teruru Dungeon’s fourth floor?]

[Fourth floor? Nope, I haven’t.]

Since the experience with Emily, and the rogue monster too.

We only went as far as Teruru’s third floor.

[I understand. To tell you the truth, on Teruru’s fourth floor(TLN: Author probably typo to 3rd floor, so I change it), there’s a Bat Slime that drops bamboo shoots….it is the only monster in Shikuro that drops a bamboo shoot.]

[Oh, I see.]

[The carrots that Satou-sama brought, I’ve had a taste of it. It was delicious to the point that I’ve regretted that I’ve wasted my life for not meeting you sooner.]

It’s that serious.

[…..So, what you’re trying to say is, you want me to gather bamboo shoots for you?]

Putting together the conversation we just had, it seems that Eric came to me just for that.

Eric silently nodded.

Though his facial expression is still the same as usual, but, his eyes were sparkling.

It’s as if he’s a kid, his eyes are showing his excitement.

It seems he really wants to eat it so badly, even though it was the first time meeting him, I immediately understood the meaning behind his sparkling eyes.

[I understand, I’ll bring it.]

[Ooh! I’m indebted to you!]

Thus, I took a request directly from someone.

It seems that I will have to tackle Teruru’s fourth floor.

TLN Note: Since I was on a hiatus for 4 days, I decided why not have a 2 in 1 chapter for yesterday, but I ended up succumbing to the dark side of Mercy’s uprising skin. I’m sorry. Oh and also, someone mentioned that Teruru is Tellurium right, I still find Teruru to be more.. cute, so I’ll keep that instead.

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“As an employer, you should not raise your tone” —employee(?) same reason as above.
“it can lead to some fatal injuries if you cannot read the difference” —fatal consequences, just for better wording.
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