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I’m back~

Editing note: I changed Emily’s way of speech to be more normal to read, instead of all those “nodesu” or “nanodesu”. Tell me what you think of it~ Should I do this or keep back the original? I’ll put a poll below.

I went to Nihonium’s second floor during the morning to increase my Strength up until A, and later head to Teruru as per usual.

What greeted me at the entrance of Teruru was the usual Emily who is smiling gently.

Afterwards, we went into the dungeon.

Not even a minute has passed and we’ve already encounter a monster, thus I took out my gun on reflex but…

[Eh? This Slime is slightly different from the rest.]

[Ah, It’s a Slime Bros.]

[Slime Bros….] (TLN: The jap is ???)

I lowered my gun and tried searching my memory.

I feel like I’ve heard of this name before, what’s more it’s quite recent.

[….Is it that monster who dropped me?]


Emily firmly nodded.

The Slime in front of me which is moving in a relaxing manner, looks like every other slimes I’ve encountered, though the only difference is it’s color which is subtly different and lengthwise it’s slightly taller.

I get it now, this was the monster who dropped me, a rare monster that dropped me that is from a different world.

[WOW a rare monster—…..Oh someone was already ahead of us.]

The slime who is near the entrance, was seen by a different adventurers, but they had a disappointed look on their face when they saw us and went ahead of us.

[What was that just now?]

[Rare monsters follows a first come, first served basis. Unless we couldn’t defeat it, then only someone else can come and defeat it, though we can easily defeat the Slime Bros~]

It’s a first come first serve basis for rare monsters huh, I’ve learnt another new rule for this world.

[Well then, shall we defeat it.]

I hold up my gun again, and aimed at it.

I wonder, this Slime Bros, should I defeat it outside of the dungeon or inside the dungeon.

To begin with, I am different from the people who are living in this world, the items that are dropped from monsters are different because of my S Drop Rate.

Regardless whether it’s inside the dungeon, or outside the dungeon.

What’s more, the items that drop differ when I defeat monsters inside and outside of the dungeon.

Though the confusion only lasted for a second, as I remembered about the Cockroach Slimes.

Since it’s possible to get a normal item even if you defeat a rogue monster from outside the dungeon.

So going in order, one should first defeat a monster from within the dungeon.


[It’s nothing, let’s defeat it]

[Yes~] (TLN: She use katakana)

As I was excited what I was gonna get from the drop, I shot at the Slime Bros.

Although it’s a rare monster, but maybe it was from the same floor as those weak slimes, it was defeated in one hit.

The Slime Bros vanished, and “Pon” an item has dropped.

[This is? A ring?]

[I am not sure. Since we do not know much about rare monsters, hence people always say that anticipating what you get is what makes it fun~]

[I see.]

Being convinced, I bend down my knees and picked up the ring.

At that moment.

[Ah, a times two drop rate.]

[You understand?]

[It seems like an array of information is being transmitted into my head right now.]

I’m not kidding, the information is currently transmitting inside my head.

It happened as soon as I picked up the ring, it’s as if remembering back the past memories I had.

This ring is definitely an equipment, and if you equip it and defeat a monster, the item that is dropped will double up.

[Is there something like this?]

[Have you not heard of it before?]


[No wonder.]

If that’s so, then let’s test it out.

As I wanted to wear the ring, it slipped off from my finger.

The ring dropped and rolled to the direction of Emily, Emily then picked it up, and handed it over to me.

[Here you go~]

[…..You can hold it?]


[It’s different from when you tried taking the seed…..Emily, you can have that.]

[You mean me?]



Emily nodded, and wear the ring by herself.


Arsenic, second floor.

We stopped the daily routine of hunting carrots, and bring along Emily here.

The ring is now being worn by Emily, and since I want to test out the drop effect of the ring, coming here is the best choice.

I thought of it and brought her here.

[Let’s get started~]

[Good luck.]

Emily smiled from my cheer, bear her hammer and head towards the direction of the monsters.

Dante Rock, a rock shape monster which drops Dandelion.

Since I’ve increased my Strength to A from grinding at seeds, I tried kicking at a small size Dante Rock that is rolling between my feet, but it’s still rock solid.

Though my Strength is now A, it’s still difficult to defeat the rock without a weapon—Well even if it’s difficult it’s not like I would die as a result from it.

As I lightly give up on handling the monsters in this dungeon, I watched over Emily.

She swung the hammer, Dokon!

Again she swung the hammer, Dokon.

Dokon, Dokon, Do~kon!

Emily went around swinging down her hammer on the rocks.

Basically she went around swinging her hammer nonstop while I’m following from behind picking up the drops.

While smashing her hammer, an hour or so has passed while venturing around the first floor, and I’ve collected around 200 Dandelions.

Since the number of parameter has increased, I made an assumption.

Even when wearing the ring, the probability of getting a drop did not change.

Rather, when an item drops, the amount is doubled.

Though it’s just a speculation, but compare to yesterday’s drop, the amount today has indeed doubled, I confirmed it because of the amount we have today has increased.

I called Emily to stop, and explain to her.

[Wow~ This ring is amazing~]

[That’s right, because if one were to wear this, their productivity will double.]


Emily smiled, and took off the ring and handed it over to me.

I looked at the ring for a brief moment, and pushed it back to her.

[You can continue wearing it.]

[Eh? But…..]

[Since it suits Emily when you wear it, like so.]

[Is, is that so?]


A ring that has a X2 drop rate where Emily used and smashed at all those rocks.

To tell you the truth, I was watching at her for a moment.

If I were to use this ring, it could indeed increase my productivity, I even thought of using it on Nihonium and it would increase the number of drops for the seeds.

Nonetheless, I thought that it looks good on Emily, and it’s better if she has it.

[I understand, I will defeat a lot of monsters~]

[You can do it! I’ll cheer for you!]

Emily had a bright smile on her face.

Afterwards, she started hunting down on more rocks, and I collected more Dandelions.

At the end of the day, the total earning was 12k Piro, it’s many times more than yesterday’s income(5k Piro), it might be because her tension was high today, as I thought to myself.

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Another thing, I don’t know whether I should put the Slime Bros, bros, or broth. Cause both of it has the same katakana. Vote here~

And also, for Emily’s dialogue right here~

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