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This chapter has lots of words I had to come up with different ways of wording it.

After pulling Emily up from the cliff, I worriedly asked.

[Emily! Are you hurt any—]

[I did well right~]

[—where, huh, eh?]

[I did exactly what Yoda-san has said nodesu~]

[….Ah, you mean back at the dungeon.]

I remembered about the Drowsy Slimes.

I freeze it with my Freeze Bullet, and Emily follows up with her hammer attack.

It is exactly the same flow as that time.

Is she trying to say she did a great job?

Emily looked at me intently.

How was it, how was it?

Praise me~ Praise me~

Even though she didn’t say anything, I got a feeling that she’s emitting an aura like so.

…….I see, I understand.

[I’m impressed Emily, you crushed it with a single strike~]

[Since the monster couldn’t move, I can use my full strength to hit it nodesu~]

[Even if that’s so it’s amazing. You even crushed that huge chunk of ice into pieces in one hit~]


Emily who is blushing, is ecstatic after hearing my praise.

I was worried at first, but after seeing Emily who has done her best, she deserves a praise.


[What’s wrong Emily]

[I leveled up nodesu~]

[Level up? Oh I see, You leveled up after defeating those Femini.]

[I leveled up a bunch!]


I’m interested as to how much she’s leveled up.


We went back to the city of Shikuro.

After sending the two guys to a hospital, and selling off all the carrots for money, we are now checking on Emily’s status.

Different from the dungeon, we are currently checking the Know-It-All board inside the city which requires money.

If it’s in the dungeon it’s free, but if it’s in the city we have to pay.

At first I thought it was a pretty hilarious system, but after understanding that the products in this world comes from dungeon, I sort of understood why.

(TLN: I don’t)

After paying 100 Piro to the Know-It-All board, we checked on Emily’s status.


Level 20/40
Strength A
Endurance C
Intelligence F
Mentality F
Speed E
Dexterity F
Luck D



[Your level has increased so much!]

[Yes desu, it really did went up alot~]

[In just one fight….14, not wait, you upped by around 15 levels?]

I’m currently looking at Emily’s status on the board.

When I first met her, her level was only 3.

And all of a sudden her level flew to 20!

[…….Is Femini really a strong monster?]

[I don’t know.]

[Now that you mention, we don’t know any information about the Femini.]

Even if Emily said she doesn’t know, but I’m convinced that it was because of that.

At that time, inside the magic cart, before the items were transforming into rogue monsters—it turned back to monsters.

That’s why I used up all my Freeze bullets, and freezed them all up.

Then Emily struck it to pieces in one hit.

Though Emily’s level is low but her strength is top-notch, thus she could defeat the completely unmoving monsters in one hit.

That’s why her level shot up, it’s pretty common in games too.

Although it’s just my speculation, but it’s probably true.

Now, whether it’s right or wrong.

What’s important is that Emily’s level went up by a lot, and her ability has also improved significantly.

I looked at Emily who has her level and ability boosted up.

Looking at the pupils of Emily, it’s shining brightly—and she looks really excited too.






One of the 5 dungeons in Shikuro, Arsenic.

Emily dragged me here, and the first thing we went inside the dungeon, I gotten shocked.

[The monsters!]

Even with this, there are too many monsters, it’s so crowded in here.

Rocks were rolling on the ground and it seems that it’s being dug out from the dungeon’s soil.

There are big and small sizes of rocks, the big ones seem to be able to sit, and the small ones have the size of a baseball.

What’s more all of them, have mouths and eyes attached to them.

When I was looking at the rocks, our eyes met.

Since there’s a lot of them ranging over more than a hundred, their eyes are shining in the dungeon making it a bit scary to look at.

My gut tells me that the monsters are trying to do something so without thinking I pull out my gun, and shoot.

The bullet was reflected.

The rocks with eyes and mouth attached, is quite tough that it even repel a bullet.

[This is troublesome….wait huh?]

As I was wondering whether to shoot more or think of another way to defeat it, I noticed that the monsters aren’t moving.

Even the other monsters, when I shoot at the monster—-even the rather large rock didn’t move an inch.

Only the eyes moved towards me, and stared at me while blinking.

[This is?]

I turned towards my side, and asked Emily.

[It’s a monster name <Dante Rock>. All of the monsters in Arsenic dungeons are like that, a motionless rock type monster~] (TLN: ?????? is the name)

[All of them?]

[All of them, all the way till the last floor~]

[Then aren’t they relatively easy to defeat——wait, don’t tell me their super hard?] as I recalled the time I shot it.

[Yes desu. Even though they’re monsters, they don’t attack and we can defeat it just by breaking it like usual. But it’s reeeally hard, so people who can defeat it are limited.]

[Haa….I see.]

I then stare at the monsters….I mean Dante Rocks.

[It doesn’t attack eh.]

[Yes desu.]

Emily went close to it, and stroke at one of the rock’s head(?).

Although the Dante Rock seemed angry glaring at Emily, but it didn’t attack.

It didn’t even escape, nor did it even try to move at all.

Only the eyes and mouth were moving, seems like the danger is zero.

[I want to try challenging it nodesu~]

[Challenge? Aah, since your strength is now at A.]

Flash back to just a moment ago.

Emily suddenly leveled up to 20 and her Strength has reached to A too.

Originally her Strength is at C, and it’s one of the highest stats Emily has, but now that she power-leveled, her Strength is now at the highest value which is A.

Now I understand why she wanted to come here.

[I want to try~]

[Good luck!]

[Yes desu!]

I cheered for Emily.

With that 130cm body, and her huge hammer that doesn’t match her height—she went to beat it up.

The rock monster crumbled into pieces.

[I did it!]

[Amazing, one whack and it crumbled~]

[I tried to crush it with my full power.]

[Let’s see~ let’s see~ what does it drop……Is this Dandelion?]

[Yes desu~]

Emily picked up the dropped Dandelion, and it put a bright smile to her face.

[Everything in Arsenic drops flowers.]

[All of them are flowers? But all the monster types are rock though.]

[Yes desu~]


Defeating rocks drops(produce) flowers huh.

[By chance, are there any dungeons that just have fruits?]

[I heard that Silicon is one of those dungeons.] (TLN: Name is ????)

[I see.]

I now realized that dungeons tend to follow a theme.

Teruru would be slimes, Nihonium would be undeads, and here, Arsenic would be rocks.

Their drops probably also follow a theme. Teruru is vegetables, Nihonium is the ability seeds, and over here are flowers.

It also seems that Silicon only drops fruits.

[Then that means if you want to produce vegetables you go to Teruru, if you want to produce fruits you head to Silicon, and Arsenic if you want to get flowers. It’s divided evenly.]

[Yes desu! But, but there are some exceptions nodesu.]


[On Teruru’s seventh floor they drop watermelons. That’s why it isn’t always vegetable——]

[Ah~, about that.]

I showed a pitiful expression and point out.

[That’s because, watermelons are vegetables.]


Emily looks like she was surprised to death.






Afterwards, I went on a date(not) with Emily.

To the rocks, Dante Rocks that are rolling around, she went around and broke them.

Despite the fact that their monsters, but because they don’t move at all while defeating it, it doesn’t feel like a fight but rather a stroll in a park.

Break, break, break, the defeated monsters dropped more Dandelions.

Although Emily’s drop rate is low and it’s not a guaranteed drop, but this is still a fair amount of it.

But the rate in which it breaks is high.

Along the way some other adventurers came to challenge it, using the same blunt weapon as Emily to whack it.

Though their rate in defeating them isn’t as high as Emily.

When the other adventurers managed to break one, Emily has already broken 5 of them.

It’s as if digging a mine, Emily is continuously breaking the rocks and getting the Dandelions.

On that day, she earned around 5k Piro.

And now everyday, Emily would regularly come here and do the same thing.

TLN Note: I might not be able to translate for a couple of days as more assignments are piling up. I apologize in advance ORZ

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Dark Jackel · 16th April 2017 at 3:10 PM

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    Shiro · 16th April 2017 at 3:15 PM

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    drtravia · 16th April 2017 at 3:24 PM

    I’m guessing that there are differences between each rank, however, lets say anon1 gets lvl 10 makes it to A in strength and anon2 gets lvl 15 makes it to A in strength. When both are 15 then anon1 will be stronger.

    It seems to be a system like
    F = 1-4
    E = 5-8
    D = 9-16
    C = 17-32
    B = 33-64
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    Sunlight. would you believe that there is a planet up in space where the monsters drop a flash of heat and light and respawn almost instantly only to die from ambient heat flashes? yup. comes from monsters.

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udin-san · 16th April 2017 at 4:13 PM

“Even though their monsters” —they’re
“but now that she powered level” —maybe power-leveled? since the correct term is power-leveling, not powering level.
“Silicon if you want to get flowers.” —Arsenic

“At first I thought it was a pretty hilarious system, but … I sort of understood why.” (TLN: I don’t)
—Me neither :/ why don’t they go to the free one?

By the way I wonder where Emily got her hammer, with her being poor and low-leveled.

“That’s because, watermelons are vegetables.” —and tomatoes are fruits and bananas are berries. Because Science, b*tch! and don’t even start with what is not, like peanut, strawberry, etc.


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