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This took a long time to translate, had to call editor-san to help me this time.

Btw, I changed it from born to spawn, it made more sense.

Update: Oh no my bad! I read the last lines wrong! I edited it again! And now I need a rest…

The following day, I went to Nihonium during the morning, this time I went to the first floor instead of the second floor.

Furthermore, I did not actually went in, but was waiting near the entrance.

I’m waiting for a Skeleton to spawn, and when it spawns I will push it outside of the dungeon, and shoot it with my gun.

Before it vanishes outside the dungeon, I defeat it, and get the 1 drop of Freeze Bullets.

Since the hunting area for Skeleton is lesser, I wasted about 5 normal bullets when trying to hunt them down.

The ratio is 5:1 where 1 Freeze Bullet is to 5 bullets, such is my calculation.

This in itself is fine, cause when hunting the rogue Drowsy Slimes, I can gain a lot of bullets.

The only problem is that waiting for a Skeleton to spawn is a pain.

By the way, even if I were to try to bring them out of the dungeon, the violent skeleton would attack me midway and be defeated.

In conclusion, waiting here is the safest way.






Noon came and I went to Teruru’s second floor together with Emily.

Forming a party, we are currently defeating the Drowsy Slimes.

Using one normal bullet kills them, even one strike from Emily’s hammer kills it.

Since the progress for hunting the carrots is going rather smoothly, today’s revenue will also be tremendous.

Since it’s going well….I should test out something on these weak enemies.


[Yes desu~]

[For now just follow my lead, if one were to appear just attack it immediately.]

[I got it~]

Emily did not further inquire any details, and seriously nodded.

I understand that she completely trust my words, it sort of made me happy.

After wandering for a while, a Drowsy Slime suddenly spawned on the ground in front of us.

The distance is roughly 15 meter, Emily then rushed towards it with her huge hammer.

After closing in to about 5 meters she jumped up and flew towards it, positioning her hammer to strike downwards.

I loaded the bullet and aimed at it.

While sharpening my nerves, I pulled the trigger.

The bullet went right in the middle of the Drowsy Slime.

A magic formation was formed when it hit the Drowsy Slime, and the Slime froze from within to it’s entire body.

It became twice it’s size and formed into ice chunks.

Emily who did not waver, not even her movement falter and continued striking her hammer downwards.


The strike was so strong that it created a crater from the ground, and the freezed up Slime was smashed to pieces. A carrot was then dropped to the ground.

This could actually work.

While stopping their movements with the Freeze Bullet, then leading up on a powerful attack.

Since I was reminded of a certain pattern from a game, it can also be used here too.

The problem is the effect of this Freeze Bullet.

How strong is the freeze effect on an enemy? What type?

How wide is the area of the freeze effect?

I need to grasp all these first, or not it will be difficult to use it.

Well, I can do it on my spare time, since acquiring the Freeze bullet is relatively easy, after ridiculously getting a sum, I can slowly test it out to my heart’s content.

While thinking about such stuff I pick up the carrot, Emily looked at me with those bright eyes.

[Yoda-san that’s amazing! What was that just now?]

[Just as you saw, when I shoot at the enemy it turns into ice. Since I only have a limited amount I can’t fire it constantly.]

[But still, that’s amazing!]

I guess the Freeze Bullet combo is a success.

Thereafter, we barely carried that huge amount, which is around 20k Piro worth of carrot outside the dungeon.

As we arrived the first floor, we heard something from outside.

Apparently, it’s raining heavily outside.

While raindrops was hitting me, even within the dungeon the rain together with a strong wind was blowing us.

Boom! Goro goro goro…… (TLN: Thunder SFX)

[It’s raining rather heavily.]

[This is amazing, it looked as if a bucket was tipped over.]

[We can’t go back at this rate nodesu.]

[I guess we have to wait in the dungeon…..Ah]

I’m currently looking at the abundance of carrots that we are carrying.

[Are these carrots gonna be alright?]

[Yes desu~]

Recently, Emily who is always with me understood my worries, and answered accordingly.

[Rogue monsters will only appear when nobody is around it nodesu. If we are always beside it then there will be no problem nodesu~]

[I see. If it’s like this then it’s fine.]

After confirming the safety I sat on the ground. I readied my gun, just in case a Slime pop outta nowhere.

While in this post, I looked outside.

It is really pouring hard outside, the dented ground looked as though a river is flowing there, it reminded me of a typhoon.

[With this rain pouring, it wouldn’t be impossible that somewhere a building has collapsed from this.]

[During big rains like this, houses might collapsed nodesu.]

[Our house should be fine right, that aged old apartment.]

[No problem nanodesu. Even if it were to collapsed, since Nazaroth town is nearby, it is a town near Shikuro where you can get cheap building material nanodesu~]

[Un? Ah I see, since Nazaroth has a lot of dungeons that drops building materials, and they are near too so sending it here is cheap and easy.]

[Yes desu~]

(TLN: I guess Nazaroth is a parody of Nazareth IRL?)

I see.

I’m starting to understand this world as time goes by.

Everything is drop in dungeons—Drops as in products for this world, and human lives around this concept.

This is the kind of logic in this world, I gradually gotten more used to it.






In the end, the rain poured till the next morning.

The moment the sun risen, we carried the carrots and head to the streets, and already somebody is making a fuss.

The noise came from 2 person, a middle age man and a young man.

You can tell right away that the middle-aged man is rich with his gaudy clothes and sparkling(bling bling) ring and necklace on his body, and the young man looks to be a normal adventurer.

The two seems to be quarrelling near a cliff.

Since I was curious about it, I went near them to listen.

[What’s wrong?]

[A baggage incident has occurred, from yesterday’s rain] the young adventurer replied.

[Baggage accident?]

An unfamiliar word has risen, I then look to my side where Emily was and sought an answer from her as it was a natural thing to do.

[Shikuro is an agricultural city where all 5 dungeons produces vegetable, since they are other things that this city lacks, we import them from other countries nodesu.]

[Un, you said so too yesterday.]

[During transportation, incident might occur nodesu. And to put the baggage incident in simpler terms, the luggage might have dropped somewhere or have flown away, or even go missing nodesu.]

[Drop? Ah you mean dropping down from this cliff.]

I now understand why these two are quarreling beside the cliff.

I nodded, then look below at a place near us

It is quite a cliff, below the cliff is 20 meters deep, I then saw a figure of a magic cart.

[Is that where the baggage dropped?]

[It’s because of yesterday’s rain.]

[I see.]

I was relieved.

I’m glad that we stayed inside the dungeon last night.

If we forced ourselves to head back, we would’ve been like them where their baggage were blown away by the wind.

Even if they used a magic cart it still fell down, it would be even worse for us as we are carrying it.

Un, it was the right choice to not force ourselves to head home—.

[Wait, below this cliff, and at that distance!?]

[Yes desu. As time goes on, the items will be left astray.]

[I see!]

As I was thinking about it, I noticed the trouble that’s going to happen..

When I look back at the cliff, there’s nobody below the cliff, what’s more the distance is about 20 meters deep.

If this goes on, those baggage will turn into rogue monsters.

[But, but, even if it is outside we should at least aid them.]

[I see, since it’s outside, it won’t immediately come out to hurt us, even if it becomes one we can just quickly exterminate it.]

Though the luggage cannot be saved, at least no human would be harm in the process.

Is, what I thought when.

[That is, that’s a Femini.]

[Femini?] (TLN: What? ?????)

Emily shook her head. She doesn’t know?

Looking at the guy, he naturally said.

[It’s a type of monster. It is invisible and there’s no form, you can only catch a glimpse of it when it attacks you.]

It might be made out of gas, or even a spirit.

[Even though the attack power is average, but the troublesome thing about it is it can posses a human and make it it’s breeding ground. Regardless whether you’re a guy or girl, when you finally notice it, you will have already become pregnant with a lot of it.]


I feel sick.

Why are they even talking about this, isn’t this kind of a bad talk.

[That’s the reason why before a rogue monster can be materialized, it is better to exterminate it before it happens.]

The young man then look at the rich man.

[Don’t joke around! Do you know how much are those worth? Even the normal cost is worth around 3 Million Piro.]

[But, if we don’t burn it before then, the rogue monsters will start—]

[Stop thinking about such useless thoughts and come help me think of a way to pull that up.]

[It’s no use! Look! It is being stuck onto a weird rock, what’s more it’s already so deep within. It is literally impossible to pull it back up. You might as well just get rid of it at once.]

Both of them lamented.

Because it will be troublesome if the items were to become rogue monsters so the adventure-looking guy recommend to burn it all away, since the loss would be huge, the rich man wanted to find a way to get it back.

Though I understand both parties concern, but I support in burning them away.

Before some difficult-to-deal with monsters appear in huge amount, we should—

It was too late.

[For now—Uwaaaa!]

The rich man suddenly shouted, while looking up at the sky he trembled, and white foam is gushing out from his mouth.

It looks as though something or someone is surrounding them.


The young adventurer was holding something on his hand, a fire arrow—attack magic was released.

The arrow was released.

With an extremely fast speed, the rich man dodged it.

That is not a movement from a typical guy, he must’ve been manipulated.

[Don’t moveeeee!] the guy let out a scream.

I quickly take out my gun and started shooting.

Since the movement is too fast I missed.

The rich man who is being manipulated, is way faster than the Cockroach Slime!

I hurriedly reloaded my gun, and continued firing without thinking.

After shooting at it with all my might, I wasted around 20 bullets, and finally the monster fell down.

The rogue monster dropped bullets on the ground, though there’s no time in picking it up now.

The scared young man and I were looking at the cliff below.

Something is beginning to break from inside the magic cart, something is coming.

[St, stop it….that is of high quality….]

[You still have the strength to say stuff like this—Ugh!]

This time the young man shouted.

Without thinking I took my gun and fired.

For now just keep shooting—as I continued firing around the guy.

After shooting at it, some sort of thread was cut off from the guy and a weird shape has fallen to the ground.

Bullets dropped, thus the monster was defeated.

I don’t know whether the young man is dead or not, but I do not have the luxury of checking him.

While looking beneath the cliff, far away I saw those monsters.

The magic cart, a huge amount of it has come out from the baggage.

[Run away Emily!]

I shouted at her as I reloaded my gun.

Because I was reminded of that conversation about being a seed bed, I shouted.

I pointed the muzzle below, and pulled the trigger.


Before pulling it I remembered something.

I took out the bullet from the gun, and loaded it with another bullet.

Even though I wanted to use it for some experiment but—there’s no choice!

I then fired the loaded Freeze bullet.

I shot the Freeze bullet at the huge baggage that is turning into rogue monsters inside the magic cart.

Afterwards, a huge chunk of ice was formed.

At the heart of the magic cart, a 10 meters in diameter huge ice was formed.

In it was a half-transparent monsters, a huge number of Femini was trapped within.

It looks like a huge jelly smudge in it.


Emily jumped up!

Jumping towards the 20 meter deep cliff, she hold onto her hammer and swing it down with all her might!


With the gravitational acceleration plus the mass of the huge hammer, Emily strike down the magic cart together with the Femini and it was broken into pieces.


I looked down the cliff, beside the monster which drops nothing and vanishes.

[I properly did it~]

Emily had a huge smile floating on her face.

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