Guy who did not get transported to another world: Chapter 9 – The reward is ramen

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Yato who is currently listening to the conversation of the terrorist in the classroom, retreated because of the serious talk that is going on in the classroom.

(Uwaa, What is with this serious atmosphere.)

I’m glad I did not actually went there. If I was there with the Terrorist, a fight might break out. I’m also really bad with serious atmospheres.

While thinking out loud alone, the smart phone that was inside my pant’s pocket rang.

Taking out my smart phone, the display writes <Ishida Tetsuji> . Ah, it’s the old man.

After knowing who’s on the other side of the call, I pressed the answer button and placed the smart phone near my ear.


?Yo it’s me. I just reached the entrance of your school.?

[I know. I can see you from up here.]

As I was saying I looked to the direction of the Patrol Car.

I can clearly see the old man behind holding onto his phone.

?What? Where are you right now??

[The rooftop.]

After answering him, the old man looked up towards the rooftop, there our eyes met.

I should wave back. When looking at him I shook my hand signalling that’s me.

For some reason he smiled bitterly. I wonder why.

?You, how can you be so calm in this situation….Well whatever. Moreover, who’s that cute girl beside you? Yo girlfriend??

[She’s my friend. Who are you to say in this kind of situation too. Moreover, how’s it going over at your side?]

To not further talk about Kamaishi-san because it’s troublesome, I changed the topic by asking the old man instead.

?Ah, even though we are currently negotiating with the Terrorist, apparently their aim is to guarantee an escape helicopter from us. If we don’t bring it within the next 3 hours they will choose a hostage and kill.?

I see, the terrorist wants an escape helicopter eh. No wonder they aim for a school with plenty of people in it.

[I see. Then, how are you gonna deal with this situation?]

As I was asking him, the old man suddenly clicked his tongue in a rude manner.

?Well, the only thing we can do is to drag the time of negotiation, becausewe are currently dispatching our secret unit over here but, since the terrorist are a renowned group, it might be difficult to deploy them as we do not know how many are there and where their location is currently.?

As he was saying it, I caught sight of the old man looking at me, clearly knowing that I understood what he meant and was irritated.

?Ah~, isn’t there someone who could help. If only we knew the number of enemies and their location, we can defeat them once and for all.?

[Oi, wait a minute you.] (TLN: In a way he’s trying to swear at the detective)

What is this old man hoping for when saying these kinds of things. Who would accept such meddlesome job. What’s more, even if you ask I won’t accept, okay.

[I’m saying this in advance, I won’t do it.]

?Eeh, isn’t it okay? You can use your Borrowed Power to defeat them~?

What is this old man trying to do coercing a student with sweet words. It’s disgusting. And when the old man was mentioning about the Borrowed Power, he was clearly saying about my Skill.

To be honest, when I was having trouble dealing with the police officers last year, something happened where the old man saw me using my Skill.

At first, I wanted to use a Memory Loss skill on him but after he saw my Skill, his reaction was.

[What’s that? A magic trick?]

Was what happened. Honestly, I was afraid of what to do but I was surprised by his unexpected reaction instead.

Later on I told him in exchange for keeping my Skill a secret, it became that I would occasionally help him out.

Thus the reason why I have connections with the police, and it is quite convenient too. Just by giving information about some wanted criminal in exchange of keeping my Skill a secret, I say this is a Win-Win situation.

?Hey? It’s fine right? You can just use your power to defeat them. As though it’s already the course of action.?

But because of this, recently this old man has been getting a little overboard. At this rate, he will order me to do more things.

Who does he think I am? A God? Even if it’s me, it won’t be as easy as he think. No, it’s impossible for me.

[If I don’t wanna do it, I won’t do it.. I don’t work for free.]

?I understand. This time I will reward you with Ramen. Is that okay??

He finally lured me using his trump card. What’s more, did he just say that the reward for repelling the Terrorist is Ramen?

Even if it’s this, it’s going too far.

?Just a reminder but it’s not just any Ramen. It will be that famous ramen that is recently showing on TV call <Men Men> .?

I slightly reacted to this old man’s words. <Men Men> eh. It has been constantly broadcasting on TV and I wanted to at least go there once.

[Uun.]I was troubled whether the troublesome thing is worth it for a bowl of ramen.

[…….I will only help release the hostage.]

?Really!? [That’s great!] ?

[Also I want a soft-boiled egg for my topping, oh and also Gyouza.]

?What!? O, oi even if it’s you it’s too much. I’m also short on cash because my payday haven’t arrived.?

[If you don’t want then that’s fine by me.]

?Ugh, f, fine.?

[Nice. Then I’ll do it. I’ll contact you once I’m done.]

After finishing our talk I close the call.

Ah-, Why did I accept such meddlesome things.

[Kamiya-kun, who were you talking to on the phone?]

Kamaishi who heard me talking over the phone asked me.

Ah, shit. I just realized that Kamaishi-san was beside me the whole time. Now then, what should I tell(lie) her.

[Ah-….I was being ask to do something. I’m sorry but I have to go now. In the meantime, Kamaishi-san should wait here.]

After saying so I stood up and went into the school building.

[Eh, wait!? Kamiya-kun!?]

By the time Kamaishi-san tried to stop me while opening the door, I was already gone. I’m sorry Kamaishi-san but I’m already running towards the school building.

[Well then, shall we do it, for Ramen’s sake.]

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?Protagonist-Kun & ?Harem · 1st May 2017 at 6:23 PM

Naruto would gladly turn gay for this ramen lover XD.

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