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I wonder why it’s so hard to translate this chapter’s title.

My editor finally did something!

Today, I am in the store crowded with adventurers, talking to Elza about the situation that had happened just now.

[Didn’t you know about it? If you leave a drop item into a secluded place for a period of time, rogue monsters will be created right at that spot.]

[Ah, sorry….]

Since I’m still new to this world’s logic, I apologize to Elza who is stating something that is obvious to everyone.

[That means, a rogue monster is something man-made?]

[Yeah, that’s what happens. Though there are some exceptions.]

[Exceptions as in?]

[Let’s say if a storm is coming, then all the items would fly away.]

[Ah-…..I see, I see…..]

So this could also result in accidentally creating a rogue monster.

In conclusion, if you obtained a drop from a monster in a dungeon, and accidentally left it secluded in some place for a period of time, then it will return into the original monster.

[Even inside the dungeon?]

[Yeap, even in the dungeon~]

[Is that so.]

I am currently processing the information that I’ve just heard.

If that is the case—.

[Uhm, Ryouta-san. If it’s alright with you, let’s go out together this evening and have di-dinner! I, I know of a restaurant that serves delicious fo–]

[Thank you Elza! I’ll come back later!]

After realizing something I immediately want to test out my theory, thus, with an excited feeling I flew out of the store.

If what I’m thinking is feasible then—, I was so excited that it completely block my surrounding vision.


In the shop where Ryouta has rushed off, a colleague of Elza came near to her while looking at the entrance door.

[Too bad, you just got dumped~]

[It’s not like I’ve been dumped~ It’s just that Ryouta-san has some important business to attend to that’s all, hmph~]

[Ahaha, you’re sulking~]

[I’m not sulking! Ryouta-san is just living his life to it’s fullest that’s all!]

[Wow~, Thanks for the feast~ Ah, welcome~]

(TLN: Elza is using a slang where she says -damon at every end of her speech.)

Though Elza is somewhat incisive, yet she is still so compassionate.

It can clearly be seen in her eyes.


After hunting down the Drowsy Slimes at Teruru’s second floor and getting it’s dropped carrot, I went back up to the first floor.

The reason why I don’t hunt pumpkin is, because I want to prevent another accident from happening again.

As expected going again for a third time is kind of—, I wonder why when I am getting pumpkins, Emily’s eye looks as though it became hollow.

Thus carrot it is.

As long as it’s something, carrot or pumpkin, or even bean sprouts is okay for me.

The reason being, I want to intentionally create a rogue monster.

Because if I defeat a rogue monster, I can get a drop that isn’t in this world.

That time when I defeated the Gorilla, I’d gotten a gun, and the other time when I’d defeated the Cockroach Slime, I got a bunch of bullets.

Since bullets are consumable, I need a way to replenish them.

Thus, I want to deliberately create a rogue monster so I can replenish my consumables.

While thinking so, I brought the carrot to a secluded area and left it there, and hide at a spot where I can see.

Well, what will happen?

So, I waited for a while.

[I lo~ve carrots~]

[I’ve caught you instead huh!]

(TLN: She’s using her slang again)

Eve who appeared out of nowhere, is now picking up the carrot that’s on the ground and started eating it.

With her teeth out while looking like a hamster, she is chewing on the carrot.

[Why are you eating it!]

[Oh, it’s low level~]

[Stop calling me by that name! Forget about that, why are you eating that carrot!]

[Because there’s carrot laying there~]

[Ah I understand, I’m sorry for not realizing sooner that I would end up catching you instead.]

[Don’t mind~ Can I eat the carrot now?]

[Don’t eat it!]

[I’m not handing it over though]

[You’re not giving it back?!]

[This carrot is already mine. Even if heaven and earth were to turn upside down, I will absolutely not hand this over!]

[This is the first time I heard such long remark from you, wait are you even okay with that!]

The satisfied bunny girl Eve is now munching on the carrot.

Her proud bunny ears are twitching.

[Haaa, I’m glad that I hunted more.]

I readied the carrot and left it on the ground.

Twitch, Eve’s ear jumped up.

She’s staring hard at the carrot, she’s even drooling!

[Wait a minute, can you please stop that.]

[But carrots—]

[I get it already I’ll give it to you afterwards.]

I readied another carrot and hand it over to Eve.

Eve is now looking at the carrot that she’s holding while looking at the carrot that is on the ground while comparing them.

[There’s carrot there, and there’s carrot here.]

[Are you kidding me….Oh right, why not just take these carrots over to Emily]


[If it’s her, she can make some wonderful dishes with it.]

[Carrots….Emily… A god has been born.]

[That’s what you’re thinking?!]

While not minding my retorts, she took the carrots and walked away.

Fuuh, I somehow managed dealing with her.

Once again I look at the carrots and think about it.

I somehow was able to dug a hole on the ground, and placed the carrot in it.

Afterwards I walked away, once I’m far away from a distance I looked at the hole.

After that, I waited there patiently for 30 minutes.

It’s a failure huh—-was what I thought when…


There, a Slime was born from the ground.

It’s the Drowsy Slime that is living in Teruru Dungeon’s second floor.

[I was waiting for you—!]

I took out my gun, and aim at the Drowsy Slime.

Somehow it seems as though the Slime was about to cry, as I was imagining things I pulled the trigger.

Pan! Pon!

After shooting at the Drowsy Slime, 10 bullets dropped!

[I did it!]

Without thinking I let out my voice.

My experiment was a success. With this, I can create a rogue monster anytime I want, and safely replenish my supply which does not exist in this world.

This was a huge step.

I thought that it would be a pain that I would have to wait for another chance to fight a rogue monster that drops nothing, but with this new method I’m glad it worked out.

[Hm? Wait a minute….drop nothing….?]

In my head, an idea pop up.


Nihonium, second floor.

I head shot a zombie that tried to surprise attack me.

It’s head was blown away, and a seed dropped.

Picking up the seed, my strength was up by one.

The zombie is also a monster that [Drops nothing].

Even though this world’s human gets no drop from these monsters, when I defeated it I get a seed drop.

It’s the same as the rogue monsters.

That’s when something came to mind.

What if the zombie becomes a rogue monster?

That’s why I came to Nihonium, but this is troubling.

The drop item which is the seed, when I pick it up it automatically disappears.

I can’t bring the item outside of the dungeon and simply create a rogue monster, because when picking up this seed it automatically gives the effect and disappears.

I then went back up to the first floor.

While searching for it, I saw a Skeleton.

Because it’s all bones, there are only a few parts which can be aimed, thus I calmed down and, use the gun and defeated it.

The seed dropped.

——Max HP up by 0.

A troubling result has occurred.

Since my max HP has already been up to S, I thought maybe if I pick up the seed it would work but, even after picking it, it ups by 0, as expected the seed still disappears.

It seems that I can’t just bring out the seed willy nilly.

I guess it’s impossible eh….I thought if a monster who doesn’t drop item becomes a rogue monster, something interesting might happen.

There’s no choice. Not everything can go accordingly to my plan.

Since I’d even replenish my bullets, I guess it’s about time to head back to Teruru to earn more money.

As I thought so, I leave Nihonium.

As I was reaching the exit, I was thinking stuff like even after picking up the seed my HP won’t go up to SS or something.

The wall collapsed(again), and a Skeleton surprise attack me.

[You too! These monsters also love doing surprise attacks!]

I hold onto the skeleton and kicked it.

The skeleton flew in the air continuously, till it went outside of the dungeon.

[Oh shit, It will become a rogue monster—wait?]

The skeleton vanished into thin air.

After reaching outside the dungeon for just a second, it became a fog and vanished.

What is going on? While I hold my head.






Teruru, and now Nihonium.

After experimenting these 2 dungeons, I’ve finally discovered a simple theory.

All of the monsters, can only live at their current floor.

Since they cannot willingly step into a different floor, and if they were to be blown to a different floor they would immediately vanish.

Since rogue monsters are created because of an item drop being left outside, normally if monsters were to leave they would immediately vanish.

Even going through different floors, or going out from the first floor, all of them will become like so.






NIhonium, first floor.

I am currently waiting near the entrance of the dungeon.

Standing there, staring for the whole time.

I’ve been waiting there for almost an hour, and finally from the ground a Skeleton appeared, I who was waiting was surprised by it.


I grab hold of the Skeleton’s bony head, and tossed it outside.

And when the skeleton was reaching the entrance I took out my gun and shot it.

While sharpening my nerve, in that one second, I shot at it’s bone part.

The bullet hit the Skeleton and it broke into pieces.

And then—


1 bullet dropped!

Originally a monster who doesn’t drop anything, no wait, originally there shouldn’t be any drop from outside the dungeon!

An item has dropped.

I picked it up, and load it into my gun.

I’m fairly certain, that this is a different kind of bullet.

Outside the dungeon, I aimed at a tree, and pulled the trigger.

The bullet hit the tree, and in the middle of it a magical formation enlarged.

Immediately after, the tree became a big ice block.

Freeze bullet…..a magical bullet.

In my head, the word naturally? floats up into my head.

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