Level 1 Guy: Chapter 10 – The Popcorn and That Black Thing

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Hello everyone~ sorry for the late post as I’m fairly busy as usual… Also, sorry for putting a lot of TLN notes as this chapter requires quite a few to understand.

Well anyways, please enjoy another relaxing chapter brought to you by Shiro~

When morning came, I’m currently heading to Nihonium Dungeon.

After waking up in the morning, I have a faint gleeful smile on my face…..For some reason I was reminiscing about my past.

Previously, it’s more of the moment before my memory was interrupted.

At that time, many days ago, my health wasn’t in good shape. As time goes by, I felt more and more dizzy, by the time I realized what has happened to my body, it was already too late. Even so, I still consume energy drink and continued working.

On that morning, I was also working like mad, I was working so late till the point of overworking and I genuinely did not realize that, but I continued working because I still have lots of work to do till the last train has long pass. Suddenly, my eyes went blurry and became full white and I felt light headed and knocked out on my desk—.

—The next moment the slime has drop something!

Somehow, looking back at it, it must be confusing as to what I’m saying right now. I’m so confused that I thought [Am I still in that dream?].

As I think about it I gradually get further away from the answer, thus I decided not to think about it completely.

As all these was happening, I was inside Nihonium Dungeon.

Somehow in front of my eyes, I was checking my status on the Know-It-All Board.


Level 1/1
Strength C
Endurance F
Intelligence F
Mentality F
Speed F
Dexterity F
Luck F



Even though my level is still the same at 1, but because of the seeds I’d hunted my power is gradually increasing.

As I went in, I pumped myself by saying “I’ll do my best again-”. Afterwards I went into the limestone cave-like dungeon to proceed onward to the second floor.

I immediately encountered a Zombie.

The zombie was as per usual, It groaned while charging towards me.

From yesterday’s Gorilla—I took out the item that was being dropped by that rogue monster where this world’s people have said that [They don’t drop stuff].


An explosion sound could be heard from my ears, and a whiff of gunpowder smoke can be smelled, my hands were also shaking for a while and soon became slightly numb.

At that moment—The zombie’s head was blown to smithereens.

The item that I was holding on my right hand, is an Automatic Gun which doesn’t belong in this world. (TLN: Automatic gun as in a handgun)

The Gorilla from before was the one who dropped the gun and a huge chunk of ammo for it.

Today, while hunting for the seeds, I went and test it out.

With one shot to the head, the zombie’s head splattered and died on the spot, leaving a seed on that ground.

When I pick up the seed, my strength was up by 1, and I continued searching for more zombies.

Then, I saw a zombie in a distance. It’s around 20 meters away from me.

I positioned the gun and fired it….I missed and instead grazed it’s shoulder. (TLN: I found this relevant XD)

I shot the zombie a second time, this time I confirmed a headshot on it’s head after aiming at it.

With this I’ve already killed 2 zombies, if I get used to it I might be able to hunt even faster than before.

As for the seeds—–.


As I was heading my way towards picking up the seeds, suddenly the wall beside me collapsed, in it appeared a zombie.

The zombie suddenly pulled a surprise attack on me, I tried to open my mouth to say something but bit it instead.


While trying to forcefully get it away from me, I kicked on it’s abdomen.

The zombie’s body got bend into a ‘<’ shape, and flew as if being hit by a truck.

Even after kicking it it’s not dead yet!? I then hold the gun at once——

[Ugh–, Ooo-….]

[From behind too! Damn it!]

I was surrounded by a different zombie from behind and it push me down to the ground against my will.

I positioned my gun, this time I pulled the trigger.

Pan! Pan!

I shot the zombie who was on my foot and the one who was kicked away by me, both shots flew into it’s head.

I panicked for a moment, but managed to handle it.

I picked up the 2 seeds, and my strength was increased by two, afterwards I continued walking around the dungeon.

While trying to get a hang of using the gun, on this past few days I tried to combine it while fighting the zombies which then let’s my body get used to the feeling of it.

Before afternoon arrives, I managed to up my strength to B.






In order to join with Emily, I decided to leave Nihonium and head to Teruru.

Because of the convenience of the gun, I’ve gotten much more powerful.

At first I don’t know if this would be effective on this world’s monster and was worried about it, but with the speed of these lead bullets while using the gun, it might be plenty effective against them.

The dungeon monsters are certainly tough to hunt, especially ever since my bamboo spear was broken in half, I was wondering what I should do about it, but now with this I won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Though the problem is getting bullets.

Yesterday, the Gorilla that dropped the gun together with its ammunition was totalled up to be around 200 rounds.

If I was living a normal life, this amount would be a lot to me, but honestly speaking, I’ve already fired 50 shots just this morning.

If this goes on I won’t have enough, I need to find a way to replenish it.

[……As I thought, it must be the rogue monster.] Somehow I thought so.

What’s more, I seem to have understand the rule to this system.

Everyone have said that no drop could be obtained from Nihonium but I got it to drop seeds, the rogue monster which everyone avoid fighting it because it does not drop anything too has dropped a gun and bullets from my world.

Both of them had the same keywords, which is [No drops].

The rogue monster……They are monsters who leave their dungeon and attack the city.

It’s safer that they don’t come out of the dungeon but…..I’m expecting it to happen again, because of this.


Teruru’s second floor, we are currently waiting for someone.

[She’s not coming nodesu.]

[Ain’t coming huh.]

While teaming up with Emily, we are currently fighting against the Drowsy Slime, while getting the dropped carrots.

We wanted to give those drops to Eve, but the person isn’t here today.

We’ve waited for a long time but she’s not here yet, Emily had a worried expression.

[Did something happen to her?]

[The person might have something to do, coming here everyday is also pushing the limit.]

[Yes desu~]

[Let’s take the carrots and bring it to her, perhaps when we returned home and open the door, there’s a possibility that she might be in there…..Or not.]

After saying so, I imagined about it and became uneasy.

After heading home, the carrot loving Eve might just break into our home and wait there…..

For some reason, I can picture it becoming a reality, I’m really afraid that it might happen.

While preparing my heart for it, I put the carrots inside my backpack.

[Well then, let’s go down another floor today.]

[Are we going nodesu?]

[Ah, since I gain a new weapon, and what’s more my strength has increased from C to B. Our combat power has also increased, so I thought why not let’s try tackling it today.]

[Yes desu~]

While speaking happily, Emily followed me together.

Even though Emily is small but is carrying a huge hammer, and she’s a Power Type where she can’t lose to a Gorilla, but when she isn’t fighting, it feels as though she is a little bit of an airhead/pure.

Just being together with her calms people down, that’s how I feel about her characteristics.

With that person, we venture down to floor 3.

[Emily, have you ever come down here before?]

[Nope desu. I only know the names of the monster and what it drops.]

[Heh, so what is it?]

[The monster is called Cockroach Slime, the drop is a pumpkin nanodesu.]

A slime again……Wait what does she mean by Kokuro? (TLN: The word Kokuro might either be saying it’s a black slime OR it’s a insect like slime which is similar to a cockroach? NSFW)

I kinda understand why it’s pumpkin. Be it the bean sprouts or the carrots, it seems that this normal dungeon will certainly drop these vegetables.

This world’s everything is produce from the dungeon, and the dungeon that produce these things seem to be normal.

As I was thinking that a Gorilla in a dungeon, when defeated drops a head size tuna, it’s drop is kind of normal isn’t it.

Thus I concluded that the pumpkin that is the drop on this floor is also normal.

If it’s a normal pumpkin then…..

I accidentally glanced at Emily.

The ever smiling small size girl, who made the house warm, also the girl who makes dishes which warms the soul and the heart.

Un, if it’s her she can do it.

I’m sort of anticipating it.

While walking around for a while, we met a Cockroach Slime.

…..The shape is certainly a slime. Though the only difference is it’s size is super small, the body is glowing in blacklights.

What’s more, the movement of this slime is different from the first two-floor where they would bounce around, but instead it’s on the ground crawling—- While making a rustling sound as it’s moving.


The atmosphere around us stiffens.

When looking at my side, Emily is looking at the black light that is emitting from the slime.

Her expression is—-Smiling, it remained intact.

But, something’s off.




[Let’s kill it desu~]

[You’re kinda freaking me out Emily-san!!!]

While maintaining that smiling expression, Emily took out her hammer.

With her usual small body with that huge hammer combo, but this time it’s somewhat scary.

It’s sending chills down my spine.

Emily then hold the hammer and charged forward!

This is a first! This is the first time I’ve seen Emily-san charging first towards a slime!


While Emily was swinging her hammer down, the ground was shaking.

[Eh, Emily-, I wonder if it’s necessary to do such things…]

[What are you saying Yoda-san~]

Emily turned and face me, while having a delightful expression.

[If we don’t do this much, more tragedy might occur~]

[Ha, hahi]

My voice was turned inside out.

This is weird, even though Emily is showing a gentle expression but for some reason it seems to be scary, I can even see something like a scene of carnage from behind her? (TLN: Author maybe wanted to convey this?}

This floor is bad, we have to go back up.

As I was thinking so the place I was standing, the hammer that was swung down to the ground, there was a rustling sound under it.

The Cockroach Slime slipped off.

[It slipped off nodesu…..]

[That’s enough Emily, let’s head back…]


[Wh, what is it?]

[Even if you were to hate me, please don’t hate the drop.]

[I don’t hate you so, before I start to hate it please stop!]


With even more spirit, she swung the hammer down.

To be exact she swung it down onto the Cockroach Slime, and the dungeon shook once more.


The hammer jumped up, from the place where there was a slime that was the size of a black array, a basketball size pumpkin appeared before it.

And Emily’s mood has returned.

I was glad that before anything worse can happen she defeated it.

[Emily, let’s go back up. I feel like hunting carrots today.]

[Yes desu~]

Emily let’s go of the hammer, and went to pick up the pumpkin.

Afterwards, we immediately hurried back to the stairs where we came from.

But why, why did that small slime drop such big pumpkin?

At that moment when it’s dropping the item, it looks as if a popcorn was being burst.

Since it did not drop a black array, it was kind of funny looking at that.

What did I bring upon myself.

Rustle, rustle, rustle.

Rustle, rustle, rustle.

Rustle, rustle, rustle, rustle, rustle, rustle—

The moment when we come back to the stairs leading to the upper floor, a massive amount of Cockroach Slime has appeared.

After counting it, it seems there’s around 30 of them.

Such a sight is in front of us.



[I, I might not be able to return to the people anymore.]

[Wait a minute, don’t be rash! Leave it to me! Please leave this to me!]

To Emily whose mood has changed again, I forcibly said so.

I won’t let her do that!


I positioned my gun, and aimed at the slimes.

Pan! Pan! Pan!

At that moment, I’ve gotten even more concentrated than ever before.

Pan! Pan! Pan!

I rapidly fired my gun, what’s more with my sharp and focused concentration, one shot one kill, with the quickest way of slaughtering the slimes.

I was completely mad, while shooting at the middle of all of the slimes.


I stroked my chest, and I felt that Emily from behind me has also returned to her usual mood again.

And, immediately afterwards.

Pon, pon, pon, pon ,pon ,pon ,pon ,pon—.

Many pumpkin was dropped from the slimes. The scene is like watching a bunch of popcorn bursting one after the another.

What’s more—-since cause my Drop rate is S, the size was bigger than Emily’s, a size of a balance ball pumpkin was appearing at one shot. (TLN: Balance ball as in exercise ball/ medicine ball)

The burst pumpkins (popcorn) were, in an instant the road—-the only road to go back up was blocked completely.

Despite killing all the slimes in an instance, the irony was that in return the Cockroach slime has confined us on the third floor.

During that time, while imitating someone who loves carrots, I chop the mountain of pumpkins in half before finding Eve, and also desperately tried to sooth Emily down.

Teruru’s third floor, I swore to myself to never ever bring Emily down here again.

Update 1: apparently I’ve been mistaken with the slime monster, and will change it’s name~ Thanks again commentors for helping me :3 P.S: I freaking hate cockroaches.

Update 2: The word ?? is that in this case thanks to a comment helping me decipher this meaning

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