Level 1 Guy: Chapter 9 – The guy who protects the city

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It seems that someone doesn’t like me monologuing some parts in the novel. Oh well~

The trio left.

The elderly man clicked his tongue while glaring at me dreadfully. The other two felt like they were being pulled by their hair by the elderly man.

Eve also came back here.

Although the one who created the awful mood was her, it doesn’t seem that she realized it herself, even strolling back here at her own pace.

This is the person who is working for me and Emily.

After defeating the Teruru’s second floor Drowsy Slime, she goes and collects the carrot that are dropped on the ground.

Together with Emily, we formed a party like those in a game and hunt together to increase the efficiency.

As a result, because we were faster than usual, we make another round trip to make up for the remainder of our promised time.

The amount was so much that we needed two person to barely carry it back.

Thus today’s revenue turned out to be 20k Piro.


[Now that I think about it, you still haven’t gotten a magic cart yet right?]

At the usual shop, when we were trading off our loots in exchange for money, Elza casually mention about such things.

[Magic cart?]

[It’s quite popular and it’s a must have thing though?]

While Elza was saying, I looked around at the other customers.

Now that she’s mentioned about it, most of the adventurers are pushing some sort of cart-like thing.

Moreover, wasn’t the trio gang pulling something similar too?

So I guess it’s a magic cart that most people own.

Though I have no idea what’s so magical about it.

[Why is it a necessity?]

[The magic cart has quite a few convenient functions in it. First off, you can store up to twice of what they are holding.]

[Twice of what they have?]

[Yeap, double of what they have.] Elza nodded.

I looked at the cart that is closest towards me.

The cart is as big as those in Home Center.

There’s already so many things stuff in it, and you can put up to double that amount?

That sure is convenient.

[What’s more, there’s an anti-theft function where only the owner of the cart can take out stuff from within, there’s also a damage prevention function for when monsters are attacking your cart, and also things like not feeling the weight of the drops that you put inside. There are other types too, where you can manually set it at the options menu, that’s the gist of it.]

[All of them are useful function for the sake of diving into a dungeon.]

[Yeap, that’s the reason why I said it’s a necessity~]

No wonder.

If there’s functions like these then it is a must.

More like, I really want it.

Yesterday and today too, since I have to carry a huge amount of loots, I have to waste time carrying it while exploring within the time limit.

If I don’t have to worry about the loot, I can continue adventuring further into the dungeon and earn more income.

While simulating it inside my head, I convinced myself that it is a [necessity] to have it.

[Where can I get my hands on this?]

[There are Cart Shops inside the city, you can have a look there~]

[Alright, thanks~]

After saying goodbye to Elza, I went out of the store.

Basking in the sunset, Emily was waiting for me.

[Thanks for waiting~]

[Thank you for your hard work nanodesu~]

[Can I do something before heading home? I want to look at some magic carts.]

[Yoda-san, do you want to buy a magic cart?]

[Since I’ve heard that it’s quite useful. Has Emily ever used a magic cart before?]

[Only once. When I was venturing into the dungeon with a gang, they were using it.]

[Heh, how was it like?]

[They have a very luxurious car. The party that I was in, everyone had a high drop rate.]

[There’s such a thing!?]

[There seems to be such option too. Though it’s really expensive~]

[Ah, now that you mention about it, how does one operate the option?]

While walking together with Emily, I thought about it.

If that’s the case I want it even more, the magic cart that is.

After hearing from it from various people, there must be other options besides these.

[As expected this has many great effects for adventurers.]

[Yes desu. Though they are some items that are there just for fun, There are a lot of items that help aid adventurers in carrying their drops. Since this world’s products all comes from dungeons.]

[I see.]

The more I hear about it, the more I wants it.

After being intrigued by it, I observed at various people who are walking past us.

One I get interested in something, I will start investigating it constantly.

There are certainly a lot of adventurers pulling and pushing their magical carts around.

There are pets inside being pushed, even people who are sitting on it while driving it.

Truly, there are many types.

Un, I want it now.


I now fully understand those who want to get something that they truly want but can’t.

[Cheer, cheer up nodesu~]

To the me who is dropping down with my shoulders on the ground (ORZ), Emily is comforting me.

Because, the range of these prices are of a million to two million Piros.

Things like detecting monsters or checking your status, these options piling up one after the other increasing the price, if one wants to get the latest model with full specs, the price is easily over 10 million Piro.

Brutally speaking, the prices are the same as when buying a car.

[Uhm, there, there are second-hand ones too nodesu.]

[Secondhand huh…….But there seems to be a catch when getting a secondhand.]

[Etto, that’s right. As a matter of fact, the items that are in it will gradually decrease as you use it nodesu. Occasionally, the items that you put in might be devoured too.]

[What a scary second-hand goods.]

[But, but, it’s true that it’s super cheap~ It won’t even be as high as 100 thousand Piro.]

No matter how cheap it is, if there is a problem with it then there’s no point.

This really is like buying a car.

[Well, I guess I have to slowly save up and buy it.]

[Yes desu~]

To be honest, there’s something I wanted from it.

When hearing it from Elza, and also from the Magic Cart shop’s owner.

It is the option to share your Drop Rate with your party.

If one doesn’t have this function, then you would have to rely on your team that has a higher drop rate to deal the finishing blow, but with this option in the magic cart, everyone can fight and defeat the monsters without worrying about the drop rate.

Especially since I have all my drop rates at [S] where nobody has, that’s the reason why I wanted this option so badly.

Although, this is still a fairly new option.

Not only not being able to afford an expensive magic cart, the option itself is plenty expensive too.

Even if I were to get the most basic magic cart and have this option in it, the price is easily over 100 thousand Piro.

Even though it’s good, but obtaining something like that is impossible right now.

Well, once I’ve gotten strong enough, I can just explore deeper into the dungeon and get more expensive drops to sell it—Let’s wait for that moment to come.

When thinking about it, I regained my mood back.

Thus, I wanted to head home with Emily.

Back to the place which Emily revamped, a warm and gentle home.

As soon as I thought about it, I became excited.

I want to hurriedly go home and laze around and relax at the warm home.

Was what I thought.

[A rogue monster has appeared-]

The citizens became noisy.

A squeal and a roaring sound could be heard from the sky, the people are panicking.

When looking at it closely, the people are running away from the sound.

I then ask Emily about it.

[What is this rogue monster?]

[For some reason, sometimes they are monsters who came out from the dungeon. Those monsters who left their dungeons are even more fierce than the ones inside, it will also randomly attack people.]

[Isn’t this bad then—–wait, why are the adventures escaping too?]

[Since killing the rogue monster won’t gain you any drops, thus they are people who run away from a battle that won’t profit them. What’s more monster’s only drops item in a dungeon nodesu.]


Are these stupid stories for real?

Because there aren’t any item being drop thus they don’t want to fight it?

As I was looking at the people who are escaping.

I saw a house broken down at a distance.

Over there, a huge Gorilla was there.

There’s a gorilla in front of the house.

[Let’s go Emily]

[—–! Okay!]

Me and Emily ran towards that direction.

As we run against the flow of the crowd, we arrived at the site.

There, a monster was there with a number of buildings collapsed.

When the huge gorilla was within distant view—–Two?!

This is bad, there’s two of them.

How do we fight that, as I was figuring out.


[Formation • Smart Reca, let’s do this.] (TLN: ?????}

[There’s nothing like that though!]


Opposite our side, a team of 4 appeared, they then attack one of the gorilla.

[That is….]

[Eve nanodesu.]

One of them was Eve, with her friends (?) that I’d encountered before was there.

The four of them attacked the gorilla together.

[Amazing……All of them, are strong.]

[More than that! We should also fight it!]

[—–! Yes desu]

While Eve’s team is handling that one, we went towards the other gorilla.

While trying to thrust it, the gorilla came to my direction and hit—-smack me with his hammer-like arms towards me.

[Yoda-san !]

I took the full blow.

The attack was so intense that the blow spread to the ground cracking and made my feet sink into the ground.

[I’m alright! It’s time for our counterattack!]

[Yes desu!]

Together with Emily, we fiercely fought with the gorilla.

Even if the gorilla was alone, it was already this strong.

With just a pound on the ground, that power was like grabbing a collapsed building and tossing it.

We fought with our full strength, if we were to lose, we will get even more tremendous injuries.

While thinking so, I do not want to lose even more now.

With all our might, we fought with the gorilla.

While I’m taking all the damage, Emily uses her huge hammer to follow-up an attack on the gorilla while restraining it.

Sometimes I would also strike at it.

With doing this consecutively, we somehow managed to defeat the groilla.

The huge body collapsed to the ground and the ground shook.

[Phew, we somehow won.]

[Thanks to you nodesu~]

[Are you alright?]

[Yes desu~]

Since I was the one receiving the attack, Emily did not receive any injuries.

I was relieved.

While sighing in relieve, Eve and the gang came to our direction.

[I, I don’t agree with you. If this thing was in the dungeon, defeating one would only drop a head size tuna.]

[Still it does not match the size, the tuna that is.]

[Of course I know about it if it’s something like that. Though it’s better than not dropping anything at all.]

Eve and the gang were talking about the past when they defeated a gorilla, while the gang are cursing at each other, Eve was there minding her own business.

It looks like no one was seriously hurt, it also seems like they had an easy victory compare to us.

They’re strong, as I thought.

As I was thinking such things, cheers were echoing around our surroundings, many people were praising and thanking us.

It seems that the people who were escaping from the gorilla came back and is now thanking us.

Hearing them thanking us for helping them, it felt quite good.

[Yo, yoda-san, let’s quickly go back.]

I don’t know whether she’s not used to being praised, Emily urged me to quickly head back. That’s cute.

Well, it’s true that I don’t want to be involved with something this troublesome. Let’s head home quickly, I want to rest at my warm home.

As I was thinking of heading back.

I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now.

The rogue gorilla has dropped something!

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lygarx · 8th April 2017 at 2:50 PM

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mono is monster

    lygarx · 8th April 2017 at 2:50 PM

    you never gave the japanese characters so I can’t be sure. But, from my experience that is what it is.

      lygarx · 8th April 2017 at 2:52 PM

      Hagure can also mean stray as in a stray monster is on the loose. like someone’s monster started rampaging and getting other players involved.

        kkinji · 8th April 2017 at 3:48 PM

        edited it to ‘rogue monster’, i think that fits the word best? Considered ‘stray monster’ but that name is pretty obvious haha

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My deppest gratitude translator-sama, iyaaa, Shiro-sama and team ??

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Although the one who created the awful mood was her, it doesn’t seem that she realized it herself, even strolling back here at her own pace.

This is the person who is working for me and Emily.



Eve also stood up and walked away.
She was the person who worsened the mood, but she did not notice it at all and walked off at her own pace while munching on carrot.

The remaining Emily and me also moved.

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