Level 1 guy Chapter 7 – Meeting a Celebrity

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After picking up the seed, my strength was upped by 1.
Thereupon, I faced towards where Eve’s sound was heard

I can almost completely see the figure of Eve hiding.

Probably forgetting to hide herself, she is currently staring at me in an obvious place.

What is it? So sudden.

When gazing at Eve, as if just noticing me looking at her, she hides back at the same exact location.

[It’s already too late. Moreover, your ears aren’t kept hidden you know.]


Her bunny ears stood up, and hardened in place.

Oioi, are you even trying to hide your ears?

As if thinking about it, Eve came out of her hiding spot and head towards me.

While staring at me begrudgingly, Eve suddenly chopped me on the head.


It didn’t hurt like last time.

Is she trying to hide her embarrassment I wonder?

[This, what’s this?]


[The drop just now.]


Well then, what should I tell her?

Coincidentally, judging by the cumulated information that I’ve got throughout my research, it is safe to say that the only one capable of getting the drop is me with a drop rate of All S.

I’m worried as to how to convey this to her.

In my many experience, people who says things like [If it’s you] or [Only you] are untrustworthy. On the contrary, it causes more problems than help. (TLN: He says only you referring to a guy and if it’s you referring to a girl)

This magical word is often used in my company, but it only reeks of fraud. If it were to be exposed, than many problems would definitely occur.

This is the one thing I won’t use. Even if it’s the truth.

Well then, what should I do.

Hmm, Eve is currently staring at me intently.





[Don’t actually say it.]


Again she continued staring at me.

Is this what I think it is, those kinds of pattern where if I don’t utter a word, the cycle would never end.

Seems like there’s no other way, I’ll have to—–.

[Carrots. Not yet?]

[You’re concern about that!? What about the talk that we’re having just now?]

[If I don’t have my carrot.]

[If, if you don’t eat them…..]


Will something bad occur?

[My eyes would turn red.]

[What a rabbit-like thing eh!]

[That’s the gist.]

[Isn’t it due to you opening your eyes widely that it’s being congested!]

[Dead or Carrots.] (TLN: She actually said it in English but using hiragana XD)

[Is this even something to be concern over your life for!?}


I’m tired from retorting too much.

Well that’s fine, since the talk about the seed drop has been slipped away due to the flow of the conversation.

But this sure is taking a toll on me.

[I’ll get your carrots during noon. I’ll promise to head to Teruru Dungeon after noon comes. So just wait patiently for now.]


[For real.]


As if being convinced, Eve finally walked away.

At first, I thought that she was going to hide again from me but, I’ve confirmed that she actually went away this time.

If there’s carrots then it’s…..fine?


During the entire morning, I’d gotten my strength from F to D after hunting in Nihonium Dungeon’s second floor. Right after that, I went to Teruru dungeon’s second floor and hunted for carrots at the same pace as just now.

Due to my strength being increased, I felt that defeating the Drowsy Slimes were easier.

Despite losing my weapon, the efficiency of defeating them rose dramastically compared to yesterday.

The carrot drops also increased significantly compared to yesterday’s drop. The amount was absurd to the point that it was relatively difficult to carry all of them.


When I finally arrived at the store, Eve was already there waiting patiently.

The store was crowded with buyers, only Eve was sitting there looking conspicuously.

With the surrounding looking at a pair of bunny ears and wearing a bunny suit, nobody even went close to her as if she was empty like space.

As I was wondering why I went close while carrying the carrots, the crowds are being noisy.

[Who is that brat.]

[I don’t know, a new no name guy perhaps?]

[Being ignorant can be scary eh, he’s actually getting close to that Killing-Rabbit.]

What’s going on? As I got closer to Eve and started talking to her.

[Yay, carrots~]

As I took out the carrots and hold it out to her, the surrounding crowds became even more noisy.

[What an idiot, using carrots.]

[Does he know what he’s doing? Doesn’t he know who she is?]

[Such a pity, the boy’s head is gonna turn into pomegranate.]

Again with this noise. Seriously, what is wrong with them.

As I was thinking about it, Eve used hand-chop on me.

[What’s your problem, even though I’ve given you carrots.]

[Low level, hate it.]

[It’s about that huh, well it can’t be help I guess.]

Since my level can never be up.

Wait a minute, I wonder about that though. Since I’ve found a HP and Strength up seed in Nihonium’s dungeon. It might even be possible for the following floors below to drop level-up seeds. (TLN: Foreshadowing? XD)

Well, there’s still a long way when that time comes. When that happens, I’ll just say I’m lucky with it~

While thinking about it, Eve started rubbing on the carrot.

With both her hands holding it, she started rapidly chewing on it. (TLN: Nom Nom~)

She looks like a hamster or a squirrel, while using their buck teeth to chew on the food.

I was eager to take my smart phone and take a picture of it and post it on twitter—-wait no, more like taking a video of this adorable phenomenon.

[How’s it?]

[I lo~ve carrot~] (TLN: One of her slangs again ;))

[Is that so.]

I was glad for her—–as I thought so.

[Wh, what the!?]

[That Eve?]

[The so call Carrot Junkie—-is receiving someone else’s carrots!?]

They were noisy again, though this time it was subtly a different kind of noise.

The noise just a moment ago were noises of amazed and sympathy, but this time it was just pure amazement.

Seriously, what the hell is going on.

As I have absolutely no idea what they are rambling about, I went ahead and took the remaining carrots and brought it to the counter to sell it.

The open counters—-Since Elza’s counter seems to be open, I went towards her counter.

[Greetings, I’ll be in your care again for today.]

[Ryo,Ryouta-san. Who is that?]

[Who do you mean?]

[Do you know that person?]

[That person?]

I followed Elza’s line of sights and, she was looking directly at Eve.

Eve is still chewing her carrot.

[Oh you meant Eve? More of actually knowing her, it’s more like we’re being stuck together while she’s using me.]

[Being stuck together!?]

[Sorry, that’s wrong of me for putting it like that. There are indeed no such things happening between us. It’s more of me being nostalgic of feeding carrots to it.]

I was wondering if this is the right thing to say, the Eve who is now eating the carrot in a cute matter, it is the correct way of saying it.

Feeding the carrots really is a nostalgic feeling.

Un, that sounds about right.

As I thought that that was the right thing to say, the surrounding crowds have gotten even noisier, even Elza looked at me with an unbelievable expression.

[What’s wrong?]

[Wait, wait just a moment.]

While hurrying, she went back for a moment,

While the crowds are being noisy, I waited for her.

What did I say that made them so noisy.

Elza finally returned. Her expression has also loosen up a bit to normal.

[Thank you for waiting, I’ve confirm the following amount.]

[Confirming as in?]

[These carrots, I will buy it with double the actual price.]

[Eeeeeeeeh!? Double!? Did she just say double~~~!?]

Seriously, what is going on right now.

[What’s wrong.]

[No, it’s alright……ah]

As I turned around, Eve was standing there.

Even after she’s finished her carrots, she looked at me as if wanting more, as she was looking at the remaining carrots that I was about to sell.

[Is this the reason?]

As Elza nodded several times.


Eve – Kalce Leader. (TLN: I have no idea how to translate her second name ?????????? >W< sorry, this was what I’d got)

With her bunny ears and bunny suit being her trademark. She is an adventurer

Although her ultimate skill, Excalibur sounds cute, but due to her hitting someone in a second with her explosive damage, it has gotten fairly famous.

It was rumoured that her power can even split a mountain in half.

On the other hand, she was famous for being called a carrot sommelier.

Of all the 5 dungeons in Shikuro, there are 7 floors that have carrot drops, especially Bismuth’s 19th floor carrots, the way of defeating the monsters has been ingrained by the girl. Though there is scarcity in value for the carrot.

Her favorite lines are [Carrots or alive], and since she has been fed by someone with a disgusting carrot, many sacrifices were made.


[I don’t know how to say this but? I have too much informations to keep.]

[A carrot that is being approved by Eve is rare.]

[I guess I have to thank her for it.]

After selling of the carrots, the total was 15k Piro.

This double amount was more than yesterday’s because of her.

[Instead of saying thanks, I want carrot.]

[Uo! Where did you suddenly appear from.]

[Where, isn’t it between your crotch?]

[Are you a child! Instead of saying it in such places, can’t you say it normally.]

[Whatever it is, I want carrots.]



[I have plans for today, I have to go.]

The one I’m having plans with is obviously with Emily since I’ve promised her. Thus I will obliged.

[You’re leaving?]



[No showing that face. I am done working for today.]

[………No matter what?]

[No matter what.]


[I’m fine with being selfish.]

[Low level, I hate it.]

I was chopped

[This and that has nothing to do with it.]


Eve stick her tongue out, and walked out the store angrily.

As the girl left the store, at the exact moment, the store’s atmosphere has also relaxed.

Oioi, are y’all really that tense.

Well whatever.

I regained my composure, and said goodbye to Elza.

As per the usual time, should I bring back a souvenir for Emily.

[Please tell me who is the producer of this wonderful bean sprout!]

There seems to be nuisance happening inside the store, I don’t feel like being involved with, thus I quickly fled the scene.

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