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[Etto…….What are you doing here anyways?]



The Bunny Girl then took out a carrot and shoved it to me.


[A carrot? Why a carrot?]

[It’s Yoda-san’s carrot~]


From the back came Emily’s voice.

My carrot?

I looked closely at the carrot that was being shoved to me.

Now that you mention, isn’t this similar to the one which I sold to Elza, Teruru second floor’s carrot drop?

After looking at it, I still can’t confirm it. Though Emily reminded me that it was indeed from me.


[I see?]

[The smell and colour confirms it nanodesu. It’s Yoda-san’s carrot nanodesu~]

[Yoda’s carrot] the Bunny Girl murmured to herself.


[Why does it sound like some sort of brand name?]

(TLN: Get your yoda carrot for the price of $0.99~)

[There are things like that too.]

[What do you mean by that?]

[There are people who specialize in hunting unique monsters only. Those people who don’t produce their own item would then tag their names on the drop and sell it to others.]


Aah, that I understand.

I’ve seen people who put their names on their products.


Even though I understood it——I looked at the Bunny Girl.


Bringing a carrot that I’ve brought back to sell it off, what is it suppose to mean?


[I lo~ve~ carrots.] (TLN: She’s speaking in a slang daisyuki~)


[Bunny, lo~ves carrots.]


As if satisfied with her words, she nodded several times.

Afterwards, I noticed something.

The Bunny Girl’s head has a pair of bunny ears attached to it, it looks to be the real deal.

When she was saying [I ro~ve carrots] her ears were twitching violently.

It’s as though her actions are of a child getting their favorite toy, as her bunny ears are moving in conjunction.

The girl who was wearing a Bunny Girl costume turns out to be a real bunny eh…..

I still have much to learn in this world.






At our home, the Bunny Girl who called herself Eve is now standing beside Emily whilst staring at her cooking.


[First, peel of the carrot like so. After peeling it, slice it thinly.]


[Yes desu~ It has become carrot noodles~ Then, you take it and boil it for around 10 seconds, while briskly controlling the fire.]


[Now we take the carrot leaves, and fry it together with the meat for a while. If the taste is not enough, we can add in some potato starch to thicken the flavor.]

[Gravy sauce……?]

[And finally, taking the previously boiled carrot noodle and mixing it together–Ta-da! Three coloured carrot soba topped with sticky sauce is completed~] (TLN: If you don’t understand it, look at this~)



The Bunny Girl’s eyes are sparkling.

It’s shining so brightly that her eyes seemed to change into a star shape.

Of course I understand her feelings. Emily’s cooking skills are like a work of a magic trick.

Afterwards, the three of us ate together.

Carrot soba, though at first it looks a bit unsafe to eat it, but as I slurped it, I immediately gobble down the entire bowl in a blink of an eye.

There are no bad odor smell coming from the carrot, what’s more it leaves a sweet aftertaste when chewing it.

Even after the fire was gone, the shining feeling still remains. The soba reminded me of the cup noodle that I used to eat call Barikata Ramen(TLN: Most likely it’s this~) where it has a springy and soft texture to it.

Maybe because of the way the potato starch sauce together with the carrot was made, it blended really well with the noodles. A whole gentle feeling has tickled my taste buds spreading my entire body.


Topping it with happiness, my body is also being wrapped around with it.


[This is really good !]

[I’m glad it is to your liking~]

[This isn’t the level of just matching my taste, this is delish, absolutely delicious! This can even be sold in a restaurant!]

[980 Piro a bowl.]

[Such realistic setting! Wait no, words can’t describe this magnificent taste]


As Eve and I were analyzing it, we praised the food accordingly.

Maybe because we praised her too much, Emily had an extremely embarrassed look on her face to the point that she can’t eat.

Looking at her portion, Eve looks as if she wants to eat it.



[Ah, you want to eat this?]

[Want to eat~] 


Emily gave her portion to her.

Eve had a delightful expression while eating the food happily.


[Is it okay?]

[Yes, since she’s enjoying it, I’m happy~]

[I see]


While looking at Eve who’s enjoying her meal.

Meeting at her at the dungeon, what’s more visiting us abruptly.

Even though I thought of her as a weird child, unexpectedly she has a cute side.

While realizing that I was staring at her, Eve’s face suddenly turned red.


[Low level, hate it.]

[Don’t say it so naturally and no chop to the head okay.]


As I warned her, even though Eve had an unsatisfied expression on her face, she still finish cleaning up Emily’s dish. Finally, she placed her hands together in a prayer while saying [Thanks for the food].






The following day, I departed to Nihonium Dungeon.

Considering that I’ve already graduated from the first floor getting my HP to S, while anticipating it, I went ahead to the second floor.

Not even a mile after walking around the second floor, I’ve encountered a monster.

The second floor’s monster is a bone-like human figure.

Clothed in bones, while holding a club-like bone on it’s hand.]


[As per my information, it’s a eh.]


Since Nihonium Dungeon has been thoroughly explored by humans, I have obtained some information about it.

The names and characteristics of the monsters are being shared and published as well as the drop contents by the Adventurers who first encountered it.

As per the information of the bone-y monster, I’ve encountered a Skeleton.

It’s good that I’ve encountered it…..but.




I feel like I’m being watched intensely.

From behind, I can feel someone is watching me intensely.

While looking back, poking out from a shadow, a pair of ears can be seen.

The twitching bunny ears. It’s Eve.


[Hey, what are you doing there.]



No answer, only a pair of bunny ears can be seen.

I don’t know whether she’s really trying to hide, or she’s just trolling me. It’s difficult to judge.

While thinking about it, the skeleton charged at me.

It swung the bone downwards making a “Buooon!” tearing sound.

As just realizing what was going on, I couldn’t dodge it in time.

Thus, I took the bamboo spear and blocked it.

Bakii, Meki~meki!

The bamboo spear which I received from Emily has been broken in half.


[Shit, my weapon was—-]



While thinking what to do next, Eve suddenly appeared before me.

Even though she was hiding behind me just a moment ago, she has now appeared before me.

While cutting in between me and the skeleton, she dropped her hand-chop heading towards the skeleton.

The skeleton then turned into dust.


[Why has your chop turned it into dust!]


I retort back.

With just one vertical strike from Eve’s chop, it wasn’t split to half, but instead just turned to dust.

The monster who turned to a lump of white dust, vanished there and then.


[What did you just do?]

[I chopped it a hundred times in a second.]

[Then how did it got slice to pieces!]

[I did the same thing with the carrot people.]

[You hit it a hundred times too !?]

[To be exact it’s 101 times.]

[Such small difference! It’s just adding one more !]

While retorting back, Eve come close to me and looked at me.

[What’s more important is, coming here is a no no.]

[Eh? Wh, why…..]

[Over here, there’s no carrot drops.]

[It’s about that huh!]


For a moment I thought there’s some bad news venturing ahead, but it had nothing to do with Nihonium’s second floor whatsoever.

Eve was actually thinking about the carrots instead.


[Are you trying to say that there’s nothing here and you want me to go back to Teruru’s second floor?]

[Let’s head back to the carrot people to get carrots.]

[Your speech is weird!]

[I want to eat carrots~]

[Normally one would just buy it from a store.]

[I want to eat the carrot you have.]


With those teary eyes, she looked up from below me.

Her face has an [Uu~] expression.

That behaviour itself is adorable but, [I want to eat the carrot you have] sounded so wrong as I thought to myself.

Making the [Uu~] expression a double meaning to it. (TLN:  ( ?° ?? ?°) )

I don’t wanna know about both of it, especially the former.

In order to not misunderstand.


[I, I understand. I’ll head there later.]


[Yes, later.]



Seemingly convinced, Eve reluctantly accepted my words and walked away. Was what I thought but she stood there, and walked back towards me.


[Why, you need anything else—Ouch.]

I got karate-chopped in the head.

[Low level, hate it.]

[You purposely walk back just to hit me!]

[I really hate it.]

[You seriously hate it huh!]


As if her mood went down after chopping me, this time, Eve finally walked away.

Afterwards, I found my broken bamboo spear.

Although I lost a weapon, but I still went back wanting to defeat at least a single skeleton.

Since my HP is S, I should be alright.

I walked around the dungeon.

After a minute has passed, a skeleton appeared.

While preparing mentally, I head to the skeleton’s direction.

I then punch it with my bare hands.

Even though I’ve been punching it’s bones several times, it doesn’t seem to hurt. Since I think it’s alright, I’ll dodge it’s attack and punch it.

After punching it for god knows how long, the skeleton was beaten up pretty badly.

After being beaten up into a pulp, it falls down, vanished—-and a seed dropped.

Only having the same shape as the previous floor, the colour itself is different this time.

As such I picked it up.

—Strength up by 1 point

Was what’s heard from a mysterious voice.




It seems as a bunny girl’s voice was heard.

Hasn’t she left already?

After words. Anyone has any recommendations on how I should translate the bunny girl, I mean Eve’s slang? Or should I just keep it as it is and just add a bracket to indicate she’s using a slang now?

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Dark Jackel · 6th April 2017 at 3:52 AM

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    Atanaxia · 6th April 2017 at 2:39 PM

    Top Definition

    Plot Convenience

    plot convenience is a method of story-telling that forces unlikely events to take place because the story calls for it.
    In the anime dragonball, Goku as a child transforms into a great ape twice within a year, the first was when they were trapped in 3 foot “special steel” thick cube prizon with tempered glass up on top, the full moon is out, and after he transforms he has his tail cut off.

    plot convenience kicks in during the final round of the world martial arts tournament, Goku’s tail grows back during his fight with Monster Beast Giran, and the full moon just happens to be out during the final fight. In other words plot convenience happens when coincidences must take place in order for the plot to advance.

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[As per my information, it’s a eh.] —a what?

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Eve first appeared in chapter 3

Grassfedbutter · 14th July 2020 at 8:10 PM

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In order to not misunderstand.” should be,

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