Guy who did not get transported to another world Chapter 8 – Whatever the time is, I will always be sleeping

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Update: just to be clear this is just for fun and y’all don’t have to post it on any websites( especially novel updates) as someone else has already claimed this. I’m just doing it for fun and for those who can’t wait for the official translator to release theirs XD

Hey everyone~ Look who’s back with another chapter for today XD Btw, this MC reminds me a lot about this anime called Tanaka-kun Wa Itsumo Kedaruge.

Some backstory, I actually translated this chapter halfway previously but because I was suddenly being asked to delete my post, I stopped it. Since I’m restarting back this series might as well do one chapter to keep it entertained right?

BTW this is the first time my editor edited it for me XD Thanks Kkinji >W<

Without any further ado, please enjoy then~~

[Eh, What was that sound?]

At the sudden event that is happening, Kamaishi-san was confused.

Oioi, are those people really coming.

Really, what are the odds of this happening.

I am cursing at what has happened right now.

[Hey, Kamiya-kun, What was that just now……..]

[Sounds like gunshots.]

[Ee!? Gunshot….but why?……]

[I’m afraid it might be the terrorist group that was on the news this morning.]

[Te,terrorist !?]

Kamaishi-san was surprised at what I’ve just said.

[Why, why are they here…..]

[Beats me. All I can say is, what terrible luck we have.]

[I, I can’t believe it…..]

Honestly speaking, we were really unlucky.

Is it because of my Skill that all of these is happening right now?

Then what, does this kind of thing happen if someone were to hold the Skill?

If that were to be the case then, I might as well throw this skill away. I rather have the luxury of sleeping right now.

[Wh, what should we do? Kamiya-kun]

[For now let’s just stay put. If we are lucky, they might not come to the rooftop at all.]

After saying so, I lean my back towards the bench and started closing my eyes.

[Eh, what are you doing Kamiya-kun?]

[Since we are free for now, I thought of sleeping.]

[You’re gonna sleep!?]

My actions have shocked Kamaishi-san

I mean it is true that we can’t do anything for now, so the best choice was to sleep. Wait a minute, before that lemme learn that skill first.

While thinking so, I imagine myself conscious of my surroundings for several tens of second.

“Skill, has been learned.’

This is perfect. If I have this then I can sleep without worries. After that, I activated skill and went to sleep.

[Wait, wait a minute! Please don’t fall asleep! I beg of you! I can’t do this by myself!!]

While I was gradually falling asleep, Kamaishi-san was frantically shaking my body to wake me up.

So noisy. Even though we don’t have to worry because I have Awareness skill on.

Well, since I cannot tell her that.

Since I was being attack by Kamaishi-san, I had no choice but to wake up. Following that, a lot of screams could be heard from below the ground.

Looking at it closely, they are lot’s of students running around while screaming.

[Eh, what’s going on? Why is everyone….]

[Maybe because the terrorist have narrowed the hostage’s range, the student’s have no choice but to run towards one direction.]

[The,then let’s hurry and go too!]

After saying, Kamaishi-san went to the door and hurriedly opened it, while I waited there.

[I wouldn’t recommend on going now.]

[Eh, why is that so?]

[If we were to head down right now and faced with the terrorist, what can we possibly do?]

Especially if Kamaishi-san were to be captured, they would lock her up in the gym locker and it might become even problematic. (TLN: I tried my best in trying to decipher this >W<) {EDT: Something dirty is go’n happen 😉 )

[That, that certainly is true…..]

[That’s why, instead of risking our lives heading down there now, it is much more safer to stay here and wait.]

[That, that’s true….]

After stating the facts at her, Kamaishi-san, while slouching, walked back towards me. But, what should we do now? I can’t sleep because Kamaishi-san is here currently, and even if I were to wait here it would be boring.

As I was thinking with an “Uu~n” expression, a person came to mind. Of course, at the very least I can contact that person.

As I was thinking so, I took out my smartphone and called.

[Kamiya-kun, who are you calling?]

[Just someone that I know.]

As I was responding to her the called has gone through, what seems to be a grim voice was heard from the other end of the caller.

?Hello?? (TLN: I would prefer to put Moshi moshi, but since I AM translating so I have no choice TwT)

[Yo old man, you free now?]

?I see, it’s you. I am sorry but I am a little busy now. I don’t have time to play along with you. And aren’t you suppose to be in school now??

[I have a reason for this. The reason I called is because currently our school is being attacked by the terrorist which was in the news.]

?What !!! Are you serious !!!!!?

As he heard my explanation, he screamed out loud causing my ear to go “Ki~n”. My ears hurts. Kamaishi-san was also shocked when she heard that scream.

[You’re noisy old man.]

?Ah, sorry. I was a bit shocked. Anyway, is it true? To be honest, I am also having a headache at this situation right now. The terrorist group who came into our country is causing a huge problem for us.?

[I see. If that’s the case, can you come right this instance?]

?Ah, please wait for a moment, I will come right now. Just to be certain, your high school is right? Well then, I will contact you when I’ve reached.?

After that old man said so, he cut the phone line.

This should be fine for now.

[Ne~ Kamiya-kun. Who was that on the phone?]

[A detective that I know.]

[Detective !? Kamiya-kun knows of a detective?]

[Well, in the past lots of things happened.]

The person that I called a moment ago was Ishida Tetsuji. Nicknamed old man. He was the one who came and asked me a lot of question when the transportation of the entire class happened. Even though he has a bit of a strict face and his voice is also grim, he isn’t a bad guy.

[Since I’ve contacted the police, let’s wait and see then.]

[U, un. Let’s do that then.]

Kamaishi-san also agreed to my suggestion, that is to wait for the police to arrive.

While waiting for them, I was curious as to what is happening below us. While using , I searched the surrounding.

As the name implies, is a magic that manipulates space. If one were to be in that space, one can easily do anything in it.

As I am using , what appeared in my head was the armed terrorist holding a gun while frightening the students. (EDT: More like am I right 😉 )

In a classroom, there are currently hostages being taken by the terrorist group. The hostages who were driven to a corner had around 10 boys and girls. The one’s keeping them hostage are 3 terrorist wearing full black while wearing skull masks.

Out of the 3 terrorist, one of them had a huge body, another one had a skinny body, and another is currently sleeping on a bed.

[Aa, It’s so boring. How much longer are we doing this.]

[That’s how it goes. We’ll have to wait till the escape helicopter arrives and also confirm the payment before leaving. Be an adult and wait for a little while longer.]

[But still, waiting here is so damn boring. If there’s a brat here to play with then that’s a different story.]

After saying so the buff dude looked at the frightened students. Naturally, the students were frightened till they’re frozen and their faces turning green.

[Stop it. The boss said not to lay a finger on them. You’ll end up like him.]

The person that he was saying was about a fellow who fired without permission and accidentally shot the hostage’s shoulder and was beaten up pretty badly by the boss. The one that he was mentioning was obviously the guy who has fainted on the bed.

[I und’stand kay. As expected, looking at that, I won’t do anything anymore.]

[Then that’s good.] as the skinny guy was saying, a siren sound could be heard from outside.

[They’ve come.]

[Looks like it.]

[All of you.]

While the two of them were talking amongst themselves, another terrorist came in and interrupted them. The person who walked in was wearing a different mask compared to the two who was wearing a skull mask. Even the atmosphere of that person is different from them.

[Boss, the cops have arrived.]

[I know. Must’ve been those who escaped that called. Let’s start the negotiations now.]

[Hey boss, Once you’ve finish negotiating, can I kill off some of ‘dem cops? I’m bored to death.]

[Hold it in. Don’t randomly kill of an officer. As long as we obtain the helicopter then it’s fine.]

As the boss was talking he looked out the window.

At the outside, various patrol cars were parked, completely surrounding the vicinity.

[Fuu~n, how would Japan’s police handle this, it’s getting interesting.]

As the boss started laughing he turned back and walked away.

[Y’all continue on watching them.]


[Are you kidding. I want to go with you too.]

The skinny guy replied the boss’s words with a firm tone, whereas the buff dude had an unsatisfied opinion.

[Don’t worry about it. Once we’ve escaped using the helicopter, those who are still chasing us, you can do anything to them.] the boss said as he left the class.

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dragons33 · 14th April 2017 at 12:05 PM

Thank you for the chapter.
After doing a comparison, I think I’ll stick with this site. The grammar and sentence structure are better, the wording makes sense, the tenses are good too, and all in all the site gives me a more clean feeling rather than bunched up or messy.

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