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Also thank you to Kiet Nguyen, Vincent A Beard, and Mcgwier Colleen!

Okay, first off, I want to say sorry for those who have read this novel before and did not know why I took it down. That is because I did not know somebody else has already done a translation on it. So, he contacted me immediately and told me to take it down from I reluctantly do so and was sort of sad doing it because I do work hard on putting effort into translating it. Well whatever now you know the summary of it, I will tell you why I put it back onto my blog.

First- Because I am not gonna post it on novelupdates when releasing new chapters on this novel

Second- It is because of the request of one of the commentors named Ghostie~ Thanks for giving me such good response and made me really happy >W<

Third- I actually like this Web Novel and really don’t want it to end it just like that.

Now that you know all about it, even if you don’t agree to what I’m doing, at least the followers will still be going to the other translator since I’m not promoting it or earning anything from it. I will just take my time on doing this chapter as the main one I’m focusing is the current series y’all are coming here to read.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this rant.

Please do enjoy this series and the one I’m currently working on~

TL;DR – Translator is upset someone took his chance on translating a web novel, but decided to do it anyway. 🙂

Highest Patreon Supporter: RegisRagnarok!!!

Also thank you to Kiet Nguyen, Vincent A Beard, and Mcgwier Colleen!


    • Thanks 😆 I’ll do my best to provide more and more better translation and keeping the blog as clean as possible 🙂

  1. I just looked at novel updates, only you chapters are being posted there which means this other guy hasn’t even been approved as a reliable translator by novel updates. Also its still updating you chapters.

    • Wait it’s being updated ? Won’t that be a bad thing >< I'm also not sure what happened to the other translator since I'm currently focusing on the level 1 guy now at the moment 🙂 if you want you can read that~ it's gonna head to a nice arc judging by the later chapter titles ~

      • This is really embarrassing I thought this post was for lv1… I didnt check novel updates for my entire class. Oh well im reading it now and you do good translation, might check the other guys to see who I like better.

  2. I found this somehow when I did a search for the site I usually read this web novel on. All I have to say is that even if it does upset the other guy it’s up to us readers to decide which site we read it on. It all comes down to who does a better job translating, so all either of you has to do is just do a good job and the readers will naturally come to you. Best of luck.

    • Thank you so much for your comment…Even if you don’t know it means a lot to me that someone posted this to me. Thank you so much again…

      • No problem Shiro, never forget that you always have the support of your readers, be through thick or thin, or even if you get the hate comments there’s always some people who’ll support you 🙂

  3. If you start your translation from the beginning and not his latest chapter, I don’t see any problem with you translating this (pooching can be called only if you “steal” his translation, meaning(by example) he translated to chapter 40 and you start your translation from chapter number 41. If you start from chapter 1, no problems;) )

  4. It depends. As far as i know the main methods of having releases posted there is either automatically by being registered by one of their bots that would monitor your site for release tags, or by manually entering of a release by translator (or any user if both the series name and the translator or translating group’s name is registered on the site)

      • You may want to put a reminder each time on top of each chapter for people not to post it to the site since removing tag would only stop the bot method, and does not stop any of your reader (especially the newer ones that happens to find your site from googling the series and don’t see this post) from posting it. Another option is maybe you could try talking with the mods of that site to see if they can prevent the postings of your releases of this series.

        • If you check on the new chapter,i did put a reminder and will continue to do so.. As for the mod, there seems to be a mod who commented and maybe he/she can help me

  5. You may need to monitor novelupdates then cause even if you don’t post the chapter onto novelupdates, anyone (not just translators) on novelupdates can create a release post there if they know you released a chapter and have the link to the release.

    • Yeah~ That’s what I’m planning on doing~ my main focus will still be on Lvl 1 ~ so don’t you worry bout that :3 and also the other one is just a side leisure when I truly want to I will go and translate that XD And once a week~ Maybe~ depends on my mood and schedule too XD

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