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Hello everyone~ another day another chapter I guess 😉

Sorry for delaying for 2 days as I’ve been busy with rushing on assignment which I said I’d do it but did not in the end 😛

So~ I’ve change some stuff on this chapter, Sleepy Slimes is no longer called that and instead is now called <Drowsy Slime> as suggested by one of my friend.  Well that’s about it then.

Well then, please enjoy this chapter~~ It was a rather short one >W<


After having a light nap, I woke up.

When I opened my eyes, an unfamiliar ceiling was present. The feeling of warmth being shone from the ceiling feels as though there’s no ceiling there at all.

It looks like I’m in some kind of cave–Ah, I was exploring the second floor of Teruru Dungeon just a moment ago.

Eh? Then why am I sleeping inside here then?

Suddenly, I heard a squishy sound beside me.

As I was trying to sit up and look at that direction—-Ugh!

Something suddenly hit me, that thing who hit me jumped back and keep a distance from me.

After closely examining it again, it seems to be a slime.

Teruru Dungeon’s inhabiting monster, a Drowsy Slime.


…..So this was what made me fall asleep!


Remembering what happened during battle, I quickly got up from the ground.

Then, I picked up the bamboo spear that was laying at the side of the ground and positioned myself.

How long was I asleep? What the, did it hit me while I was sleeping?

Oh shit, I’m glad I didn’t die.

The slime then flew towards me, I intercepted it with my bamboo spear.

I then violently swung the bamboo spear on the Drowsy Slime.

Slap! The slime quickly changed it’s direction, and bounced back towards me, hitting me.

It was a clean hit on my side! Eh? It doesn’t hurt—-as I was thinking so.




I started losing consciousness, I fell back down to the ground and went back to sleep again.






I woke up again from a light nap—This time I quickly jumped up from the ground.

At the same exact location, the Drowsy Slime continues to hit my body.

I hold onto my bamboo spear, and this time I aimed at it carefully while it flew towards me and pierced it like a skewer.




My palms are sweating.

What a dangerous fight that was.

Teruru Dungeon, Second Floor.

The moment I step foot on this place, a slime suddenly jumped on me, and immediately made me sleep twice in a row, and whilst I was asleep, it beat me up.

It beat me up while I was asleep, if I was in a game, I may even be annihilated. What’s more it made me sleep twice! (TLN: I seriously don’t understand why the Author loves to repeat stuff =w=)

It feels like I was blessed upon after coming to a new floor. Now I understand why Emily did not want to come here yet.

The slime then dropped a carrot.

The size and shape are good, this is an excellent carrot.

While thinking how much it can sell, I picked it up and put it into my bag.


Maybe—-If I’m not mistaken.


It’s might be due to my HP being S from hunting at Nihonium’s first floor that I was alright.

If I have high HP, then even if I were to be beaten up by low-level monsters on these first few floors, not much damage will be taken.

I guess that’s the gist of it.

That’s the reason why I continued to find more slimes.


Drowsy Slime found~


I readied my bamboo spear. The slime flew towards my direction, I swiftly dodged it.

Let’s be more serious this time.

Even if I were to be asleep, I think I can get back up before dying, and hunt down for drops to profit. That was my initial plan when diving onto the second floor of Teruru Dungeon. Though being put to sleep time and time again would ruin this plan.


Dodge it, then strike it.

Dodge it, then stab it.


Even though sometimes I would be put to sleep, I carefully fought it.

The fight is getting dragged longer and longer. Even though it’s already 3 minutes, I still could not manage to defeat it.

Suddenly, something flew towards my direction.

A red like thing flew to the slime landing a direct hit, and the slime lit on fire.

It was burning, then the fire stopped, and it vanished. Then it turned into a carrot.

The one that I saw previously was bigger compare to this small looking carrot—What gives!?

When I frantically turned around, there stood 4 people consisting of guys and girls.

The ratio is 3 guys and 1 girl. Is this a party?


[The hell you doing just standing there for?] (TLN: Punk ass bitch! Sorry, got too emotional XD)

[Since we’ve helped you defeat that Drowsy Slime, you should hurry back upstairs.]

[……Level 1. Warning, being in Teruru’s second floor is dangerous.]

(TLN: For some reason this reminded me of her~)


These people just say what they want to say, while ignoring the carrot that was dropped by the slime, they walked pass me.

After hearing the 3 guys rambling, I head back.

As I was trying to head back to the staircase where I used to come down to the second floor.

What was that just now. I am a little pissed off.

But it’s no use being pissed at them, I should head back and hunt down more Drowsy Slimes.


—-Just as I was thinking so.


[Uwaa, Wh, what is it.]


[You, aren’t you going with them?]


All of a sudden appearing before me, the girl from the party just now scared me.

Her height seems to be around 150 centimeters, a girl that looks like a Bunny Girl. Is she a character who doesn’t speak much? Why is she looking at me like that with those soulless eyes.

(TLN: Kuudere much?)


More like.


[Those ears…..are they moving on its own?]


At first, I thought she was just wearing a typical Bunny Girl dress, but it seems to be an orthodox bunny girl outfit.

Looking at her more closely, it seems the ears aren’t headband, it looks as though it’s the real deal attaching from her head.

(TLN: Huh? Why orthodox tho? I thought he would say something like “A real bunny girl!” Well whatever~ I leave this to your imagination~ 😉 )

What is the meaning of this? I thought about it while questioning it.


[Level 1?]

[Eh? Aaa you’re talking about me? Well, I am indeed level 1. Why, is there a problem?]

[Low-level, hate it.] she said, as she did a chop to my forehead.

Hyun! As a tear sound was heard, my head was hit with a [Pechi~].


It doesn’t hurt but I was puzzled.

What was that chop just now?




The girl also showed a puzzled expression.

While tilting her head, she showed a strange-looking expression.


[Wh, what is it?]



Without saying anything, she walked away!

She turned back, and hurriedly walked away.

Eeeeeh, Wh, what in the world was that just now?

I completely did not understand what was going on just now. Well, since the 4 of them ain’t coming back, I returned to hunting down more Drowsy Slimes.






Since I do not want to worry Emily that much, I stopped for today.

I brought back the carrots that I collected from Teruru’s second floor and went to sell it.

The person in charge seems to be Elza again.


[This is, where did you hunt it?]

[Where? Isn’t it from the second floor’s Drowsy Slimes?]

[Eeeeeeh. Since when did they drop such big carrots?]

[What’s wrong with these carrots?]

[This is amazing~ There’s no smell coming from the carrots, moreover it seems to be really sweet. This can be eaten normally even without dressings.]

[Heh…….Having a high drop rate causes the drops to be of high quality too?]

[Ah, your Vegetation drop rate is high isn’t it? Ryouta-san.]

[Something like that…..Can you guess how much is it?]

[Since this carrot is of this quality….is it B, no wait, it’s the world’s highest level A right?]

[A is the highest?]

[It is. Human’s ability can be calculated from F to A, where A being the highest level.]




It seems to be the same explanation as Emily.

The ability is counted from F to A and A being the highest.

Since Emily is a little bit of an airhead, her explanations were a bit dubious, but since it’s coming from even the normal Elza, then I guess it’s not wrong then.

(TLN: Hey don’t bad mouth Emily!)

I guess my S level does not normally exist.

I wonder why though.

While thinking about it, Elza went to the back with the carrots and came back with the change.

Since the quality and quantity of the carrot is high, today’s income was 8000 Piro.

If I do this for a month then, 8000 X 30, I can get a total of 240K Piro then.

(TLN: K as in thousand~ I’ve shorten it)

Since 1 Piro is almost the same as 1 Yen. If I think about it, it is slightly higher pay than my previous work’s income.

I was sort of happy about it.






I head back to my warm home.

When I opened the door, a person from inside came out and happily hugged me. (TLN: She actually came out with happiness wrapped around her, but i prefer she hugged MC ;))


[Welcome back Yoda-san……What’s wrong? Why are you looking around the house curiously?] Emily curiously said as she asked me.

[Somehow I feel something’s weird. See, even though nothing has changed internally speaking, but somehow I’m feeling this warmth over my entire body when I walk into the room.]

[Is that so nano?]

[Even though I know it’s really clean, but that’s not the case. U~n……]

[Huh…..Whatever it is welcome back nano~]

[Aa, I’m back.]

[Here, a cup of tea for you~]

[Thanks…..Oh, it’s cooling and delicious~]


The tea that Emily took out has become cold.

It’s not ice-cold, nor is it lukewarm.

It’s just at the right temperature of coldness, it truly has touched my body as I’d come home.


Emily, omega good job~


I then gave Emily the carrots that I carried.

I didn’t sell it all and left enough for a portion of 2 to eat.

I gave it to Emily as tonight’s ingredients.

While being happily wrapped by the atmosphere of the room, I wonder what sort of dish would she make, this is exciting me~

Knock Knock.


[Yes~ Who is it?]

[Aa, let me open it.]

[Okay desu~]


To not bother Emily who is cooking right now, I went in her place instead.

When I opened the door, a somewhat familiar face was standing there.


[You are…..from before.]


The one standing there was the Bunny Girl which I’d encounter today during my dungeon hunt.

As soon as the girl saw me, she did a chop on my head.


——Pechi. It doesn’t hurt but, it’s too sudden.


[What are you doing all of a sudden.]

[Low level…..hate it.]

[You didn’t just come here just to say this right.]



The Bunny Girl just stared at me.

With those deadbeat eyes of hers, I have no idea what she’s thinking right now.



[……..] Again she didn’t answer and walked away.


What the hell is wrong with her.


[Yoda-san, who was that?]

[No, that’s my line. Who IS that?]

[Eh? Aa, she’s coming back.]



The Bunny Girl came back, this time dragging a guy.

This guy was just now one of the 4 person in the group.

He was the one who had a shit mouth, the gangster looking face that I will never forget.


[It hurts men, The hell are you doing]

[It’s fine, it will end soon. It doesn’t even hurt.]

[It hurts—–bitch you lied, aren’t we friends!]


The Bunny Girl made the guy stood up, and chopped him.




The guy is bleeding quite severely, the amount is as though a whale is squirting out water from it’s hole.



Emily let out a scream. Well of course she is.

The Bunny Girl then let go of her friend (Are we even friends?) while looking at me as if saying


[Low level, I hate it.]

[A, aah.]



I was chopped, though it doesn’t really hurt that much.


[Level low…..how?]

[What do you mean how……]


It might be due to me being level 1 and my HP is S that’s why it’s like that.


[Strange…..That chopped, if it hit this house, it would be destroyed.]

[And you hit me with that kind of chop!!!!!]

[That’s so strange.]


While talking, the Bunny Girl tilted her head while showing a strange expression.

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