Chapter 4 – A bright and warm home

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Hello everyone~ I swear to god that I’m gonna get my retribution for not sleeping and translating instead =W=

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Well then, please enjoy this happy chapter~

I heartlessly hunted down the zombies.

I’m currently hunting down the zombies in Nihonium’s first floor that the A Rankers half-ass-ly thought that there’s [Nothing to obtain here].


Defeating it will get me a seed, and after picking it up, it melts off on my cold hands and, a notification [Max HP up by 1 point] is heard


The monsters do drop something, what’s more it’s an item that increases your stats permanently. After intuitively realizing, I immediately hunted down the zombies.

And If I hunt down 100 of them―Then my Max HP would increase by 100 points. Such things doubted me, is it true that my status is increasing? That I do not know for sure.

As I was thinking of whether to test my theory.

I frantically searched around the first floor, but because this dungeon was decided that it’s useless, I did not come across any Know-It-All Board.

There’s no choice then, let’s head back to Shikuro―Wait, I should head to Teruru, since they offer the use of Know-It-All Board free of charge.

As I was thinking so, I was heading out to the dungeon but…

While running towards a corner, there appear to be someone there.

There lies a chibi girl while holding onto a huge hammer, it is my roomy Emily~


[What a relieve~ You’re still here, Yoda-san]

[What’s wrong Emily? Coming all the way here.]

[Since night has fallen and Yoda-san hasn’t come back home at all, I came to check and see.]

[Wait, night-time?]

[Yeap, it’s night already.] as Emily nodded.

It’s already nighttime, I didn’t even realize at all.

[Although I have a biological clock in my body that can tell whether it’s the last train……]


[Aah, it’s nothing~]

[Yoda-san is still planning to stay here? If not, then would you come back home with me?]

[Go back now? Why though?]

[Because I’ve made you a bento and was waiting for you~]

[Well then, let’s stop for today. Let’s head back home now~]



When we were heading back home, Emily seemed ecstatic as her face is full of joy right now.





Emily and I are currently heading towards the exit of the dungeon.

We are currently in the first basement of Nihonium. Since we have dived in a little bit deeper, it will take some time for us to get out.

On the way, we encountered a zombie.

It appeared from the ground coming out from the head to its toe.


[Wa−wa−, so this is the monster for this dungeon nanodesu~]

[That’s right…..It seems that this kinds of enemy are easy for you?]

[Ah, that may be true~] she nodded. Emily had an eye that wants to fight.


The zombie’s movement is dull.

As it was coming closer, it made an [Uuー, Aaー] sound while dragging itself.

Basically, the movement is like when grandma and grandpa are strolling around the park. But we can’t let our guard down as they suddenly leaped forward at a fast speed.

Though, it is slower than the Power Type Emily, what’s more Emily has lot’s of strength.

Even if it is a zombie, I’ve got a feeling that she can even pull a preemptive strike on it.


[Should I?]

[Do it~]

(TLN: Oh man, y’all gonna love this~)


Emily then took a stance with her hammer.

Unlike the time when she was fighting with the hoppidy hop slimes where she had to get hit first before hitting it back, the enemy this time doesn’t use that strategy.

Having the upper hand, Emily had her hammer positioned upwards and she swung it down.


Dokon! (Splat!)


As the hammer swing down the ground, a loud sound could be heard accompanied by a sound of meat being splashed.

After lifting up the hammer, the zombie has become something like mince meat.



[Looks like you’re good against these types of enemy~]

[Yeap! But it’s a pity though, the rumours about it dropping nothing is true….]


While dancing at the easy victory, it feels as though Emily was suddenly disappointed by it.

Well if they really drop something then people would’ve already come here and made an income over it.


[As expected, if it’s Emily then nothing would come out.]

[Eh? Isn’t it that everyone can’t get anything out of here?] Emily said so confusingly while scratching her head.


As if trying to explain to her, it seems that a good timing has come where a zombie suddenly appeared. Then, holding onto the bamboo spear, I flew towards its direction.

After killing 100 of them, I’ve already memorized their movement pattern.

As I’ve predicted it, I accurately stabbed it in the head and the seed dropped.


[If I kill it, I gets the loot.]


[Oh yeah, Emily please go and pick it up~]

[Okay desu—Eh? It seems that it just pass right through my hand.]


She tried many times to grab the seed, but was only able to grab air each time.

While looking at me with a troubled expression, I went in her stead and—naturally pick it up.


[How come Yoda-san can naturally pick it up?]

[It seems like it. Has this situation happened before?]

[Nope~ Anything that is being drop is a thing and anyone would be able to pick it up. If not then we can’t sell it~]

[That’s true too]

[Aa, it disappeared~]


——Max HP was raised by 1 point.


[Are there any item that raises your stats?]

[What is that?]

[If you pick this up, your Max HP will go up by one, is what the sound said.]

[I’ve never heard of anything like this before.]

[There isn’t?]

[Yeap. If something like that existed then you would be—extremely rich or you could become a king or even being the world’s strongest person nanodesu]

That’s true.


Long ago when I was playing this game, I’ve used this tactic before. Now that it’s reality, I can use it again.?

If someone were to have a status up item, they could either be filthy rich or become the world’s strongest.

Though I’ve actually used this on a character before, turning a weak character into a strong character while playing.

I’ve always think that if something like that were to exist in real life, then it would certainly break the balance of that world.

And Emily straightforwardly answered it.

If it exists then they can bring in big bucks, those who wants to use it can use it, those who don’t want to use it can use it to sell in the long run.

This kind of item shouldn’t have exist, not until today.

But because it exists, it’s currently in my hands.

I’m the only one who can make that drop appear, and also the only one able to take it…..something like that?


[…….Whether the status did increase, I wanted to check it]

[If you want to check it, remember at the entrance of the cave, there should be a place where you can check it~]

[There was?]

[It’s for people to use it to check their status. Most probably people seemed to have forgotten about it though.]

(TLN: I think when she meant people, it’s for those who aren’t adventurers?)

[I see….] I nodded.


Afterwards, Emily and I went out the dungeon together.

Along the way, there seem to be no zombies nearby and we safely exited the dungeon.

When we exited the dungeon, it’s as Emily had said, it’s already night-time.

Near the entrance of the dungeon, a Know-It-All board was installed there. We went near it and I raised my hands towards it.


Level 1/1
Strength F
Endurance F
Intelligence F
Mentality F
Speed F
Dexterity F
Luck F


[Eeeeee! Even though your level is still the same but your HP has increased!]

[Oh, so it did work after all.]

[Is this because of that just now nano?]

[Aa, this is the result of defeating 101 zombies.]

[That’s amazing. I’ve never heard of anyone not leveling up and still being able to up their stats~]


Emily hopped around me while looking at me with those glittering eyes.





The following morning came, I woke up first thing in the morning.

Yesterday, when Emily came to pick me up, maybe because we went back at the usual time and slept at the usual time, I’ve gotten a good night’s rest.

What’s more, it was also because of the condition of the house.

Before I rented this room, the place reeks of moldy stench. At that time, the only thing I was concerned was to [Stay] at some place fast.

There was also budget problem too.

But now we have a warm, and bright home to stay in.


It wasn’t like last time where I woke up while still feeling exhausted, but now the moment when I’m awake, it fills my chest with peace.

Near the window, I can see a bird.

It was holding onto the window frame.

It’s as if it wants to live inside here too.

The bird looks in as if it’s admiring—Emily’s House.


[Good morning, Yoda-san. Breakfast is ready~]

[Thank you. Oh, it’s omelette rice~]

[Yes desu~]

[Let’s dig in—oh delish!]


The omelette rice that I’ve received was fluffy on the outside, and soft on the inside.

When chewing on the egg, a splash of rich flavour tickled my taste bud. This is happiness built on top of happiness.


[Thank you for the food, it was delish!]

[Is Yoda-san going to Nihonium again?]

[Yeap, that’s the plan~]


If I want to increase my stats, then before maxing it, I would need to dive in again.

Moreover there’s the second floor too. After maxing out my HP I should head towards it. Maybe I can even get another ability up item.

So for today, I might dive into Nihonium for a little while longer.

As I was thinking so, I felt that Emily is looking at me with a troubled expression.


[What’s wrong, having such expression~]

[Uhmm, please don’t do any rash decisions okay~]

[Rash decision?]

[Yoda-san is rash. That’s why you rented this house…..At that time, you had a tired look on your face.]


Aa, something like that has happened before.

Well, since I’m used to it so it’s ok~ay~


[Since you can’t escape from a dungeon, promise me that you would return before night-time. I would be happier if you’d do it too……]

[Eh? What did you say at the end?]

[It’s, it’s nothing. Anyways, I wish that you would not do something impossible.]

[Something impossible…..]


—Even if you were to do overtime, you still don’t have your self-awareness like the rest of society.

(TLN: Confused @.@ 定時ていじ退社たいしゃとか、お前まえ社会しゃかい人じんの自覚じかくが足たりないよな)


I’ve remembered something horrible.

Even if I try to forget about it, it pops out.

As I try to forget about it, I hit my head several times.



[Alright, I promise that I would come back before night!]

[Aa……yes desu!]

[Then, I’m leaving~]

[Please come home safe!]


As Emily sent me off, I left the house.

Then, I told myself to come back home early.





Even though I’ve said that I will come back early, but I didn’t say anything about not doing any rash decisions.

While currently at the first floor of Nihonium, I am defeating the zombies with great speed.

Since I’ve promised to come back home early, I will push myself to do what must be done before night-time approaches.

Instantly kill a zombie when approaching it.

Collecting the seeds while running around.


Afterwards, seeing a zombie and immediately killing it again——


Since I’ve become able to gradually grasped the movement of the zombies, the efficiency of killing them has increased.

And so before the sun sets, I’ve power level my Max HP from C to S.

As promised, I returned home before night and Emily greeted me with a happy expression.

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