Chapter 2 – The Beginning of a New Life

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[If it’s that low, I don’t think you can ever get any drop.]

[Wait, wait a minute, is S really that low?]

[Eh? Doesn’t it start from A B C D…….]


Emily counted again from the start using her fingers.

It’s certainly true that if you go by the sequence of the alphabets, S would be almost at the end of the alphabet and might be even worse.

But, since the day I was born till now, the games that I’ve played during my generation is giving me a different impression of it.

S is clearly higher than A.

To double confirm, I looked at the board again.

Vegetation S
Animal S
Mineral S
Magic S
Special Item S

Is this good, or it’s actually quite bad?

But I’ve got a feeling that it’s the best.

Having all S is rather high spec, I can’t think of any words to say but to admit that I am now a cheat-like character.

Though, Emily thinks it’s bad.

I wonder which one is true.


[Let’s try it.]


I looked around my surroundings. If I were to confirm the drop rate, I would first need to find a monster…….a slime and defeat it.

But in order to achieve that, I first need some sort of weapon.

Even though I know it’s futile, I seriously searched around the vicinity to find for any weapons but, something like a weapon can’t be found that easily right?

Even a stick would be fine……..


[What are you searching around for?]

[I’m trying to find a weapon to defeat the slime because I want to confirm whether the drop rate S is really as you said, the lowest.]

[Then, wanna use mine?] she said as she swung the hammer straight towards me.



The force of the hammer dropping almost made me fall down too..

I tried lifting the hammer up from the ground.

I bend my waist, and clenched my teeth.

Even though I used all my strength, it didn’t even budge at all.


[100 Kilo isn’t something to be carried lightly you know !]

[S, sorry !]


As Emily apologized to me, she took the hammer back with one fell swoop–using one hand too! I trembled while thinking so.

Although on the outer appearance, she seems to be a cute 130 centimeter girl, but when she lifted up a hammer with over a hundred kilo, what’s more with one hand.

Not to mention she used that while spinning too!

After watching something like THAT, my spine froze, while cold sweats are dripping from my back.


[Then, is something like this better?]


As if not realizing my frightened expression, Emily took out a green stick from inside her bag.

Wait, looking at it closely, it doesn’t look like a stick. While standing still, the tip of the stick is sharpened. It’s a bamboo spear.

While receiving it— I’m scared to receive it but, surprisingly it’s a just a regular bamboo.

The weight is just right and the thickness is also just nice to grip it on my hands.


[If it’s this then there’s no problem.]

[A slime has appeared~]


Emily explained the position of the slime.

Inside the underground—-I mean the cave, a slime has appeared since the start.


Pon, Pon, Pon.


While bouncing like a gum ball, it is heading to my direction.

I hold the bamboo spear in position.

Those who attack first wins. While thinking so the slime came flying towards me.

I lowered my back and positioned the bamboo spear in a horizontal direction and push it out as hard as I can.

It seems the bamboo spear has penetrated the slime after hearing a “Tsuburi” sound.

A strange feeling is being conveyed through my hands right now.

The slime who was pierced at the center of its body stopped moving.

Afterwards, it melted from the bamboo spear and fell onto the ground.

Then, the dead body vanished and—-bean sprouts dropped.

Just like something you’d see from a supermarket, it’s an estimate of two kilo worth of bean sprouts !


[Awe, awesome! This is the first time I’ve seen this much drop from a monster.]

[I remember you said that if a drop rate is high then the item would also increase right?]

[That’s right ! The rate and the amount, both will increase.]

[How long will it take for Emily to get this amount?]



A slime appeared from the opposite side.

Emily took her hammer, and positioned it towards the slime.

While enduring the blow of the slime, she waited for the right moment, and whack the slime with her hammer.

Endure it, then attack.

This was Emily’s fighting style from the very moment I’ve met her.



After the slime has vanished from her blow, more bean sprouts appeared.

This time it’s something like when you’re shopping, and there’s a limited time sale where bean sprouts are 30 Yen a bag, becomes to 10 Yen per bag. This was the amount that was being dropped.

Looking at it closely, the gap seems to be 1/10th the amount I had.


[Something like this~]

[That means mine is more. Have you experienced something like this before, Emily?]

[Nope. This kind of drop, even if I were to hunt in Teruru’s first floor for about two years, it would be impossible to get this amount, not even once.]

[I understand…..So that settles it then. That S is higher than A.]

[Why is it that S is higher than A though? It’s weird.]

[You know, it’s that kind of thing~]


To be honest, I do not understand why either.

Even though I don’t know, but it is a fact that S is better than A.

Now that I think about it, besides S there are SS or SSS too.


[……Emily, have you seen anyone with S stats?]

[Nope~ Never even heard of it once. Since A being the best is common sense.]

[I see…..]


Even though I have no proof for now, I think no one has SS or SSS.


Drop rate all S.


For just a moment, I was sweating cold sweat while thinking that how I have to live my life in hell everyday while knowing that I cannot be strong.

But with this, then it’s no problem.

And after relaxing, I became hungry.

Gyurururu— My stomach rang throughout the cave as I was hungry.

Emily glanced at me, it is kind of embarrassing when a girl is in front of me.


[Shall we have a meal then~]


As she smiled at me. It’s as if looking at a mother’s smile when saying.






At the usual spot, we light up a fire and on top of it is a pot with water in it being boiled.


[Even in this cave, there’s water.]


There are puddles of water nearby.


[If nothing drops from a monster then—-For example, if the slime did not drop a bean sprout, then in return, it will drop air and water.]

[Aa, now that you’ve mention it, you said that before.]

[And inside the cave, plenty of it is stored.]

[I see~]


While the water was boiling, Emily skillfully started cooking.


Next, she puts a bunch of bean sprouts into the pot that was dropped by the slimes. She then took out some garlic chives from her bag and tear it to a mouthful size and boil it in another pot.

After waiting for both pots to boil for another 10 seconds, she took off the pot. Then, she use some chili oil and some seasoning as dressing and mix it all together.

Even though she skillfully made the dish, but it seems that some steps were omitted.

Well, since there’s no kitchen in a dungeon, this in itself is fine too, I suppose.


[Here you go~]


As I was being served with bean sprouts, I took a spoonful and put it into my mouth— Delish!

This crunchy feeling coming from the bean sprouts, what’s more, the slight spiciness coming from the chili oil.

The freshness coming from the sweet and spicy taste really matches together.


[This, this can really go well with some sake~]

[Is that so?]

[You don’t drink?]


[I see….]


I then enjoyably munch on the bean sprouts.

Something this delicious, no matter how much there is I can eat it.

During that moment, Emily went ahead and cook a different dish.

She used the huge amount of bean sprouts that we collected and turned it into bean soup.

With the steam rising up, a red and green colour with the white bean sprouts can be seen in it making it a delightful meal.


[Please have this too~]


After receiving it, I drank it in one gulp.

With the taste of the bean sprouts, and the warmness of the soup, this certainly recovers and warmed up my body.

Even my heart is… bliss.

While thinking so….tears starting flowing out.


[E, Eehhhh! Wh, what happened Yoda-san? You’re crying…..Was it not to your liking?]

[No, it’s not like that.] I said while wiping my tears with my hand.

[It’s just that it’s been a really long time since I’ve had such warm and delicious food with someone else.]


Recently……I’ve been eating alone.

When working at a service company day in and day out, I can only eat food bought from the convenience store during my 5 minute break.

Before damaging my body till I have to be sent to the hospital, those were the days I was living in.

While slurping on the bean soup, it certainly is delicious.




Before I could offer my thanks, suddenly, something has covered my vision completely.

Though it’s warm, and soft.

I have no idea what’s going on right now.




Emily’s voice was heard from above my head. I finally realized that I am being hugged by a girl for the first time.

Being hugged by a 130 centimeter tall girl.


[Previously, I’ve heard of this before in church. That is if someone were to work hard then they will be rewarded. Even if they are fast or slow, people who work hard will surely be rewarded.]

[That is—]

[But that isn’t the case.]


Emily was now gently patting my head.


[Even though you don’t get your reward even if you worked hard, but if you wait long enough, a bigger reward will surely come. The most amazing reward is those who get to be reborn again and be rewarded for it.]


[I know that Yoda-san has been working hard, I understand. Thus I’m sure that you will be rewarded afterwards.]


Emily whispered to me with a gentle tone as though a mother would do to her son.






After finishing our meal……. I was being calmed down.

I mumbled so.


[By the way, is it now Noon? Or is it Night?]

[I think it’s already night. This should be our third meal, so it’s dinner.]

[Then shouldn’t we find a place to stay for the night?]

[If that’s what you’re worrying than don’t worry as after immediately leaving the dungeon, there are inns all over town that we can search for.]

[Is that so…]


While being taught various things by Emily, I sense that she stop moving.


[Are you going to fight more monsters?]

[No, it’s time for me to sleep too.]

[Sleep? You aren’t going back home?]

[I am currently living in the dungeon. Since the drop is low, It is hard to earn a living. My dream is to someday rent my own apartment~]


Emily said naturally.

This is— Something similar to a homestay then?

It’s probably close to that.

Now that I think about it, she was carrying a lot of things like pots and seasoning.

At first I thought she was carrying this for camping but……..


[……I see.]


After concluding so, I stood up.


[Yoda-san, please take this with you.]

[The bamboo spear….. It it alright?]

[Yes, since not having a weapon is dangerous~] Emily gently smiled.

I’m becoming more and more touched by her gentle and kindness thought that it’s starting to hurt my chest.

[I understand, I’ll borrow it for now. I will return it afterwards.]

[Okay~ I will always be on the first floor of Teruru if you need me~]

[Okay~] I nodded as I make my way outside of the dungeon.






After gaining bare minimum information in town, I decided to exchange the bean sprouts that I’ve collected for cash.

This is the first thing I’ve learned.

First off, this world’s currency is named Piro. The value is similar to Japan’s Yen.

The bag of bean sprouts that I sold was only 200 Piro, one night on the cheapest inn is 2000 Piro, and a full bowl of ramen is 500 Piro.

With some slight adjustments here and there, I assumed that 1 Yen is = to 1 Piro

After confirming that, I’ve also confirmed the price of things I want to get, and head back to the dungeon once again.


Teruru Dungeon, First Floor

There, I searched for slimes and defeated them.

After defeating them, bean sprouts dropped.

Then, I bring it back to town and sold it, and again went back and defeated another slime.

When I’m tired, I would rest on the spot.

Even though the dungeon floor is hard, but it’s the same as when I’m sleeping on my desk when I was working back then, thus I didn’t mind it at all.

And so, the cycle of rest and work has begun.

First day’s earning, 5123 Piro.

Second day’s earning, 4970 Piro.

Third day’s earning, since I got a lot of drops thus I got 10210 Piro.

After working hard straight for 3 days with only an hours worth of rest each day. I finally reached my goal.

After enduring, I finally gotten 20000 Piro(Yen).

If it’s this much—.






A town that holds roughly a few tens of thousands of people with 5 dungeon in it, Shikuro.

(TLN: The JP is called ???)

The outside of that Shikuro, there being built was a 87-year-old apartment.

That is the place I brought Emily too.


[This is?]

[I rented it. 3 days worth of earning.]

[In 3 days ! You’re amazing Yoda-san]

[And because it’s old therefore there’s no rent deposit. This is the limit of 3 days.]

[But this is amazing. How much was it?]

[Per month is 20000 Piro.]

[20000, that’s amazing in itself~]


Emily said as she quickly went inside the room.

This isn’t something to be flattered about because I can only get a 87 Year Old livable place with a monthly rent of 20000 Piro.

But still, Emily looked around the home with envy.

Alright, this should be fine, as I thought.


[So, here’s the key.]

[Okay…..Wait, why did you hand me the key?]

[Starting today, this is the place you are living.]

[Who’s home?]



[Of course, for next months and the following month’s rent, I will be paying for it. So rest assure~]

[Th, you can’t do this. This much is—-]

[This is as thanks for the soup~]



While holding her breath, Emily could not believe what she just heard.


[That soup has lots of flavours in it……It was also very warm.]


[So this is my thanks for it. Even though it’s not really a suitable home, but since you wanted a place to live.]

[……I understand.] Emily said while nodding slowly and looking at me.


I was relieved and satisfied.

As thanks for the soup, this should do.


[Well then, I have things to do–]


As I was walking outside the door.

My clothes were caught, and I was forced to stop.



[Your hands…..they are full of blisters.]

(TLN: OMG I found a picture that is relevant to this!)

[Eh? Ah I’m sorry. I guess it’s due to me borrowing your bamboo spear and using it too often, I will wash it before giving it back to you.]

[You have dark circles beneath your eyes……]

[They’re still there? Haha, the marks will disappear after a while so don’t worry about it.]


Even though I stay up late all night but it will eventually disappear, what a mystery.





Why is she quiet all of a sudden?

As I was thinking so, she straightforwardly told me.


[I’ll make soup for you.]

[I see, then one bowl please–]

[I make it for you forever, please drink it together with me.]

[Eh?—Th, that means.]


Without realizing, she was holding my hands.

It’s the same as that time– Her motherly eyes are mercifully looking at me.

I sort of guess what she wants to say.

Are you sure? As I thought.




While giving a gentle smile, she nodded and caught hold of me.

And like that, Emily and I are– Going to live together from now on.

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