Chapter 1 – A man appeared from a slime’s drop

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Update: Anyone who is wondering why there’s so many monologuing from me, you can check out my later chapters as I gradually stop doing it, sorry for doing it constantly as I’m still new in translating at that point in time.

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A light and cute sound effect can be heard.

The sound effect that was played in my head sounded like it could’ve came from a game. Even though it rang clearly in my head, I can’t seem to open my eyes at all. This feeling is similar to when I’m sleeping and I don’t feel like getting out of my futon because it’s 2 degrees outside.


Muni, Muni muni~

(TLN: It’s SFX sound and reminded me of this~)


I can feel that someone has gotten hold of my cheeks. The feeling is like a tiny and soft fingertip, the fingers are either a child or a girl’s finger.


[Is this……a human? But it came out as a drop…….Oh I see, maybe it’s a human-like meat! Let’s try separating it !]

[Wait just a minute !]


I immediately drag myself to wake up after hearing a rather dangerous line. What came to sight was a girl.

To be more specific there is a tiny looking girl crouching in front of me. She looks to be around 130 centimeters tall and her arms and feet looks slippery. Her weight seems light enough to be carried around easily. Nevertheless, there seems to be a huge hammer laying beside of her. The huge hammer could easily pass my height and would seem to be around 2 meters long.

Although her appearance is of a child, but for some reason I can sense her being womanly. Such an unbalanced glamour. Looking at such figure made my eyes wide open.


[Wah, you scared me! Wait, are you sure you’re human?]

[No matter how you look at it, I am a full fledged human !]

[Although you’re a human, but how come you became a drop from the slime?]

[Haa? Slime? Drop?] I said while wondering what the heck is she talking about.


What came out of this tiny girl’s talked was obviously something that can only be from a game.

What’s more, the person she was talking about was me. The thing she said about me being a loot drop from a slime sounded like I’m in a game. Don’t tell me, she is one of THOSE? Where someone can’t differentiate between game and reality?


[That’s right nano~ The drop from the slime was you. Ah, wait that’s incorrect. You are the drop of a rare slime.]

(TLN: HAHA A certain LN has inspired me to put nano!)

[…….Are you sure you didn’t hit your head or something?]

[Why are you looking at me like that as though you’re looking at someone pitiful?]

[Well that’s because……. People who say things like slime or drop in real life is…]

[…….You really don’t know a thing?]

[……What are you saying?]


I got a feeling she is staring straight at me while having a fearful look in her eyes.

Eh? What kind of expression is that? It seems as though I am the one that should be pitied.

Hahaha, these kinds of things are plain stupid but??,


–It, is not eh?


[Seriously, what do you mean?]

[Etto…..Ah, just as I was thinking, something is coming. Please look right there.]


The girl then proceeded to carry the 2 meter long hammer with relative ease.At first I thought it was because the hammer was made out of paper that it was light but—-, I realised that I was so wrong about it.

I confirmed my realization after having looked at my surroundings closely for the first time. I am currently in a dimly lit place where the surrounding is made of bricks and on some places, there are walls that glow slightly dimmer.

I came to a conclusion that we are in some kind of underground right now.

At the corner end of the underground, a round object suddenly appeared. It is about the size of a cushion seat, and it has a green transparent colour.

While moving towards us, it’s shape was changing every time it moves.


[…….A slime?] I questioned as I’ve suddenly remembered the words of that girl. The rounded, shapeless, jelly like with a half-transparent figure, and a living creature is currently moving towards our direction.


This is exactly the same as those slimes that I’ve seen only in games. Why slimes though? Whose horror house of a leisure land is this?

As I was wondering about it, the slime suddenly came flying towards us. It came bouncing all over the walls, ceiling, and floor like a super ball, heading towards the girl.


[It’s dangerous!]


Without thinking I screamed, but the girl did not move an inch. The slime then came flying from the side of the girl and hit her body, but that only staggered her a little. Even though I was beside her, the image looked like a primary school girl being hit by a soccer ball with great impact.

Although she was staggered, it looked as though she’s fine.


[Isn’t that a weapon ! Why won’t you fight using it then?]

[It’s okay nano~]


The slime turned around and came flying towards her again, this time straight in front of her. As though she was waiting for this moment, she strike down with her hammer.




With the momentum of the hammer swinging downwards, the ground shook and— it landed a perfect swing on the slime.

(TLN: In the JP word it says ???????, which directly translate to Just Meet. I googled it and I finally found out that it is used when you focus and swing an object at the perfect timing. Usually used during soccer or baseball. Something like this?)

When she lifted up her hammer, the slime was obliterated. It even left an imprint on the floor. The defeated slime then slowly became thinner as though it’s disappearing.

Afterwards, it vanished completely.

Sprouts are appearing on the ground!


[Wait, why bean sprouts!?]

[Well, the slimes on the first floor of Teruru Dungeon drops bean sprouts. Isn’t this common sense nano?]

[That ain’t common sense you know!]


What’s happening? Seriously, what the hell is happening? After killing a slime in a dungeon, they drop bean sprouts.

I am really confused.

I was so confused that I want to write it down on Twitter this instant.




[Have you finally calm down?]

[A, aa…. Thanks, the bean soup was delicious.]


I thanked the girl who is currently stirring the bean soup on a fire. The bean sprout was from the item drop just now.


[Etto…..What is your name?]

[My name is Emily. How about you?]

[My name is Satou Ryouta. For now, it’s nice to meetcha.]

[Harou…..Yoda?] (TLN: Satou Ryouta my name isn’t.)

[My name isn’t some kind of Hot Line name okay! It’s Satou, Satou Ryouta!] (TLN: I think because he thought she said Hello….Yoda, that’s why he said that.)


As such, I slowly repeated my name.


[I’m sorry, this is the first time I’m hearing this type of name….]

[…..Hey, isn’t this Japan?]


[This is earth right?]

[Hourly wage?]

(TLN: In the WN, she mispronounce it as ??, which is a bit similar to ??, just with the first word misplaced from Chi to Ji.)



This is bad, an alarm sound is impatiently ringing in my head. Our conversation isn’t going anywhere, it’s fatally going nowhere.

Since the time when I met her and she started saying things about the slimes and the drop of a bean sprout, I’ve got a really bad feeling about this.


[…….This bean sprout, that slime……did it appear out of nowhere from that slime’s drop?]

[That’s right nano~]

[Can a bean sprout really appear out of thin air?]

[Are you saying about the bean sprout…..All of it comes from them.?]

[All of it?]

[Everything that comes from this world are usually drop by monsters in dungeons though…….]


Emily gave a troubled expression as though saying Isn’t this common sense?


[Literally everything?]


[How much as in everything though?]

[Everything as in everything……]


As Emily showed an even troubling expression towards me.

I see, this is one of those questions where it’s common sense to know about it, but it’s difficult to explain when being asked. This is similar to my Clients—-This happened to me too when I am explaining something to my clients and they don’t seem to get it.

Things would be even more problematic if this goes on so, I should lend a helping hand for her.


[Not just bean sprouts but vegetables too?]


[Meat too? Beef or pork or even lamb?]


(EDTR: How come she knows about these? XD)

[How about materials then? Or even gems?]

[I’ve heard that at the lowest floor of Teruru, rare monster’s would occasionally drop some pearls.]

[…….Something like air or water isn’t counted as a drop right?]

[That’s right?]


Emily answered while tilting her head like a small kitten.

While she was tilting, she was looking at another slime approaching. Emily stood up while holding her hammer and went to the direction of the slime. From her earlier attack, she used it again and hit the slime and “Boom!’ it was obliterated.

This time though, no bean sprouts appeared. Instead, a “Shyun~” sound could be heard from the dead slime and the slime vanished. While having a satisfied look on her face, she came back to her spot.


[Like so nano~]

[Like what……]

[Long time ago, they used to have drops from them but recent research shows that even though a drop was supposed to appear but only air or water came out. That’s the reason….uhm…]

Emily carefully chooses her words.

[Every item in this world comes from the dungeon’s drops. Okay?]


…..Oi oi, are you being serious.




For a moment, I turned away from Emily. During that moment, I try reorganizing these information in my head.

My name is Satou Ryouta. Starting from today, I should’ve been jobless.

Today I was overworking again and have fainted again. After being discharge from the hospital, the first news that came to me was me being fired from the company. Though this isn’t important at the moment.

What’s important is, being in a place like this with no common sense whatsoever.


Speaking of place……World?


Judging from the information that Emily said just now, there are dungeons spread around this world. Every item can be obtained from defeating monsters living in those dungeons. Those items are obtained from drops.

If that’s the case then how about agriculture and fishermen? I asked.


[This IS agriculture nano?]


She said as if it was an obvious answer.

In other words, when killing slimes and getting bean sprouts from their drop— that is how you produce agriculture in this world?

Are you kidding me……How does that even work?

The further I try to think, the more I don’t understand, what’s more I am having a severe headache from thinking too much. I’ll give up since I won’t understand it even if I think harder.

Then, I realised something.


[Hey Emily, even though you have defeated a lot of slimes, won’t you defeat other monsters?]

[That’s because the first floor of Teruru consist of only slimes.]

[Since you’ve mentioned that there’s a first floor. That means there’s a second floor? Won’t you head there than?]

[That’s because I’m weak.]


Emily answered in a swift while naturally smiling as if it’s normal.


[Though you don’t look like it.]

[It’s because I’m not well equipped. If a slightly stronger opponent were to directly hit me, I might be done for.]

[Aa, is it something like even if you have the strength but you don’t have the speed for it.]


Emily nodded.

I see, it’s those kinds of type eh, that’s gotta be a pain.


[But bean sprouts are delicious and it makes my tummy full too. What’s more, I would have days where I am lucky with my drops and I can sell them for money.]

[Can’t you train to be stronger?]

[If I can gain another 2 more level, then I might be able to tackle the second floor~]

[Level, there’s level too eh.]

[It exists you know. Aa, just in time, this is it~]


Emily stood up and faced the other direction.

Afterwards, something like a bulletin board appeared on the wall of the dungeon.


[This is?]

[It’s called a Know-it-all Board. If I do this…….]

(TLN: In the WN they call it ????? which directly translate is Naubo-do, so I chose the next best thing, Now board XD)(Update: Someone actually commented and it made PERFECT SENSE! It’s actually called Know Board, that actually sounded better, thus I’ve changed it and added some variety to it 😉 )


As she raised her hand, the bulletin board like thing suddenly popped out a bunch of floating words.


Level 3/40
Strength C
Endurance E
Intelligence F
Mentality F
Speed F
Dexterity F
Luck E

[This is?]

[This is my status nanodesu~]

[This looks exactly like a game…..]


I muttered while looking at it.

Seems like Emily is one of those typical Power Type character eh.


[Just by doing so you can check your Status. It may not seem like it but, Teruru Dungeon is a fairly important place. So, being able to check it anytime even in the dungeon is pretty amazing. Since using it in town will cost you 100 Piro.]

[It feels as though I’ve received free information service from an NPC.]

(TLN: I added NPC cause it sounds funnier)

[Is this just the first page? Is there a second page then?]

[Yeap, there is~]


Emily then operated the bulletin board—Know-It-All Board that she just described.

As such, it turned to the next page.


Vegetation E
Animal F
Mineral F
Magic F
Special Item F


[This is my drop rate nano~]

[Drop rate…..What happens if it becomes a higher level?]

[If it becomes higher than the drops would be easier to obtained, and also the amount would also increase. Currently, my highest is vegetation because Teruru always has them~]

[I see.]


Even though Emily said that her vegetation is of a high level, it isn’t really that high though. There are 5 of them, and only one is E, the rest are all F. Well it is better than the rest, wait, only the level is shown though.


[You wanna try it too, Yoda-san?]

(TLN: Try it I shall~)

[It’s Ryouta. Can I touch it?]

[No problem~]


As per how Emily activated hers, I did the same thing and touched the Know-It-All Board.

As I was touching it, the same status-like thing appeared.


Level 1/1
Strength F
Endurance F
Intelligence F
Mentality F
Speed F
Dexterity F
Luck F

(TLN: I am very disappointed at you! Probably his dad saying)


What is this, what the hell is this!


[Yoda-san, your ability is weak…….]

[Such a disappointingly low level. What’s more my level…..the highest is level 1 and so I can’t level up at all?]

[I guess this can happen too~]

[Oi oi…….]


Isn’t this horrible?


[In the end it’s only this. I am an idiot for getting my hopes high.]

[It’s gonna be painful looking at my drop rate too.]


While sighing, Emily helped operate the status by pressing the next page.

So that’s how it is, my drop rate is low too.




I really have nothing good at all eh.

My level is also maxed out, and my ability is also that low. I basically have nothing good then.


[Etto……. A B C D E F…….]


Emily said while counting her fingers. Oh it’s like that isn’t it, it’s lower than F eh.


[………After Q is, R, then S……, this is it~ Wow that’s super low~]



My brain then wrote a [Wait].

Something’s not right with what she just said.

As I looked up while feeling down, I looked at the Know-It-All Board.


Vegetation S
Animal S
Mineral S
Magic S
Special Item S

The second page shows a ridiculous number

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