What Web Novel or Light Novel should I translate?

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Update: I have found one that seems interesting aaand looks like nobody has translated it yet~ You can go check it out while I read more on it and translate it when I’m done~ hopefully its good~ The title to it is roughly translated as “Although I’m only level 1, but because of my unique skill I became the strongest”

Update 2: I have finally translated the first chapter of that web novel~ Check it out here.

Hey guys, sorry for the sudden post, I’ve been contemplating on what other Web Novel/Light Novel out there who isn’t claimed by someone else and is itching to translate another Web Novel ASAP. Any suggestions?

Leave your suggestions in the comments below~

(P.S: If you have any Web Novel that wants to be translated, I can do that too~ Though please keep it to those which haven’t been translated yet by someone else, I don’t want mishaps to happen again >W<)

Thanks 🙂



Low Fantasy?

High Fantasy?

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Huh...? · 5th April 2017 at 3:14 AM

Suggestion: “Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari”

It has been translated upto chapter 294, but there haven’t been any new release for nearly 5 months. So, i don’t think it would be a problem if you pick it up.

    shiropyon · 5th April 2017 at 5:45 AM

    I’ll look into it in detail once i have the time ? as you’d say it has 294 chapters i might need some time to read through the entire novel first before starting it ~ but thanks for the suggestion ?

      Huh...? · 5th April 2017 at 5:54 PM

      Currently, it has 408 chapters + some extras (as of 2017/04/02). Out of which 294 have been translated.
      Source: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n6451cr/

      But the chapters aren’t that big, nor do they seem that complicated.
      Story-wise, its not that great, but its the type which makes you wanna follow it.

      On another note, just thought i would also inform you that.
      Like how here you asked about ‘New Suggestions’, some other translators also have done that as well, and some people did ask about this one in there. Though no news has been given by them on which one they might pick.

      I know of two such translators who have been also asked to translate it (along with other suggestions). Though they haven’t said anything about which one they might pick.


      So, if you do plan on translating it (after your read it), you can once check with them if they are picking it up or not.

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