Chapter 7 – Did I really raise a flag? 

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The third day of school has started, I am currently watching TV while having toast bread and coffee in the morning.

[Early this morning, a group of unwanted international terrorist has fled towards Japan and has become a worldwide issue—]

Hearing these horrible news this early in the morning while I’m still drowsy from sleepiness somewhat puts me in a bad mood.

[Such a horrible news, Yato you be careful too okay.]


Mother said to me with a worried expression.

While answering mother with a sleepy voice, I sip my coffee slowly.

Even if the terrorist group came to Japan, it would be almost impossible for me to meet with them. This is something that I shouldn’t be worried about.

[Well then, I’m heading out.]

[Bye bye.]

[Be safe okay.]

As mother was sending us off, Karen and I went to the direction of our school together.

With the morning bright sun and the coffee that I’ve just had, I finally recovered and awakened my sleepy self. As I have awakened from my sleepiness, I begin pondering about something.

What I am pondering about is without a doubt, the terrorist group from the TV just now.

(Terrorist group eh. Now that I remember, there was a saying in a light novel where a typical setting of terrorist groups attacking a school. Though, I don’t think it’s gonna happen in our school.) {TLN: So much death flag going on XD)

Even tho I don’t know whether this is true or not, the chances of them attacking my high school is close to none. This kind of things is certainly unrealistic.

…..No wait, there was the incident of transporting to another world and that was considered unrealistic too. Then what is it? Don’t’ tell me, is this considered to be one of those flag? (TLN: A flag as in something that triggered an event, can be either good or bad, but most of the time it’s to get a new girl 😉 Watch this and you might understand more clearly. )

[Well then, my school is over that side.]

[Hmm? Oh, yeah. Well then bye-bye~]

Being suddenly interrupted by Karen, I stopped what I’m thinking and told her goodbye.

(Just thinking about it is useless.)

After thinking so, I stopped thinking about it and head towards my school.


While heading towards school and into my class, there are already a bunch of students happily chattering with one another.

It seems like there are already groups being form in my class but I was the only one not talking to any one of them.

[Ah, Kamiya-kun good morning~]

[Morning to you too, Kamaishi-san.]

While seating at my usual spot, Kamaishi-san from in front of me turn towards me and spoke to me.

Wait, I do have friends right?

[Kamiya-kun, did you see the news this morning?]

[Aah, is it about that terrorist groups?]

[Yup yup, there are already in Japan. I wonder where there are?]

[Eh!? St, stop with the scary stuff.]

While Kamaishi-san used a somewhat scary tone while saying, she lightly smiled. What happened to her though, she became somewhat happier.

[Uh, uhmmm. If Kamiya-kun is alright with it, Would you mind eating with me again…?]

[Hm? For lunch? That’s fine by me~]

[Oh, I see…. You can’t…….wait? It’s alright!?]

Kamaishi-san who was misunderstanding my words suddenly stood up from her seat while her face came close to me. This is quite a close distance. (TLN: Something like that?)


[Uh, uh, of course.]

[Re,really? Thank goodness~ Since I’ve made too much for my bento, I was wondering what I’m gonna do if you rejected me…]

Kamaishi-san was relieved when she heard what I’ve said. No wonder she invited me for lunch. Even though I am thankful for the extra food but, I have a question right now.

[Kamaishi-san, do you have any friends?]


[Uhm well, isn’t it easier if you were to invite your friends rather than me instead?]

[Eh, well, that is because~]

I’ve got a feeling I shouldn’t have asked that question to Kamaishi-san.

[I, it’s because I don’t have any friends.]

[What’s bad about that.]

Look’s like I’ve stepped into a mine. During our conversation, Kamaishi-san’s voice is getting softer and softer. As her face has somewhat became darker and darker, I sort of felt sorry for her. Even though I am not in a position to say this but, I hope she can quickly make some friends.

Though It seems that a rather bad atmosphere has happened, luckily, the school bell for first period has rang.

Even during the first period, I will obviously sleep, sometimes the teacher would wake me up but, with the help of my perfect skill to answer, they can only leave me be and I can continue to sleep till noon.

After the 4th hour of class bell rang indicating that it has ended, I woke up from my slumber and stretch myself while yawning.

[I can’t believe you can sleep for that long. Are you sure you can sleep at night like this?]

I’ve got a feeling that Kamaishi-san has completely gotten used to me sleeping and is not reacting to it anymore. To get used to it is rather amazing in itself.

[I would sleep at night too you know. Because I haven’t had enough sleep.]

[How come are you able to sleep that long?]

To be honest, I do not know why either. It is weird that even though I’ve been sleeping again and again, the sleepiness would never disappear. I wonder why though.

[Well, whatever it is let’s hurry up. We won’t have much time.]

[Uhm, okay. Wait for a mo.]

While hearing what I’ve said, Kamaishi-san hurriedly took out 2 bento’s from her bag.

[Well then, let’s go~]

After finish talking, Kamaishi and I head up to the rooftop to eat together.



Just like yesterday, Kamaishi-san and I were sitting at the same bench while she handed me one of her bento’s.

[Here you go, Kamiya-kun.]

[Thank you, Kamaishi-san]

After receiving the Bento, I quickly open it up and what was inside was a gorgeous bento. First off, the main course is croquettes with grilled egg, Weiner, petite tomatoes, potato salad. All of it is neatly arranged and looks delicious. What’s more, the rice isn’t your typical white rice but instead it’s fried rice. This can really raise a person’s appetite.

[This is yet another amazing bento~]

[Hehe~ I was too serious and thus made too much]

[Being serious eh, what happened that made you serious?]

[Eh? Ah, unn, it’s nothing to worry about. Quickly, try some immediately.]

[Well then, I won’t hold back then, itadakimasu~]

I first grabbed the fried rice with my chopsticks and ate it right away.

[How is it?]

[Mogu mogu…….Un, as expected, delish~]

[Really!? I’m glad~]

Reacting to the words I’ve said, Kamaishi-san was relieved while patting her chest. Kamaishi-san food is certainly delicious. Even though I’ve been eating my mother’s food everyday and it has turned my tongue numb, but I can guarantee her food is good. Although you don’t have to be so nervous about it.

While thinking so, I gradually flattened Kamaishi-san’s bento. Fuu, it was delicious.

[Thank you for the food, Kamaishi-san. It was truly delicious.]

[Fufu, it is a pleasure.]

When closing the lid of Kamaishi-san’s bento, after looking at my expression, she was satisfied. With a delighted expression she took back her bento.

Well then, should I eat another serving then. While thinking so I took out my own bento that I brought.

[Are? Are you still going to eat?]

[Aa, It’s bad if I have leftover.]

Honestly speaking, one serving is enough for me but, I cannot waste this bento too. That is because my mother is strict when it comes to not finishing our bentos.

As I’ve mentioned before, my mother is a cooking researcher. That is the reason why she is a pro in cooking but, if we were to have any leftover, she would be really really angry.

Mother is usually a person who does not get angry, but if she does, it is very very terrifying. There was one time when I’ve had leftover from my food and mother knew about it, it was so terrifying that it caused a trauma on me.

That’s the reason why I won’t have leftovers, since I’ve been through it before.

[Don’t tell me that I have done something I shouldn’t have?]

[No, don’t worry about it. I wanted to do it.]

While saying so, I started eating my own bento. As expected, it’s also delicious. Although it’s delicious, my stomach can’t take another bowl. While thinking so, my chopsticks stopped moving.

[If you’re okay with it, should I eat some of it too?]

Kamaishi-san said so.

[You sure?]

[Un. It was my fault to begin with. What’s more, I would like to eat Kamiya-kun mother’s cooking again.]

To tell you the truth, I am grateful for her help. I alone can’t possibly finish the entire meal and was honestly at a lost.

[Then, I am in your care.]

[Un, leave it to me~]

[Then let’s start, hora~]

While saying I took my chopsticks and grabbed some food towards Kamaishi-san’s mouth.

[Eh? This, this is…….]

For some reason, Kamaishi-san was looking at me holding the chopsticks close to her mouth while fluttering, she was also embarrassed to look at me.

Don’t tell me, she finally noticed that we have done an indirect kiss. Even though she didn’t realised what had happened yesterday. This is problematic, should I just push it through?

[What’s wrong? Come on~]

[Eh, ah, un. Then…]

Maybe because I have persuaded her to eat it, her face have suddenly gotten red while opening her mouth and ate the food.

Yoshi, at this rate we can finish eating it.

[Hora, another one~]


As I was thinking that it can’t be stopped, Kamaishi-san ate the bento one by one with her face all red.

I also contributed in eating the food, and managed to finish it up. As I was eating my bento, Kamaishi-san said something under her breath which results in her blushing even further. I’ll just ignore that.

Looking at the finished bento while resting, Kamaishi-san was still being embarrassed.

[Uu, I can’t believe that this is happening twice in a row……]

[Well, that sure is something to be embarrassed about.]

[It was embarrassing to take it you know….wait you understood it right Kamiya-kun !?]


More like the person who didn’t realise up until now is the weird one.

[I actually realised it during yesterday and wanted to retort but, it seems as though Sayaka didn’t mind.]

[I would’ve realised it too normally !!]

[Even though you didn’t realise it at all yesterday?]

[Th, that is because…. Uu, Kamiya-kun, bully…]

Since the adorable looking lady has been too embarrassed that her eyes are somewhat tearing up, let’s let it go for now.

While looking at the entire lady’s face, I unintentionally looked outside but, why is there so many black cars parked outside of our school compound.

[What is that…..]

[? What is the matter?]

While hearing me mutter, Kamaishi-san was confused and turned her head to the direction of where I am looking at.

Inside the black car that is being parked outside the school compound was, a group of people wearing a weird mask.

Their movement was quick like guards and they smoothly went into our school.

Oi oi, don’t tell me—–


Kyaaa! ! !

While having a bad feeling about this, a scream was heard from below the school.

Afterwards, gunshot could be heard from below while a voice was speaking.

This reminded me of the news this morning.

Don’t tell me, terrorist?

While suddenly being caught up in this situation, I cursed at my own self.

I really raised a flag, didn’t I.


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