Chapter 6: My tongue is getting fat

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I was hungry when translating this chapter >w<

Let me start of with some stuff first before that. First off, this is all being translated by myself and it is only for my own leisure, so I won’t be following with any schedule when translating this web novel. Second, this is the official date which I’ve translated this chapter, the rest was being done way before I created this WordPress because I wasn’t prepared to do so yet.(Editing issues and such) Thirdly, the TLN bracket is just me thinking out loud. XD Well anyway, enough of my rant, I bring to you the next chapter~

[Let’s quickly eat our bento’s~]

[You’re right.]

For the sake of eating together with Kamaishi-san, we went to the rooftop. A rooftop during spring with a warm but nice breeze on it, it can be said that this is the perfect spot to eat bento.

Why at the rooftop you may ask? Well, because we don’t want to be seen by others when eating our lunch, thus we agreed to go to the rooftop which has fewer people there. Luckily, no one was at the rooftop and we can eat in peace.

As me and Kamaishi-san are sitting at a nearby bench, we both opened the lid of our bento.

[Kamaishi-san’s bento looks delish~ Did you make it yourself?]

[ Ehehe, that’s right. I made it myself.]

Kamaishi-san’s bento has a grilled egg with karaage, and some broccoli making it colourful and delicious. I guess it’s normal since Kamaishi-san has Cooking skill.

[At home, I lived with my mother. Because mother is always busy, I would help out in cooking at home.]

[That’s amazing.]

[If you want, would you like to have a bite?]

While saying so, Kamaishi-san picked up the grilled egg with her chopsticks.

[Is it okay?]

[Un, since I’m a light eater anyways. Don’t hesitate and eat.]

After that, she used her chopsticks and grabbed the grilled egg and brought it towards me while using one of her hands to keep the egg from falling off. Wait, I don’t mind taking the grilled egg by myself but, isn’t this an indirect kiss? (TLN: Omg~~~ I thought they wouldn’t do it but lo and behold!)

I was at a lost when she offered to feed me the grilled eggs Well, since it’s Kamaishi-san, she doesn’t even realize that she’s doing it. Airheads are scary! But oh well, I should just eat it. I wanted to try it anyways.

[I won’t hold back then~]

I opened my mouth and ate the grilled eggs that Kamaishi-san offered.

[…….Un, delish~]


[Aa, taste just like my mother’s cooking.]

[I see. By the way, what does your mother do, Kamiya-kun?]

[As a Cooking Researcher]


I knew that Kamaishi-san would be surprised, but I didn’t think that she would be THAT surprised.

My mom, Kamiya Shiori, is a cooking researcher, and was named as a Beautiful Cooking Researcher. She would also sometimes be seen in TV.

Obviously her cooking is of a pro, other low-class restaurant can’t compare her and thus my tongue has become fat because of her cooking.

Since I have a strong tongue which has tasted lots of good food, Kamaishi’s food can be said to be on par with my mom’s cooking.

By the way, my father is a TV producer, that’s why mother would occasionally work with him.

They are the so-called workplace romance.

[Kamiya-kun’s mother is such an amazing person.]

[Aa, though Kamaishi-san’s cooking can be said to be on par with my mother’s cooking.]

[Are, are you sure~]

From my words, Kamaishi-san gotten a little embarrassed.

[If you would like, you can try my bento too?]

[Eh? Is that okay?]

[Aa, this is for just now.]

As she was hesitating, I took my grilled egg with the chopsticks and brought it to Kamaishi-san’s mouth.

[Bu, but. I feel bad for this.]

[It’s okay~ it’s okay~ Come on, eat it quick. You wanted to try my mom’s cooking right?]

A cooking researcher’s cooking…. Kamaishi-san clears her throat as she is interested in it. As she had made her decision, she opened her mouth and gradually approached the grilled egg.

[Well, well then……]

As she was saying so, she ate it.

[Mogu mogu…. It’s delicious]

[I know right~]

Even though I was the one saying it, mother’s cooking really is delicious. As I was thinking so, I took one grilled egg and ate it. Yeap, it’s delicious alright.

Afterwards, we were happily chatting while eating our bento’s. Such fun times passes quickly.

After finishing our bento’s, we sat at the bench while chilling. Because the sun is so warm, after eating the bento, I feel a bit sleepy.

[Fuwah~~. I am feeling sleepy.]

[Although you have slept for so long just a moment ago, you want to sleep again?]

Kamaishi-san was amazed at what I’ve just said while replying.

[Even though we have classes at noon, are you going to be fine? Are you going to sleep again?]

[It’s alright~ No problem]

[Why are you saying it so confidently….]

Kamaishi-san gave a more amazed look when hearing what I’ve said, but I have a secret plan. That’s the reason why I said I have no problem. Well then, should we continue sleeping during afternoon.

When afternoon classes have started, I hastily went back to sleep.

With the BGM sound of the teacher’s explanation, I can happily sleep soundly.

[For this question, Kamiya.]


[Oi Kamiya, wake up.]


[Wake up!!!]


Since the teacher could not wake me up, he took his textbook and threw it towards my head.


[You have the guts to sleep since the start of school till now eh. Since you have so much confidence in your study. Let me see it then, Kamiya, answer this question!]

The teacher with veins popping out from his forehead, pointed at the blackboard. I looked at the question on the blackboard intently and answered.

[X = 3]

[Wait, why…It’s correct]

Since I have answered the teacher’s question, I went back to sleep but the teacher impatiently called me again.

[Wait Kamiya. Then, turn your textbook to page 5 and answer the following question number 3.]

[y = 8, X = 2]

[Gu….That is correct.]

Such thing happened and the class(crowd) went “OOOhhh!!!”. This is my secret plan. In actuality, this is the work of my status. It not only has the skills but other benefits. For example, the one helping me this time is intelligence. There are others like offensive power, defense etc that are quite handy. Because of the help of this status, I have been preparing myself since yesterday and memorize the entire text-book.

That’s the reason why even if I am sleeping, they can’t complain. I can sleep to my heart’s content. And with the troubled expression of the teacher, I can sleep even better.

School has finally ended, I am now heading back to my house with just me and my mother living in it.

[I am back]

[Welcome back Sayaka. How was school today?]

[Though I fainted during the start of the ceremony, but afterwards it was very fun]

[Oh no, you’ve fainted? Are you alright?]

[Un, when I fainted, someone came and help me.]

[Oh, If that’s so then it’s good. Dinner’s almost ready so please ready.]

[Okay, lemme get changed first.]

After talking to mother, I head up to my room and threw my bag on my bed while laying down on my bed.

(Even though it only has been 2 days since the start of school, lot’s of things have happened.)

As I was thinking I looked back at what had happened.

Because of anemia, I fainted,

Kamiya-kun came and save me,

Eating lunch with Kamiya-kun,

Having fun chatting with Kamiya-kun,

Wait a minute, everything’s been Kamiya-kun after I fainted!!

I flapped my legs while embarrassingly remembering at what happened during school.

(Why is it when I am around Kamiya-kun, I don’t have a problem with him?]

Things have happened which resulted me in being bad with handling with guys. Talking to them, even as little as looking at them is giving me a hard time.

But why is it that I am okay with Kamiya-kun? What’s more, if I think about it, wasn’t the first time when talking to Kamiya-kun was the time when I fainted……..?

[This feeling is….that right? I….Towards Kamiya-kun……Kyaa!!!! What am I even saying!!!]

While hiding my face on my pillow, I rolled around my bed. Uu, I’ve embarrassed myself with what I just said……

While trying to hide away my embarrassment, I thought of the time I ate with Kamiya-kun. Ah, it was delicious. As expected of a cooking researcher. I wish I can be as good as her.

Wait? Wait a minute…Now that I’ve think about it. At that time….

An indirect kiss from Kamiya-kun !?

Kyaa ! ! ! What have I done!! Because I have just realised what I’ve done, I was holding my pillow even tighter while rolling more intensely around my bed.

What should I do…… Kamiya-kun might think I am a weird girl. Even though I was driven by such anxiety, I’ve begin to calm down to a certain extent. As such I think about Kamiya-kun again.

[Kamiya-kun is quite amazing…. In many ways.]

Like how he can sleep right after finishing his self-introduction to the class until noon,
or how his mother turned out to be a celebrity, and also the fact that he’s intelligent for
someone who spends most of his time sleeping.

[I’ll… try to talk to him tomorrow again..,] I said to myself in my room.

Thank you all for reading and thank you Anthony Lecocq for helping me on some of my errors.

Thank you so much to all my patron supporters who have been helping me since the beginning, and to those who are helping me right now as well.


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Anthony Lecocq · 1st April 2017 at 12:05 AM


“He was quite amazing… in many ways.”

Like how he can sleep right after finishing his self-introduction to the class until noon, or how his mother turned out to be a celebrity, and also the fact that he’s intelligent for someone who spends most of his time sleeping.

“I’ll… try to talk to him tomorrow again..,” I said to myself in my room.

I don’t know if this happens more often as i just reread the last bit to remind myself where i left off but this is a pretty big problem.

Some differences in translation are understandable but skipping entire chunks just isn’t acceptable, anyone reading just your version will miss out thinking that’s all there is.

    shiropyon · 1st April 2017 at 12:21 AM

    OMG thank you for helping me! I am still a novice when translating and such so I just read the web novel while translating base on what I understand. I will immediately work on it now. And thanks for reading it :3

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