Chapter 5 – The Right Hand Corner Seat is the Best Seat

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When entering our classroom, there are currently nobody in it.

When there is nobody in the classroom, it feels as though something is going to happen. It feels strange that the classroom is too quiet.

Wait, maybe it’s because the entrance ceremony has yet to end.

[There’s nobody here.]

As Kamaishi-san said while having the same thinking as me, voices were suddenly heard from outside the window. Looks like the entrance ceremony had just ended.

[Since they are coming right now, it’s best if we find a place to sit first.]


Since a seating arrangement was placed on the blackboard, we sit at our respective seats. What’s more I’ve already known what my number was, so I immediately find my number on the seating arrangement. Looks like my seat is at the end of the right hand side corner.

[Looks like Kamiya-kun’s seat is at the back of the class.]

[Ah, I guess I am lucky then.]

[Eh? Why?]

[If it is at the end, I can sleep all I want.]

That’s right, the power of the back of the class, especially when it’s at the right hand corner of the class, is the hardest to be spotted by teachers if it’s there. I am quite lucky at my first day of school eh.

When I was expressing my happiness, Kamaishi-san was staring intently at me.

[Kamiya-kun, it’s bad if you don’t pay attention during class.]

[I know~ I know~]

I took Kamaishi-san’s words lightly and walked towards my seat.

Ah-, As expected of this seat. Yosh! Let’s start by trying out my new sleep spot. As he was thinking about it he laid his upper body onto the table and rest on it.

[Hey, what are you doing sleeping?! Everyone is coming to class at any moment!!]

Kamaishi-san was shocked by my actions and sat in front of me. Now that I think about it, judging by the name list, she is placed in front of me.

[Iya, since it’s a new desk, don’t we have to test our sleeping spot first?]

[We don’t !? What is with your laid back attitude !?]

You don’t? I thought that it was normal to first sleep at your desk. When I first started Middle school, not even one minute has passed and I was already sleeping on my desk. When I came to, school has already finished.

[Please hold on for a while on sleeping for now,okay?]

Since it’s Kamaishi-san who asked me not to sleep, I have to reluctantly hold back on it then. As both of us were waiting, students are coming in from the door one after the another. The once quiet classroom has now become noisy.

It’s so noisy, I want to sleep soon. As I was seriously considering it, a figure wearing a jersey shirt teacher came in to our class.

[Yo-shi, everyone’s here. Let’s start homeroom then. First off, let’s do a self-introduction.]

The teacher who entered our classroom started introducing himself.

[My name is Mudou Kento and I will be your classroom teacher starting today. Let’s work together from now on then.]

Mudou sensei looks to be in his 30’s and has a very healthy body with looks which strongly indicates a “Gym Teacher” kind of look.

[Well then, let’s start by introducing yourselves based on the seat numbers.]

Since Mudou sensei has asked us to introduce ourselves, everyone was introducing themselves one after the another.

[My name is Kamaishi Sayaka. Because of my weak body, I wasn’t able to attend the entrance ceremony earlier, I hope that we would all be friends. Please take care of me from now on.]

Kamaishi-san used a formal way of introducing herself which made the male students in our class utter words like [Isn’t she cute?].

It is true that Kamaishi-san is cute. Of the entire girls in our class, she could be the number 1, no number 2 most beautiful girl.

After Kamaishi-san has done her introduction, it is time for me to introduce myself.

[Kamiya Yato, Please take care of me from now on.]

I sit back down after talking. Well, that should work right. Easy and formal.

Since self-introduction is over, let’s do what I came here to do, that is sleep.

After thinking so, I placed my upper body on the desk and started to drift away.

Since self-introduction is over, Mudou sensei started speaking, though it had nothing to do with Yato because he wasn’t even paying attention.

Recess time

[Yo Kamiya ! My name is Makino Shinji, pleased to meetcha !]


[Pl, pleased to….]

[Guu…….] (TLN: He is making a snoring SFX Zzz)


1 Hour after Recess time

[Ka, Kamiya-kun. My, my name is Takenaka Mie. Uh, uhmm, nice to meet you]





2 Hours after Recess Time

[Hmph, so you are Kamiya Yato eh. My name is Sawara Yuuji. You can also call me by my other name which is meant to be sealed, Wings of the Bloody Angel. This must be fate. Let’s change the world together.]


[Le, let’s change the world…….]


[……Phew, let’s meet again sometime.]

After school

Kin~ Kon~ Kan~ Kon~ (TLN: Dat typical school bell SFX~)

[Mm…Ouu! That was a nice sleep. Hmm? What’s the matter Kamaishi-san?] (TLN: He is yawning while waking up…I think XD)

As I was still a little bit sleepy while talking to Kamaishi-san, she had an expression as though she gave up on me. What’s more she is in a somewhat bad mood.

[Even when things are happening around you, how can you sleep so quietly?]

[Since I’ve introduced myself, I thought it was over and thus I unintentionally went to sleep…]

[That is not the level of unintentionally anymore. You have been sleeping since the start of homeroom till now, how can you have the nerve to do that?]

[Eh? School already ended?]

[That’s right ! You were sleeping for the entire 3 hours of class today ! I can’t believe there are these kind of people around. And they were even students who came and wanted to talk to you, you……..]

[Is that so? Then they could’ve just wake me up though.]

[They have! And multiple times even! But you won’t even move a budge and continued sleeping!!!]

After finish saying, she turn to the side and pout. Her angry and pouty expression is also quite adorable but if I were to say it right in her face now, she might kill me.

[Mou, I even wanted to talk to Kamiya-kun too……]

[Hm? What did you want to talk about?]

[It’s nothing!!]

Even though Yato didn’t know why he made her angry, since school has already ended, he decided to head home. As he was thinking he took his bag and stood up.

[Ah, are you leaving already?]

[Yeap, see you tomorrow Kamaishi-san]

[U,un. See you…]

Although I don’t know why when I was trying to leave, Kamaishi-san had a sad expression, I was clueless and thus greet her goodbye.

Next day has passed and I am still doing what I’ve done yesterday while laying on my desk sleeping. Honestly speaking, I was actually quite scared of being found out for sleeping, but since Mudou sensei was cool about it, I slept during his class again. That is the reason why I slept for such a long time, and thus afternoon has come and it is now afternoon break.

[Fuwah~~, I slept well. Hmm? What is the matter? Kamaishi-san]

[No it’s nothing… I don’t even know what to say to you anymore….]

Even though I had just awaken from my afternoon nap, I wonder why Kamaishi-san is judging me. Did I do something wrong? As I was contemplating, I was hungry, time to eat.

When I reached into my bag and took out a bento, some guys were gathering around Kamaishi-san.

[Kamaishi-san, if you don’t mind, can we eat lunch together?]

[Instead of eating alone, isn’t it better to eat together?] (TLN: Cliche much?)

[Eh? Uh, uhm…….]

Being asked by these guys, Kamaishi-san who has a hard time dealing with guys is currently being troubled by them.

Should I help her in this situation. Honestly, I would want to leave them be but if I were to do that, then there may be trouble in our future relationship. Thus, I decided to help her out.

[Well then let’s head for lunch then, Kamaishi-san.]


[Come on, we have to hurry. We don’t have much time.]

[U, un…]

Not knowing what had happened, Kamaishi-san who was holding her bento was being forced to go out with me. (TLN: As in for lunch, okay. ?)

This distance should be alright.

After walking for awhile, I stopped and faced Kamaishi-san who was behind me.

[Are you alright?]

[Uh, yeah. Thank you. As I thought, I am still bad with talking to guys…..]

[Everyone has something they are bad at. Though yours is a bit severe. But still, even though you said that you are bad with guys, why are you okay being around me though?]

[Eh? That is because…..]

Maybe because of what I had said, Kamaishi-san was flustered and is figuring out what to say.

What’s the problem?

[Well, it’s fine. More importantly, you sure you wanna eat lunch together with me?]

[Ah, if you don’t like it it’s fine.]

[I DON’T HATE IT! NOT AT ALL!! More like I am super happy now… yay—wait a minute……..]

Kamaishi-san fully denied what I’ve said completely.

Since I’ve heard what she said at the end, it means she doesn’t hate it then.

[Well then, let’s go.]

[Uhn !!}

Afterwards we had lunch together.


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