Chapter 4 – An Unexpected Encounter With A Fainted/Fated Person 

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Well then, what should I do in this situation…..

While looking at the fainted female student, I pondered on what should be done while staring at her. Don’t tell me this is one of those unexpected encounter with my fated one. In a way this is also a precious experience to be had.

Now, what should I do? For now, let’s try calling out to her. Leaving her would give a bad taste to my mouth too.

[Oo—i, are you alright?]


No answer. Looks like a corpse to me.

No, sorry for calling it a corpse. Not answering doesn’t mean she’s dead. For now, let’s just try waking her up.

As I was thinking about it, I went to the direction of where she is laying.

Looking at her closely, she is actually quite beautiful.

She has a snow white skin toppled with a browned coloured side tail hair and a well proportioned(modest) body which properly shows what is supposed to be shown. There’s only one word to describe her appearance, beautiful. (TLN: perverted Yato 😉 )

But what do I do now. I have approached her and other than her beautiful appearance, nothing has changed. After observing her carefully though, one can see that she has the same flower decoration pinned on her chest as mine. So she is the same year as me.

[I should’ve just used Appraisal skill to begin with?]

Speaking of my appraisal skill, it can show the condition of a person. I should’ve realized it sooner.

Thus, I used appraisal skill on her.

Kamaishi Sayaka      16 Years Old      Female      Human Race      Lv 1      Anemia

HP    200/200

MP    100/100





Frail body

She most likely fell unconscious due to her anemia. So her name is Kamaishi Sayaka. Her being LV 1 is normal but her house chore skills are on the roof.

Normally, when one wants to obtain a skill, they would need several years of experience in order to obtain it but, this girl must be really good at household chores. The reason for her anemia must be due to this frail body skill.

No matter where you look at it, Kamaishi-san must’ve have a weak body since young. Maybe that’s the reason why when she was walking around, she suddenly fell unconscious.

Even though I know the reason for her unconsciousness but what should I do? I can’t just leave her be, for now let’s just carry her to the Infirmary. As i was thinking so, I piggyback her.

The soft feeling that is being felt behind my back is inevitable as i am carrying her. That’s right, it’s completely inevitable!

……..Should I carry her around the school ground before going to the Infirmary.

I should stop thinking about these stupid things and hurriedly carry her to the Infirmary. What a waste though.

Inside the infirmary, the teacher asked me to lay the girl on the bed and rest.

[No matter what you look at it, it’s definitely Anemia.]

The infirmary teacher confirmed when looking at her. I know though, it’s shown at the status.

[Let’s have her rest here for now, what about you though? You actually have to sit in for the entrance ceremony right now, but to be honest, I don’t really care whether you want to go or not, it’s a waste of time though.]

A teacher should not say that kind of words to their student though. It’s bad! But well, he does have a point in that it’s boring and a waste of time.

[Then… Is it alright if I wait here then?]

[No problem-o~]

And like that he gave the approval. What an easygoing teacher.

[Well then, I have things to do so I’ll leave her to you then. Since you don’t need to attend the entrance ceremony.]

[Got it.]

[Good luck then~]

After saying so, he left the infirmary.

To be honest I am thankful for him. Being able to skip the boring entrance ceremony is a blessing in itself when staying here.

Although I am quite free now. Even though I got to leave early from the ceremony, this in itself is also quite boring.

[……Guess I should sleep too then.]

Thus I went to the side of the bed and took a chair to sit down. I rest my elbow on my knee and use my hand as support for my chin to relax.

Before I forget, there is something that needs to be done before I fall asleep. (TLN: Imagine this. XD)

[EX Sleep]

My body slightly lights up and warmness starts to envelop my entire body. If I use this then I will be able to sleep soundly.

Even when not using this magic, I am still sleepy though. As I was thinking in my heart, I slowly drift to Dreamland.

[Uh…..Uun……Where is this?…..]

As my consciousness recovered, I was lying on a bed. Where is this though? I remembered that since I went to school early, I was strolling around the school ground when suddenly my vision went blurry……..Oh yeah! I fainted!

But why is it that I am now laying on a bed then? As I was turning my head to the side, I saw an unfamiliar person. There lies a guy with his elbow  on his knees while his hands were supporting his chin nicely sleeping over there.

A guy?!

What should I do?! I am bad at handling guys………

I leaned back too suddenly and accidentally hit the desk behind me.


Maybe after hearing the sound, the person in front of me opened his eyes widely and stretched.

He then noticed that I was awake.

After awaking from my slumber, I yawned and saw that the girl who was suppose to be sleeping is staring intently at me.

[N? Are you awake?]

[Uhh…..Yeah, Just a moment ago….]

[I see, how are you feeling now?]

[I am fine…. Uhm, how did I get here?]

[Since you fainted inside of school, I carried you into the infirmary.]

[So that’s what happened…Etto, Thank you very much.]

[Don’t worry bout it, it just so happened that I saw you. What’s more, it was thanks to you that I was able to skip the entrance ceremony.]


Somewhere along the conversation, she did not understand what he was saying and answered awkwardly.

Also, maybe because of what he had said, he felt that she wanted to leave immediately.

[Ara, you’ve awaken. What great timing. Since the entrance ceremony is about to end, why not both of you head to your respected classrooms now?]

Coincidentally the teacher from before came back and asked us to leave now.

[I got it. Well then, let’s go then. Can you stand?]

[U,Un. I’m fine.]

After saying so, she stood up from the bed and we went to class together.

[Oh by the way, which class are you in?]

[Uh, uhm, Class Two.]

[Oh, I am also in Class Two. It’s a pleasure to be in the same class.]

[Sa…same here.]

Even when we are heading the same direction to our classroom, I’ve got a feeling that Kamaishi-san is bad at handling guys, physically and mentally I can feel that she is keeping a distance from me.


[Wh,what is it?!]

Kamaishi-san was surprised from my sudden speech. It kind of hurts to be shocked.

[Since you’re bad in handling guys, would you like to go ahead first?]

[Eh?! It’s okay! You don’t have to worry about it! What’s more I kind of feel bad doing it…..]

Kamaishi-san’s voice was getting softer and softer as she speaks. She looks like a cute child.

[Well, if it’s fine then it’s good.]

Afterwards, we silently walked.

Since Kamaishi-san was staring at me while looking away occasionally, I feel that she wants to convey something to me. This is bad.


After voicing out, she stood still and faced me.

[Wh, what happened earlier, thank you. I, since I have a weak body, I would sometimes faint.]

After staring at me for a while, maybe because she could not take it anymore, she finally said it. So that’s why she keeps looking at me from time to time. She really behaves like a child.

[As I’ve said, don’t worry bout it. These kind of gratitude is unnecessary okay, Kamaishi-san.]

[Bu,but……eh? How did you know my name?]

Oh shit. I accidentally blurted it out.

After hearing her own name being said, she became suspicious.

[Aah-……just now, I’ve heard it from the infirmary teacher.]

[Oh, so that’s why.]

Apparently she took the bite. That was dangerous, I will have to be more careful next time.

[Eto, Th, then, may I ask, what is your name?]

This time, Kamaishi-san asked in a shy voice. What is this, adorable.

[My name is Kamiya Yato. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kamaishi-san.]

[Un! Same here! Kamiya-kun.]

While conversing, we headed to our classroom.

During our walk, it feels that the distance between the both of us has decreased by two centimeters. (TLN: Centimeters, meters same thing~ What I know is that they close af now ?)

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