Chapter 3 – A Year Has Passed 

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As I have finally become a high school student, I was trying out the new uniform while looking at a standing mirror.

[………it fits~]

A matching dark blue blazer and pants, with a tie and long shirt that is befitting of a school uniform. Though the one wearing this school uniform has a deadbeat eye which reflected on the mirror, a feeling of aversion was felt when looking at himself

There comes Karen from downstairs standing there while staring intently at me.

[………Does it fit?]

[If you can fix those deadbeat eyes of yours, then I think it would fit even better?]

[It hurts….]

My sister is very acrimonious. (TLN: Google it yourself ? and he uses Waga when saying my, which is a more proud version?)

This year, Karen would be on her 3rd year of middle school. With her hair tied up in a ponytail and a different uniform then mine.

So, today is ponytail eh. I was thinking so as I was looking at Karen’s hairstyle. Karen would always change her hairstyle depending on her liking.

Since there’s many different kinds of hairstyle, she would change her hairstyle once every week, though it seems like a bother to me.

[Your uniform suits you.]

[I see.]

As she heard what I said, she tilt her head to the side not looking at me.

Although Karen doesn’t show much expression, I am still her brother.

The expression that she showed earlier can be easily understood by me.

For example, the expression that she is showing right now with her head tilted to the side while her lips slightly twitches upwards indicates that she is happy but is trying to hold back her emotions.

I don’t know why she is trying to hide her expression but I guess it is because she is still on her puberty stage. Do people on puberty hide their expressions?

But my beloved sister, your brother would not use all these complicated expression to show his feelings. As I think about it, I smiled.

[What’s with that smile, it’s disgusting.]

It must be her being acrimonious.

As I bitterly smiled at her, mother called from below.

[Both of you! It’s about time!]

[Let’s go, Karen.]


After ending our conversation, we went downstairs.

[Here you go both of you, your bento’s.]

[Thank you, mother.]


As we both receive the bento from our mother, we put it inside our bags.

[Today, you will finally be a high school student. Even though you don’t feel like attending the entrance ceremony, please do your best.]

[I know, mom.]

[Karen-chan too, though you might still be unfamiliar with the route, but please do be careful, okay?]


[Then, bye bye!]

After being sent off by our mother, we went out through the main entrance.

After various things happened, our family decided to move to another home.

The reason being mainly because it’s my fault.

The first thing I did after waking up was to head to the police headquarters and did an interview with them. I explained to the police officers that I had amnesia after waking up. Also, about the thing where the entire class was sent to another world was kept a secret because I don’t want them to think I went crazy after being unconscious.

Although I am not sure whether the police officers took my lie or not, the next thing was the media.

The news anchor and famous TV program came to look for me and asked for an interview. I don’t know whether it was because of the disappearance of the entire class and I was the only one left, it left a bad image to the media because I ignore them. (TLN: I have absolutely no idea what they were trying to say)

Even journalist and reporters were constantly coming to our home to try to know what had happened. Because of all these, we were sort of forced to move out of our previous home. To be quite honest, I felt sorry for my family because It was partly my fault.

[I am going this way so…]

[I see, don’t get lost, okay.]

[Stop with the unnecessary worries.]

Afterwards, I was separated from Karen, and was journeying to my school.

At the front of the school gate where students gathering up there while making a lot of noise.

Afterwards, I was being led to a gymnasium while having a flower pin decorated on my chest. Before that, we had to confirm our seating before we can sit down, but to be honest, it was a pain.

[……. Should I skip?]

If after the ceremony, you were to gather at your respective classroom, then I think there should be no problem in skipping.

While thinking so, I sneakily escaped from the ceremony.

Sneaking out is fine and all but, where should I head to now?

I am now wondering in a school which I am not familiar with. Since the school ground is huge, I should just stroll around for now while looking at the status bar.

Kamiya Yato      16 Years Old      Male      Human Race      Lv 93

HP    9800/9800

MP    9600/9600


Appraisal skill

Growth Enhancement Skill

Magic Creation

Hyper-Sleeping Enhancement Magic

Fire Magic

Water Magic

Earth Magic

Wind Magic

Light Magic

Dark Magic

Transportation Magic

Space Magic

Sword arts

Martial arts

Body Strengthening (Mid)

I don’t know how to say this but, I think I went a tad bit too far.

[Sleep Enhancement Magic] was used every night before going to sleep, thus it accumulated a lot of experience points during a year’s time.

In the middle of using it, maybe because of the skill [Growth Enhancement Skill], it changed the magic from [Sleep Enhancement Magic] to [Hyper-Sleeping Enhancement Magic]. Because of that, the experience accumulated has increased too.

Well, it’s not like leveling up the skill has any demerits.

Other than that, [Fire Magic] and [Water Magic] was obtained because I wanted it, thus I created it. No, I just want to have a chance to say that I have obtained all of the attributes when at the other world!

Although I have created these magics, there weren’t any opportunity to use them at all. That’s the reason why the level of the skill is stagnant.

The current world has no need for magic to be called forth.

[Transportation Magic] was created because it was easier for me to cross from one place to another at ease. Even though this magic is useful, I fear that I might become one of those useless human when relying on it too many times. Thus, I stopped using it halfway.

[Space Magic] was created because of the many Light Novels portraying the Infinite Storage function. I can do other various things with this magic but it is useless in the real world. The Infinite Storage isn’t all that useful too because I have not much things to begin with.

[Sword Arts] was obtained because I was holding a stick while swinging it several times. Although I wanted to rebuke by saying that I would’ve learn [Stick art] instead of [Sword Arts], but that might be due to how one mind things when learning a skill. Because I was imagining the stick to be a sword thus I’ve learned [Sword Arts] instead. Even with this, it’s not that useful anyways, because the level is that of someone using a knife. Well, it’s not like I cook or anything.

[Martial Arts] was learned because at first I wanted to learn taijutsu, but maybe due to [Growth Enhancement Skill], it changed to [Martial Arts] instead. Also due to this skill, my physical ability has risen greatly. If I were to be serious, I could break a huge rock immediately. At that moment I vowed that, I would not use it in front of someone.

[Body Strengthening] was obtained in a similar fashion. At first, it was just called [Body Strengthening] but due to [Growth Enhancement Skill], it was changed to [Body Strengthening (Mid)] which, if it were to be used together with [Martial Arts], then it would further increase the physical ability.

I have used it several times but, I will not use it a second time. I am afraid that someone might die due to this.

After figuring out my abilities, it has been a year since then. Sometimes I question myself are all these skills useful?

Even with magic, I don’t really have the chance to use it, sword art isn’t that useful either because I am not the type to pick a fight with some random strangers. Or rather, I would like to avoid using it if possible.

After thinking for a while, these skills really can’t be put to practical use.
While walking and thinking at the same time, a sakura tree caught my attention so I walked towards it——–a female student in front of me suddenly fainted.

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