Chapter 2 – An Unfamiliar Ceiling

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After waking up from being unconscious, a white ceiling was there.

[If I remember correctly, in these kinds of situation one should say: “Ah, an unfamiliar ceiling”. Was it not?]

For now, since a promise has been fulfilled, he moved his body up and saw that he was laying on a white bed. I am one hundred percent certain that this is a hospital.

When scanning around his surroundings, he saw a familiar equipment which he had seen from a television program that has water dripping sound and a monitor that moves according to the sound that goes “Pin~ Pin~”.

As I thought, this isn’t a different world.

When he thought he was alone in the room, the door swiftly swung open. What was awaiting at that door was my father and mother with a shocked expression looking at me. After a short while, their face turned to an expression of worried and walked towards me.

[Yato! Are you okay? Is your body hurt anywhere?!]

My mother was worried sick about me when seeing me.

[Ahh, I’m okay, mother.]

As I said this to my mother, she expresses her relieved and calmed down.

Mother is currently in her mid-40’s but physically she looks 20-ish because of her fair and beautiful features.

[Are you certain that you are okay? Are you feeling alright?]

This time it was my father who spoke from behind my mother.

[Eh, for now there’s no problem, father.]

[I see, then it’s fine.]

Same goes for father, he is currently in his mid-40’s but physically, he looks like a handsome man in his mid-20’s.

When looking at the two of them, they look like they were meant for each other as a couple.

Though it looks like a fraud. (TLN: I don’t know why he said this, not sure.)

[If you’re fine then it’s good. When we heard that you were unconscious in the classroom all by yourself, we were really worried.]

[Oh, and Yato, what happened to you? What’s more, where did all your classmates go?]

When father mention about the situation, my mouth instinctively shut by itself. Shit, so fast ask this kind of question! What should I say.

[Is that you, [Kamiya Yato-kun]?]

As I was trying to say something, a number of uncle suddenly came barging into my room.

When looking at them more closely, they look like detective, or rather, they are.

[My name is Onigawa from the police headquarters. Though you just awaken, may we ask you some questions right away?] (TLN: the “though you just awaken” isn’t in the WN but it sounds nicer that way)

It seems that they are police officers.

Of course, they would want some answers. It’s weird that an entire class has disappeared and what’s more, they were being sent to another world.

Though back to the situation, even if I were to explain to them that the students were sent to another world, they wouldn’t believe it.

As I was thinking about what to say,

[Please stop what you are doing right this instant! Yato has just woken up from his sleep! Please leave this instance!]

Mother was angrily scolding the detectives.

The detectives were slightly shocked by what my mom said, and thus they decided to hold on to the questions first and back down for now.

[Understood. Then, whenever you are free, let’s meet up again to talk about it.]

After saying so, the detectives went out of the room. Mother wasn’t the type to be angry but when she is, she is scary. There was this one time when I angered mother and she gave me a good scolding. At that time, I was scared shitless.

As I quietly looked at her, I asked.

[By the way, what time is it now?]

As I was asking about it, they shift their eyes at a corner where I saw a clock hanging there making a tick tock sound.

[It is now 4 in the afternoon. They day has not set yet so don’t worry about it.]

Father was the one who replied to me.

Are you serious, that means that I have been sleeping for almost two hours.

Secretly I was shocked.

[By the way, where is Karen?]

[If it is Karen-chan, don’t worry about it, she is currently taking care of the house. More importantly, she was worried that you suddenly fell unconscious.]

I guess Karen is not coming then.

Just so we’re clear, Karen is my younger sister.

A 2nd year middle school student that took after our mother’s beauty.

Anyway, I don’t feel bad nor good. Basically, I am fine.

But for Karen to worry about me, your brother feels happy. (TLN: Onii-chan is happy to hear that ? ?)

[Dear mother, if we don’t go now.]

Father was asking when looking at the clock.

[Ara, it’s already that late? Well then, Yato, we will come to visit after our work okay?]

[Aa, good luck on your work.]

After wishing them good luck, they left the hospital room. After they left the room for good, I finally let out a sigh of relieved and laid back down on the bed.

Oh yeah, the status bar.

Kamiya Yato      15 Years old      Male      Human Race      Lv1

HP    500/500

MP    300/300


Appraisal Skill

Growth Enhancement Skill

Magic Creation

Sleep Enhancement Skill

As expected, it wasn’t a dream or anything, it’s clearly there.

While thinking so, the Sleep Enhancement Skill caught my attention.

Sleep Enhancement Skill

Before sleeping, this skill will automatically activate by itself and sleeping will gain experience point.

Experience point increases in proportion to sleeping time.

Aa, this is one very helpful magic.

A magic that increases the strength of sleeping, a well-suited magic for me. Because I wanted to use this magic as soon as possible, I went and fall asleep. As I was closing my eyes, a chant like magic popped up from my head, indicating me to chant it.

Should I just chant this?

[Ex Sleep] (TLN: the JP is ??????. It sounds like EXSleep so I used that)

At that moment, my body seems like it was glowing for a while. My body seems to be warming up too besides my heart. If it’s like this then I can really sleep soundly.

As I was thinking so, I tucked into the futon and gradually fell asleep.

After this, I was interviewed by the police and media coverage was all over the news about me. A lot of meddlesome things had happened during that time.

Thus, a year has passed and I’ve……………become a high school student.

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