Chapter 1 – The Whole Class Was Transported Except For Me [On hold]

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Just a reminder for those who are first timer’s in reading Light Novel/ Web Novel. Those who are familiar with it, you can proceed to the story but for those who aren’t, the ( Brackets ) indicates that the main character is thinking out loud. Also, I will be using ” inverted commas “ to indicate that God is speaking but afterwards every other conversation will be using [ this ] instead.

Other than that, I would like y’all to know that I am doing this as my leisure time and someone else might take over this translation, but I’ll do my best~

Thank you for reading this and please do enjoy the prologue~

Always waking up at the same exact time,

Going to the same school every day,

Living the same life each day,

And always sleeping at the same exact time.

That is the life of Kamiya Yato living to its “fullest”.

Yato hated things that are troublesome. He would always lay on his desk at school either sleeping or he would sometimes look out and daydream for a really long time.

Even when he is in his third year of high school, the cycle never changed in any way.

Since he never had the intention of talking to anyone or making friends, he was always alone.

When Yato first enrolled to school, though less, he would at least talk when being greeted.

But over the years, Yato felt that it was troublesome and thus he stopped talking altogether.

Like every other day, Yato is currently in his classroom laying on his table that is being placed near a wall by himself. (TLN: typical location for any MC)

Since it is recess time, the class is noisier than usual, though Yato doesn’t care and is sleeping soundly. Such is his daily life but, suddenly, a mysterious voice was calling in his head.

“Okay…… hello~. A good day to everyone~”

The class was making a fuss from the sudden voice being heard. The voice that was being heard sounded like a high-spirited child.

“Okay okay~, I understand how all of you are feeling but for now please settle down.”

Even though the voice told them to calm down, it did not work at all. Contrarily, it has gotten even nosier.

(Whatever man…. Going back to sleep)

Because of Yato’s carefree, or rather his personality of wanting to avoid trouble, he showed no interest in his class and continued to sleep.

“Mou~, you leave me no choice~. [Everyone shut up!]”

The voice who was speaking with a high pitch, changed into a deeper tone, causing the class to quiet down immediately. Wait no, they were forced to quiet down. The commanding voice that was being conveyed to the class has made them quiet down.

(Thank you, now I can go back and sleep. I don’t know who you are but good job.)

Because the voice had made the class shut up, Yato was grateful for him and continued to sleep.

“Also, I am grateful that you all have quiet down, but please don’t fall asleep. More like how can you sleep in a situation like this? What I am about to say is something important, so… [Wake up]”

Maybe because of the commanding power of the voice, I was forced to wake up from my slumber. Wh, what the hell is this?! I can’t move my body at all?!

Even when trying to move his body back to the table, Yato couldn’t budge at all.

Thus, since his action was futile, he gave up on it.

(No choice then, guess I will have to just sleep like this then.)

As he was thinking about it, he closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

“Come on, as I have said please don’t fall asleep! How much do you want to sleep anyway! [Listen to what I have to say!]”

This time, my eyes were forcefully open by themselves. What’s more, the feeling of drowsiness I had has miraculously disappeared.

Is this the work of that kid? The only one thing in life that is enjoyable has been interrupted! Unforgivable!

As Yato had become somewhat cranky, the owner of the voice started talking again.

“I can finally start talking! First off, let me introduce myself. My name (TLN: he uses boku in this case) is Metron, a god in a different world. Nice to meetcha!”

From the owner of the voice, Metron, his words surprised them.

No, instead of being surprise, more like because no one was able to speak, it was more confusing than surprising.

Yato was also feeling that way.

(After abruptly waking me up, what the hell is this idiot saying)

Even though it was Metron’s fault for waking him up and listening to what he had to say, he felt that the things Metron said are ridiculous.

(It’s as if we’re in a Light Novel setting.) (TLN: ??? is the short term for Light Novel, didn’t know about that ?)

It’s not as if sleeping was Yato’s only hobby, reading Light novel and watching Anime was also his favorite. Whenever he isn’t sleepy, he would spend most of his time reading them.

“Moving on, although this is very sudden and you all might hate me for it, I am going to transport all of you to my world right now. Obviously, you won’t have the right to refuse.) (TLN: I imagine him winking when saying that XD)

Although the class was unable to speak, their eyes were showing looks of surprise and shock when listening to what Metron said.


All of them were shocked besides Yato. He was shocked, but in a different way. The time has finally come where his dream comes true.

“In actuality, my world has been rampaged by the Demon King and his followers. If left as it is, it would certainly be an issue, thus, I want all of you to help in order to defeat the Demon King.”

(Such a typical setting.) (TLN: he actually said template but I feel typical or cliché sounds better in this context)

“Of course, if you were to go right now without any power, you will be obliterated. Thus, I will give you all special skills to be well equipped.”

Metron said it as though it was a no brainer to him and proceeds to flick his fingers, producing a loud sound.

“With this, each and every one of you are granted a special skill. Small matter will also not be a problem for you. Well, since there isn’t much time left to spare, isn’t it about time I send all of you to my world?”

As he was saying that, a big magic circle was formed around the entire classroom.

The magic circle is yellow in colour and is glowing brighter and brighter.

Even though the class was shocked by the magic circle suddenly appearing out of nowhere, Yato realized something unusual.

(Eh? Is it alright if I wasn’t suck in it too?)

Because Yato’s seat was near the end of a wall, the magic circle was barely outside the range of his seat.

The magic circle grew even brighter than before, was what Yato thought.

“Ah, when all of you are transported to the other world, you will obviously be Heroes there. Explanations will be given by the people from the other world. Also, the only way where you are able to come back to your world is to defeat the Demon King, don’t worry, I will guarantee your return once you’ve killed the Demon King. Lastly, have a fun life in my world, okay? Heroes of another world.”

As he was saying, the magic circle brought the entire class to the other world and disappeared……. but I was left behind.

[Are you for real……Ah, my voice has returned, and also my body can be move again.]

To be honest, this is unreal. More like there’s no other explanation other than that. Although I was very curious about it but……it turns out not really. (TLN: Don’t really get this part)

I want to quickly think of what to do about this situation and be dealt with it.

[For now, let’s just sleep back.]

Even in this kind of situation, it is unusual for me to think of sleeping.

Yato laid down on his desk to try to fall asleep, but for some reason he can’t seem to sleep at all.

Is it because that Metron brat’s command is still lingering around?

That brat, doing unnecessary things. When that brat comes again, I will punch him right in the face. (TLN: Though he didn’t say punch in the face sounds funnier that way.)

However, there is nothing to do nor can he sleep back again, basically he is free. As he was seriously thinking what to do about it.

That reminds him, that brat was saying about everyone getting a unique skill.

As Yato remembered what Meron said about the skill, he thought hard about it and in front of him, a half transparent status bar popped out in front of him.

Kamiya Yato       15 Years Old       Male       Human Race       Lv 1

HP    500/500

MP    300/300


Expert Appraisal Skill

Growth Enhanced Skill

Magic Creation (TLN: not sure what it is, jp is ???????????)

[Oh, it really did come out.]

Expert Appraisal Skill

As long as one sees something and focuses on the object, one can appraise its identity.

Growth Enhanced Skill

The rate in which you grow and the learning ability of a skill is maxed out.

Magic Creation

If you want to create magic, as long as you focus on what magic you want to use, the magic will be created. But beware that the cost of using this skill is high.

When Yato read all of his skills in detail, all in all, they were all powerful skills.

Even so, Magic Creation eh, Yato wants to try it out immediately. Thus, he thought of a magic he wanted to use and activated magic creation.

(A magic which is strong enough to make a person fall asleep.)

“Skill, [Sleep Enhancement Magic] has been learned.”

An announcer’s voice was heard inside his head.

He really made magic. Anything is possible if one can imagine.

After using the skill, Yato’s vision suddenly blurred and he fell head first on the ground.

(Something, happened….)

Before he fades out of consciousness, he remembered something.

(That’s right, the skill did say that it requires a huge chunk of magic to activate it.)

At that moment, he understood what’s going on. This is, magic depletion. As he thought of it, his consciousness starts to fade.

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Confused Person · 31st March 2017 at 11:42 PM

Shiro, I just want to ask.
These first 6 chapter have already been translated by others.

Why don’t you just continue from next chapter

    shiropyon · 1st April 2017 at 12:17 AM

    Yeap, that’s what I’m planning to do now~ I’m actually translating another chapter before going to sleep XD

nekodamashi · 1st April 2017 at 12:38 AM

I’m not sure if you know about this but, I’m a translator in fantasy books and currently working on this series (chapter 06).
why did you start translating something that’s already claimed?
We’d appreciate it if you stopped translating this work as we’re already working on it and planning to publish the next chapter by Sunday.

    shiropyon · 1st April 2017 at 12:43 AM

    Okay, I am sorry about this, I have reported the issue to novel updates to tell them to remove them. Again, i am sorry for troubling you as I didn’t know someone has already started translating it.

      nekodamashi · 1st April 2017 at 12:59 AM

      It’s fine as long as you understand. Just make sure to delete the chapters since they can cause conflicts to the readers as well as eating profit for the main website.
      -Thank you.

Confused Person · 1st April 2017 at 12:44 AM

Exactly my thought, my friend.
This can cause unnecessary conflict between translators, as well as readers.

    shiropyon · 1st April 2017 at 12:47 AM

    Yeah, I am really sorry for troubling the original translator, I didn’t know that this series has been picked up by somebody else since I tried searching for the series for quite some time and nobody seems to be doing it, but when i finally finish translating about 7 chapters I saw that there was someone already doing it. So i am sorry again for the inconvenience caused and have already asked novel updates to remove all the chapters

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