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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 159 – Requesting the Joker

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter>   Teruru Dungeon, 4th floor. After putting the bamboo shoots that was dropped by the Bat Slime into the Magic Cart, I head back to the mansion by teleporting. And that was how I obtained 1 Million Piro today.   There were nothing much going on lately, thus I decided to earn at least a million Piro a day. If I were to do it seriously, I could technically get more money, but having 1 Million Piro as the benchmark was good enough to sustain the current lifestyle that I’m living.   [Uun, slightly off a million?] (Ryouta)   Mentally calculating the amount in my head, it seems that there’s still a little left to a million. I’ll probably be frustrated to round up the 990k Piro to a million as it would mess up with the entire routine.   Just to be safe, I’ll at least hunt for a few more monsters, as I took out my revolvers and searched for the next victim.   While I was searching for a monster, I saw a party stopped directly in front of me. Well it’s not that they stopped there on purpose, but it seemed that one person was saying something while the rest showed unsatisfactory faces.   [We left around 100k Piro, so you don’t have to hurry, we only need the drops by tomorrow morning.] [ [ [………] ] ] [Then […]

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Cut&Paste: Chapter 137 – Dungeon of the World Tree(2) Fighting against the first floor boss

<<Previous Chapter  Ι  Table of Content  Ι  Next Chapter>>   Author’s Note: Sorry for the delay.     「Myne-san, I’ve hit it with a stone!」   After hearing Amy-san’s voice, I used a short sword to defeat the aggro-ed Mandragora.   Even though we’ve went quite far ahead, the only demons that we’ve encountered were mostly Mandragora and Crayfish.   They had 【Seed’s Skill】 and some rare items, but the same demons would always have the same items and skills. The Mandragora would have 【Wind Seed】, whereas the Crayfish would have 【Water Seed】.   「U~n, I would expect a mountain of treasures as what Fenrir-sama said. Honestly, I don’t even know whether to call it a treasure…..but seriously, what’s this 【Seed’s Skill】?」   Amy-san, Kuu, and even Waffle had low levels at first, but as we dwelled deeper, their level’s increased in leaps and bounds, but now it doesn’t level up anymore, similar to me.   According to my experience, the most effective way to use the 【10 times EXP】 is to defeat a high leveled demon when you’re low leveled. Then, if you were to defeat a demon that is lower leveled than you, your level would not increase it seems.   Which meant that there wasn’t any skills to hunt, nor would our level increase anymore, which made me felt like I wasn’t using my time wisely.   Although Amy-san did not directly participate it the battles, even […]

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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 158 – A Rich Man’s seriousness

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> Nihonium Dungeon, 7th floor. The floor that prohibits magic, I enthusiastically hunted monsters on this floor today.   Since I couldn’t use the strongest magic Repetition, I decided to polish my combat skills. Today’s training was countering. I could train with all my might without worrying there would be anyone coming in this unfrequented dungeon.   First off, I waited for the Mummy that was emitting sparks on its bandages to attack me first. As the Mummy inches by, it charged at me and I dodged it at a hair’s breadth before immediately cross-counter the Mummy. With the smallest amount of movement, and jabbed at it. It was a counter move that I thought up for the Mummies.   The Mummy was blown away, and dropped a seed after being defeated. That felt…..pleasant.   Waiting for it to attack, and dodging it at the last minute before countering it at the best possible timing. Only attacking a brief moment with maximum efficiency, perhaps only milliseconds. The moment I managed to achieve it, the satisfying feeling rushed in me.   A piece coming out of a gourd was unexpected. Basically what I thought up as a joke turned out to be reality, and the feeling of wanting to counter more has started. Focusing, patiently wait for them to attack, and at that precise moment countering the opponent.   The Mummy was blown away, and […]

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Cut&Paste: Chapter 136 – Dungeon of the World Tree(1) Namings and mysterious skills

<<Previous Chapter  Ι  Table of Content  Ι  Next Chapter>>   TLN Note: I decided to stop using the table for the statuses as it really bugs out the mobile version, thus I’ll keep it as it is so it’ll not interfere with mobile users, as the majority of readers would be mobile users, I assume.   Hurriedly heading inside the […]

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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 157 – A stalking Aristocrat

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter>   [No no wait, I don’t know even know where to begin.]   Clint who was called all of a sudden furrowed his eyebrows, showing his wrinkles, and bitterly laughed. Beside him was Cell silently praising Emily.   [Excuse me, but where did this tea leaf come from? It’s deliciousness would enter my […]

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