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level 1 Guy: Chapter 154 – Clumsiness

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter>   Teruru Dungeon, 6th floor. Dinner will be curry, was what Emily said, so I went over to the Teleportation Room to gather some potatoes.   Even though it was night time, there were still some adventurers who were searching for monsters in the 6th floor. While walking for a while, a monster spawned beneath my leg just in time.   It was the Parent-Child Slime. It’s characteristics was a huge Slime with several small slimes, as if a parent taking their children for a walk in a park. The more [children] you defeat, the more your drops increases if you defeat the [parent] Slime the last. Just so you know, even though it’s called the [Parent-Child Slime], it’s still 1 entire body. Though it’s called children, but rather it’s closely resembled to its limbs or hair.   A curry for six, and since we wanna keep it [curry for 2 days], it’s better to get around 10 person worth of potatoes. While thinking as such, I took out my revolvers, around the corner there was a guy who was already attacking the Parent-Child Slime.   [Oi, that’s my…..]   The hands that was stretched stopped when I heard the loud voice that was directed towards me. The man that was going after the Parent-Child Slime looked like he was about to die. His face looked so pale even when we’re inside a […]

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Cut&Paste: Chapter 132 – Ymir’s apology and Amy’s monologuing

<<Previous Chapter  Ι  Table of Content  Ι  Next Chapter>> 「…..This is…..without a doubt, the World Tree.」   Passing through the black vortex, the place that we ended up, was Amy-san’s hometown. And the World Tree is just around the corner.   「Over there, was once the place I lived in…..」   The location that Amy-san was staring at, had a huge burn mark on the ground, indicating a once village that was turned into ruins.   I wonder, what sort of imagery was shown in her eyes right now. Was it the figure of her beautiful hometown where it used to be…..or was it this miserable ruin, which is it.   ……What she was feeling right now, I couldn’t imagine. All I could do, was stood there and watched her silently.   「…..As promised, I have returned.」   Looking at the World Tree, she murmured.   As though it had heard her whispers, the World Tree greeted Amy-san by gently shaking its branches, letting its leaves fall to the ground.   「…..I’m back.」   After 10 plus years, she has returned to her hometown, I think it’s best if I leave her alone for awhile.   Waffle who also read the mood, quietly stayed put on top of her head.   Speaking of which, I sat down on the ground while stroking the backs of Waffle’s brothers, as I decided to wait for her to settle down.   I’m sure […]

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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 153 – Even still, I’m…

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter>     Waking up in the morning, I cleanse myself in the bathroom then changed to a normal wear, I walked over to the dining area and saw Celeste’s face was planted on the table as though she was one with the table. The tall and beautiful black hair girl, even though she’s always the beauty that sits up straight, but that usual image wasn’t seen today.   [Morning Celeste, what happened to you?] (Ryouta) [Morning Ryouta-san. Even though it’s early in the morning, a Magical Wind has hit the city once more.] (Celeste) [Aah, that’s why. Are you alright though?] (Ryouta) [Yeah, as long as I’m inside the mansion, I should be fine. The reason why I’m in this state was because I was happily going out and the Magic Wind hit me.] (Celeste) [Is that so…..] (Ryouta) [I’m alright, okay.] (Celeste)   Celeste sat up straight, and the usual perfect beauty has returned once again.   [At least the inside of this mansion is properly protected, the forecast also said that it will return to normal once afternoon comes.] was what Celeste said.   She seemed alright, well it’s something that can’t be helped. Even on earth, I would get a headache because of the cyclone that’s causing a low pressure. In this kinds of situation, it’s best to stay put and rest. Luckily, it should be gone during the afternoon. […]

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FF: An Apology.

Hello, it’s Fantasy Fall translator here. I’m sorry. I’ve decided to stop translating this series and this is my apology. There are several reasons as why I stopped, I really would appreciate it if you would give it a read. First, I’m working. I’m currently in an internship for my Mechatronics Engineering Degree, so that already prevents me from translating on weekdays and I do not want to waste my precious free time to translate on a weekend. After my internship I will be working on my graduating thesis so that too is a factor as why I decided to stop. Second, the website. As you might know from Shiro, there’s problem with our revenue and he’s been working on another way other than ads to sustain this website. Now, to be honest that doesn’t concern me. I do not earn much from translating FF, which is 10 or so dollars a month. My main motivation translating was never money in the first place, I wanted to improve my writing skills as english isn’t my first language so I started translating, so it’s definitely not money that stopped me from translating. Third, the story. This is actually the main point that turned me off from continue translating. I could squeeze time from my work to translate, posting a weekly update. Revenue doesn’t bother me so the problem with ads also never bothered me. But, it was the story itself. It […]

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Cut&Paste: Chapter 131 – Ymir’s feelings

<<Previous Chapter  Ι  Table of Content  Ι  Next Chapter>>   Even if they’ve already prepared themselves, it still wasn’t easy to divide as such.   After Amy-san went inside the black vortex created by my 「Unique Magic・Spacetime」, she arrived at the “Forest of the Divine Spirit” in an instant, but with the atmosphere surrounding her, her body stiffened up.   「…..So this is the place where Fenrir-sama is staying…..The Forest of the Divine Spirit.」   While Amy-san was muttering, from behind her, the figure of Fenrir-sama could be seen.   「Thanks for coming, elf girl.」   Suddenly seeing a giant wolf appearing behind her, she let out a 「Hiii!」 voice unintentionally. Her legs gave out as she sat on the ground.   『…..Fenrir-sama, I think you should be a little more careful around her……』   I unconsciously said so, and she seemed to have noticed that her way of appearing surprised Amy-san. …..Well, she’s a Divine Beast after all… existence which is always superior to that of a human being, thus they never need to take others into consideration, so I guess it’ can’t be helped…..   「Aah, did I perhaps surprised you? That, I’m sorry. But even so, this was milder than usual…..」   That’s true, usually I could feel the strong benevolence(presence) of Fenrir-sama. The aura that is emitting from Gods could not be felt right now.   I’m sure she was careful enough not to make Amy-san […]

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