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FF: Chapter 61: A Sudden Death

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> A Sudden Death   “Why don’t we go ahead and snatch the bosses away?” Even though Pig did not spoke out earlier, but he’s pissed too. “If all of us go at once, no matter how strong he is there’s nothing he could do about it.”   “There’s no need, just let the guy deal with the boss.” Zhen Tian and Wang Wei knew the exact power level of the bosses, both of them smiling and just couldn’t wait to see how Wu Yan fight with the 5 bosses.   Zhong Hou saw Xiao Wan standing near them, not following with her team. He asked, “Why don’t you follow your team?”   Xiao Wan smiled and replied, “Even though we are of the same team, but this doesn’t means that we are the same type of person. What he does has nothing to do with me, why do I need to go?”   At this moment, Elder Lee came rushing to them. It was obvious that someone from the army witnessed the scuffle earlier and reported it to him.   Xiao Qiang roughly explained the situation to him and Elder Lee sighed helplessly. “Haiz……even though Wu Yan seemed like a good man, I didn’t think that……there’s no way to this, just please try not to hold a grudge.”   “It’s just four more days to reach LZ city……my only […]

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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 138 – Aiming

<Sponsored by all my lovely Patrons and Donators >W< and also to all my readers who continued to support me!>   <Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> After eating breakfast, in front of the Transportation Room. I’ve applied the new magic Quick Silver, to my teammates.   Quick Silver, a magic that consumes all of your mana and increases one of the statuses of your friends for 24 hours. Using once, I could restore my MP entirely with Infinite Recovery Bullets, and use it again. After raising the statuses of my teammates, they went into the dungeon.   Emily and Celeste needed to be used for a few times. As both of them have few statuses reaching A—-Quick Silver would also apply to the status with A and thus needed to be used a number of times.   Well, it’s not like it costs anything. Although it used up my entire MP, it can immediately be recovered with Infinite Recovery bullet, so it was only a matter of time whether it would land on the stats we want. After sending out Emily, Celeste, and Alice, finally it was Eve’s turns.   [You wearing your costume today?] (Ryouta) [A bunny became a rabbit.] (Eve) [Well, to me, Eve has been a rabbit all the time when we first met, but before that you were wearing a bunny suit.] (Ryouta) [ [Recently, that has been called a four-eared bunny.] (Eve) [Four? […]

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FF: Chapter 60: The Haughty Him

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> The Haughty Him   The Colossal and the Female Titan, against the super huge T-Rex.   5 pets, against 5 dinosaurs.   None of the evolutionaries participated in the fight against the dinosaurs. This was because everyone’s gaze was on another direction.   From the hill to the creek, everything was trampled cleanly by the T-Rex, making it clear to see everything.   The Ruffian(Vice copy), Butcher, Phantom, Savage and mutated dinosaur-human was in view, together with hundreds of hooligans.   Now these are a more attractive bunch of opponents!   Before this, the evolutionaries waited for them to appear for 3 whole days.   Now, they finally came!   Earlier on Lin Xii, Xiao Qiang, Xiao Wan, Zhen Tian and Wang Wei, the five of them striked a huge fortune after killing them.   Other than the points, just the vials that they drop was enough to make others go mad for it. Wang Wei and Zhen Tian, the two weaklings increased their battle capabilities by a few times just by downing a vial.   They are different from the bosses in the forest, Ice Witch Keraha and Flame Witch Binoche both are strong mages in a fantasy world, with shinkis and ultimate magic spells.   Whereas the bosses from Cadillac and Dinosaurs, they are just a bunch of mutated humans.   The Ruffian, Butcher, Phantom……strong?   After […]

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Cut&Paste: Chapter 115 – Slumber Party Guy to Girl ratio 1:4 (4)

<<Previous Chapter  Ι  Table of Content  Ι  Next Chapter>> [Good morning!]   With the usual scene of Waffle riding on top of my head, we head over to the living room as Amy-san and Aisha were already there preparing breakfast for the family.   Eh, they woke up even earlier than me…..? My lifestyle pattern was always waking up earlier than my two wives and take a nice morning bath but today was somewhat different.   As mentioned before, yesterday night, Sylphy and Airy, Aisha and Amy-san stayed together at my wives rooms respectively.   My guess was that Aisha was probably influenced by how early Amy-san woke up, hence she woke up at about the same time as her.   Ah, just so you know, in honor of my wives I’ll say this right now, but it’s not that they oversleep all the time but it’s more of me waking up too early that made it seemed like they usually oversleep.   Since I would have to hunt for my own food, I would often hunt in the forest before the sun rises. Thus I would consciously wake up when the clock strikes.   [Myne-kun, morning!]   [……Good morning.]   As soon as the two of them saw me and Waffle approaching they greeted us.   Nothing less from Aisha, but even Amy-san’s skills were impressive to say the least. She should not have cooking skills but…..   [Amy-san, […]

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