FF: Chapter 17: 3 Girls

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credited: Hestia 3 Girls The name of the girl with a pear-shaped face is Fi Fi, 15 years old; the oval-shaped face girl is Rui, 16 years old; and the loli with big bust is Sui (full name Sui Xin), 14 years old … Continue reading FF: Chapter 17: 3 Girls


FF : Chapter 16 : Fervor, Mei Sanguis

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> Featured image credited : One Piece Fervor, Mei Sanguis “I wasn’t out for a long time…...there should be a reason for your quick recovery right, even your kagunes are back.” Lin Xii’s face was calm, cold like an ice. “Of course.” Since his victory … Continue reading FF : Chapter 16 : Fervor, Mei Sanguis

Chapter 87 – Benefactor/Patron

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> The next day, when I was taking a walk in the morning I realized that the entrance to the dungeon was noisy. Was there something else going on! I thought, though  the air was brighter than expected. There were dozens of villagers forming a circle, and in the … Continue reading Chapter 87 – Benefactor/Patron

FF : Chapter 14 – Ghoul

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> Ghoul Looking at her daughter’s corpse, tears streamed down Ms Jiang’s face; lips trembling. She suddenly took out a fruit knife from her trousers, it’s a wonder how did she hid the knife from the thugs. Gripping onto the fruit knife, the teacher madly … Continue reading FF : Chapter 14 – Ghoul